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“Working with YoYoFuMedia also allows us to target the right customers. We wanted to specialize in back pain treatment so YoYoFuMedia targeted people searching for “acupuncture treatments for back pain” on Google. And we started getting lots of people calling-in seeking for back pain treatment.” – Irvine Meridian Health Center

  • Attract Customers

Target potential customers in your city, based on interests, based on income, etc.

  • We scale as you scale

We’re sending you too many customers to handle? we can slow down the ads. Opening a new store because of the increase in customers? We’ll turn the ads right up.

  • High Quality Leads

Instead of getting customers that only come in once. We target the customers that are the right fit for your business and will come in again and again.

  • Reduce Marketing Cost

Unlike with flyers and money mailers, you only pay Google/Facebook when people click on your ad or call you. It’s much more cost effective.

What We Do!

Attract Customers

We create high performing Google and Facebook Ads to target your customers' demographic and get you high-quality leads at low cost!

Website Optimization/Design

Don't have a website/landing pages? Don't worry, we build fast, quality sites. We follow best SEO practices so you reach the top of Google.

Get Found

Local SEO: We'll get your business to rank higher and stand out on Google, Bing, and more. Everything you need to get found by clients online.

Build Your Reputation

Stand up to slander. We compile and help you create positive content that represents your business.


We are technical and know how to code. This gives you the huge advantage of being able to use ad scripts to get the best ad performance at the lowest ad costs.

Well Trusted

We have proven results and are trusted by people in the industry. We are certified by Google.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

And You Can Easily Get In Touch With Us

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