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Best Facebook Ad Strategy to Grow Your Chiropractic Clinic

Advertising is essential to running a successful chiropractic clinic. Even for the best chiropractors in the world, having an effective advertising strategy is vital to their success. Advertising on Facebook is a great opportunity for Chiropractors to attract more customers and increase their sales. The goal of advertising on Facebook is to generate leads. Leads are important so that new customers get to Know, Like, and Trust you. The contact data that you receive from leads allows you to remarket to them again and again. In the long run, you will be able to make your money back and attract even more sales.

Here are 7 Steps to Creating an Effective Facebook Ad Strategy to Grow your Chiropractic Clinic:

1. Create an Attractive Offer

The key factor to a great offer is creating a lead magnet. Constructing a lead magnet is done by having a low-entry-priced product/service that your target audience actually wants. In order for a lead magnet to be most effective, it MUST deliver a specific result, immediate gratification, shift the relationship to a buyer, and is a high perceived value.

We recommend creating a discount on one of your more popular Chiropractic services in order to attract new customers. We also suggest setting a limit to how many offers can be redeemed or a set time frame within which they can be redeemed. This will prompt the viewers of your ad to become new leads because of the urgency created by your offer.

For more ways to advertise these offers, you can post them on your chiropractor social media accounts.

2. Write Compelling Ad Copy

Facebook newsfeeds are crowded. In order to capture users’ attention, your advertisement must include compelling text. Creating a high-converting ad copy can be done by following the Facebook ad copy formula.

Chiropractor Clinic Facebook Ad Template

The first step in the formula is to grab your audience’s Attention. This is done by addressing their pain point, and challenges, or calling out your audience in specific.

The next step in the formula is to inspire Interest from your audience. An effective way to do this is to describe the direct benefits that accompany your lead magnet.

The third step is to create a Desire from your audience. Creating a desire within your audience is done by providing them with a reason to click your advertisement.

The final step in the Facebook ad copy formula is to provoke Action. Including a call to action to “Click Here” is a good way to get your audience to interact with your lead magnet. It is important not to appear as an advertisement however as you are trying to look like a part of the newsfeed. If you decide to use emojis in your ad copy, make sure that they appear correctly on all devices.

Chiropractic Clinic Ad Copy

This advertisement is a short yet effective example of how to create compelling ad copy. The ad specifically calls out a specific demographic, which is women in the Atlanta area. The ad copy also succeeds in inspiring interest and creating desire by having an attractive offer of a $379 package for just $49. Lastly, the Facebook ad has a call to action to “Learn More”.

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3. Include an Eye-Catching Ad Creative

In order to run an effective Facebook advertising campaign, including an image, video, or visual for your Facebook Ad is essential. The visual that you decide to use for your advertisement should be a visual representation of the ad copy that you created above. Some of the key questions to ask yourself when selecting a visual include:

  • Does the visual tell a story?
  • Does the visual display my service/product in use?
  • Would my visual stand out on the Facebook newsfeed?
  • What emotions does my visual evoke from those who see it?

Chiropractic Clinic Ad Creative

The advertisement above is a perfect example of what an eye-catching creative looks like. The photo in the ad showcases the service that the clinic provides in a creative way. The ad creative would stand out if shown on your Facebook newsfeed and draw your attention to it.

Want to appear more often on Google search results? Use our chiropractor PPC guide.

4. Construct a Relevant Landing Page

Creating a relevant landing page is just as important as creating an attractive advertisement. An effective advertisement can fail to generate leads if the landing page is not relevant to the ad that your audience clicked on. Your landing page MUST match what was promised in your Facebook ad.

A compelling landing page should have a similar design, imagery, and colors as the advertisement that led your audience there. It is also important that the same offer and ad copy you had in your advertisement should appear on your landing page. If you offer a 10% discount on your ad copy, a 10% discount should also appear on your landing page. Below is an example of an effective advertisement and landing page that both have the same design and offer.

Chiropractic Clinic Ad OfferChiropractic Clinic Facebook Ad Landing Page\

Having a relevant landing page can be the difference between a low and high conversion rate from your Facebook Ad campaign. Another useful strategy is to include a calendar on your landing page so that your leads can book an appointment immediately. It is best to set a lot slot around 3 hours per day on your calendar where new leads can book appointments on your landing page. This is a highly effective strategy and removes the potential for lost leads due to not following up with them.

Chiropractic Clinic Facebook Ad Landing Page CalendarChiropractic Clinic Facebook Ad Landing Page Time

5. Target the Right Audience

When trying to attract more leads for your chiropractic clinic, choosing the right people to target is essential to an effective Facebook advertising campaign. The best Facebook advertising campaign in front of the wrong audience is destined to fail. When selecting your target audience it’s important not to focus too much on age and gender. Instead, focus on zip codes to generate more leads for your local chiropractic clinic.

Chiropractor Clinic Facebook Advertising Location

We recommend that local chiropractic clinics target locations within a 5 to 10-mile radius from where they are located. It is also important that you set the location target for only people who live in that 5 to 10-mile radius, instead of everyone in that radius.

