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Google Ads for Mold Remediation Companies – 5 Tips on How to Get Mold Remediation Leads

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to set up Google Ads for Mold Remediation Companies along with some tips on how you can get more new customers!

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is one of the best advertising platforms when it comes to helping you get more leads. It works under a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) system, meaning you only need to pay when someone clicks on your ad. With billions of searches that take place on Google, your mold remediation company will have a higher chance of getting noticed by your target audience!

Here’s an example of what a mold remediation ad looks like on Google’s Search Results Page:

Mold remediation ad on Google's SERP

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Why Google Ads for Mold Remediation?

Aside from getting more new customers, there are lots of reasons why businesses like your mold remediation company should consider using Google Ads in promoting your services.

First, it will give you fast results (new customers). Compared to SEO which takes quite some time (6-12 months) before you see actual results, Google Ads can provide you with results within three months! For that to happen, you have to make sure to optimize your ads by adjusting your average budget, and bid, creating a negative keywords list, and more of these strategies in the later part of this blog.

Second, you can customize your campaigns based on your target demographics. With Google Ads, you can choose the specific location and your target audience based on where you want your mold remediation ads will show up. You can also set specific criteria for your target audience (e.g. based on personal interests, gender, or age).

Third, you’ll have a better understanding of the interests and habits of your target audience through built-in analytics. Google Ads records all of the conversions that take place with your mold remediation ads and will provide you with insights about the performance of your ad campaigns. There are also tons of software that you can use to integrate with this platform which will be helpful in providing you with a more in-depth analysis of your ad campaigns.

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How to do Google Ads for Mold Remediation Companies

The first step in setting up your ad campaigns is by logging in to your Google account. After that, go to https://ads.google.com/home/ and click “Start now.”

Google Ads homepage

Then, switch to “Expert Mode” so that you’ll have full access to Google Ads campaign features.


Switch to expert mode

For the objective, choose “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance.”

Mold remediation ad objective

Then, under “campaign types“, select “Search.”

Select Search as the campaign type

Then, you’ll be asked to check the box for the result you want to achieve from your Google Ad campaign. After selecting the results you want to get from your mold remediation campaign, enter the essential details needed such as your website and your phone number.

Once you’re done, click “Continue.”

Select the results yo want to get from your mold remediation ads

The next step is creating your ad campaign. Here, you are going to think of a name for your mold remediation campaign. In this example, since we chose “search” as the campaign type, we named it “Search – Mold Remediation Services.”

Add a name for mold remediation campaign

Then, uncheck “Search Network” and “Display Network.”

Uncheck networks

Choose “Enter another location” and start typing the specific areas that you want to target or exclude.

Enter target location

Start typing your target locations (one per line). It can be by cities, postal codes, countries, etc.

Enter target locations

Click “location options“. Under “Target” select “Presence: People in or regularly in your targeted locations.”  Then, under “Exclude” click “Presence: People in your excluded locations (recommended).”

Location options

Under “languages,” select “English.”

Enter the language that your target audience uses

Next, you’re going to set your average daily budget.

Set mold remediation ad budget

Under “What do you want to focus on?” select “clicks.” Then, check the tiny box that says “Set a maximum cost per click bid limit.” followed by entering the maximum CPC bid limit for your mold remediation ad.

Note: Your CPC will depend on your specific area and the keywords you are targeting. Use Google Keyword Planner to estimate what you should set your CPC to.

Set campaign bid

Click “Show more settings” then “Ad rotation” followed by “Do not optimize: Rotate ads indefinitely.” This gives all of your ads equal chances of showing up on relevant search queries.

Then, click “Save and continue.”

Do not optimize ad rotation

After that, you’ll be setting up your ad groups. For the ad group type, select “Standard.”

Then, start thinking of a name for your ad group. In this example, let’s use “Mold Remediation Services.”

Start creating ad groups

If you have no idea what keywords to use for your mold remediation ads, Google Ads can scan a page on your site for you. Just enter your website URL along with the services that you want to advertise.

But if you already have a list of keywords that you want to use on your ad campaigns, you can add them in the space provided. To make the most out of your target keywords, use match types so you can control what search queries can trigger your mold remediation ads. Once you’re done, click “Save and continue.”

Enter mold remediation keyword match types

Next, you’ll start creating your own ads. Enter the URL of where your potential customers will land after clicking on your mold remediation ad.

Enter mold remediation company final URL

Then, for the display path, you can be specific about what your landing page contains. For example, if the landing page contains the services offered by your mold remediation company, you can use “services” on your display path.

Note: characters should not exceed more than 15 characters.

Craft display path

Having a hard time understanding specific terms you encounter while creating ad campaigns? Check out our blog about Google Ads Glossary to learn more.

