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TikTok Ads for OBGYN – TikTok 101 for Obstetrician and Gynecologist Clinics to Increase Patient Volume and Online Presence Reach

Do you want to advertise your obgyn clinic through social media? Then creating TikTok Ads for obgyn is the best option for your medical practice. You will be able to reach a wider audience with TikTok Ads by creating engagement that will help drive traffic toward your obgyn clinic, and it will give you a competitive advantage over your local competitors.  It will also help your obgyn clinic establish a stronger online presence, and overall bring you more new potential clients.

1. What are TikTok Ads?

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms online due to its addictive quality and high levels of engagement, hence why it is now used as an advertising platform by many businesses. TikTok Ads are very effective in promoting and selling a product or service, or bringing businesses like your ob-gyn clinic more clients.

These ads are usually full-screen videos that work by promoting your business, and they usually follow an organized structure consisting of the TikTok Ad, the Ad Groups, and the TikTok Campaign.

  • TikTok Ad – A single advertisement on TikTok that promotes a product, a service, or a special offer.
  • TikTok Ad Group – This is where your collection of TikTok ads will be organized.
  • TikTok Campaign – Your campaign will usually be made up of the ad groups you created.

Now that you understand what TikTok ads are, it’s important to understand the different types of TikTok Ads for obgyn you can create and use for your campaign.

2. Types of TikTok Ads

  • In Feed Ads – To use this type of ad, you must create your ad using TikTok Ads Manager.
  • Spark Ads – These are ideal for boosting organic content. An advantage of these is that they won’t disappear even if you stop paying to promote them.
  • TikTok Image Ads – As the name suggests, these are usually still images that are specifically designed to promote a brand or app, although they are not available worldwide.
  • Playable Ads – This type of ad is ideal when your campaign objective is to mainly create engagement since playable ads act as mini-games. Only available in select countries.
  • Shopping Ads – One of the newest additions to TikTok ad types as of spring of 2023. It has the main functions of video shopping ads, integrated with other functions from catalog ads and live shopping ads.
  • Topview Ads – The most premium TikTok ad type. It is similar to PPC or pay-per-click, and one of its key features is that it works as a full-screen takeover for 5-60 seconds when a user opens the app. To be able to use this type of ad, you will need to work with a TikTok sales representative.


3. Why TikTok Ads for Obstetricians And Gynecologists?

TikTok ads are a great platform to advertise your ob-gyn clinic because they can help your practice reach a wider audience through high levels of engagement. As a result, it will maximize impressions and drive more leads to your clinic. This is also one of the many reasons why so many businesses have now transitioned to advertising through TikTok Ads. The performance outcome of your TikTok ads for obgyn can have a strong positive impact on your ob-gyn clinic such as increased brand awareness, increased traffic, and more conversions.

Another advantage of creating TikTok ads for obgyn is that it is not a complicated process. You can customize your campaign to focus on any targeting settings of your choosing, such as age, gender, ad placement, and demographics, and you can also customize specific ads to focus on different advertising objectives.

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4. Create Your TikTok Business Account

Get started with your TikTok ads for obgyn by first creating an account on TikTok. You can sign up online through TikTok’s desktop website or you can download the app from the Apple store for iOS devices, or the Google Play Store for Android Devices.

If you already have a TikTok account for your obgyn clinic, simply log in.

how to sign up for tiktok account to create tiktok ads for obgyn campaign

Next, go to your account settings and select “Switch to Business Account”.

You will not be able to access TikTok ads manager and create your TikTok ads for obgyn without this crucial step.

switching to business account for tiktok campaign

Access TikTok Ads Manager and select “Get started”.

Tiktok manager for businesses

Choose “Log in with TikTok”.

login to tiktok for business account

Then, click “Authorize” to allow your TikTok for Business access to your TikTok account.

authorize business account for tiktok

Link your account to TikTok for business by clicking “confirm“. Don’t forget to check the box and agree to TikTok’s commercial terms of service.

welcome to tiktok business and confirm

Enter your ob-gyn clinic industry information then click “Continue“.

business and industry details for campaign

Lastly, set up your billing information by choosing “Automatic payment”. This is because if you choose manual payment, and you forget to enter a balance amount for your TikTok ads for obgyn, your campaign will automatically stop running.

