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How to Grow your Dental Practice’s Online Presence in 6 Easy Steps!

As of January 2021, a total of 4.66 billion people are active internet users worldwide. That’s more than half of the global population! Knowing that a lot of people spend their time online, why not maximize the use of the internet to grow your dental practice?

In this article, we’ll share with you useful tips on how to grow your dental practice’s online presence that will not only increase your dental clinic’s revenue but also widen the scope of your dental practice in no time!

But first, let’s define what online presence is.

What is an online presence?

A dental practice’s online presence is determined by the fact that it should appear whenever someone searches for it on any digital platform. It can be via Google Search Engine Results Page, Google My Business, and various social media sites.

Why grow your dental practice’s online presence?

Growing your online presence is one of the digital dental marketing strategies that you should be working on as it allows your practice to be recognized by a larger population, which not only increases traffic to your website but also increases your chances of bringing more patients to your Dental Clinic!

In today’s digital age, healthcare systems are also upgrading their means of connecting with their patients through teledentistry. But how will you connect to these people if you haven’t created your online presence yet? They would find it hard to locate your dental clinic. As a result, they’ll look for those who can be easily found online.

Now that you know a little bit about it, let’s get started with some pointers on how to improve your dental practice’s online presence!

How to grow your dental practice’s online presence

Tip #1 Start with creating an effective website

The very first thing that you must have is a website for your Dental practice. It should contain all the information needed by patients. Starting from a brief description of your company, the services you offer, along with the benefits that go with it. Also, don’t forget to emphasize the call-to-action button so that the page visitors will be encouraged to take action (e.g. book an appointment) towards your site.

Below are some of the beginner-friendly software where you can create your website:


WordPress homepage

In WordPress, you can host a domain, install plugins, and even download themes to improve the appearance of your website. It has plenty of functionalities that are extremely useful whenever you add new content to your website, regardless of the type.


Wix homepage

This is another platform that you can use to build a website. With Wix, you can create a website without having coding skills! Not just that, but there are more than 800 ready-to-use website templates that you can choose from if you have no idea yet what design to go for.


Weebly homepage

Weebly has easy-to-use settings and also provides over 100 templates that are customizable. What’s great about this platform is its simple functionalities and the ability to create your dental website using your phone.

Want to learn how to create an effective website? Here are 12 Tips for Building an Effective Business Website

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Tip #2 Maximize the use of social media

Social media marketing for dental practices

Did you know that Facebook is the most popular social media platform on the planet? According to recent statistics, there are 2.89 billion users. Creating a Facebook page for your dental practice is an excellent choice because, in addition to increasing the likelihood of it being seen and discovered by your prospective patients, which is worth a try and every penny!

This is what a Facebook business page looks like:

Facebook page of a dental clinic

You can indicate the exact location, post videos, and photos, and even see what the Facebook community is talking about in relation to your business. It has a lot of features that you can work on so take your time to familiarize yourself and make the most of it.

Another application that has the ability to increase your chances of becoming visible to a wider population is TikTok. Due to its growing popularity, you could also use this platform to promote your dental clinic! Here is a guide on all the ways to promote your dental clinic!

Here are some of the ideas that you can use in your content:

  •  before and after a dental procedure
  •  fun facts about dentistry
  •  answering questions posted by viewers and the list goes on!

You could use hashtags like #smile, #dentist, and #dental and use trending music on your content so that your video also appears every time someone uses those hashtags. Just keep in mind to use it wisely because your business’s reputation is tied to it.

Interested in using TikTok for your Dental Practice?

Here’s a guide about TikTok for Dentists.

Tip #3 Gather reviews from your dental patients

Getting reviews is also important in building your dental practice’s reputation because this is one of the things that people look at before deciding on a service.

It is the first step toward gaining trust between you and your patients. People form opinions about your dental practice based on reviews. That’s why it’s critical to stay current and track what customers are saying about your services because if someone posts a negative review (which we don’t want), you’ll be able to address their concerns immediately and it won’t affect how other people perceive your company’s reputation.

When people see that negative feedback is professionally dealt with, it also gives you brownie points in customer service, so keep this in mind also!

Yelp is one of the platforms that people usually go to when they’re looking for dentist reviews in a specific area. It is where customers rate how their experience was and also add photos if they wanted to. One tip if you have a Yelp account for your local business, you must be active or as much as possible, engage with customer reviews. This way, more people will be encouraged to book an appointment with your Dental Practice because it shows that you are getting along with your patients.

So creating a yelp account and gaining good reviews is also one thing to consider if your goal is to grow your online presence.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to create Yelp Ads for Dentists.

Tip#4  Get listed in online business directories

Business listings for dentists in Mountain View, CA

Google My Business listing is another option for expanding your online presence. If you haven’t heard, this is yet another platform where you can have your business listed on Google for free!

What’s amazing about it is that it makes your Dental Practice appear on GMaps when someone searches for it making it a lot easier for them to drop by your dental clinic. Having a Google My Business Profile not only increases the credibility of your business but also gives your potential patients an idea of the basic info of your business such as your location, operating hours, ratings, and more.

Just be reminded that you should keep all the details indicated in your Dental Practice’s Business Profile updated so you won’t miss any bookings.

Interested in creating your Google My Business account? Check out our blog about Google My Business for Dentists.

Tip #5 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is where you do specific things in order to rank high in Google search results such as:

  1. Doing keyword research based on what other dental clinics use. This will give you an idea of what word to use and how frequently it should be used.
  2. Use the right amount of keywords related to your dental practice. Stuffing your article or website will not make you rank higher.
  3. Do regular updates on your website. Due to the fast pacing technological advances, developers also update their sites and by that, you also need to keep your Dental website updated so that page visitors will be happy navigating through your site. Aside from that, consistently making changes will also improve your Dental Practice’s rankings.
  4. Ensure that the website for your Dental Clinic is optimized. It should be mobile-friendly and load quickly because if it is not, page visitors will leave your site after a short period of time, costing you potential customers.

One of the advantages, of when your page appears on the first page of Google search results, is that it does not just increase the volume of traffic to your website but also increases the number of patients you can get.

Semrush homepage

Another website that could help you improve your ranking on search engines is Semrush. It can be useful when you’re doing competitive research, keyword research, link building, and even with your on-page and technical SEO efforts. This software has tons of features that can help your dental practice rank high on relevant search queries!

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Tip#6 Run ad campaigns for your dental practice

Google Ads logo

With the use of Google Ads, you can reach not just your target audience and location but even those people who show interest in your dental practice! You could also customize the dates where you want them to be shown to people! This digital platform offers a wide range of features that you can work with to improve the performance of your dental ad once you created one.

Interested in how to create ad campaigns for your dental clinic? Check out our step-by-step guide to learn more.

Not sure which of these to use?

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Key takeaway

As a business owner offering dental services, no matter how big or small your dental practice is, you should consider growing your online presence as it plays a role in how your business looks to other people, especially to your future patients. Since a lot of people mostly base their decisions on what is seen on Google searches, this is the time that you work on improving the scope of your dental practice.

Just follow the steps above and your dental practice is good to go!

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.