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How to Get Reviews for Plastic Surgeons – 7 Tips On How To Get Good Reviews for Your Plastic Surgery Practice

Reviews play a huge role in converting your page visitors into your actual patients. In fact, consumers consider online reviews like recommendations from a friend. So, if you’re looking for a guide that will help you gather more positive reviews for your plastic surgery clinic, this article is for you!

In this blog post, we’ll share with you tips on how to get reviews for plastic surgeons’ clinics which will surely bring in lots of new patients to your practice!

Why collect reviews for your plastic surgery practice?

Reviews from previous plastic surgery patients

Increased credibility

From a patient’s perspective, if they were given the option to choose between a plastic surgery practice that has no reviews and another one that has lots of reviews, they are more likely to choose the one that has reviews. It’s because before a person undergoes plastic surgery, they have to make sure that they’re with the right hands.

People will not risk themselves if they are unsure about how a plastic surgeon treats his or her patients. With that, you have to start getting lots of reviews (especially if you are competing with established plastic surgery clinics) from your previous patients because the more good reviews you get, the higher chances your prospective patients will trust your brand over the others.

Brings in more new patients

Since plastic surgery is one of the competitive fields in the healthcare department, getting high-quality reviews is a must to get more new patients. Your patients’ experiences serve as proof of how efficient you are as a plastic surgeon.

Having genuine reviews from your patients can also be your selling point as they can trigger emotions from individuals who read them. So, if you have lots of satisfied patients who haven’t left reviews yet, don’t be afraid to ask and inform them of how valuable their role is in the success of your plastic surgery clinic.

Strengthens your reputation

Online reviews are one of the first few things that your potential patients look at. It’s something that shapes their opinion about your practice. When they see that your plastic surgery practice receives tons of good reviews and professionally deals with negative reviews, it creates a positive impression of your brand.

Improved search engine rankings

Keywords in the reviews such as services offered by your plastic surgery practice (e.g. breast augmentation, liposuction, facelift, etc.)  or the name of your brand also help search engines understand what your business is all about. So, if you are going to reply to patient reviews, make sure to implement relevant keywords in them.

Want to stay on top of search results? Check out our blog post on SEO for plastic surgeons to learn some tips on what you can do to increase the visibility of your practice.

How to Get Reviews for Plastic Surgeons

1. Get listed on review sites

First things first, you have to get your plastic surgery clinic listed in online directories. Not only will it help you get additional traffic to your plastic surgery website, but it will also be easier for your customers to leave a review about their experience!

Here are some of the online directories where you should get your surgery clinic listed:

Google My Business

Google My Business local map pack for plastic surgeons

On Google My Business, you give your plastic surgery practice a chance to stand out among your competitors. Here, you can enter all of the basic info that your potential patients need. From contact details, location, and reviews! You can also add posts if you want to announce something new in your practice.

In addition to that, getting your plastic surgery practice listed on Google My Business gives your brand a chance to show up at the top of search results (as long as your profile is optimized). Check out our blog post on Google My Business for Plastic Surgeons to learn some tips on how to optimize your profile.

How to get more reviews on Google:

  • Verify your profile
    • You’ll start getting reviews on Google My Business once your plastic surgery clinic’s profile gets verified. There are several ways how to verify your business profile (e.g. through postcards, email, or text). You just have to choose which among the options suits your preference, wait until you get the verification code, and enter the code to gain ownership of your business profile.
  • Share a review link with your patients
    • To save time when searching for your plastic surgery practice on Google, you can simply get the link to your business profile and share it with your patients through email, text, on your receipts or post it on your front desk. To do that, you just have to go to your business profile, scroll down to your dashboard, click “share review form“, and copy the link that you’ll be sending to your patients.
  • Follow-up your patients
    • Just because you asked your patients once, it doesn’t mean that they’ll do it as soon as they get home or whenever they have a chance. Some of them might have forgotten how to do it so you just have to consistently ask them.

Don’t have time to create a GMB account for your plastic surgery practice?

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Plastic surgeons listed on Yelp

Yelp is another review site where you can get your plastic surgery practice listed. Here, you can get reviews from your previous patients, answer questions raised by your potential patients, and more! What’s great about this platform is that potential patients can sort results based on the number of reviews, ratings and most recommended business.