Then, click “Go to Ads Manager”.

choosing automatic payment on tiktok

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5. Create Your TikTok Ads for OBGYN

Once you are in your TikTok ads manager dashboard, click “Campaign” then select “Create”.

creating first campaign on tiktok manager dashboard

Choose the “Advanced Create” option to create your TikTok ads for obgyn. This will give you full control over your ads and campaign settings.

choosing advanced campaign settings for tiktok

5.1 Campaign Settings

If your advertising goal is to bring more leads or more new clients to your ob-gyn clinic, choose “Lead Generation” as your advertising conversion.

This option will allow your campaign to directly collect leads using instant forms on the app, or you can also choose to collect leads and direct them to forms on your ob-gyn website.

lead generation as campaign objective

Enter your campaign name then keep the following settings as they are, just like in the example below.

For this example, we will name the campaign “Lead Generation – OBGYN Clinic”.

Then, you will need to enter the name of your ad group. Keep in mind that each ad group should follow a theme, so you could have an ad group for different obgyn services like “reproductive health services”, “childbirth obgyn” and even another for more complex or specialized services like “fertility treatments” and “obgyn surgeries”.

For this ad group name, we will use “OBGYN Services for Pregnancy”.

campaign group name for obgyn campaign on tiktok

We recommend selecting “Instant Form” for your optimization location settings so that your TikTok ads for obgyn can collect leads directly from your ad. This will also maximize the TikTok ad experience of the user on the app.

If you’d prefer to drive more traffic to your site and have your leads fill out a form that already exists on your obgyn website, we recommend creating a different campaign with the advertising objective set to “Website Conversions” instead of “Lead Generation”.

optimization location settings with instant form for tiktok campaign

To ensure that your TikTok ads for ob-gyn will maximize getting impressions and conversions, keep all your ad placement settings enabled.

placement settings for tiktok campaign

For your demographic settings, enter the location of your ob-gyn clinic. If you have more than one clinic and you operate them in a different location, make sure to include it in your location settings.

This will allow users who search “obgyn near me”, “obgyn in New York” or “board-certified obgyn for infertility near me” to find your TikTok ads for obgyn. This will also increase the potential of these leads converting and becoming new clients for your obgyn clinic.

After your demographic settings, select “All” for your gender, age, and spending power settings.

Then choose the language you want your TikTok ads for obgyn to appear in. For this guide, we will select “English”.

demographic settings for tiktok campaign

For your device or operating system settings, select “All” for these settings just like in the example below. This ensures all devices of any models, connection types, and internet providers will be able to see your TikTok ads for ob-gyn.

device and connection settings for campaign

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5.2 Budget and Schedule

Before deciding on your starting budget for your TikTok ads for obgyn, you will need to consider your niche or industry, and your local competitors.

For this example, you can follow our guide of starting with a “30 USD” daily budget for your campaign, and then you can increase or decrease this depending on how your TikTok ads for obgyn perform during the first few weeks.

Don’t stretch your starting daily budget too thin. Doing so may negatively affect the performance of your campaign, like taking a longer time to produce results, or even getting very few leads during the duration of the ad campaign.

For your dayparting settings, you can choose to run your TikTok ads for obgyns “All Day”. However, this will also depend on your local competitors and how these competitors are bidding for the same keywords you may be using on your ads.

If the bidding price for your keywords in your location is at a fairly low amount due to its competition level, then you can consider setting your TikTok ads for obgyn campaign to run all day, 7 days a week, and calling these leads the next day.

selecting dayparting settings for tiktok campaign

Note: If top-of-page keyword bidding for your industry and location is too high, consider the “Select specific time” option for your dayparting settings. You can then set your TikTok ads for ob-gyn to only run during your clinic’s operating hours, and you lessen the risk of losing potential leads that come from your TikTok ad campaign if you call them within a minute after they reach or contact you.

5.3 Bidding and Optimization

Since we already selected leads as our optimization goal during the campaign settings, you can skip the target CPA settings. You don’t want to enter a target CPA amount, because this setting won’t allow your campaign to maximize getting as many leads as possible based on your ad budget.

bidding and optimization settings for campaign

6. Creating the Ad Text for TikTok Ads for Obgyn

Now that we are done setting up your account and campaign settings, we can focus on the TikTok Ad itself.

