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Video Marketing for Dentists – The Best Dental Video Marketing Guide 2023

Are you a dentist looking for a fun way to market your practice? Video marketing for dentists is a powerful way to market your dental clinic. Dental Video Marketing can help grow your practice by bringing in patients and creating relationships with viewers before they even visit your office. Video marketing is very effective because it provides users with lots of important information in the form of short videos. You can create videos about frequently asked questions, billing information, and videos about different dental procedures. This article will teach you how to create effective dental marketing videos that can result in new patients for your clinic.

Why Focus On Video Marketing for Dentists?

Video marketing for dentists is a great way to connect, educate, and engage with existing patients and potential patients in your practice. Did you know that 66% of people say that they prefer to watch a short video to learn about a product or service? This is why using and creating dental videos as a marketing tool for your dental clinic is effective in growing your practice and client base. Dental videos are also a great way to increase your clinic’s credibility and create trust between potential patients who may be considering visiting your office.

Another reason why video marketing is effective is that there is a lot of different dental content that you can create into videos. There are also many platforms to market those videos on. The videos you create and the platforms you post on can help you reach patients of all demographics. You can create practice videos, before and after videos, hygiene videos, and even product reviews. You can market these videos across all platforms including Youtube, Gooogle My Business, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

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Creating Your Dental Videos

The videos you create should follow a certain format. Also in order for your videos to be effective and keep viewers interested and engaged, you keep some key features in mind.


When creating your videos for social media accounts like, Instagram, Tik Tok, or even Facebook, you should shoot your dental videos vertically. This is because these apps are mainly used on a phone. Did you know that 75% of people prefer to watch videos on their phones vertically? This small and easy video adjustment will make your dental content more appealing to viewers who are watching your videos on their phones.

So when you are filming keep in mind the platform you are filming for. For apps like Instagram, or TikTok you should film vertically. However, for a platform like Youtube, you should film horizontally.

Lighting, Sound, & Background

Another important factor in the format of your video is making sure your videos are filmed in a quiet place with good lighting. When adding sounds to your videos avoid any copyright music. Instead, stick to royalty-free and no-copyright music. This will ensure that your videos are not taken down or the sound is taken off your videos. Also when filming your videos make sure they are not shaky, consider using a tripod. This will make your videos more appealing and professional.

When filming your videos avoid any clutter and distraction in the background. At the same time, you should also keep it interesting by using a variety of backgrounds.


A key component to keep in mind when creating your videos is keeping them clear and concise. Your videos should be about 1-2 minutes long. Longer videos will lose the viewer’s attention and engagement and may even appear boring. Studies have shown that viewer engagement decreases after about a minute, so make sure you include the most fun and important points at the beginning of your videos.

Keep in mind you have a very short amount of time to catch a viewer’s interest and attention. So, when making your videos only include the most important and interesting facts. You can create interesting, and educational dental videos while also keeping them engaging, entertaining, and fun for your viewers. This guide will also provide you fun ideas to create for your dental video marketing campaign to not only capture the viewer’s attention but keep them engaged in your content.

Be Authentic

When creating your dental videos it is very important to be authentic and real. Patients will appreciate the authenticity you display in your videos. Being authentic with your viewers will also create trust between them and your clinic. Videos that appear too perfect may come across as unauthentic and staged, which will push patients away from your clinic rather than attract them to your clinic. Remember, stay true to your brand and who you are.

Posting Your Videos

Once you are done creating your content it is very important that you post the same videos everywhere across all social media platforms. This gives the viewers the opportunity to choose where they want to watch your content. You should directly upload the video on all platforms. For example, do not post the video on Facebook and then share the link on your Google My Business profile. Individually post the video on each platform.

Uploading the video directly to each platform is the best strategy because it will increase the chances that your video will be seen. Social Media platforms give a lot less organic reach to “link shares” than direct video posts because they do not want users to click the link and leave the social media platform.

Did you know a social media calendar for your dental marketing videos can help you stay organized with your social media accounts? Want to learn more?

