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Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers – Best Step-By-Step Guide for Personal Injury Attorneys 2023

Are you a Personal Injury Lawyer looking to land the top spot on Google’s search result pages? Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers can help generate high-quality leads for your firm. This article will teach you how to create your Google Ads account and create and optimize your ads to reach relevant individuals searching for services that you offer.

What are Google Ads?

Businesses can pay to have their ads be at the top spot on Google’s search results page, these ads are called Google Ads. Google Ads can help grow your business, bring in new clients, and generate new leads. With Google Ads, businesses only pay for the ads when users click on them. A key component of Google Ads is that businesses get to set their desired monthly budget. You can also create and change different components of your ad campaign including, keywords, ad schedule, and budget.

Below is an example of 3 Google Ads when searching “personal injury lawyers” on Google.

google search results for "personal injury lawyer"

Why Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers?

Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers is an effective way to reach relevant users by targeting keywords that your ads will show up for. For example, you can target potential clients, in your area and/or target your firm’s niche.

If your firm specializes in automobile accidents, you can target keywords such as ” car accident injury lawyer”, “motorcycle injury lawyer”, car crash lawyer”. Targeting these keywords will get your ads to pop up to users searching for those services.

This will help save your firm money and create intentional leads.

Create a Google Ads Account

In order to start your Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers campaign, you will first need to be signed in to a Google Account or create a new one. You can create a new account by visiting ads.google.com.

You will need to select the blue “Start Now” button.

press blue "start now" button

Next, Google Ads will ask you to choose your “main advertising goal”. Instead, select “Switch to Expert Mode” at the bottom of the page.

If you do not Switch to Expert Mode then you will be launched into a simplified version of Google Ads.

By Switching to Expert Mode you will be granted more control of your ad campaign.

switch to expert mode

Then, select “Create an account without a campaign”.

select create an account without a campaign

Next, you will need to confirm your business information.

confirm business information

Great! Now your account is all set up. You can start your Google Ads campaign now!

your account is all set up

Before we start on your Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers campaign, let’s talk about landing pages.

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Landing Pages for Personal Injury Attorneys

A landing page is a specific page where someone who clicks on your ad will land. If they are searching for certain keywords or phrases, they will click on your ad that takes them to that specific page on your website.

The more relevant information you can provide for your website visitor, the better chances you have of converting them into real clients. This means that when a person searches for a “car accident injury claim” you want them to land on that specific page on your website. That page should cover how you could help them with that specific claim.

For example, if someone was in need of a car accident attorney Harris Personal Injury Lawyers should direct their clicks to their Car Accident Attorneys Page.

In order to provide potential clients with the most relevant information for their situation, you should have dedicated landing pages for different groups of keywords.

Common Mistakes To Avoid for Personal Injury Attorneys

A common mistake that you should avoid making in your Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers campaign is sending users who click on your ad to your homepage. If you send all your visitors to your homepage, chances are they will not find the information about their specific problem. This can then turn into a wasted click.

Creating Your Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers Campaign

Now that you have a better understanding of Landing Pages, you can start your Google Ads campaign.

First, you will need to select the blue plus sign and/or words that read “New Campaign”.

select new campaign to start ads

After selecting “New Campaign” Google Ads will ask you to select the goal that would make this campaign successful to you. Select “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance”.

select create a campaign without a goals guidance

Campaign Type

Then select “Search” as the campaign type.

choose "search" as the campaign type

After, you will want to select the results you hope to get from this campaign.

As a Personal Injury Attorney, Website Visits and Phone Calls may be the best option for your Google Ads.

select campaign goals.

Campaign Name & Networks

Now, you will need to create a Campaign Name for your Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers.

Make sure you deselect Display Network and only select Search Network.

create campaign name and select search network only.