How to get more reviews on your Yelp profile:

  • Add a Yelp review badge on your plastic surgery clinic’s website
    • Adding a Yelp badge on your website lets your prospective patients know that your plastic surgery practice is listed on one of the top review sites online. If they want to learn more about your business such as the reviews from your previous patients, they can see more of it on Yelp.
  • Add your Yelp on business cards
    • Another idea is by attaching QR codes or customized links on your business cards.  Here, your patients can simply scan the code using their phones and they’ll be directed to your business listing on Yelp in just a few seconds!
  • Find Us On Yelp Sticker
    • Yelp stickers are one of the printed marketing signages that are used by business owners and they usually post them on their storefronts where customers can see them. Having a “Find Us On Yelp” sticker lets your patients know that they can leave a review, set an appointment, or inquire through Yelp.

So, if your plastic surgery clinic has lots of good reviews, high ratings, and tons of recommendations from your previous patients, your chances of showing up on local search results increase as well!


With over 2.96 billion monthly active users, creating a Facebook Business Page for your plastic surgery practice allows you to reach out to a wider range of audience! But aside from that, you’re also making it easier for your patients to leave a review and recommend your plastic surgery practice to their family, friends, and colleagues!

Like this:

Facebook recommendations received by a plastic surgery clinic

Tips on how to gather more reviews on Facebook:

  • Activate your review tab
    • There are instances where business owners notice that they’re not getting reviews on their Facebook page. With that, you have to make sure to switch on your review tab. This way, your patients, can now see reviews posted by your previous patients, and at the same time, share their experiences towards your brand.
  • Offer incentives
    • If you don’t have enough reviews on your Facebook page, you could offer incentives to patients who will leave their reviews. This could be a 10% off in their follow-up check-ups.
    • Just keep in mind that offering incentives in exchange for reviews is prohibited in some states and other platforms, so make sure to check your local laws to be sure.
  • Ask for reviews using Facebook Messenger
    • If you want to personally reach out to your previous patients who haven’t yet left a review on your Facebook page, you can send them a direct message which contains the process of how to leave a review and attach a link to your review site.
  • Write a post asking for reviews
    • You have to create a post with a caption where you ask your previous patients to leave a review Then, you can add a relevant picture so it occupies enough space for your target audience’s newsfeed.

Patient testimonial posted on Facebook

  • Showcase good reviews
    • If you think that there are some reviews that are too good not to be posted on your plastic surgery website or on your social media pages, you can also do that! This way, people who are looking for reviews of your clinic on social media can see what other people think about your surgical procedures.

Facebook post asking reviews from plastic surgery patients



Healthgrades is a listing that’s specifically made for healthcare professionals. Here, your patients can see useful information about the medical licenses, certifications received, as well as your plastic surgeon’s educational background.

Plastic surgeons on Healthgrades

2. Make it a habit to ask your patients

Sometimes you just have to simply ask your patients for a review. For example, if you receive compliments from your patients after getting a rhinoplasty, don’t miss the chance to ask them for a review. You can have your receptionist teach them the process or provide links on how to leave a review before they leave your surgery clinic.

Since your patients typically have to visit your clinic several times (e.g. 1 week after the operation, and a few months after the surgery), this gives you lots of opportunities to ask them to leave a review about their experience. You just have to be consistent in asking them until they leave a review. Just keep in mind that when asking for reviews, you have to make them brief yet sincere without sounding too pushy.

When to ask for reviews:

  • When your patients are in a good mood
    • Before asking your patients for reviews, make sure that you consider the feelings or facial expressions of your patients. If you see that they look happy during their follow-up check-up, then that’s the time when you ask for a review. But, if you see that your patient looks disappointed, that’s not a good sign for you to ask for a review.
  • While your brand is still fresh in their minds
    • Timing matters when asking for reviews. With that, you have to make sure that you give enough time for your patients to leave a review about their previous experience with your plastic surgery clinic. However, you shouldn’t wait too long, or else, your patients will no longer be interested and end up not leaving a review.

3. Make the process as easy and simple

Your patients are busy individuals and will not spend too much time leaving a review if the process is too complicated. With that, you have to make sure that the steps are easy to follow. To make things easier, you can generate QR codes to speed up the process of leaving a review on your business listings.