Start by entering a name for your ad.


  • “OB/GYN for Pregnancy”
  • “Board-certified OB/GYN”
  • “OBGYN for Infertility”
  • “Trusted OBGYN for Reproductive Health”

creating a creative name for obgyn campaign on tiktok

Next, is entering your custom identity. This is what other users may remember your TikTok account by, so make clear and straightforward. You can choose to include your clinic’s location, for example, “@NewYorkOBGYNCare” or simply enter the name of your obgyn clinic, then click “Create“.

enter custom identity for obgyn campaign

Then, upload your TikTok video ad for your obgyn clinic by selecting “+Upload” or “+From library”.

If you don’t have a video ready to upload for your campaign, select “+Create”. You will be able to create your video at that specific moment, but your final video may not be fully optimized for the best results. This is why we strongly recommend having your TikTok Video ad ready before creating your TikTok ads for obgyn campaign.

Creating your tiktok ad video before your campaign will allow you to fully optimize your video ad with editing and scripting elements that should encourage leads to convert to new clients for your obgyn clinic.


uploading creatives or video to tiktok campaign

After uploading your video comes the TikTok ad text. Focus on using text for your campaign that will grab the attention of your target audience. You can do this by addressing the user’s problems and solutions, or by triggering a personal response, for example, “Board trusted OBGYN for Pregnancy Care”, “Certified OBGYN for Contraception” or “Amniocentesis Test at [Clinic/Location]”. Essentially, it should encourage the user to take a conversion action, such as requesting for a consultation or booking an appointment.

text campaign example for obgyn business

After entering your custom identity and ad text, you will see a preview of your ad, as you edit your TikTok ads for obgyn, just like in the example below.

preview of campaign for obgyn on tiktok

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6.1 Call To Action Settings

After your ad text is your call to action or CTA settings. You have the option to choose between using a dynamic CTA or a standard CTA.

When choosing the “Dynamic CTA” option, it will allow you to choose multiple text options for your CTA, like “Learn More” or “Book Now”. Each user will be shown a different CTA text to achieve optimal results for your TikTok ads for obgyn campaign.

text options for cta settings

When choosing the “Standard CTA” option, you only get to choose one text option. Select “Contact Us”.

text options for standard cta settings

6.2 Interactive Add-Ons

Now that we are done with the creative settings for your TikTok ad video, we can focus on using some of the features TikTok ads have to offer.

One of the features we recommend taking advantage of to maximize impressions and conversions for your campaign is interactive add-ons. These can be used to highlight important messages or information for your target audience, and you can also use these to offer discounts or exclusive promos for users to avail at your obgyn clinic.

Add interactive add-ons by selecting “+Create”.

create interactive add ons for tiktok campaign

Interactive add-ons offer you 3 options to create your display card, with one of them being the newest feature, the AI-Generate option.

This option can generate an image for you to use on your display card. You will need to describe your key selling points by using keywords like “Trusted”, “Board-Certified”, “Personalized Care” and “OBGYN” then click on “Generate Cards”. Don’t forget to tick the box to agree to the AI-generated content disclaimer.

The second display card option is the “Upload Image” setting. If you already have an image you can use as the display card, which includes all the necessary information, upload the image, then make sure the display time is set to at least “5 seconds”.

uploading image for display card

The third option to create a display card for your TikTok ads for obgyn is the “Template” setting.

When using this setting, you will need to enter all necessary information regarding the discount or exclusive promo, such as the discount percentage, the discount description, and the CTA. You will also need to upload an image and don’t forget to set your display time to 5 seconds.


  • Discount: “25% off”
  • Discount Description: “OBGYN PREGNANCY SERVICES”
  • Call to action: “BOOK NOW”
  • Display Time: “5 Seconds”

After entering your interactive add-on information, don’t forget to click “Confirm” to save your settings.

display card options for obgyn campaign

6.3 Instant Form Settings

Another feature you should also consider implementing as part of your TikTok ads for obgyn campaign are instant forms. These will allow your TikTok ads to directly collect personal information from your leads, and it will also allow these leads to book or schedule an appointment through this feature.

