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Dental Newsletter Template Ideas in 2023

Looking for dental newsletter template ideas for your clinic? In this article, we’ll walk you through the tips and tricks on how to create an effective newsletter along with some examples that you can use for your dental practice.

What is a newsletter? 

A newsletter is a type of marketing strategy wherein you disseminate information about the latest updates about your dental office. The purpose of newsletters is to increase the visibility of your dental practice and stay in touch with your previous, current, and potential customers.

The people who are receiving newsletters are the ones that subscribed or signed up for your dental clinic’s newsletter. Meaning, that these are the people who wanted to know more about your dental company and be the first ones who’ll be updated when your dental practice has something new to offer.

Here’s an example of a dental newsletter:

Dental newsletter of a dental clinic

Importance of newsletters to dental clinics
Clipart showing the concept of creating dental newsletters

Now that you have a short background about newsletters and their purpose, here are some of the reasons why you should consider newsletters as your new marketing strategy:

It helps in promoting your dental office

Sending out weekly newsletters is a great way of reminding your subscribers that your dental company exists. Since in advertisements, you only get to promote your dental services in a limited space, in newsletters, people get to know more about your dental clinic because here, you can further explain why they should book an appointment in your dental clinic. Just keep in mind that it shouldn’t be too lengthy or else, readers might lose interest without doing any action in your newsletter.

Get more appointments and patients

Creating newsletter content that has a CTA button that says something like “refer a friend and get a discount on your next visit,” could captivate the attention of your readers, and help grow your client base. Learn about how to optimize the use of call-to-action features.

Increase the volume of traffic to your dental website

Adding links to your website and social media pages somewhere in your dental newsletter also helps in increasing your dental clinic’s online presence.  It could be as simple as mentioning your Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter account. You can promote your practice by implementing ads on certain platforms, such as dental Facebook Ads. Additionally, there are some other social media ideas for dentists.

Don’t have one yet? Read our best marketing guide on Why Do Dentists Need Social Media

It forms a stronger bond with your patients

If you consistently send high-quality newsletters to your patients and send them out at the right time, it increases their loyalty to your brand, making them want to hear more from you.

To get more client engagement

Creating relevant content (i.e. introducing your new staff members, and the dentist) about your dental clinic based on your client’s demographics makes your customers trust your dental office more because they’ll think that the email they receive is curated only for them, which encourages them to engage to your dental office.

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How frequently should you send out newsletters?

According to Campaign Monitor, more than half of consumers wanted to see a weekly email from the brands they are following. With that, you should plan out first when to actually send your newsletters because if it’s not sent at the right time, your newsletters will be put to waste.

According to Campaign Monitor, more than half of consumers would like to receive a weekly email from brands they follow. That being said, you should first plan out when you will send your newsletters because if they are not sent at the appropriate time, they will be wasted.

You may be wondering when is the best time to send out newsletters. The answer is from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., Tuesday through Thursday.

On their birthday – Almost everyone wants to be appreciated especially on their birthdays. So, sending out newsletters on their special day along with a freebie or special promo that they can claim within their birth month increases your chances of connecting with your customers as it shows that you really care about them. You are celebrating your client’s birthday and at the same time improving your customer retention and making them repeat customers

During special holidays – Although your customers are usually out of work during the holidays, they still check their emails from time to time. The Holiday season is one of the most profitable for businesses because it’s the time when they get a lot of discounts and promos. Sending simple greetings like “Happy Holidays” followed by a short message and a CTA button is worth a try!

Dental newsletter template ideas

Newsletter templates come in handy because you no longer have to spend so much time fixing the structure of your newsletter. Also, the content shouldn’t be all about promoting your dental services. It also needs to be educational. There are a lot of content ideas that you can choose from like:

  • 75% of first-time subscribers have high hopes of receiving welcome emails right after they signed up for a newsletter.