Tools like QR Code Generator allows you to customize your QR codes based on the frames and colors you want to use with them. You can also add the logo of your plastic surgery clinic as a design. Just one scan on your patients’ phones and they’ll be directed to your review site in just a few seconds!

QR code generator to gather plastic surgery reviews

Where to post QR codes for reviews:

  • on your thank you cards
  • receipt
  • on your front desk
  • bulletin board
  • television (waiting area)
  • near the exit door of your clinic

4. Respond to patient reviews

Responding to patient reviews is one way of encouraging your patients to leave a review on your business listings. So, make sure to switch on your notifications whenever you get new reviews for your veterinary clinic. This way, you don’t miss out on the chance to thank your patients who leave good reviews, resolve issues raised by patients who had an unsatisfactory experience with your practice, and let them feel that you genuinely care about their experience.

Plastic surgeon responding to patient review on Google

How to respond to positive reviews:

  • Personalize your response.
    • Responding to patient reviews also plays a role in customer retention. By personalizing your responses, it gives the person who left a review an impression that you remember all of the patients you’ve done surgeries with. This creates a bond between your brand and your patients.
    • For example, “Dear, [patient name] this review made our day!”
  • Thank the patients who left a review.
    • You also have to make sure that you show how much you appreciate your patients for leaving a review on your business listings or social media pages. Express your gratitude by saying words like “Thank you so much for taking the time to leave our plastic surgery clinic this amazing review.”
  • If one of your staff was mentioned, share the compliment with your team.
    • It’s also good if they mention one of your staff. This means that they have made an impressive service during the surgical process. So, make sure to relay the message and show recognition to your staff who made a great impact on one of your patients.
    • Your response can be something like ” We’re glad that you liked Dr. Anne’s work! We’ll pass along your kind words.”
  • Response ASAP
    • There are lots of reasons why you should reply to patient reviews as soon as you can. (1) It helps you win back a patient and turn them into one of your loyal customers (2) It builds the trust of your potential patients (3) It improves brand engagement (4) Having keywords in your responses increases your SEO rank. Make sure to switch on your notifications to get informed whenever someone posts a review about your brand
  • Turn your patients into repeat customers.
    • Before you send your thank you message to the patients who left a review, don’t miss the opportunity to encourage or invite satisfied patients to your clinic the next time around.
    • For example “Hi Sandy, We’re very grateful for your review. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

5. Train your receptionist

If your receptionist has already tried asking for reviews from your previous patients yet is not that effective, you might want to create a script that can help them smoothly execute the task. Since your receptionist is usually the first person that your patients see as they enter your clinic or before they leave, training them to remind your patients to leave a review can be a good idea.

Give them a script to follow

Not all of your patients know how valuable reviews are to your plastic surgery clinic. So, before jumping right in with the script, you can ask your receptionist to establish rapport by telling your patient how critical reviews are to your practice. Then, after that, you can go with a script asking for reviews.

Here are a few examples you can use:

Sample script #1:

Hi [customer name]! We’re glad that you liked the results of your [surgical procedure made]. We’d appreciate it if you left a review on our review site. 

(your receptionist gives them a link, or QR code, or guides them through the process)

Sample script #2:

Would it be okay if we ask for a few minutes of your time to leave a review about your experience? We really want to make sure that we’re providing the best surgical procedures to our patients, and your feedback is very much appreciated!

Post instructions

You should also post instructions on how to leave reviews in places where your patients can easily see them. For example, if you are using QR codes when asking for reviews, you can post them on a bulletin board in the waiting area, at your front desk, or near the exit door. The size should be visible enough to be noticed by a patient who’s looking around your clinic.

Give incentives or reward your receptionist when your receptionist meets the quota

Rewards have the ability to motivate employees to accomplish tasks that are assigned to them. So, if you notice that your receptionist has the skills to ask your patients to leave a review but needs a little more work when asking for reviews, adding rewards can help increase productivity at work. Rewards can be event tickets, gift cards from their favorite store, being awarded as the employee of the month, etc.

6. Send email requests

Another way to request patient reviews is through email. Since 99% of consumers check their emails on a daily basis, it gives better chances for your email requests to be seen. Keep in mind that when sending email requests, you should send them when your patients are not that occupied (e.g. during lunch break, or out-of-office hours).

