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Get more patients to your dental practice on the biggest social media platform!

Wondering how to get more patients? Find out how Facebook Ads for Dentists can help your dental practice find new patients on social media and increase your revenue stream.

Facebook Ads

If you are looking to grow your private practice, you should advertise on Facebook with the help of Facebook Ads.

With the power to reach users on one of the biggest social media platforms and get them to become potential patients, your dental clinic will see:

  • Get More Patients
  • Increase Appointments 
  • Drive In-person Traffic
  • Grow Brand Awareness 
  • Generate More Website Traffic

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Instagram Ads

Facebook Ads doesn’t stop at just advertising your family dental services on Facebook but also Instagram.

With Instagram Ads, dentists have more possibilities when it comes to their social media marketing:

  • Have your ads on two of the most popular social media platform
  • Reach a different audience
  • Gain more consistent followers
  •  Share your deals with the visual appeal that Instagram has

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Our Dental Facebook Ads Services

When it comes to our Facebook Ads services, our digital agency has various services to reach dentists’ marketing needs and increase their patient count. We tailor Facebook Ads strategy, so it works for your dental practice. Here are our Facebook Ads services for dentists:

Audience Targeting

Utilize Facebook Ads powerful targeting capabilities and find new patients. Target based on age, gender, relationship status, location, interests, people who interacted with your website or posts, etc.

Ad Copy Writing

A well-written ad copy can be the difference in a Facebook user becoming a new patient to your dental clinic. We ensure that you have an ad copy that will convert users and get them to your clinic.

Ad Design

Before people even read your Facebook Ads, they stop and see your creative (image(s) or video) first. So, having a good design helps. We design your ads to be eye-catching and grab the attention of FB users.

website design

Landing Page

After a potential patient clicks on your Facebook ad, they go to your website. We create your landing page, so when they do click on your ad, it's relevant and easy to follow, increasing the chance of them booking a dentist appointment.


A/B Testing

Your Facebook Ads can always be improved, so we make sure to test your advertisements. Our experts use split testing and A/B testing to find and create Facebook Ads that will generate new patients at the lowest cost.


Sometimes users interact with your Facebook Ads but don't make a dentist appointment. With retargeting, we can target those Facebook users, so your dental clinic doesn't lose out on those potential patients.

Budgeting & Scheduling

Budgeting and scheduling can be hard at first, but we can help your dentistry get it right. We make sure to optimize your bid and schedule so you get the most out of your money.

Ad Placement

Your family dentistry has a wide variety of options to place your ads. Although you can have ads on both Facebook and Instagram, it may not be optimal. Our agency focuses on placing your ads where there are most potential patients.

Facebook Pixel

Data is important when it comes to implementing your Facebook ads campaigns. With Facebook Pixel, your dental practice will know how effective your campaigns are and any marketing opportunities you can take.

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Common Facebook Advertising Questions

Facebook Ads is a type of  pay-per-click (PPC) marketing that lets private practices advertise their cosmetic dental, orthodontic, or pediatric dental services throughout Facebook’s platforms. 

Facebook’s platform includes:

  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram

Like making a Facebook or Instagram post, you can share about your local dental clinic. But with Facebook Ads, you have the capabilities to target a specific audience outside your friend group or Instagram followers by simply paying for a spot on Facebook’s platforms. 

By using Facebook ads, it gives local dental clinics the power to increase their reach and get their service in front of more people than they ever had before.

The reason why 86% of marketers use Facebook advertisement and 51% of total advertisement spending in the U.S was spend on Facebook Ads is because of one big reason. They get results.

This is because of Facebook Ads’ powerful targeting capabilities, large audience, and its influence on people’s buying behavior.

Here are some statistics on social media that your company can look forward to:

  • About 52% of customers were influenced by Facebook when making a purchase (online and offline)
  • About 78% of consumers in the U.S will discover products or services on Facebook
  • About 60% of people learn about a new product or service from Instagram
  • About 26% of users who clicked on a Facebook ad made a purchase

When using Facebook Ads, there are several campaign types to meet your private practice’s marketing needs. Here are three categories and subcategories that your campaign can fall under:


  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach


  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App Installs 
  • Video Views
  • Lead Generation
  • Messages


  • Conversions
  • Catalog Sales
  • Store Traffic

It depends. The cost of Facebook Ads can change by several factors. Some include:

  • Ad objective: Campaign objectives have different KPIs (CPC, CPM, CPL, CPA) and will have different costs.
  • Bidding type and delivery: The amount you bid can determine if your ad will be seen on Facebook’s platforms and the cost of your ads. Also, the delivery option you choose can influence the cost.
  • Audience: Your audience is the biggest thing that can influence the amount your Facebook Ads will cost. If your target audience is too broad or too narrow, you can be paying more than you need to be. Finding the right target audience will help you get the highest ROI.
  • Ad quality: Facebook will look if your ad is relevant, interesting, emotion invoking, calling people to act, and unique. Optimizing ad quality can reduce the cost of your ad.
  • Industry: The industry and the product you see can also influence the cost of your Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads for the automotive industry will cost more than an eCommerce store’s ad.

But, here are some average cost from all industries:

  • Cost-per-click (CPC): $0.97
  • Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM): $7.19
  • Cost-per-like (CPL): $1.07
  • Cost-per-action (CPA): $18.68

When it comes to tracking the results of your Facebook Ads campaign, most people use Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. 

Facebook Pixel is a great source of data and also is essential when having a retargeting campaign.

Google is also a great source of data and is great when also running other digital marketing strategies like Google Ads or SEO.

Because Facebook Ads lets you advertise on Instagram, they are essentially the same thing. An Instagram ad is simply a Facebook ad that has a placement setting for Instagram.

A dentist can start using Facebook advertising but may not have the time to maintain and improve it. That’s where YoYoFuMedia can help. Here are the benefits of hiring a marketing agency that specializes in Facebook Ads:

  • Better ROI
  • Don’t need to worry about patients coming to your dental clinic
  • Have a marketing expert in Facebook Ads do all the setting up and managing
  • Only need to focus on your dental services and patients
  • Get faster results 
  • Our social media marketers will know Facebook Ads best practices and are up to date with Facebooks advertisement policy
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Best Marketing Agency For Dentists

Unlike other marketing agencies. We actually know how to use Facebook Ads for dentists. 

This gives our dentists a HUGE edge over their fellow dentists by receiving quality Facebook ad services that result in their private practice’s success.

Hire now a team of Facebook Ads marketers who specialize in helping local dental clinics.

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