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Video Ideas for Dentists

There are many different video ideas to create to keep your content simple, authentic, and interesting for viewers to watch. There are also video trends across social media that you and your office can participate in. This can help your office appear relatable and fun to patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Videos answering frequently asked questions provide value to viewers. You may notice that your patients always ask the same question, or you may see a reoccurring question in the comments section of your posts, those are the questions you should answer in your videos. Because the question is frequently asked by your patients or viewers, you can be sure that you are creating popular content and content that patients are interested in. Furthermore, because it is popular among your viewers, it has a high chance of being shared online.

These types of videos can easily be filmed in the form of dance videos or any videos that are currently trending across social media. This will help you stay relatable to your viewers and reach a wider audience.

frequently asked question video on youtube

Reaction Videos

Reaction videos are great videos to create for your dental videos because they capture the authentic reaction of patients. These videos are a great alternative and more effective than testimonial videos. While you can ask a patient to record them and say a testimonial, the video may come across as forced and not authentic. Also, those videos may also appear boring to viewers as they probably do not want to listen to someone talk.

Reaction videos can also create trust among other patients who are looking to get a similar procedure done. They may see the authentic reaction from the patient and feel like they can trust you and your practice to do the same for them.

reaction video on ig feed example for your video marketing for dentists


Unique Service Or Procedure

These types of videos work to set you apart from your competitors. If you offer a procedure or type of service that is not common within your competitors or is something that you perform in your office that is unique to your clinic you can make a video explaining what that is. This is important because your patients may not even know that you provide that procedure or service in your office. For example, if your office provides a treatment like cold sore laser treatment or botox you can create a video explaining what it is, how it is done, and include you actually performing the treatment.

unique procedure video for your video marketing for dentists

Product Review or Demo

Product reviews provide patients with your opinion on different products. You can also do reviews on new products too. Patients value the opinion of a professional on what they can do to keep healthy. If they see that you feel like a product is effective they will feel confident in using that product too.

You can also record demo videos which can be about something as simple as the best brushing techniques or the best way to floss. These videos are easy to make and apply to all your patients so they will reach a wider audience. You can also film demo videos of how to correctly use a product that you recommend. Viewers value the opinion and direction of a professional and these videos can help ensure that the patients are using their products correctly.

review video for video marketing for dentists

Did You Know?

“Did you know” videos are a quick way to provide patients with valuable information. It provides viewers with lots of value in a short amount of time. This will help keep them engaged and interested in your dental content. You can share a fun fact that is dental-related or non-dental related. For example, you can debunk dental myths or verify any dental facts that may be interesting to patients. You can also create “did you know” videos that give more personable facts about you or your office. These authentic videos can help the viewers feel more connected to you and your clinic.

did you know dental video examples for your video marketing for dentists

Fun Videos

When creating your dental marketing videos, consider making videos that are fun and trending at the moment. While it is important to remain professional across your social media videos, it can be beneficial to create some fun and entertaining videos that may not be dental-related. Filming these types of videos is a great way to showcase the personality of your staff and the work culture of your office, which can make patients feel more welcomed. These videos are also a great way to connect and relate to your viewers.

When filming these types of videos you can research what is trending online so that your videos reach more viewers and even potential patients. They are an effective way to keep viewers engaged and entertained with your content.

fun instagram reel of dentist dancing

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Different Platforms to Post On

There are different many platforms available that you can post your dental video content on. The format of the videos differs on each platform like the length and direction of your videos.


Youtube is most used for hosting videos to embed on your website or blog post. Youtube videos can be found through Google Search when users search for specific keywords. Some popular dental videos that are common across Youtube include office tours, home page videos, different types of treatments, and testimonial videos. Typically the videos filmed on Youtube are in a horizontal format. Keep in mind the platform you are filming for to ensure that you are filming in the best format.

For dentists, Youtube is not the best place to focus your energy to grow your online presence or grow your following or subscribers.

youtube videos for dentists

Need help choosing the best keywords for your Youtube videos?

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Google My Business

Google My Business gives visitors an overview of your dental practice. It shows details about your office like where you are located, your reviews and your hours. On your Google My Business page, you can upload photos and videos. The most common types of dental videos seen on Google My Business are office tours, treatments explanation videos, and testimonial videos. The content on your Google My Business account adds value to your brand and your clinic. It can also differentiate you from your local competitors.

