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7 Essential Pages for Dental Websites + Best Practices for Dentists

Have you just recently launched your dental practice and have no idea where to start in setting up your site? In this article, I’ll tell you the essential pages for dental websites you need along with some examples.

Importance of Creating a Dental Website

Creating a website is the first step in growing your clinic’s online presence. It is crucial for healthcare providers for dentists like you because it is where new visitors base their first impression of your dental clinic. That’s why every time someone visits your dental practice website, information like where they can contact and visit you should be readily available so that they can easily raise their queries about the services being offered and book their next dental appointment.

Yes, offering excellent customer service should be your top priority… but how would you reach out to prospective patients if you don’t have a website?

How would people know if your dental practice is legitimate?

One of the reasons why you should exert time and effort in making an effective dental website is that it plays a significant role in your dental clinic’s online presence. Linking your newly created website to your Google My Business Profile and social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram increases your presence across multiple platforms. Read more if you need help coming up with Instagram captions for your dental clinic.

Another is that it increases your clinic’s credibility. When someone searches for your clinic in search engines, your clinic website should be there or else, people will have second thoughts about your business and look for other dentists that have their own websites. Be sure your website is ranked higher by having a faster loading page for dentists.

Your dental website also makes it easier for patients who prefer to reach out to schedule an appointment and learn more about your dental office.

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Essential pages for dental websites

After knowing the importance of creating a website, here are the pages that every dental website needs:

“About Us” page

This is one of the most important pages that you should work on while setting up your dental website because it helps build the trust of your prospective patients.

A common mistake is that many dentists don’t put too much effort into this page. This page is critical because this is where interested individuals go and decide if they’ll prefer you over other dentists. Being relatable and humanizes you as opposed to the “scary dentist” that people fear going to. Relatability is a huge selling point, even more so than having the most modern dental technology which most patients don’t understand or care about.

Don’t know where to begin? Since this is the part where people get to know more about your company, you could start by adding your dentist’s educational background and accomplishments along with their pictures. This will serve as proof that dentists in your dental clinic are credible experts in the industry.

In addition, there are guide questions that can help you:

  • Who are the people (staff, dentists) behind your clinic?
  • What additional languages do you and/or your staff speak?
  • What field do you specialize in or what is the advocacy of your clinic?
  • When did your dental practice begin?
  • Why should they book an appointment with your clinic?

From there, you’ll have an idea of what story to write for your dental clinic to persuade your potential customers. Also, don’t forget to get creative as this section sets the personality of your dental practice!

Here’s an example of a dental clinic’s About Us page:

Example of a dental clinic's "About Us" page

Bonus tip: Adding trust badges can make people trust you more so consider adding this on your About Us page.

“Contact Us” page

Of course,  you shouldn’t leave out this page because this is where your patients get valuable information such as your dental clinic’s phone number, e-mail, business hours, and location where they can visit you. You may also include a contact form where they can directly send their queries via email along with their details.

If website visitors don’t see these details on one of your pages, there’s a chance that they’ll transfer and look at other dentist websites (and we don’t want that). So don’t forget to create a section for this.

Here’s an example of a Contact Us page:

Example of a dental clinic's "Contact Us" page

Best Practices for “Contact Us” page

  • Make sure that it’s can be easily located by page visitors
  • Add a human touch to your service team
  • If you’re not offering real-time support, give your page visitors an idea of how long they should wait before getting a response

Services Offered

In this section, you must provide an overview of your dental clinic’s specialties. For example, does your clinic specialize in general dentistry or do you focus only on restorative dentistry where you make dentures, dental crowns, inlays, outlays, and composite fillings? You should state it clearly so that interested patients won’t be confused.

