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If you found this page, you probably searched SEO Services. This is because we actually know what we are doing. With our SEO strategies, we are easily found in search results, and we can do the same for your business. We can get you on top.

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Get SEO services that will get you on top of your industry

Don’t ever have to worry about getting new customers again and just focus on providing the best service.

  • Be found on Google: Pop up on the first page of search results in Google
  • Start beating competitors: Be the first company to be seen amongst your competitors
  • Get more clicks: First come, first serve. Get all the clicks for being the first website seen in the search results
  • Increase revenue: More clicks but also higher conversion rate resulting in more revenue

It’s time to be on top with SEO!

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We Get SEO Results

We are SEO experts who have a proven track record of getting big results.

We don’t sweet-talk about how SEO services are the best. We are marketing nerds who just let our results speak for themselves.

We’ve done this so many times before, and we can do the same for you.


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Some Of Our Clients

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Our SEO Consulting Services

Any business needs a constant stream of new customers; we make it easy for you, so you only need to focus on quality marketing service. Included in our SEO consulting:


Keyword Research & Strategies

When it comes to our SEO strategies, we base it on intensive keyword research for your website and niche. Our SEO agency ensures your site is ranking for the best keywords that give you the highest ROI.

on page seo

On-Page SEO

Start increasing your ranking and organic traffic with our on-page SEO. With our SEO experts, we provide quality on-page optimization by thoroughly optimizing images, title tag, content, internal and external links, meta description, and many more.

ad design off page seo

Off-Page SEO

Optimizing isn't just for what's seen on your company's site but also things of your site. Our company has implemented quality off-page SEO strategies that can improve your search result presence and start outranking competing websites in your industry.

google-shopping-ads ecommerce seo

E-commerce SEO

Our SEO service also applies to eCommerce sites that want to be seen online amongst the crowd of competing products. YoYoFuMedia's eCommerce marketers will implement advanced SEO techniques and tools to get your products seen. Start turning searchers to shoppers.

local seo

Local SEO

If you are a local mom and pop store, don't worry. Like this very page, we are built on local SEO. Our services will ensure that your local business can be easily found locally. We will help you rank in search terms that will get your local store traffic from people who are near or around your business location.

link building

Link Building

Amongst our effective off-site SEO strategies, we provide link building services for your business. Our company will help increase the amount of quality and active backlinks that will help your company's SEO ranking and come out on top amongst your competitors.


Content Marketing

Wondering about content marketing? We do content marketing because SEO wouldn't be complete without it. YoYoFuMedia has used its blog to help bring in more traffic and rank for several keywords. Our SEO services can do the same with your company's blog.

technical seo

Technical SEO

Our search engine optimization services also include technical SEO. We will identify and repair any issues that may be hurting or hindering your rankings. We conduct an intensive diagnosis on your website’s SEO and ensure it is fully optimized so you can rank on top.

responsive website design and development

Web Development

If you use WordPress, Shopify, or Squarespace, our SEO services include web development and web design. Our marketers actually know web design and how to code. They can build your business a website that is optimized towards getting conversions and maximizing your ROI.


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Auditing Your Website

Included with our SEO services, we do a free audit for your website and find anything that can be added or changed. Here are some things we look at:

Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Page Headers, Alt Tags

After getting your targeted keywords, we will look for places to implement them, so your company’s website is well optimized. By putting your keywords in your title, meta description, page headers, and alt tags, you can start improving your SEO right away.

URL Structure

Following SEO best practices can determine how high you can rank, and one of them is having a proper URL structure. Having an SEO-friendly URL should only contain words and, most importantly, the targeted keyword. Also, they should be structured in a way that makes it easy for search engines to crawl through your website with just the URL.

Duplicate Content

Having duplicate content can be detrimental to your SEO and can lower your position in search results. If you have copied or repeating content on your page(s), we will deal with it as soon as possible. We make sure to find and reword duplicate content. In addition to duplicate content, if there are duplicate pages, we make sure to put a canonical tag.

Backlink Review

Backlinks are helpful, but they should be monitored frequently to check if links to your website are active or are good backlinks. Both inactive and bad backlinks can hurt your SEO. In our audit, we make sure to look at the quality of your backlinks and also look at your competitors’ backlinks to find potential new backlinks for your company’s website.

A/B Testing

If you want to find the best SEO strategies, you need to test test test. You should try different variations and let the data speak for themselves. That’s why we do A/B testing so we can determine the SEO strategy that leads to the highest possible conversion rates and rankings.


Errors in your website can happen without you even knowing it and can hurt your SEO value. Errors can range from broken pages (404) to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) errors. These errors should be fixed right away, so we make sure to find any issues your pages may have.