Then, you have the option of setting up a start and end date for your ad campaign. If you would like your campaign to only run from a specific date then this is where you apply that.

set google ads schedule

Ad Schedule

Now it is time to work on your Ad Schedule. You should choose a schedule that gives you sufficient time to nurture your leads. Your office may choose to only run your ads during your firm’s hours. Others may choose to go after closing to give them enough time to respond to any more leads.

It is important that you are quick with your response time with the leads that you acquire. This can be via automated text message or automated email or even a phone call.

If you take too long to reach out to your lead they may seek service from one of your competitors and become a wasted lead.

implement google ads schedule

Targeting & Audience

In the Targeting and Audience section, you will need to set the location to target and the language.

set location to target and language.

Leave the audience part of your ads, as is.

Budget & Bidding

In the Budget and Bidding section, you will define how much you want to spend and how you want to spend it.

As a Personal Injury Attorney, your budget will determine the type of keywords you should target in your campaign.

Low Budget:

If you have a Low Budget for your ad campaign, then you need to be extremely granular with your targeting. You should segment your campaigns by going after town variations.

For example, if your law firm is in “Phoenix, Arizona” then you should focus on keywords like “mesa Arizona injury lawyer” or “injury lawyer casa grande”. You should focus on towns around Phoenix, Arizona.

It would be more cost-effective to target keywords where people are searching what town they need the legal services in. Your ads will not show up as much but it will be more cost-effective than going after general keywords like “injury lawyer” or “accident lawyer”.

High Budget:

If you plan to have a high budget for your ad campaign, then you would be able to target more general keywords like “accident lawyer” or “injury lawyer”. However, these keywords should utilize exact match or phrase match. This is because you do not want your ad to show up in searches that are not relevant to your firm or do not pull in cases.

Set how much you want to spend and how you want to spend it.

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Conversion Tracking

Next, you can set up conversion tracking. This will help monitor how your campaign is performing.

With conversin trackings you receive data like when someone makes a purchase, signs up for a email list, or submits a lead form. You can track these conversions by tracking confirmation pages or thank you pages.

Ad Rotation

For ad rotation select “Do not optimize. Rotate ads indefinitely.” Rotating your ads means that the same amount will be spent on each ad.

After, you collect enough data and information you can change your ad rotation.

set up conversion tracking and ad rotation.

Ad Extensions

Now, you will work on adding extensions to your ads. Including Ad Extensions can increase your clickthrough rate by up to 15% by showing additional information on your ads.

Ad Extensions can help your ads get more clicks by making your ad appear bigger on Google’s search result page. Tests have proven that the larger your ad is the more likely it is to get clicked on.

Ad Extensions add more specific targeted links to your ads. As a Personal Injury Lawyer, adding a call extension and Sitelink extension may be a great extension to add to your ad. The call extension would make it easier for possible litigants to reach you. The Sitelink extension can help potential clients reach the page of the service they need.

For example, you can include a Sitelink extension titled Dog Bites under your Personal Injury Lawyers Ad that directs your clicks to that page on your site.

set up ad extensions for your campaign

Ad Group Name & Keywords

Now, you will need to create an Ad Group name and Keywords. Ad Groups store the keywords that your ad is targeting. When users search your targeted keywords, Google will display your ads to them.

The keywords are used to show your ads to people who are searching similar or exact terms.

The ads and keywords in an ad group should focus on one detail, product, or service.

If your ad is focused on your law firm that specializes in certain lawsuit claims, you must target those keywords to increase your leads.

For example, if you are focusing an ad group on a specific area then you may want to include keywords like “personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles”, “LA personal injury lawyer” or “personal injury lawyers near me LA”. These all focus on one key detail of your law firm, the location, and the area you are targeting.

personal injury lawyers keywords examples

Keyword Planner

You can also use Google Ads’ Keyword Planner to select the right keywords to target.

