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Google Ads for Auto Repair Shops – The Best Automotive Repair PPC Guide

Are you an owner of an auto repair shop and looking for new ways to promote your services? We discovered that Google Ads for Auto Repair Shops is a great approach to not only improve revenue but also to reach out to new clients!

This post will walk you through each step of your Google Ads journey.

1. What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a digital marketing platform that allows you to effortlessly reach out to potential clients in your target area. It falls within the pay-per-click (PPC) marketing channel, in which the advertiser pays per click or per impression on an ad.

Aside from that, Google Ads is an effective tool for attracting qualified traffic to your business, or people looking for products and services that are comparable to yours. Here, you may increase the number of visitors to your website, phone calls received, and in-store visits.

1.1 Why Google Ads for Auto Repair Shops?

You should consider Google Ads for your Auto Repair Shop because it provides a wide range of marketing tools that not only assist you in promoting the auto repair services that you provide but also allows you to view and measure the amount of traffic that your website receives.

Apart from that, Google Ads for Auto Repair Shops allows you to manage and access your account at any time, choose the amount you want to pay, and use all of the tools you need to advertise your auto repair shop.

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2. Steps in creating Google Ads for Automotive Repair Shops

2.1 Create Google Ads for Auto Repair Shop Campaign

Logging into your Google account is the first step in setting up a Google Ads account for your Auto Repair shop.

Then go to www.google.ads.com and click the “Get started” button.

click get started to start creating google ads for auto repair shop


2.1 Create an Ad group for your campaign

First time creating a Google Ads account?

Choose among the three options that are available and click “Switch to Expert Mode.”

Switch to expert mode in google ads for auto repair shops

Already have an existing Google Ads Account?

To create an ad group for your auto repair business, click the “+” sign and “create a new campaign.”

click the plus sign to create new campaign

It will lead you to a page that will let you create an ad group and put keywords that you want to use for your Auto Shop Ad.

The first step in setting up an ad group is to create a name for it.

After that, you will be asked to enter the service that you are offering. In this case, put “auto repair services

Next, click “enter keywords.”

enter your ad group name and keywords

Once you’re done, click “save and continue.”

Either this is your first time creating a Google Ads account or not, this will redirect you to another page asking you to choose a goal that would make your Auto repair campaign successful.

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Among all the choices presented, click “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance.”

among the eight goals pick create a campaign without a goal's guidance

Next, you’ll have to select a campaign type. Click “Search.”

click "search" in campaign type for auto repair shop

Click “continue.”

Enter your campaign name. Then, you will have to uncheck “display network,” and keep “search network” checked.

enter a campaign name for autp repair shop ppc and select "search" network


The reason why you should check the Search network is that your Auto Repair services ad will appear only on search-related websites, such as Maps, Shopping, and other Google search partners when someone searches for phrases linked to any of your keywords can help you broaden your scope.

On the other hand, the reason why you should uncheck the Display network is that yes, it will be shown to 90% of users nationwide however, there’s a high possibility that it will be ignored when it pops up.

Resulting in a lower click-through rate (CTR) than Search Network.

When the conversion rate is poor, the click-through rate is low as well.

When you scroll down, click the drop-down button saying “show more settings.” This will let you set the schedule for your auto repair shop.

set up the schedule you want your auto repair shop ppc to run

Here, you can limit the number of days you want your ad to run. Google Ads really gives you full control over your auto-repair ad.

After choosing the schedule for your auto repair services, you have to customize your target audience.

Enter your desired location to target.

You can also customize the target audience that you want to include by clicking “Location options.”

Select your target audience as the “people in or regularly in your targeted locations.”

And as for the audience that you want to exclude, click “people in your excluded locations.”

Following these options will help your ad reach your target location and audience more effectively.


Next, you will have to select the language that your customers speak. In this case, let’s use “English.”

select "English" as the language

Below, you will see a drop-down button saying “Show more settings.”

Click Ad Rotation and select “Do not optimize: Rotate ads indefinitely.”

This will rotate your ads indefinitely without prioritizing better-performing ads in response to a user’s search.

select "do not optimize" in ad rotation

Scroll down and you can choose the type of extensions that you want to add to your auto repair shop ad.

Click “save and continue.”

Then you will be redirected to creating an ad group for your Auto Repair business.

Let’s say that you wanted to name your ad group “Auto repair services.”

To find relevant keywords to your Auto Repair Ad, enter the service you provide to find keywords that are relevant to what you’re advertising.

In this case, let’s put “auto repair shop.”

Click “Get keywords” to get relevant keywords for your auto repair services.  It will show you a list of the most frequently search terms of users.

create an ad group name and enter auto repair shop as service that you are offering

3. Structure of your Google Text Ad

The next step is creating the ad itself.

Below is an example of a Google Ads for Auto Repair Shops structure:

auto repair ad extension

3.1 Final URL

First, you have to put your Final URL.

The final URL is the main page of your website. It is important that you put the link to your website because this is where the customers will be redirected once they click on your Auto Repair ad.