Add an instant form by clicking “+Create”.

create an instant form for tiktok campaigns

Select “Classic form”.

instant page forms available for tiktok campaigns

Rename the form so you know which leads come from which specific TikTok ad. For this example, we will rename the simple form as “OBGYN Contact Form”.

Make sure your introduction settings are disabled.

Next, enter your “Purpose statement” and set up the personal information questions you will need from your leads, such as their “Name”, “Email” and “Phone number”.

obgyn contact form for tiktok campaign

You can also add custom questions, such as Short Answer, Multiple Choice, Appointment Scheduling and Conditional Answer Questions. 

custom questions settings for tiktok campaign on instant form

If you want your leads to directly book an appointment from your TikTok ads for obgyn campaign, add “Appointment Scheduling” to your simple form.

You will need to enter your question and a confirmation message. Then select the available dates and times leads can request to book an appointment with your obgyn clinic.

adding custom questions for obgyn campaign

Then enter your privacy information, such as your company name, the link text to your privacy policy, and the link itself. You won’t be able to add an instant form to your tiktok ads for obgyn campaign without the privacy policy information.

privacy policy information for tiktok campaign

Next is the “Final page” settings. This will serve as the thank you page for your instant form.

Enter a headline, a description that encourages the user to make a conversion action, the button text, and the website URL.


  • Headline: “Thanks for your response!”
  • Description: “Tap the button below to learn more about our OB/GYN personalized care services and book your “Free Online Consultation” with us!”
  • Button Text: “Free Online Consultation”
  • Website URL: “https://www.obgynnewyork.com”

thank you screen for simple form obgyn campaign

Lastly, in your form type settings for instant forms, select “More volume”. This will make sure that your instant form will prioritize getting as many leads as possible.

If you are interested in higher-intent leads, consider Google Ads for Ob/Gyn instead. This is because Google ads is the ideal platform if you want to target high-intent leads for your obgyn clinic. It will cost more per click, but you are guaranteed higher-quality leads.

form type with selected option on more volume settings



You can leave the field name settings as they are, then click “Complete” to save your instant form.

The tracking parameters for your TikTok ads for obgyn campaign are optional so we can skip this step.

tracking settings for tiktok campaign

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6.4 Payment Setting

Add a starting balance to your account, then click “Next“.

adding balance to account with 30 usd

Then choose your payment method and enter the required details before selecting to “Make payment”.

choosing your billing payment method on tiktok campaign

And the final step is entering your obgyn clinic business information for the certificates section and account info. 

Once complete, you are done! Congratulations on creating your first TikTok ads for obgyn!

company registration for tiktok campaign

7. What makes an effective TikTok Video Ad?

Optimizing your TikTok video ads is critical if you want your Tiktok ads for obgyn to be an effective marketing strategy for your clinic. To optimize your TikTok video ads, you will need to implement key elements that encourage users to make a conversion action, like booking an appointment or consultation. When your TikTok video ads are well optimized, they will have a positive impact on your return on investment spending, further helping your obgyn clinic grow and succeed.

You will need to ensure that your TikTok ads for obgyn will grab the attention of your target audience. This has to happen within 3 seconds, or you will risk being scrolled down and losing potential new clients for your obgyn clinic. To do so, you can use visuals and captions that are attention-grabbing, and you will need to use hooks at the beginning of your ad videos. You can also address the user’s problems and solutions to trigger a personal response and make your video ad more memorable.

Even if your TikTok ad videos can grab the attention of your target audience within 3 seconds, you also want to be sure that these retain the attention of potential leads, which you can do with visually entertaining, informative, and engaging content. You can enforce this by including positive feedback (both in written or video format) from previous clients.

