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How Often Should a Chiro Post on Social Media? – The Best Guide for Chiropractors in 2023

Are you a chiropractor who’s wondering how many times should you post on your social accounts? In this article, we’ll tell you how often should a chiro post on social media and also share some social media content ideas that will be helpful to increase your chiropractic clinic’s revenue!

Almost everybody has their individual social media accounts and is active on social media. In fact, as of 2021, there is a total of 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide, which makes up 59.5% of the global population.

That’s huge!

Because of that, chiropractors like you, should use this opportunity and maximize the use of social media sites in promoting your chiropractic clinic, and at the same time, reach out to your prospective patients.

If you want to interact with your chiro audience on a personal level, social media sites are the way to go!

How Often Should a Chiro Post on Social Media?

Chiropractor fixing the alignment of a patient's spine

People usually spend their free time scrolling through their social media accounts. As a chiropractor, it is important that you consistently post on your social media pages, so that people who are interested in getting a chiropractor treatment will get to know more about your business.

Now, for the question that you came for, “How often should a chiro post on social media?”

The answer is it depends on the social media platform that you are using. Just keep in mind that when posting on social media it shouldn’t be more than thrice a day (depending on the platform) or else your online audience may perceive it as if you are spamming their timelines or newsfeed which eventually may lead to them unfollowing you on your social media pages.

How long should each social media post have to be?

When it comes to the length of each chiropractic social media post, the first thing you should do is test them out to see how your chiro patients are responding. After seeing the results, from there, depending on your audience’s preference, use that as a basis in creating chiro posts on your socials.

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Facebook is one of the social media platforms that has the widest range when it comes to creating posts. Here, you can post videos, texts, images, set an event and so much more. 93% of businesses are already using Facebook in promoting their products and services!

So, how often should you post on Facebook? You should post regularly at least once a week. Based on a Buffer study, posting on Facebook somewhere between 1 pm-3 pm on Thursdays have the highest customer engagement.

If you just created a Facebook page for your chiro clinic, and currently looking for Facebook post ideas, here are some examples that you can use as a guide:

  • Ask questions – From time to time, try asking questions to your audience where they can answer by leaving a comment or reacting to your Facebook post. This is one way to interact with your existing and prospective patients. After receiving their responses, don’t forget to reply to them as much as you can.
  • Share your website’s blog posts – If you already have established your online audience and are creating blog posts about chiro practice on your website but not getting enough engagement, why not try sharing it on your Facebook page? This way, it’ll be more visible to your target audience.
  • Greet them on special occasions – Every month, there’s an event for everyone. For example, every May, Mother’s day is celebrated by many people. Create a post sending your warm greetings to all the mothers out there and add a promo saying there’s a 30% discount for all the mothers who will be getting chiropractic care on Mother’s day.

With the use of these Facebook post ideas, you’ll start building a closer connection with your prospective patients and who knows, get new patients. Use our Chiropractor Facebook Ad Strategy to get more clicks to your page.


Wondering how you can use Twitter to promote your chiropractic services? The chiropractor in this example used Twitter to promote the Youtube channel where she demonstrates how she does chiropractic care to her patients. She also maximized the use of linking her Youtube channel on her Twitter bio so that when someone looks up her account on Twitter, they can just click on the link on her profile and that user will be redirected to her YT channel.

Here’s how it works, when a potential customer gets impressed after watching her chiropractor videos on Youtube, there’s a high possibility of proceeding to her chiro website and booking an appointment at her clinic.

Sample of a tweet from a chiropractor


Note: Since Twitter has a character limit when it comes to tweeting and after a few minutes of posting, your tweet goes to the bottom, the recommended number of tweets on a daily basis is 3-5 times. 


If you want to get new patients and target individuals ages 25-34 years old, using another platform, namely Instagram could also be one of your options/choices. Here, you are no longer stuck in posting photos and videos only. They have also updated features for business owners where your followers can actively engage with your page through adding reels (where you can create a short video like the one in TikTok) and IG stories where you can use interactive stickers for your followers.


How often chiros should post on social media like Instagram

In the next example, do you see how the chiropractor uses humor to entertain his followers? It may sound cringy to others but hey, it’s a fun gimmick to try! Some people need a good laugh sometimes.

Sample of an Instagram post of a chiropractor

When posting Instagram content, the ideal is to post during the weekdays from Tuesday to Friday, and the number of published posts on a weekly basis should not be more than three times a week.


In the United States, TikTok has 78.7 million users in present times. If you are a chiropractor that’s already creating video content for promoting your brand and you don’t see that many results, maybe you should try posting it on TikTok.

If you are a chiro who just recently joined TikTok and starting to build your followers, post at least 5 times a week to establish your presence.

It works for chiropractors because, on this platform, you can unleash your creative skills through creating chiropractic-related videos like this guy on this example. He uses TikTok to promote his chiropractic services to a bigger audience:

How often chiros should post on social media like TikTok

You see how this doctor created short videos on TikTok using hashtags that are relevant to his chiro practice and at the same time, what most people use? It’s like hitting two birds with one stone! You get to promote your chiropractic services/ clinic and also your videos get to appear for relevant terms like #satisfyingvideos and #asmrvideo

How often chiros should post on social media like TikTok using hashtags

If you’re a chiropractor that’s new to TikTok or planning to use Tiktok, read our blog post on TikTok for Chiropractors – The Best Step-By-Step Guide for Chiros 2022

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Importance of knowing how often should a chiro post on social media

As a chiropractor, it is important to know how often you post on social media to make sure that your chiropractic clinic gets a lot of customer engagement because if you don’t all of your social media marketing efforts will go to waste. Read our best guide to getting chiro patients fast.

Tips for creating chiro posts on social media

  • Educational videos – Don’t just stick to promoting your chiropractic clinic to your audience. You should also educate your prospective patients which can be done through creating videos such as:
    • Introducing your clinic’s chiropractors and staff
    • Answering the myths about chiropractic care
    • Featuring the different types of chiropractic methods
    •  Virtual tour of your chiro clinic
  • Hashtags –  If you want to widen the reach of your chiropractic social media pages, or if you want to increase your brand’s awareness, try using hashtags. This way, when people search for the term that’s included in one of your hashtags, your social media post will appear relevant along with what they’re looking for.
  • Plan ahead – Before posting, plan things out before anything else. Such as the use of hashtags, checking the quality of the image or video that you are going to upload along, and also don’t forget to proofread the texts before you publish a post.
  • Content has to be engaging – Remember, you don’t always have to post on your chiropractic. Remember, you should care more about quality than quantity. If you are posting articles, use our guide for tips on chiropractor blogging.

Creating social media posts needs a lot of time to strategize. Want us to do it for you?

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Basically, there are a bunch of things that you must consider before deciding on how often you should post on social media such as the time zone of your target audience, the type of platform you are using, along with the content of your social media post. Regularly creating chiropractic social media posts may require a lot of planning and scheduling. Still, after testing things out, you’ll eventually get the hang of it and see good results later on.

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.