3.2 Display Path

Next, is the display path. this is a portion of the URL that gives the customers insight into where they will arrive once they click

Now you are going to create the headline for your Auto repair ad.

3.3 Headline

The headline is the first thing that catches the attention of the people searching the internet. This is located at the first line of your auto repair business ad. Upon creating one, you are given 30 characters to work with. Google Ads provides up to 15 headlines per ad group.

Here are some of the formulas you can use in creating an effective headline for your Auto Repair Ad:

1. Name of your business + location + offer + CTA

Auto Repair Shop – Mountain View, CA – Free consultation. Call now

2. Name of your business + location + CTA


Auto Repair Shop – Mountain View, CA – Book an Appointment now

3. Name of your business + location + feature


Auto Repair Shop –  Mountain View – Experienced Car Technicians.

4. Name of your business + location + guarantee


Auto Repair Shop – Mountain View – Affordable Rates

5. Name of your business + location + mini-testimonial

Auto Repair Shop – Mountain View, CA – “Quality service yet affordable rates. Highly recommended!”

6. Name of your business + feature

Auto Repair Shop – Certified technicians.

3.4 Description

Next, you can now create a description of your auto repair shop. You can add up to 4 descriptions per ad group. Aside from that, you are only given 90 characters to work with. So use these to highlight the repairing services that you are offering.

Here are some examples of good combinations for writing descriptions for your Auto Repair Ad:

1. Name of your business + feature + CTA


Reliable auto repair services. Certified Technicians. Call to schedule today!

2. Feature + Benefits + CTA


Quality Service. 20% off for regular customers. Book an appointment today!

3. Testimonial


“I scheduled an oil change on the same day and didn’t have to wait long for it to be completed. Highly recommended!” – C.L.

4. Who you are + guarantee + CTA


Auto Repair Shop That You Can Trust. On-time guarantee. Call now!

5. Feature + Feature + Feature

You can stack as many features as you want from your Auto Repair Shop here.


Clean. Organized. Quality Service. Reasonable Rates.


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While working on your headlines and descriptions, you will see the ad strength on the right side.

What is Ad Strength?

Ad strength determines the relevancy, amount, and diversity that your auto repair services ad contains. Having relevant, original content in your ad will help you present the proper ad to your potential customers and boost the performance of your ad.

Google advises including at least one responsive search ad per ad group and giving responsive search advertisements “Good” or “Excellent” ad strength.auto repair shop ad strength

Once you’re done creating the ad for your auto repair shop, Google Ads will show you a desktop and mobile preview of it.

Here is what it will look like:

Desktop view:

auto repair ad desktop view

Mobile view:

auto repair ad in mobile view

When you’re done, click “save and continue.”

Then you will be shown to review your payment details. Once, you’re done reviewing essential details. Click “save and continue.”

4. Keyword Match Types

4.1 Broad match

Broad match is a type of keyword match that triggers your Auto Repair ad when someone searches for the relevant keyword that you have. This allows your ad to show up in search engines even if it isn’t included in the actual terms that were used.

Example: If you type “auto repair shops” it might show results such as “how to start a car repair shop,” “Best Auto Repair Shop in  Mountain View,” or ads relevant to auto repair shops.

4.2 Exact Match

An exact match is another type of keyword match that is used when you want your ad to show up when an exact word or phrase is searched. You can add an exact match keyword by adding the keyword within the brackets.

Examples: [auto repair shops], [auto repair services], [Auto repair shop in US Mountain Park]

4.3. Phrase Match

Phrase match is another type of keyword match that is used when you want a certain phrase to trigger your Auto Repair shop ad to show up. It is done by adding the phrase within the quotation marks.

Example: “Auto repair shop in Mountain View, CA”

5. Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are terms or phrases that are unrelated to your ad but may cause your Auto Repair ad to appear in search results.

Like the keyword match types, negative keywords also have match types.

Note: Google will not block your ad if the search term has typographical errors, is written in plural forms, is arranged in a different order, or if you have placed some words in between.

5.1 Broad Match

If someone searches for only one of the words, a broad match will not prevent advertising from appearing. So, if someone searches for auto repair shops, you’ll still show up because the term auto repair isn’t a negative in and of itself.

Example: negative broad match keyword: auto repair shop

Possible searches:

  • auto repair shop – WOULD NOT SHOW
  • auto shop – WOULD SHOW
  • repair auto shop – WOULD NOT SHOW
  • shop auto repair – WOULD NOT SHOW

5.2 Exact Match

Using an exact match type in your negative keyword will block the exact word or phrases are included inside the bracket.

For example:

[auto shop supplies] 

Google will block your Auto repair ad when someone searches for the term “auto shop supplies.”

Note: Keep in mind that exact match type will only minimize traffic by excluding searches for the exact term in the order in which they are used.