Key elements to make an effective TikTok Video Ad

Here are other key elements to help make your TikTok video ads more effective at bringing you more new leads for your clinic, and help meet your target advertising goals:

  • Use CTAs throughout the whole video (e.g. in your script, as graphics, or by using a display card)
  • Abide by TikTok’s image and video specs.
  • Use TikTok’s Creative Center and add background music or trending sounds.
  • Use auto-captions on the video. It will help hit more keywords.
  • Have a title in the video thumbnail and include your primary keyword.
  • Center all important elements in your video.
  • Video resolution should be a minimum of 720p.
  • Switch your ads every 7 days to avoid ad fatigue.
  • Don’t create a video ad longer than 34 seconds.
  • Grab the attention of the viewer in the first 3 seconds.
  • Use the right keywords for an effective copy.
  • Research trending keywords, and top hashtags relevant to your ad.
  • Create different variations of hooks to use at the beginning of your video ads.

8. TikTok Video Examples for Obgyns

This first TikTok video example has been successful at gaining high levels of engagement from this specific video because it “engaged” with a comment from a user, by replying with an informative video, addressing the user’s problems and solutions, and by using a trendy sound as background in the video. Auto-caption text is also used in the video, and a caption title is present at the beginning of the video, with both elements helping the video to hit the right keywords.


Replying to @garciaa0134 Pregnancy rates will vary, but the medication level drops quickly after removal #drmikaelarush #obgyn #doctorsoftiktok #nexplanon #birthcontrol #pregnancy #medicaltok #contraception

♬ Write This Down (Instrumental) – SoulChef

This second TikTok Video Example has also gained very high levels of engagement through views, comments, likes, shares, and actual discussions in the comments section by using a variety of key elements along with addressing a very common problem for many women that obgyns deal with, which is PCOS. It is an informative video that addresses the user’s problems and solutions, it uses centralized elements such as the auto-caption text in the lower middle section of the screen, it uses the green screen editing element, and the video encourages proper diagnosis when experiencing physical and mental health frustrations regarding PCOS.


pcos and mental health: another reason why a timely diagnosis is so important #pcos #pcoslife #obgynnews

♬ original sound – Dr. Fran (DO, FACOG)

9. Best Practices for TikTok Ads for Obgyn

9.1 Ad Groups

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, your TikTok Ads for obgyn will be made up of your TikTok ad, your TikTok ad groups, and your TikTok campaign. One of the best practices you can implement in your TikTok ads strategy is creating multiple ad groups.

When creating ad groups, have each ad group focus on a specific theme, and these could be offering obgyn services for STI screenings, fertility treatments, family planning, or for procedures like hysterectomies. Having multiple ad groups will also allow you to switch your ads every 7 days to avoid ad fatigue, and it will help you understand the search intent of your leads better.

9.2 Content Plan

Content planning is another critical part of your campaign. An effective and thorough content plan will help your campaign deliver your desired results.

You will need to envision how you want your ad videos to look, including any transitions, elements, and editing styles. You will also need to consider the information you want to showcase or highlight in your ads, for potential leads to convert to new clients of your obgyn clinic.

Your content plan should also include keyword research, which will help with your script writing, and coming up with a variation of effective hooks to use. These will also help you understand what your target audience is actively searching for, like “obgyn near me”, “obgyn services in New York” and “obgyn for IVF or egg-freezing”.

Keyword research for your TikTok ads for obgyn will help make your campaign more effective. Include these keywords in your video captions, as video text, hashtags, and in the thumbnail title of your TikTok video ad. Don’t forget to include CTAs throughout your TikTok ads for obgyn to encourage leads to convert to clients.

Does content planning sound like too much work? We make it easy for our clients!

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9.3 Video Footage and Editing

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, creating your TikTok ads for obgyn is not a complicated process. This is also applicable to your TikTok Ad Videos since you don’t necessarily need to film your ad videos using expensive or professional filming equipment. Using your smartphone will suffice.

After your content planning, you can start filming your TikTok ads for obgyn, and you will want to highlight any unique selling points your obgyn clinic has to offer, along with the products or services available for your leads. Don’t forget to include feedback or testimonials from previous clients, to further encourage leads to convert.

Editing can also be done without having to use advanced editing software because you can use basic editing tools like the TikTok app itself, or others like CapCut and InShot to edit your videos, which many content creators use. When editing, ensure that you follow the guidelines or image and video specs required for TikTok ads, to avoid your ads being disapproved.