Chiropractor Clinic Facebook Ad Targeting

When creating your first advertisement, we advise targeting English-speaking women aged 25 – 65+ to see how the ad performs. If the advertisement is effective than you can increase the target audience to include males. It is also recommended that you leave detailed targeting empty. This is a crucial step as many local businesses make the mistake of layering in certain interests.

Detailed targeting is usually only effective for large-scale eCommerce advertisements as opposed to local businesses. Large-scale businesses have a much bigger audience due to a wide location radius.

Chiropractic Clinic Facebook Ad Age Targeting

For the placement of your ad, make sure manual placements are selected. Within the manual placement options, we only want the Facebook newsfeed platform selected. Under the Optimization for Ad Delivery section, set it to link clicks.

We suggest starting out with about a $5 daily budget to start generating leads. We suggest this even if you have a larger budget because your end goal is to generate a lower cost per lead. If you start with a higher daily ad budget you won’t be able to test different ad sets. With a $5 daily budget per advertisement, you can run three ad sets targeting different ages. Above is an example of how to set up separate ad sets by age.

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6. Launch Your Facebook Ad Campaign

The next step is launching and implementing your Facebook Ad Campaign. The campaign objective of your first Facebook Ad Campaign should be to generate link clicks/traffic to your website/sales funnel. We recommend you start with “Traffic” to collect data from Facebook about how your ads are converting.

This data will allow you to determine which ad or offer is converting the most. Once you get about 25+ conversions your campaign objective should transition to “Website Conversions”. The more conversions that you receive, the more your cost per lead is likely to start decreasing.

Chiropractic Clinic Facebook Ad Campaign Objective

Another campaign objective that you should consider is targeting for “Video Views” with a video advertisement. We recommend including visuals, music, behind-the-scenes footage of your clinic, and stories of customers who benefited from your services. Video advertisements are a great way for local chiropractors to attract new clients because they get as many viewers on your offer as possible.

These advertisements can be extremely cost-efficient with 1 view costing only around 1 – 3 cents. Additionally, you can create an audience of people who watched your video up to a certain percentage. We recommend creating a custom audience of people who watched up to 50% of your video. These people are most likely interested but don’t have enough time to watch all of your videos.

Facebook video marketing for chiropractors

We suggest giving each of your ads a chance by allowing them to reach at least 1,000 people before you take any action. It comes down to how much a new buyer is worth to you and letting the ad run enough so that you can collect enough data. The more people you let your ad reach, the lower the cost per lead is likely to be. This is a cost-effective way to test which ad set has the best conversion rate.

Chiropractic Clinic Facebook Ad Launch

Now that your advertisement is running, it is crucial that you follow up with the leads you acquire in a timely manner. We recommend that your Chiropractic Clinic call leads within five minutes of acquiring them. Such a quick response will attract lifelong customers and minimize the number of leads that don’t turn into customers. Quickly following up with leads is the best way to ensure that money spent on your Facebook advertising campaign isn’t wasted!

Also, learn more about chiropractor marketing tools you can use to expand your outreach!

7. Retarget Existing Visitors

Re-targeting Facebook Ad Strategy to Grow your Chiropractic Clinic

The final step in our Facebook ad strategy to grow your chiropractic clinic is to retarget existing visitors to your landing page. The purpose of retargeting past visitors to your landing page is to remind them to take a specific action. This is useful when you have a chiropractic offer in your advertisement that people may have clicked but failed to sign up for.

In order to set up these retargeting ads, you must create a custom audience.

You can create a custom audience by clicking “Audience”, under the “Assets” category in the Facebook ads manager.

Once there, click “Create a Custom Audience” and select a website as your source.

Custom Audience Facebook Ad Strategy to Grow your Chiropractic Clinic

Within the custom audience section, we are going to set the custom audience to target people who visited specific webpages. Where it says “Add People to Your Audience”, set this to people who visited your landing page within the past 7 days. Below that insert your landing page URL.

The next step in creating your custom audience is to exclude the people who visited your landing page and signed up for your offer. To do this, add the exclude people function to your custom audience.

Set it to exclude people who visited your thank you page within the past 7 days and insert your thank you page URL.

The thank you page is where your lead ends up after filling out the offer on your landing page. It is important to exclude these people as they have already received your offer.

Setting Custom Chiropractic Facebook Ad Audience

Now that we’ve created our custom audience, we can automatically load it into a new ad set of our choice. When retargeting past visitors to your landing page, we recommend creating ads with different ad copy than the original ad that targeted them.

We also suggest you choose a similar but different ad creative than the one you used in your original advertisement. This will increase the chance that they will interact with your advertisement because they haven’t seen it before. When choosing a new ad creative it is important that you don’t use stock photos. Using stock photos makes it clear to the viewer that it is an advertisement. As stated above, your goal is to blend into the Facebook newsfeed.

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.