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Google My Business for Podiatrists – 10 Optimization Tips That Will Help You Get More Podiatric Patients

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the process of setting up Google My Business for Podiatrists which will not only help you get more new patients but will also help your rank high on relevant search queries!

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is an online business directory where businesses like your podiatry clinic can get listed. One of the reasons why you should consider having your podiatry clinic listed on this platform is that it will help improve your online presence. 

With an optimized business listing, potential patients who are using relevant search terms when looking for the nearest podiatry clinic in your area will see you on the search results page. When they see your Business profile with complete details that they’re looking for when it comes to podiatrists, it will create a positive impression about your business, which makes your podiatry clinic more credible compared to a business listing with incomplete details.

Lastly, Google My Business is free! All you have to do is to have your podiatry clinic listed and use optimization strategies so that you can get more new patients. You just have to utilize and make the most out of its features to get the best results.

This is what it looks like once you have your podiatry business listed on GMB:

Google Search Results Page for podiatrists near me

Optimized business profiles have higher chances of ranking high on Google’s Local Map Pack. Businesses that show up on the Local Map Pack are most likely determined based on a user’s location, keywords used, and relevance of your podiatry clinic to their search query.

This added exposure, will bring more clicks, direction requests, and calls from your potential customers. So, make sure to optimize your podiatry clinic’s profile using the strategies that we will be sharing with you in a bit.

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How to set up Google My Business for Podiatrists

Step 1: Log in to your Google Account and go to https://www.google.com/business/. Then, click “Manage now.”

Google My Business home page

Step 2: Click “Add business to Google.”

Add podiatry clinic on Google My Business

Step 3: Enter the name of your podiatry clinic and choose “Podiatrist” as your primary business category.

Enter podiatry business name and category

Step 4: Since you want your patients to visit your podiatry clinic, click “Yes,” so you can add your exact location on Google Maps.

Add a location where podiatrist patients can visit

Step 5: Enter your podiatry clinic’s business address. This includes the country, street address, city, state, and zip code where your business is located.Enter podiatry clinic address

Step 6: Next, you’re going to pin the exact location of your podiatry clinic on Google Maps. Pin the exact location of your podiatry clinic

Step 7: Choose the best option for providing home visits for podiatrists.

Choose the best option if your podiatry clinic provides house visits

Step 8: Enter the contact details of your podiatry clinic and website. If you don’t yet have a website, you can add the URL later.

Then, click “next.”

Enter podiatry clinic contact number and website

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Step 9: Set your business hours. You can adjust them later if there will be changes in the hours you will be open for business.

Enter your podiatry clinic's business hours

Step 10: Enable messaging feature so that you can easily receive messages directly from your potential patients.

Enable GMB messaging feature

Step 11: Start writing your business description.

Enter podiatry clinic business description

Step 12: Upload relevant photos of your podiatry clinic.

Upload relevant photos of podiatry clinic

Step 13: You can also promote your business listing through Google Ads. Skip if you don’t want to set up your podiatry clinic’s Google Ads campaign yet.

Advertise podiatry services through Google Ads

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Step 14: A list of customized domain names for your podiatry clinic will appear. If you want to check out more options, click “Explore more domains.

Customized domain names for podiatry clinic

Step 15: Click “Continue” to save changes.

Click continue to save changes

Congratulations! You have just finished setting up your podiatry clinic’s Business profile.

The next thing that you should do is wait until your profile is reviewed by Google. Once verified, your podiatry clinic will now have a chance to appear on relevant search queries and you can now start optimizing your business listing.

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Google My Business Best Practices

Now that you have a background on how Google My Business works, here are some tips on how you can optimize your listing so that you can reach potential patients for your podiatry clinic!

1. Complete essential details of your Business Profile

The first thing that you should do in optimizing your podiatry clinic’s business profile is by making sure that all of the important details that a potential patient is looking for can be seen on your listing. This includes the name of your clinic, contact details, address, and business hours.

Podiatry clinic with essential details on their Business Profile

Once you have included all of the important details about your podiatry clinic, make sure to check if all of them are functioning well. Test call your contact number and visit the appointment URL on your Business profile to give you an idea of what it’s like when a potential patient calls you or schedules an appointment with your clinic.

2. Write a compelling business description

Another feature that should be present on your Business profile is a brief description of your podiatry clinic. This includes an overview of the services you offer to your patients, how long you’ve been providing services, along with your clinic’s vision, and mission. The reason why you should write a compelling business description is that this section gives you an opportunity to introduce your podiatry clinic to individuals who are interested in the services you offer

Here’s an example of a podiatry clinic’s business description:

Podiatry clinic business description

Elements that should be included in your business description:

  • the name of your clinic
  • the year your podiatry clinic started operating
  • specific areas that you are serving
  • specific services that you offer to your patients
  • name of your podiatrist(s)

3. Answer questions from potential podiatric patients

Google My Business has this feature that allows your potential patients to raise questions about your podiatry services. Since anyone with a Google account can ask a question, anyone can also answer them. With that, you want to be the first one who answers these queries.

Podiatry clinic owner responding to a potential patient's question

To get notified of the latest queries posted in your Q&A section, make sure to switch on notifications for new questions and answers. This prevents the spread of misinformation and at the same time, you’re avoiding the possibility of having a ruined reputation because of a misleading answer.

