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Ad Copy Formulas For Dentists – PPC Headlines & Descriptions Guide For Dental Services

To make a potential patient click on a dental ad, good ad copy formulas for dentists might be necessary. In this article, we will share our headlines and description formulas that will definitely increase the click-through rate of your ads!

If you are searching for guides on writing ad copies, you should probably have your Google Ads account set up. But if you don’t, you can read your step-by-step guide on Google Ads for dentists.

As we always say, Google Ads is an effective advertising tool that easily reaches your potential patients, with the right approach and strategy of course. Besides optimizing your campaign settings and options, ad copies are also crucial.

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Why are headlines and descriptions crucial?

What you write in your ads will hugely affect the decision-making of your potential patient, especially the ad headline. The quality of the headline heavily influences the viewer if they should click on your ad.

According to marketing statistics, 80% of people or viewers only read the headline of an advertisement. Also, in a study done by Koechley, the results concluded that the traffic can vary from %20 up to %500. That just means that an ad can possibly have thousands of clicks just because of a good headline alone.

Now a good headline contains good keywords, so how do you know which keywords to use for your headline? The answer is keyword research.

Keyword research tools for dental services

You have a list of your dental services and you know exactly which technical terms you use in the dental industry. But keep in mind that your advertisement is targeting your potential patients. You can also reach the target audience by maintaining an engaging blog.

As much as possible, you want to determine the behavior of your potential patients. You should know how they search for your dental services, what keywords do they use in Google, what dental keyword has the most volume of traffic, and so on.

These will be easily determined using these keyword research tools that we recommend:

Google Autocomplete Suggestion

The most basic keyword research tool is the Google Autocomplete Suggestion. When you type in a keyword in the search box, Google will give out some suggested keywords that most people are also searching for.

So in this example, we type “dentist” in the search box:

Google autocomplete suggestion for the keyword dentist

You will see here that people are also searching for “dentist near me”, “dentist office near me”, “dentist open on Saturday”, and so on. We recommend putting every good keyword you see on a spreadsheet for better documentation. And if you don’t do the service, ie: “medicaid”, make sure to add it to your list of negative keywords. You can use these when writing your headlines and descriptions.

If you want an in-depth understanding of negative keywords you can read this article about tips on how to increase conversions using negative keywords.

Google Ad’s Keyword Planner

Google Ads has a feature that gives you keyword ideas on your dental services. Just go to your Google Ads account, then click ‘Tools & Settings’. You should see the ‘Keyword Planner’ under the ‘Planning’ category.

Go to 'Tools & Settings' and click 'Keyword Planner'.

Then choose ‘Discover New Keywords’.

Click discover new keywords

Now, input your dental services (you can put up to 10), then choose the location where your target audience is present. You can also input your website here so Google can use some details written on your website. Then click ‘Get Results’.

Input necessary details for keyword planner

Then you should get results like this:

Keyword planner results for dental services

You can see here all the keyword ideas directly from the Google database. The result will show you how many people are searching for that keyword per month, the competitiveness of each keyword, and its average cost per click (CPC) which you could use for your bidding strategy.

Again, in your spreadsheet, list down all keywords that you could use here for your headlines and descriptions.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a Google product where you could search for keywords and determine their search volume, seasonal trends, popularity, and so on. You could also compare two keywords to determine which has more traffic and which is better to use for your ad copies. There are other marketing ideas for your dental business to expand its outreach.

To use this, just go to Google Trends website. Then choose your location country, then type in ‘dentist.

Google Trends use for dentist keyword

Now you should be redirected to this page. Here, you can sort your keyword data by specific location (from a country to city), time period, topic categories, and type of Google search. You can also see a graph for the interest in your keyword over time.

Sort Google Trends data

If you scroll down more, you would see the data for interest for the metro, the target location for this is California. You will also get related queries here that you could use for your keyword research.

Interests, and related queries for dentist keyword

You could also compare keywords for extra information that you could when you are creating your ad copies. You can put up to 5 keywords and compare them to each other.

Compare keywords on Google Trends

You should also get results on interests, related topics, and search queries for both keywords. Again don’t forget to list all good keywords that you can add to your headlines. These are the keywords that people are already using when they search on Google.

You can read more on how to use Google Trends here.

Other free online keyword research tool

When you type in Google search “free keyword research tool”, you will get hundreds of results and the most popular ones are usually shown at the first page. But here are some that we recommend:

Use these free research tools and add more keywords to your spreadsheet!

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What are the best keywords to use for your dental services

Now that you know how to research for best keywords that you could include in your ad copy, let us show you this list that we made from our own keyword research:

Headline and description ideas for dental ads

Each of these keywords has a good amount of traffic and adding these in your ad copies will make your ads easier to show up since it has all the high volume keywords in them.

For more tips on choosing keywords, you can check out this article about how to choose the right keywords for Google Ads for your dental clinic.

Ad Copy Formulas For Dentists

It will be hard to write headlines and descriptions if you are just starting out your Google Ads campaign. But here are some techniques, and formulas that you could use when you are writing your ads for your dental services.

How to make an ad copy stand out?

Use CTAs or call-to-action texts

Adding call-to-action texts gives your audience the urge to do something about the ad that they are looking at. Some examples are:

  • Book An Appointment Now
  • Schedule Now
  • Call Us Today
  • Accepting Patients Now

Include numbers and special characters

Adding these will surely catch the attention of your potential patients. The reason here is that their eyes are flooded with texts or letters on the screen — numbers and special characters will surely pop out from all those texts.

  • #1 Dentist In California
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • 1 on 1 consultation
  • $90 Only
  • Starts @ 1.99
  • Improve & Fix Your Oral Health

Use reflective questions

Asking questions in the headline or description makes your ad interactive. This also appeals emotionally to your potential patients.