Then, you’ll start writing your ad headlines. You can write up to 15 headlines per ad copy.

Write ad headlines

For the ad descriptions, you can create up to 4 descriptions with a maximum character count of 90.

Mold remediation ad descriptions

You can also add 4 or more sitelinks per ad. One of the advantages of using sitelinks on your mold remediation ads is that it helps grab the attention of your target audience by consuming a bigger space on the search results page compared to regular text ads.

This is what your ad will look like when you start using sitelink extensions:

Mold remediation sitelink

To make your mold remediation ads more interactive, you can also use other ad extensions such as promotions, prices, calls, callouts, structured snippets, lead forms, and application extensions.

In promotion extension, you can highlight the ongoing promos or vouchers you have for your potential customers.

Mold remediation promotion extension

With price extension, you’re letting potential customers know about the price range of the services offered in your mold remediation company.

Mold remediation price extension

If your goal is to get more phone calls, you should use a call extension on your mold remediation ad.

Mold remediation ad with call extension

To promote unique features that your mold remediation company offers, you can use the callout extension.

Mold remediation callout extension

With structured snippets, you can create a catalog that mentions all of the services offered in your mold remediation business.

Mold remediation structured snippets

You can also use the lead form extension to make it easier for your potential customers to submit a form to your mold remediation company.

Mold remediation lead form extension

After choosing which ad extensions you want to use on your ads, click “save and continue.”

Then, you’ll have to enter your payment info. This includes your billing country, time zone, account type, as well as your card details. Once you’re done, click “submit.”

Confirm payment info

Enter card details

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5 Tips on How to Get Mold Remediation Leads

Now that you have an idea of how to create ad campaigns, here are some tips on how you can get more leads out of your mold remediation ads!

1. Use ad extensions

Ad extensions make your mold remediation ads stand out among your competitors. In fact, using them along with your text ads can be helpful in providing additional information about your business and consumes more space compared to ads with no ad extensions at all.

Here are a few examples of mold remediation ads with ad extensions:

Mold remediation location extension

Mold remediation ad with sitelink extension

Tips when using ad extensions:

  • make sure that the information that you will indicate are accurate
  • make sure to optimize your landing pages

2. Create a negative keywords list

Negative keywords are mainly used to exclude specific search queries from triggering your mold remediation ad to show up. The reason why you should create a negative keyword list is that it helps you focus on search queries that are more likely to convert.

How to find negative keywords using search terms report:

  1. On your Google Ads dashboard, scroll down to “Keywords.”Mold remediation keywords
  2. Then, click “Search terms.”Search terms report for mold remediation queries
  3. A list of search terms that trigger your ad to show up will be displayed along with the metrics that will help you decide whether you should add them to your target keywords or negative keywords list (e.g. impressions, interaction, conversion rate)

Want to know more tips on how you can effectively use negative keywords? Check out our blog on How to Use Negative Keywords to learn more.

3. Improve your ad quality score

Some of the major elements that define your Ad quality score are the click-through rate (CTR), the relevance of the keyword used based on the ad group, the quality of your landing page, and the relevance of the keywords used on your ad text.

While you’re creating your mold remediation ads, there’s a gauge and a list of suggestions on what you can do to improve the score of your ad copies. So, make sure to follow those suggestions to get the best results.

4. Avoid Google recommendations

Google Ads recommendation

From time to time, Google will provide you with recommendations on what you can do to improve the performance of your ad campaigns. There’s an entire page on your Google Ads account where you will see all of the recommendations that you can do to improve your optimization score.

Most of these recommendations are typically bad and you’ll want to avoid them. For the most part, Google just wants you to increase your ad spend so they increase their profits. Google’s recommendation all sounds good but in reality, most of them are tricks to get you to spend more on ad spend unnecessarily.

5, Test your ad campaigns

Ad testing is when you test two variations of the same ad on your mold remediation campaign. Its purpose is to help you create a more effective advertisement that drives more new customers to your mold remediation company.

Here are some tips when testing ad campaigns:

  • test one variable at a time
  • the duration of your a/b testing should be long enough to gather results
  • identify the metric that you want to measure (e.g. get more traffic, form submissions, calls)
  • test your ads not just on desktop but even on mobile devices
  • factors that you can test could be the placement of your call to action, headlines, ad descriptions used, length of your ad
  • analyze the results and implement them in your future campaigns

Key Takeaway

If you’re looking for a marketing strategy that will help you get more new customers, Google Ads is the way to go! Make sure to follow the tips we’ve mentioned and you’ll see results in no time!  If you need help managing your Ad campaigns, feel free to book a consultation with our digital marketing experts.

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