Example: negative exact match keyword : [auto shop supplies] 

Possible searches:

  • auto repair shop supplies – WOULD SHOW
  • repair shop supplies – WOULD SHOW
  • auto supplies – WOULD SHOW

5.3 Phrase Match

In this type of negative keyword match,  you should add the term within the quotation marks to prevent your Auto Repair ad from showing up when someone.

Additional terms may be inserted in searches, but the ad will not appear until the keywords are entered in the same order.

Example: negative phrase match keyword: “repair shop”

Possible searches:

  • repair shop – WOULD NOT SHOW
  • auto repair shop – WOULD SHOW
  • shop repair– WOULD SHOW

This article may help you further understand how negative keyword match types work.

Steps in adding Negative Keywords to your Auto Repair Ad:

You can add negative keywords to your ad campaign through these easy steps:

On the left portion of your Google Ads Account, click “Keywords.”

find "keywords" in the left portion of you Google Ads account

Then, you will see a drop-down menu. Click “Negative Keywords.”

Click the “+” button. Now you can add your negative keywords.

click the plus sign to add negative keywords

Don’t forget to click “save and continue” once you’re done.

Having a hard time thinking of words and phrases to put in your negative keyword list?

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6. Ad Extensions

Ad extensions include the additional information about your business that you want to include beneath your Auto Repair Ad. There are instances that adding some of these boosts the clickthrough rate of an ad.

6.1 Sitelink extensions

This is a type of extension that links your ad to pages on your own site that appear in search results. It’s used to convince website visitors to travel to a specific spot. By including this extension on your website, users will be able to reach where they want to go on your site fast and effortlessly, without having to waste time looking for what they’re looking for.

6.2 Callout extensions

This type of add-on allows you to showcase the exclusive offers in your Auto Repair ad. It can be used to characterize the products you sell, emphasize a current special deal, or pinpoint your target market.

6.3 Call extensions

This type of extension offers your company’s contact information. If the service you offer places a high value on phone calls, this will result in the correct kind of conversion. It’s one of the must-have ad extensions for any company that provides customer service or sales over the phone.

6.4 Price extensions

This extension is intended to highlight the price range of services you offer. Up to eight price extensions are allowed for each ad.

6.5 Location extensions

This type of extension includes your company’s location. This type of extension isn’t required, but if you want to build potential clients’ trust, you should consider including it in your ad extensions.

6.6 App extensions

This extension is appropriate for businesses that provide apps for customers to use to access the services they provide. Adding this addon to your website makes it easier for mobile users to navigate.

This article gives an in-depth explanation of what ad extensions are and how to use them.

7. Budget

After that is the Budget and Bidding Section.

Here, you have to set your average daily budget for your Auto shop campaign. Input the amount that you want to spend as your budget.

Note: you don’t have to start with a high budget. Later, when your Auto Repair ad starts running you can still adjust your daily budget. It is important that you set an amount that is comfortable for you.

set a budget for your auto shop ppc

Once you’re done setting the budget for your auto shop ad, proceed with the maximum cost that you want to spend. When your Auto Repair Ad started running, you can easily adjust your bid depending on its performance.

set a bid for your auto shop ppc

Once you’re done setting up your average daily budget as well as the maximum cost per click bid, review your payment details, click “Save and continue,” and you’re done!

auto repair ad complete

Congratulations! You are done creating Google Ads for Auto Repair Shops! While waiting for it to be approved, you can explore the ad campaign that you did a while ago.

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8. Conversion

Conversion is the action that a person takes in response to your marketing is referred to as a conversion. Clicking, watching a video, subscribing to a newsletter, purchasing a product, or making a reservation are all options.

On the other side, the conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who complete a task after visiting your website. It’s simple to compute by dividing the number of interactions you get by the number of users that completed a task on your website.

9. Landing Page

A landing page is where an individual will be redirected once they click on your Auto Repair ad. The purpose of this page is to target a certain audience and increase conversion rates dramatically.

Here are some of the elements that must be present on an effective landing page.

Starting off with a catchy headline.  It should capture the attention of the visitors so that they will continue reading the contents of your site.

Another thing that should be on your landing page is a call to action button. Just like the headline, the CTA button of your site should contain a short yet clear and irresistible phrase so that the visitors will be encouraged to click it.

The purpose of a Call-to-action (CTA) button is to drive them toward purchasing what you sell or booking an appointment for the Auto repair services that you provide.

You might also want to include testimonials or good reviews from your previous customers. Adding these will somehow increase the trust of your potential customers and might also encourage them to give your business a shot.

Lastly, it must also contain the benefits that they will receive if ever they purchase what you sell or book an appointment. One of the things that people consider before buying or availing of something is the benefits such as getting discounts, freebies, or other perks. That’s why you want to consider adding this one to your landing page.

These are the 12 Best Landing Page Examples that you might want to take a look at.

10. Summary

  • If you need to reach out to a huge number of people quickly, Google Ads is a great option.
  • Negative keywords should be used if you want to reach a specific audience.
  • Consider adding ad extensions to your website.
  • You don’t have to start big in setting up an ad campaign. You can eventually adjust it when it starts running.


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