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How To Grow A Chiropractic Business – 13 Tips For Promoting Your Chiropractic Practice

Are you wondering how to grow a chiropractic business? Does it feel like your chiropractic practice is stagnant? You may want to try these marketing strategies to see which ones are the most effective in bringing in new patients.

As a chiropractor, attracting new patients is a vital part of growing your business. It requires time and effort to balance the medical and business sides of your chiropractic practice. We have compiled a list of 13 tips to help you grow your chiropractic business.

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1. Identify Your Unique Value Proposition

Since chiropractic is a competitive industry, you need to understand what your competitors are offering. From there, you can identify how to stand apart from them. Brainstorm a list of ideas that your chiropractic office has to offer.

What separates you from other chiropractors? Why would a patient go to your establishment over the neighboring chiropractors? These are some things to think about when coming up with your unique value proposition.

how to grow a chiropractic business unique value proposition

To reiterate, think about what you can offer patients that they can’t get anywhere else. Perhaps your chiropractic business has the top medical staff in the county or it offers 24/7 service. Another example is that your chiropractic practice is well known for its affordable prices.

All of these unique selling propositions are potential ways to differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition. Standing out will help you attract more patients to your chiropractic office.


2. Create a Clean and Fast Website

Everyone hates a slow or poorly designed website. The truth is if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, 40% of users will leave your site. In this digital age, people expect websites to be fast and clean.

If your website is lacking, people will be frustrated, and you will lose potential patients. Here are a few ways to solve this problem.

The first way is to increase your website load time. As mentioned earlier, a slow pace is detrimental to the success of your chiropractic business. Users will immediately abandon your site. Luckily, there are easy actions you can take to prevent this.

They include:

  • Compressing pictures
  • Utilizing an SEO-friendly theme
  • Minimizing the number of website plugins

how to grow a chiropractic practice fast website loading speed

You can optimize web performance and speed by compressing your website’s images. By reducing the file size, it will use less bandwidth and load faster. HubSpot has various loading themes that are specifically designed for SEO. Reducing the number of active plugins on your website will prevent slow loading time.

After implementing these changes, you may notice that there isn’t a significant difference in loading speed. However, even a 1-second difference can have a drastic effect on performance.

The second way is to ensure that your chiropractic website is optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. With 60% of searches being on mobile devices, it is important to create a user-friendly experience there. Google has a simple test that you can use to check if your site is mobile-friendly.

how to grow a chiropractic office google mobile-friendly test

Another way is to boost your on-page SEO. If you have noticed, the top results for any search have high on-page SEO that allows them to rank. Sites that are on the first page of search results will get more visibility and organic traffic. Use this to your advantage and get your chiropractic business in front of as many people as possible. If you are interested in learning more about SEO, read our complete guide for chiropractors here.

The fourth way is to put the essential information like contact and address where visitors can easily find it. This makes it easy and effortless for them to find any basic information.

Lastly, you want to make sure that your website is protected. In the chiropractic industry, you will be dealing with sensitive and private information. To build trust with your patients, you want to let them know that their information is secured.

If you want an expert opinion on your current chiropractic website, let us take a look at it.

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3. Have a Social Media Presence

Do you know how many people have social media today? A massive 3.5 billion people use social media. As the world is becoming even more technologically advanced, this number does not show signs of slowing down.

This becomes a great opportunity for you to reach a larger audience and showcase your chiropractic practice to the world. You will also be able to connect and engage with your followers online.

There are many platforms you can start on such as Facebook and Instagram. We have a social media guide for chiropractors here. Building a social media presence will expand your reach and take your chiropractic business to the next level.

social media for chiropractors facebook

This is an example of a content piece that you can post on Facebook. Some other examples are chiropractic adjustment photos and staff spotlights.

With social media, it is best to remain consistent by replying to comments and creating new content. This will enhance your online chiropractor presence and build relationships with online followers. Eventually, you will have a strong digital presence across different social platforms.


4. Write Chiropractic Blog Posts

Establish yourself as a knowledgeable figure in the chiropractic industry by writing blog posts. Your posts will show that you know what you are talking about, and potential patients will be more likely to trust you.

Identify common questions and misconceptions within chiropractic and create blog posts addressing these. Your chiropractic business will gain credibility, and patients will be showing up to your office.

Not only does this demonstrate your expertise, but it also contributes to SEO. Every blog post you write is an opportunity to rank on search engines like Google and Bing. The more content you write, the greater the chances your chiropractic website appears on results pages.

chiropractor grow business blog post ideas

If you are stuck on what to write, you can create content around the chiropractic care services offered. You can go into greater detail and explain the procedure and benefits of each one. This is a great way to gain visibility and attract new patients.

If you need more, here are a few blog post ideas:

  • Educational content around dealing with back pain
  • How to improve posture
  • Best stretches for tight shoulders
  • Interesting statistics or facts


5. Ask for Patient Reviews

Think about the last time you made a purchasing decision. You probably read some online reviews beforehand. This is the same for any patient when deciding what chiropractic office to go to.