Template #1:

Hi [name of your patient]! Thank you for choosing [name of your plastic surgery clinic]. We hope you are satisfied with the result of your [surgical procedure]. To help us continue providing the best plastic surgery services to our patients, we’d love to hear about your experience with us.

Here’s the link to our review site [link to your review site].

Thank you in advance!

If you think that you have too many patients to send email requests to and personalizing each email can be a challenging task, email automation tools can help you with that. MailChimp, SendInBlue, and Hubspot are some of the best email-automation tools you can use.

7. Place a call to action on your website

There are widgets or pop-ups you can use on your website to encourage your patients to leave a review. Just remember to write a sentence before your CTA so that your patients will know the purpose of the specific CTA that you are planning to use. For example, “Leave us a review on Google! Share your experience at [name of your plastic surgery clinic]”

Want to learn some tips on how to create effective call-to-actions for your plastic surgery website?

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After gathering reviews, what to do next?

1. Manage the reviews you’re getting

Since 90% of patients check online reviews first before choosing a physician, you have to make sure that you’re actively managing the reviews you get. This way, you’re in control of how your brand is perceived by your potential patients.

Tips when dealing with negative reviews

Tip#1 Don’t take it personally

Reading negative reviews about your plastic surgery practice can be unfair especially if you know that nothing went wrong during each procedure. However, there are instances where your patients are not satisfied with the results of their surgery. With that, you have to compose your thoughts, look at the situation from a wider perspective, and respond in a calm manner.

Tip#2 Let the customer feel heard

If you’ve checked your list and found that the person who left a negative review is one of your customers, acknowledge the concern of that person. Make them feel heard by saying things like “Dear [name of the patient], thank you for bringing this to our concern. We’re sorry that you had a frustrating experience.”

Tip#3 Take responsibility

Even though the experience of your patient was an isolated case, don’t make excuses. Instead, make it up to your patient and make things right. Try reaching out to that patient by giving out details on how they can contact you and talk about the issue offline.

Here’s an example:

Plastic surgeon taking responsibility of negative reviews

Dealing with fake reviews

Fake reviews are one of the issues faced by business owners. It could be from one of your competitors who want to make themselves better, ex-employees who wish to retaliate, or people who just wanted to mess up your brand’s reputation. However, this is something that you shouldn’t take lightly, if you notice fake reviews on your business listing, there is an option where you can report or flag suspicious reviews. 

Like on Google, you can simply press the three dots on the right side of a review, then click “report review.”

Report Google review

Then, a new tab will open and you’ll see 8 options where you can choose the reason why you’re reporting the review.

Reasons in reporting a Google review from a plastic surgery listing

Choose which among the choices applies to your concern, then wait until Google reviews your case.

2. Add positive reviews on your website

Some of your prospective patients have found you through your website. Because of that, the chances of them looking at your business and social media profiles are quite low. To help them give a better understanding of how effective your plastic surgery services are, you can create a page on your website where you place all of the good reviews you got from your previous patients.

Here’s an example:

Reviews from Google posted on a plastic surgery clinic's website


Need help creating landing pages for your plastic surgery website?

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3. Identify the pattern (from negative reviews)

If you have received low ratings or negative reviews on your business listings or social media pages, make sure to check if there’s a pattern when it comes to the complaints raised by your patients (e.g. long waiting hours, rude receptionist, etc.). If you notice a pattern, then that must be an aspect of your practice that needs improvement and you should take appropriate actions to solve those concerns. After all, you only want the best for your patients, right?

4. Keep on providing the best surgical procedures

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. If you’re starting to build reviews for your plastic surgery practice, you have to ensure that you’re consistent in providing high-quality surgical procedures. When your patients feel comfortable and are satisfied with the results they get, they are more than willing to leave reviews for your practice (especially if you ask them personally).

So, make sure to provide high-quality services to your patients, this way, you don’t have to hesitate whether your practice deserves a 5-star rating or not.

Interested in how to create advertising campaigns for your plastic surgery practice? Check out our blog post on  Google Ads for Plastic Surgeons to learn more.

Key takeaway

Gathering reviews is very important not only in getting more new patients in your plastic surgery clinic but also in increasing the visibility of your practice in search engines. Although asking for reviews can be awkward at first but as soon as you get the hang of it, asking for reviews becomes easy peasy. Just follow the tips we’ve mentioned earlier, and you’ll eventually see results in no time!

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No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.