You want your TikTok video ads for obgyns to have a lasting impression on your target audience, so experiment with different editing techniques, and transitions and include text in the video. Don’t neglect your captions and descriptions. Remember that when you create an effective TikTok video ad, it will encourage users to engage in your videos by commenting, liking, sharing, and saving your posts, which will translate to high levels of engagement in your metrics, and will increase your audience reach, bringing more new leads to your obgyn clinic.

9.4 Collaborate with Creators

Collaborating with creators has many advantages, such as boosting your obgyn clinic’s exposure and brand credibility, and reaching a different target audience specific to the influencer’s following. As a result, it can increase your social media following and bring you more opportunities for conversions. If you have previously partnered with content creators, you can use existing content as Spark Ads for your obgyn clinic, which benefits both your business and the content creator.

Before collaborating with content creators, you will need to consider the following factors:

  • Develop a detailed campaign plan.
  • Identify the right content creators for your ogbyn clinic. These can be UGC creators or influencers whose main content revolves around topics such as reproductive health and family planning.
  • Reach out to UGC (User Generated) content creators to promote specific services from your obgyn clinic.
  • Give the creator artistic freedom but provide guidelines on what their deliverables are, and what they can’t do.
  • Set KPIs or Key Performance Indicators.

9.5 Email Sequences

Support your TikTok for obgyn ad efforts by implementing email sequences as part of your marketing strategy. These will help promote your obstetrician and gynecologist clinic, increase engagement, and drive more traffic to your site.

There are a variety of email sequences you can choose from, for example:

  • Onboarding Emails
  • Feedback Emails
  • Re-Engagement Emails

These email sequences have many advantages, but considering the niche or industry of your business, we recommend using the following instead:

  • Welcome email sequences: You can use these emails to welcome new subscribers, and to introduce your obgyn clinic and your services.
  • Lead nurturing email sequences: These are essential to implement as part of your marketing strategy if you want to nurture and convert leads coming from your TikTok ads for obgyn to new clients.
  • Cross-sell email sequences: These are ideal for promoting other types of products or services your obgyn clinic offers, especially the more expensive services.

9.6 CRM Process

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management process is critical to support your TikTok ads for obgyn efforts. A CRM process is the process of holding your receptionist or front desk accountable for all calls that will come from your TikTok ads. They will need to be listened to and managed by tracking and auditing these calls. This should ensure that your leads are being called within the minute, to avoid losing potential new clients. Even if your TikTok ads for obgyn are effective at bringing your clinic more new leads, if these are not being called back then all your optimization efforts will go to waste.

You may want to consider Google Ads for Ob/Gyn instead of TikTok Ads if your obgyn clinic lacks a CRM process. If you decide to use Google ads for obgyn, you will be able to target higher-intent users who are actively searching for specific obgyn services. This also means that they will be higher-quality leads.

We have been successful in helping more than 1,000 clients achieve their advertising goals with both Google Ads and TikTok Ads. If your obgyn clinic doesn’t have a CRM process to support your TikTok ads for obgyn efforts, you can read how YoYoFuMedia has been able to help clients succeed with Google Ads on YoYoFuMedia’s page.

10. Conclusion

TikTok is one of the best social media platforms at the moment that you should be utilizing to advertise and promote your obgyn clinic since it is also one of the most affordable, but remember that there are many key elements to consider, for your TikTok Ads for obgyn to be effective.

  • Implement key elements in your TikTok Ads, discussed in this blog post to fully optimize your campaign.
  • Create video ads that will grab the attention of your target audience within 3 seconds, and retain their attention.
  • Apply some of the best practices discussed in this article to support your TikTok Ad efforts for a successful campaign.
  • Your TikTok ads for obgyn should always encourage a conversion action.
  • A CRM process in place is critical to nurture and convert leads that come from your TikTok ads for obgyn.
  • Consider partnering up with influencers or content creators to showcase your obstetrician and gynecologist clinic services, which will increase your audience reach and bring you more leads.

If you want to focus on providing the best obgyn services for your clients instead of focusing on creating, managing, and optimizing your TikTok ads for obgyn campaign, we can help! Schedule a free consultation with our team of experts so you can focus on your clients, while we help your obgyn clinic gain more new leads through TikTok Ads!

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.