Patient reviews can strengthen your credibility and have the power to gain consumer trust. As with any successful business, establishing trust with customers is a must. It serves as social proof that your chiropractic practice is trustworthy and reliable.

You will slowly build a positive reputation. Then, people will be more likely to trust your chiropractic business and book an appointment. Having numerous positive ratings will only encourage more patients to visit your chiropractic office.

growing your chiropractic practice customer reviews

The key is to get as many 5-star reviews as possible. An easy way to get chiropractic reviews is to ask patients right after their session. Especially if they are satisfied, they will have no problem leaving a 5-star review.


6. Build a Referral Program

One of the best ways to get quality new patients is through referrals. If your existing patients are pleased with the chiropractic services, then there is nothing better than them wanting to tell their friends and family about you. The amount of trust in that recommendation outweighs any Facebook review.

An easy way to get referrals is to implement a patient referral program. You can offer incentives to increase the flow of referral patients. Some incentives you can include are discounts on their next visit or a $25 gift card to their favorite restaurant.

growing a chiropractic business referral program

Both parties win. Words of your chiropractic office spread and patients get a reward. If done effectively, you will begin to see all of your appointments booked.

If you need ideas on how to create a referral program, we can help you out.

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7. Offer Deals and Promotions

Having limited-time offers encourages new customers to act quickly. This could be useful to grab early patient interests. Think of this as an investment that will lead to loyal patients.

how to build a chiropractic business deals

Take time to brainstorm ideas for your next promotional offer. In your post, remember to include relevant information like the time frame of the deal. For example, you can offer a premium discount of 30% off for a patient’s first appointment. And then sell them on large treatment plans after their first appointment when they have genuinely felt the relief from a chiropractic session.


8. Stay on Top of Chiropractic Trends

Keeping up with industry trends helps you to stay in the best position to be successful. Being up to date allows you to understand what is happening and allows for easy adjustments to be made. This can include reading industry publications, following business thought leaders, and attending national conferences.

build a successful chiropractic business trends

9. Improve Your EHR Software

Unlike the previous tips, this one is a non-marketing tip. This deals with enhancing the efficiency of your chiropractic practice. Being more efficient helps you to run your office more smoothly.

growing a successful chiropractic practice ehr software

Upgrading your practice management software will make sure everything is streamlined. From updating patient files to managing check-ins, you want this process to be as smooth and effortless as possible. Since you are spending less time managing patient medical records, you will have more time to focus on your chiropractic patients.


10. Consider Email Marketing

There are many different marketing channels, but none is more effective than email marketing. Email marketing revolves around sending emails to prospective and current customers. A fun fact is that it has a return on investment of 3,800%.

This means that for every $1 spent, you generate an average of $38. It doesn’t get better than that! This has great potential to help you grow your chiropractic business.

growing your chiropractic business email newsletter

To get the most out of email marketing, make sure that your campaigns are targeted to a specific audience group. This will maximize the chance of them clicking on your emails and following through. You can include weekly or monthly newsletters that address topics like good posture, commonly asked questions, or best chiropractic techniques.

You could also ask for patient testimonials or remind them to schedule a follow-up appointment.

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11. Run Paid Advertising

Another marketing channel to go for is paid advertising. Paid advertising requires spending money to gain traffic to your chiropractic website. This is a convenient and effective way to get in front of potential patients when they are searching for businesses like yours.

One form of paid advertising is to have chiropractor Google Ads. Google Ads is based on a pay-per-click model, meaning that you will only be charged when a user clicks on your ad. Google Ads centers around keywords. Selecting the right keywords to use in your ad campaign is crucial to reaching the target audience.

growing a chiropractic practice google results

Another form of paid advertising is Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are highly customizable to select a target audience based on factors like interests, age, location, and gender. Targeting the right group of people can be an effective way to gain exposure and increase conversion rates.

building your chiropractic business facebook post


12. Engage with Your Local Community

As a business, being involved in your local community shows that you care more than just about the revenue. It shows your willingness to form deeper relationships and to create a lasting positive impact.

As you know, actions speak louder than words. Consider partnering with a local healthcare organization to offer free health screenings. You can also donate money to raise awareness of a local community cause. Another idea is to sponsor events.

how to build a chiropractic practice support local community

All of these are great ways to stay active in your community. You will create a positive reputation and increase brand awareness. It is a win-win situation for everyone.


13. Track Analytics

How do you know if a marketing strategy is working or not if you don’t look at the data? It is important to track your ad performance to identify what marketing strategies are effective or ineffective. You don’t want to be wasting your precious time on a marketing tactic that doesn’t bring any results.

Monitor key metrics like web traffic and sales growth. Refine your marketing plan and prioritize what works. Adjust accordingly.

how to build a successful chiropractic practice tracking analytics

With this insight, you can make well-informed decisions that maximize the growth of your chiropractic practice.

How To Grow A Chiropractic Business – Summary

Now that you have made it to the end, I hope you have a better understanding of how to grow a chiropractic business. Experiment with these 13 tips and see which ones are most effective for your chiropractic practice. Although you may not see new patients coming to your office immediately, don’t be discouraged.

Put in the daily marketing effort, and results will come.

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.