  • Cavity Problems? We Are Expert
  • Oral Consultation? We Can Help
  • Emergency Dentist? We Are Open

Add geo-keywords

Adding geo-keywords or location keywords will give your views an impression that you are just near to them and your dental clinic is accessible. You could also use an abbreviation of a location if the whole headline doesn’t fit on the 30 character limit.

  • Dentist Near You
  • Root Canal Near Me
  • Dental Clinic Nearby
  • Tooth Extraction Irvine
  • 24 Hour Dentist NY

Include guarantees and discounts

Sales, discounts, and promos will definitely increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your ad. People love it and if you can, include it in your ad copy!

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • 10% Off On Your 1st Procedure
  • $20 Off
  • $50 Referral Voucher
  • 25% Discount For Veterans

Add testimonials

Testimonials are very important and several studies have found that testimonials can really convert viewers into paying customers/patients. This would add to the value of your ad copy. Just make sure that it will fit the 30 character limit in Google Ads for headlines, and 90 character limit for descriptions.

  • “Staff is amazing & attentive”
  • “The best dental clinic in LA”
  • “Highly recommended clinic”

Use power words!

Using power words like “best”, “top-notch”, and so on, will definitely boost the value of your overall ad.

  • Best Dentist In Texas
  • Top-Notch Dental Service
  • High-Rated Dental Clinic
  • Highly-Reviewed Dental Clinic
  • State-Of-Art Dentistry
  • Affordable Tooth Extraction

Add in your name!

This usually works for those in the medical industry like dentists. Adding your professional name in the headline and description gives a professional feel to your ads.

  • Dr. John Smith
  • John Smith, D.D.S.

Now that you have researched your keywords, and got some techniques for writing, here are some formulas you can use to combine these texts.

Headline formulas

Power Word + Product/Service + Location | Offer | Call to Action


  • No. 1 Dental Clinic In Irvine | 10% Off On Your 1st Procedure | Book Now
  • Top-Rated Dentist In New York | Free Dental Check-Up | Schedule Now

Ad Copy Formulas For Dentists

Feature + Product/Service + Location | Feature + Call to Action


  • 24 Hour Emergency Dentist NY | Schedule Free Consultation Now
  • Emergency Tooth Extraction LA | We Accept Walk-Ins Now

Sample headline for dental services 2

Power Word + Product/Service + Location | Benefit | Dr. Name


  • Best Dental Office Washington | Prevent Cavities & Tooth Decay | Dr. John Smith
  • Top Dental Implant Provider AZ | Restore & Improve Your Smile | Dr. John Smith

Sample headline for dental services 3

Product/Service + Location | Feature | Dr. Name


  • Teeth Cleaning Beverly Hills | Expert Dental Hygienist | Dr. John Smith
  • Tooth Extraction Near You | Quick, Painless & Successful | Dr. John Smith

Sample headline for dental services 4

Product/Service + Location | Dr. Name | Mini-testimonial


  • Dental Office Near You | Dr. John Smith | “Great doctor & friendly staff”
  • General Dentist Near You | Dr. John Smith | “Excellent & very professional”

Sample headline for dental services 5

Product/Service + Location | Dr. Name | Call to Action 


  • Oral Examination Dallas | Dr. John Smith | Call Now For Consultation
  • Dental Fillings Near You | Dr. John Smith | Schedule Online Now

Sample headline for dental services 6

Description formulas

Keep in mind that your description should always be directly related to your headline. Also, do not repeat what is written in the headline.

Offer + Feature + Benefit +Call to Action


  • Description 1: Get 20% Off On Your First Appointment | Fillings, Extraction, Cleaning, Examination & More
  • Description 2: Get The Best Dental Care In Dallas, Call Now For A Free Consultation

Sample Description for dental services 1

Feature + Benefit + Call to Action


  • Description 1: Dental Cleanings, Exams, Preventive Care, Halitosis Treatment, Sedation Dentistry, & More!
  • Description 2: Straight-forward pricing – you don’t have to worry about hidden fees! Call Now!

Sample Description for dental services 2

Note: When writing your benefit, think of what your patient would get when they go with your services.



  • Description 1: “I love the customer service and the professionalism that I receive. Dr. Smith is one the
  • Description 2: most passionate Dentist I’ve ever known. Best dentist in Southern California!” -Sarah G.

Sample Description for dental services 3

Some testimonials can be long and have grammatical errors, sometimes you need to edit them a bit. Testimonials have a really huge factor in the decision making of your potential patients so make sure that you put a good testimonial here. Choose testimonials that have mentioned things that people are looking for in a dental clinic.

Who You Are + Feature + Call to Action


  • Description 1: Dr. John Smith Is A Multi-Awarded Dentist In Irvine | Passionate & An Expert on Dentistry
  • Description 2: Straight-forward pricing – you don’t have to worry about hidden fees! Call Now!

Sample Description for dental services 4

Feature + Feature + Feature


  • Description 1: Dentures, Implant-Supported Dentures, Full Mouth, Dental Crowns, Dental Bridges & More!
  • Description 2: Get State-Of-The-Art Dentistry That Uses Modern Dental Equipment & Technology

Sample headline for dental services 6

For this formula, you can pile in as many features as you can into the description. Don’t include the same thing in the description and headline. Make sure that the headline relates to the description and test all the formulas and see how each combination will perform.

All of these formulas will surely improve your ad writing skills, but there are no definite results for all of these. Again, test all formulas and try which will perform the best for your dental clinic.

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Google Ads is a really good online advertising platform you can use to spread awareness and get more leads to your dental services. There are lots of ways to improve your ad campaign and writing a good copy is one.

You have all the resources on Google that you can use for writing ad copy and this article is just one. You can always twist these formulas and create your own!

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.