4. Respond to patient reviews

Reviews serve as a reflection of your business. Since this is one of the first few things a potential patient looks at whenever they are looking for a service provider, you should respond and manage the reviews your podiatry clinic gets.

Take a look at this example:

Podiatry clinic owner responding to a positive review on Google My Business

As you can see, the podiatry clinic’s owner personalized their reply by mentioning the name of the patient who left a review and using relevant keywords (the service they provide, the name of the podiatrist, and the name of their clinic). They also made sure that they genuinely care about their patient’s satisfaction by expressing their gratitude for taking the time for writing the feedback.

Tips when responding to positive reviews

  • Thank them for taking the time to write a review (e.g. “We really appreciate your feedback” or “We’re delighted to know we were deserving of a 5-star review”)
  • Personalize your response by mentioning the name of the patient who left a review and the specific service you provided
  • Use relevant keywords (e.g. name of your podiatry clinic) this helps with your SEO efforts
  • Invite them to engage with your podiatry clinic in the future (e.g. “Don’t hesitate to call us about your condition. We’re happy to help!”)

However, there will be instances when you will receive negative reviews. Take a look at the example below.

Podiatry clinic owner responding to a negative review on Google My Business

Since the podiatry clinic verified that the review was from one of their previous patients, you can see that they apologized for the inconvenience that the patient has experienced. They also made it clear that they are taking action to solve the issue and offered their help for any concerns that are related to their patients.

Tips when responding to negative reviews

  • Don’t take it personally. Talk to your staff about the issue and verify if it’s from one of your previous patients.
  • Be professional in dealing with the situation. Look at the issue from a wider perspective.
  • Take it offline or provide other means of how you can make it up to the patient (if it’s your fault).
  • If you think the review didn’t come from your previous patients, you can flag the review so Google can review it and remove it if it violates their content policy.

5. Upload relevant photos of your podiatry clinic

Add relevant photos of podiatry clinic

Photos give potential patients an idea of what to look forward to as they visit your podiatry clinic. In fact, according to a study, relevant photos of your business can be a driving factor for potential patients to choose you over your competitors. With that, make sure that you upload your podiatry clinic’s photos on your Business profile.

Photo ideas for your Business listing:

  • logo of your podiatry clinic
  • before and after a podiatry surgery
  • interior and exterior of your clinic
  • state-of-the-art facilities that you have
  • 360° view of your podiatry clinic
  • group photo of your podiatrists along with your staff

Tips when adding photos to your podiatry clinic’s Business profile:

  • use landscape photos instead of portrait
  • use PNG or JPG format
  • avoid using excessive filters
  • use a 4:3 image ratio

6. Publish posts regularly

Did you know that you can share updates about your podiatry clinic on Google for free? This feature is called Google Posts. It allows businesses to share relevant information with potential patients so that they can stay informed about the latest updates they have.

You can also use this feature to promote podiatry-related blogs you have on your website and get more traffic!

The types of posts you can share with your audience are the following:

  • What’s New posts
  • Events your clinic is hosting or sponsoring
  • Latest offers
  • Products Offered
  • Covid-19 posts

Here are a few examples of Google Posts from podiatry clinics on Google:

Google Post from a podiatry clinic

GMB post from a podiatry clinic

GMB post from a podiatry clinic

Tips for creating engaging Google Posts for your podiatry clinic:

  • use a relevant call to action on each of your posts
  • when adding images along with your posts, use an aspect ratio that is 4:3
  • keep your caption short
  • don’t use hashtags it doesn’t work with Google Posts
  • follow GMB content policy

For an in-depth guide, check out our blog about Google Posts to learn more.

7. Add an appointment URL

You can also encourage potential patients to book an appointment with your podiatry clinic by adding an appointment URL in your business listing. This makes it easier for your potential patients to book an appointment with your podiatry clinic.

Podiatry clinic Business Profile with appointment URL

Below is an example of what it looks like if you’re using Zocdoc as your online service provider. You can create separate bookings for each podiatry service that you offer.

Zocdoc podiatry appointments

Tip: Make sure to test your appointment URLs and optimize your landing pages so your potential patients will have a seamless browsing experience as they book appointments with your podiatry clinic.

8. Link your social profiles

Podiatrist social profiles linked to Google My Business

You can also attach a link to your podiatry clinic’s social media pages by adding them to your Google My Business profile. One of the advantages of linking your social media pages on GMB is that you’re giving your potential patients more channels where they can keep in touch with your podiatry clinic.

So, if you have pages on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms, linking them to your Business profile can help expand your business opportunities.

9. Add the link to your website

Adding a link to your podiatrist website makes it easier for your potential patients to learn more about your business. Not just that, but adding a link to your website on your Business profile can help you get an additional source of traffic.

But, of course, you have to make sure to optimize your website so that when your potential patients visit your site, they will be encouraged to take action and convert as one into your actual patients.

10. Link your podiatrist listing with Google Ads

You can also integrate your podiatry clinic’s business with your Google Ad campaigns. This integration will help you get location extensions which can be useful in improving your visibility online plus, it’ll help you rank high on relevant search queries.


Podiatry ads linked to Google My Business

Want to know how ad campaigns work? Check out our blog about Google Ads for Podiatrists to learn more.

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Key takeaway

Google My Business for Podiatrists is one of the effective ways of establishing your online presence. With the use of the optimization tips that we’ve mentioned earlier, you’ll have better chances of ranking high on relevant search queries and getting more new patients!

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