Here’s an example of a welcome newsletter for first-time subscribers:

Example of a newsletter for a dental clinic's new patients

Other template ideas:

  • Tips about taking care of your teeth
  • Image of your clinic, dentists, or patients that are satisfied with the outcome of their dental treatment
  • Coupon codes

It could also be something like a refer-a-friend and your patient will get more discounts

  • Fun facts about dentistry
  • CTA button

It should be simple to read but at the same time, has the ability to grab the attention of your readers.

Where to get ready-to-use dental office newsletter templates 

StockLayoutsThey have a lot of dental design ideas and examples that you can choose from. These newsletter templates are customizable, downloadable in all file formats, and compatible with 8 common software like MS Word, MS Publisher, Adobe InDesign, etc.

Dental newsletter templates available at Stock Layouts

Canva – Canva also has a bunch of professional templates that you can use for sending out newsletters on a specific occasion. It’s easy to use and has a lot of options that you can choose from.


How long do newsletters have to be? 

People usually get a lot of emails in their inboxes, if it doesn’t catch their attention at first glance, they won’t open the message. So, when it comes to the length of your newsletter, it usually depends on what message you are trying to convey. But it is highly recommended to be short.

Every newsletter layout should start with a header which is basically your dental clinic’s logo. This should be on top so that your customers will recognize your brand.

Next is the body of your newsletter. This is the part where you get creative. You can either create an all-text newsletter or a combination of text and images that is relevant to your dental clinic.

Followed by a CTA  button that creates a sense of urgency for the readers.

Lastly, the footer section. This should contain your contact details, email address, links to your social media pages or accounts, the image of your dental services (e.g. Dental services such as dentures, dental implants, etc.) followed by a short paragraph where you tell the readers more about the importance of booking an appointment with your dental clinic, and lastly, a CTA where they can be guided on their next action.

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Tips when writing a newsletter

  • Personalize the subject line  – People don’t have a lot of time to check their emails. But when they do have time, they check the ones that easily catch their attention. Emails are more likely to be opened if it’s personalized. This is because it makes your customers feel as if the message is tailored to them.
  • The shorter the subject line, the better-  It shouldn’t be more than 60 characters but within those limited characters, the message should be clear, concise, and grab the attention of your patients. 
  • If you are planning to use emojis, make sure to test them out first because they may look weird on other devices. due to different operating systems. Also, don’t overuse them.

Reference: https://mailchimp.com/help/best-practices-for-email-subject-lines/

Top 4 Email marketing software

If you are just starting your new email marketing strategy, you should consider using marketing software because it will be a lot easier for you to determine the performance of your emails like if it’s getting high click-through rates or open rates or not.

Here is the Top 3 email marketing software that you can use:

Mail chimp is the best email marketing platform out there because it has a lot of features to offer like sending up to 10,000 monthly emails to your previous and current customers, scheduling your campaigns, and having access to reports about all of that you can do under their free plan! easy-to-use

Email marketing software to send out dental newsletters (mailchimp.com)


Active Campaign is another email marketing platform that has a lot of features that allow you to send personalized newsletters to your customers, and manage and segment your contact list. You can use their services for free on their 14-day trial and after that, you’ll have to subscribe to one of their plans which you can get discounts depending on the plan you choose.

Email marketing software (activecampaign.com) that can be used for dental newsletters


Moosend is a budget-friendly email marketing software that helps deliver emails to your dental patients that are easy to customize, get a high click-through rate, and most importantly, you only get to pay when you send emails!

Dental marketing software named "Moosend" that can be used for dental newsletters

Mailpro is another email-marketing software that has more than 600 newsletter templates, helps you manage your email marketing campaigns, provides statistics and reports about the performance of your emails, and more.

Email marketing software (mailpro.com)

Don’t know which email marketing software to use for your dental clinic?

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Email marketing newsletters could really help increase not just your revenue but also client engagement towards your dental site especially if you crafted it well. Just follow the tips we’ve mentioned above and your dental newsletter will surely be a success!

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.