Posting photos and videos can also help optimize your Google My Business profile, which can lead to better search results. By adding more photos and videos Google will rank your Google My Business page higher.

Read our article, Google My Business for Dentists for more tips on how to optimize your GMB profile so your office can rank higher on Google.

videos posted on a google my business for a dentist clinic


There are different places you can place your videos on Facebook like your cover photo, stories, and your feed posts.

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Cover Photo

On Facebook, you can post a video as your cover photo. The cover photo on your Facebook page plays a role in a visitor’s first impression of your practice. Posting a video as your cover photo can also help with homepage branding. Keep in mind, you do not need to include audio in this video. People may only hear the audio if they click on the video but it is not necessary.

Feed Posts

Videos posted on your feed are permanent content and stored in your video library. It is easy for people to share, react or like, and comment publicly on videos posted on your feed. This means that viewers can tag their friends, send the videos to others, and it gives viewers a chance to converse with others commenting on your videos. Here are all the reasons why you should use social media and all the ways you can use social media to promote your dental practice.

Videos posted on your feed can also be boosted to local geographic areas and can be turned into an ongoing ad. If you notice that a lot of people are liking your content on Facebook it is a good idea to boost it so more people can see it. Or, you can turn it into an ad so you can target people in your area or people with certain interests.

short dental video posted on facebook


Facebook stories are filmed mainly in a vertical format. They show up at the very top of your Facebook news feed. The stories only last 24 hours. The engagement from your stories is private through Facebook Messenger. If someone likes or comments on your stories, you will receive them privately through Messenger.

Facebook Live

Facebook live gives you the opportunity to get real-time public engagement. Your live videos are saved to your video library for viewers to watch later. Facebook live videos produce 6 times as many interactions as traditional videos.


Like Facebook, there are many different places and ways to post your videos on Instagram. Depending on how you post your videos, the length will vary.

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Feed Posts

When posting videos on your feed you have a limit of 60-second videos. There is 21% higher public engagement and interaction on videos than on images. On Instagram, you can use hashtags on your feed posts. Hashtags help you reach more people and be discovered. If people follow different hashtags in your local area or the different hashtags that you include on your post more people will see your content. Your Instagram videos can also be promoted.


IGTV allows you to post videos that are up to an hour-long. This is like watching TV but vertically and on your mobile device. This is a great place to post content that is informational and educational.

IGTV dental videos


Instagram stories can only be up to 15 seconds long but you can post multiple of them together to seem like one long video. Stories are only visible to your followers for 24 hours but you can save them to your highlights which are located at the top of your Instagram profile. Instagram stories appear at the top of your follower’s feed, which means that users usually watch Instagram stories before they even scroll through their feed. Instagram stories mainly target your current followers, which means they can then engage privately with you. Your followers can react to your stories or send a message directly from your story.

Instagram stories are not as effective in reaching new people but it is an effective way to stay connected with your current followers.

Instagram Live

When you go live on Instagram they show up as the very first story on your follower’s stories list. Your followers are notified when you go live. You can also go live with other accounts through a split-screen. Your lives can be up to an hour-long.


Instagram reels as 15-second videos. These videos are mainly fun, playful videos focused on music, different video effects, and different editing trends.

fun dental instagram reel by a dental clinic staff


TikTok’s are videos that can be up to 3 minutes long. Typically people create their videos on TikTok and share then upload the same video on different platforms like Instagram reels or Facebook. TikTok has a younger demographic that uses the platform.

Read our step-by-step guide on TikTok for Dentists to learn how to effectively optimize your profile and content to grow your presence across the app.


Video marketing for dentists is a great way to create a relationship with patients before they even visit your office. It is an effective way to grow your clinic’s online presence while also bringing in new patients to your office. Since there are many platforms to post your videos on, video marketing is a great way to reach patients of all ages. For example, Tik Tok is a great place to make a connection with a younger demographic as they are the most popular users of that app. In addition, because of the different types of videos you can make, there are platforms for all your videos no matter the length of the content of your videos.

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.