Here’s an example of a service page:

Example of the services offered by a dental clinic

Example of a service page with a call-to-action button


Best Practices for Service Pages

  • Create separate pages for each service so that those that are not familiar or unsure of what kind of treatment to get, they’ll have a background about it.
  • Also, don’t forget to put call-to-action buttons on each service page so that prospective patients get encouraged to book an appointment and call your clinic.
  • Write how your dental services will help improve the lives of your prospective patients.
  • Focus on your patients. Use a second-person point of view instead of the first-person point of view.
  • Use terms that are easy to understand for your patients. There’s no need to use technical terms because your patients are mostly looking at how you can help them overcome their tooth problems.

Rates and Insurances

If your pricing is similar to or even lower than the average price in your area, it’s good to put pricing on your website.

This is also one of the first few things that people are looking for while scanning a dental website. It includes how much dental treatments cost, insurance that are being accepted, and methods of payment to give potential customers an idea of the services you offer to suit their budget or are covered by their insurance plans.

Here’s an example of a rates and insurance page:

Example of a dental clinic's rates

rate and insurance service page sample

Smile Gallery

This part contains the actual images of the before and after of a dental procedure done in your clinic. Placing high-quality images is important in increasing your dental practice’s website SEO as well as conversion rates. Why? Because this is where you showcase all of your best work.

A smile gallery usually looks something like this:

Compilation of before and after a dental treatment

Here’s a detailed guide on Building an Effective Online Smile Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

When writing a FAQs page, you should first do keyword research based on the questions that are usually asked about your service. Queries like “How long does tooth extraction heal?” or “When is a root canal procedure necessary?”

This is a must-have in every dental website because if it suffices the question of a potential customer, it might lead to conversion which is the main of goal creating your website, to get more appointment bookings.

It can also save you money in customer service because if site visitors have already found the answer to their queries under the FAQs section, you’ll only be dealing with complex situations.

Below is an example of a Frequently Asked Questions page.

Example of a dental clinic's FAQs page

Best practices for FAQ pages:

  • Create a separate tab where all the frequently asked questions can be seen.
  • Regularly update the content of your FAQs page.
  • Add a search bar where potential patients can save time finding answers to their questions.
  • If you have a long list of FAQs, you can categorize them for each topic (e.g. insurance, dental packages, dental services, etc.)

Online Reviews

Adding reviews from your previous patients also adds credibility and increases the trust in your brand because it shows how satisfied these people are with the services you offer and how it helped them overcome their dental problems.

example of a clinic's page that contains patient reviews

Best practices for testimonial pages:

  • Must contain basic elements (e.g. name of the patient, the dental problem of the patient, how the problem was solved). Note: If your patient doesn’t want their names to show up, you can use their initials instead.
  • Don’t write fake testimonials.
  • Include testimonials for each dental service your clinic offers.
  • Present your testimonials in an organized and uncluttered manner.

Want to learn how to earn reviews from your patients? Here’s an article on How To Get Reviews For Your Dental Practice that can help you earn reviews if you’re just starting out.

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Now that you know the essential pages that should be included in your dental website, the next step is to make your site optimized for mobile devices. Learn more by reading our guide on Why Dental Clinics Should Have Mobile Friendly Sites.

Aside from these essential pages, you also have to make sure that every page on your dental website has call-to-action buttons. Including this plays an integral part in your clinic as it helps grab the attention of page visitors to guide them on their next step and increase the chances of getting conversions.

Here’s an example of a good dental website that we created for one of our clients:

Homepage of a dental website

Covid-19 precautions and dental beliefs of a clinic


A short background about the dentist along with trust badges


A brief background about the dental clinic's hygienist along with a list of accepted dental insurances


image of a dental office

Online reviews of a dental clinic via Yelp along with the services offered by the clinic

Contact us page of a dental clinic

Take a look at their website: https://www.irvinecadentist.com/

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Creating a website that contains all of the essential pages mentioned earlier can help your dental website become a huge success in attracting more patients to your clinic. Since a lot of people will be visiting your homepage, this is where you should be mindful of the details that will be included because it is the key that drives your customers to your dental practice. Just follow our tips and you’re ready to roll!

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.