You can do this by selecting “Tools and Settings” on the top left of Google Ads.

tools and setting google ads

Under ‘Planning’ select, “Keyword Planner”.

keyword planner google ads for personal injury lawyers

The select, “Discover new keywords”.

keyword planner: discover new keywords

Enter the keyword you want to target and click “Get Results”.

enter target keyword

This will show you other similar keywords that customers are also searching for. In addition, it will give you ideas of keywords to target.

keyword ideas for personal injury lawyers in los angeles

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Creating Your Google Ads For Your Law Firm

Next, you will work on creating your Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers. This is what users will see when they come across your ad.

Final URL & Display Path

First, you will need to set your Final URL and Display Path. The Final URL will be where your clicks will go when they click on your ad. The Display Path is the URL the users will see but it is not the actual URL of the page they will end up on if they click on your ad.

If you add keywords and one path to your URLs studies have shown that it can increase your quality score.

set final url and display path


Next, you will work on creating Headlines. Google allows you to enter up to 15 Headlines but will show at most, 3 at a time.

Your headlines should include popular keywords to make them unique and relevant to the potential litigants and the possible lawsuits.

create intriguing headlines for your ads

Ad Description

Next, you will need to work on writing your Ad Descriptions. It is important to note that Description 1 of your ad will always show, while Description 2 may or may not.

One popular approach among Law Firms is the curiosity approach. This approach uses people’s desire to learn something new. For example, “Top 3 Things You Should Do To Get Your Injury Claim Approved-Learn More”. This method is effective when attracting attention from potential clients.

One important thing to include in your Ad Description is credentials. For example, “Over 500 successful claims” or “500 Happy Litigants.” It gives users a reason to trust your company.

write ad description

Mobile & Desktop Preview

After you are done including all the components of your Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers, you will see a preview of what your ad will look like on a desktop and mobile device.

personal injury lawyer desktop preview

personal injury lawyer mobile ad preview

After you are satisfied with the content and looks of your Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers, you can publish your ads.

You will then be prompted to enter billing information. This is where you will be charged for the clicks your ad receives.

Your Ads will need to be approved by Google before they officially begin running.

Negative Keywords List

You should always monitor how your ads are performing. Analyzing the data you have collected from your ads and making appropriate changes will help your Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers campaign be more effective.

A Negative Keywords List is a list of keywords that you want to block your ad from showing up for. For example, as a personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles, you may want to block keywords including the names of competitors around you.

You should create this list before and during the duration of your ad campaign.

A key component of Google Ads is that you can go to your account and check what keyword your Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers are showing up for. If there are any keywords that are undesirable you can add those to your negative keywords list.

Negative Keyword List Before Ad Campaign:

  • Before your ad campaign, you should create a list of negative keywords you already know you want to block your ads from showing up for. This can include the names of competitors in your area, names of surrounding cities, and/or personal injury claims that your firm does not cover.
  • For example, if your firm’s niche is car accident injury claims you may wish to block keywords like “catastrophic medical malpractice” or “premises liability”.

Negative Keyword List During Ad Campaign:

  • Once your ad has been running for some time you can check the terms your ads are showing up for on Google Ads. If there are any more keywords you want to block your ads from showing up for you can add them to your list of negative keywords.

How to Add Negative Keywords To Your Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers

On Google Ads, you will need to select the “Keywords” tab on the left side.

select keywords tab to add negative keywords

Then, select “Search Terms”. You will then see a list of all the search terms your ads have shown up for. After you have reviewed your keywords, you can choose which, if any, you would like to add to your negative keyword list.

select search terms tab to see keywords add has popped up

To do this, select “Negative Keywords” on the left bar.

select negative keywords tab on left

Then click on the blue plus sign.

click blue plus signs to add to negative keywords list

Next, add all the keywords you wish to block your ad from showing up for in the box provided.

add negative keywords in the box provided for attorneys

Now that you have added those keywords, your ads will not show up to users who search for those keywords.

This will help save your firm money and create more intentional clicks.

Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers is an effective way to bring in new clients and generate new leads for your firm. By using the right keywords, setting up an ad schedule that gives you time to nurture your leads, and implementing a good budget and bidding strategy you can bring new clients into your firm in no time.

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