Before You Book:

We are very selective with our time, we get more requests than we can handle, so we only work with the most self-motivated, responsible businesses. So before you get on a call, make sure you

  1. Are committed to marketing, and not just looking for results by next Wednesday.
  2. Realize that marketing is an investment, not a cost, and will pay for itself for years to come if you’re patient.

Please don’t get on a call with us if

You’ll cancel if you “don’t see results in a week”. SEO takes at least 15 days of work to set up properly and then a few months for you to see results. I can’t instantly turn your company around in a week. If you’ve been on the phone with another SEO consultant and they’ve guaranteed you marketing success right away, then you’ve been lied to.

If you’re ready to hear realistic expectations and actually get results, this is for you:

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Common SEO Questions

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is the process of changing (optimizing) your company’s website so that search engines show your pages in the top search results for specific keyword searches. 

Simply put, SEO is important because it increases traffic to your business’s website and also results in increased conversions rates.

However, unlike other forms of marketing like paid advertisement and social media, search engines have the most online traffic. As a result, SEO has the opportunity to get the most revenue. 

Also, using SEO has exponential and long-term effects compared to some marketing strategies. 

If done correctly, good SEO can change if a business will last in the long run.

SEO can sometimes be confused with Google Ads. They’re both under digital marketing and can help you be found in the top search results. However, there is a major difference between the two.

Google Ads is not like SEO. It’s a form of paid marketing where it is process of paying for a spot for a certain keyword search. In general, the higher bid the more traffic you will get.

SEO is different where it is the process of optimizing your website so it naturally shows in the top search results. Unlike Google Ads, SEO actually has a bigger effect that even lasts years after you invested in it.

SEO has many different strategies to use to optimize your website. Some include:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Content marketing

One easy way to understand search engine optimization is to see SEO as putting relevant content or keywords on your website to match a specific search query. As a result, search engines will put your website out of all the other websites on top of search results.

When it comes to how long until you see the result from SEO, it can vary depending on the competition. Usually, you can see the results in 3-4 months after your website is audited and SEO is implemented. For new websites, they might need to wait longer until they see results from SEO. 

You might see this as an expense but you should see it in a different way.

Instead of seeing it as an expense, SEO should be seen as a small long-term marketing investment that has a very large return that continues to pay even after seeing your results. Like most investment, your returns from SEO gets even bigger the sooner you make the investment. 

What are you waiting for?

If you do it yourself, SEO will only cost you the amount of time you invest in it.

But, hiring someone to do it can be more beneficial for your company. 

The pricing can depend on the competition and the amount of work that needs to be done.

Imagine if the CEO of Coke asks “do we have to run commercials forever?” 

They’ll never ask that. Coke found out that commercials are critical to their business revenue. Commercials will generate them $$ ROI for every dollar they put in. Their entire business is built on it. Their mindset isn’t “when can we stop running commercials?” but “where can we run more of these commercials?”.

If you have found a money printing machine that prints out $2 for every $1 you put in, the question isn’t “do I need to put in dollar bills forever?” but “how can I get more of these machines to print me more money?”.

Marketing is an investment. Marketing is the money printing machine that’ll bring you the $2 for every $1 you put in. 

Yes, implementing SEO will increase your website ranking for keywords you are targeting. If SEO is working and helping you grow your business, you should keep implementing SEO for even more keywords and maintain your rankings.

Like many companies, the ones on top are the ones that double down on what works and helps them keep growing.

Backlinks are links from other websites (domains) linking back to your website.

You can see backlinks as “likes” from other domains. The more backlinks you have, the more credible your website is and the more likely search engines will rank you over other websites.

Although getting more backlinks can help you rank over your competitor, not all backlinks are good quality. Having a link building strategy that gets active, quality backlinks can help you rank higher than just any other backlink.

You can see the result of your SEO by using Google Search Console or Google Analytics. If you want to see a more detailed report on your SEO results, using a SERP tool would give you more data on your SEO.

Our agency will send an SEO report occasionally or you can simply as for a status report.

Anyone can do SEO but there are benefits for businesses to hire an SEO expert. Some benefits include:

  • You can focus completely on running your business
  • Don’t need to worry about traffic to your website
  • Have an expert in SEO do all the hard work for you
  • Higher ROI
  • Get faster results
  • They will know SEO best practices and are up to date with Google’s algorithm changes.
top SEO consulting agency

Top SEO Consulting Company

Unlike 99% of marketing agencies, Our agency has marketers that actually understand and run tests on the Google Algorithm. This gives our clients a HUGE advantage by receiving quality SEO consulting services.

This results in the success of our clients.

Would you rather have the average “joe marketer” manage your SEO or an SEO expert who has proven results?

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No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.