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TikTok Ads for Pediatricians – The Best Guide to Gain New Clients for Pediatric Clinics

Advertising your pediatric practice through social media is one of the best ways to boost your online presence and drive more clients to your practice. This is because creating TikTok Ads for pediatricians is one of the most affordable ways you can advertise your medical practice to not only increase your brand’s visibility online but also to gain a competitive advantage over your local competitors, engage with potential clients, and overall drive more leads to your pediatric practice.

1. What are TikTok Ads?

As one of the most popular social media platforms in the digital landscape, TikTok Ads are a great asset to incorporate as part of your marketing strategy for your pediatric practice. TikTok Ads have a wide reach potential that can create high levels of engagement when promoting a product or service, and in return, they can maximize impressions, and drive more new clients to your medical practice.

When advertising through TikTok Ads, there are different types of ads available, and you can choose the ones that will best suit your needs. Out of all the available TikTok Ads, we recommend considering Topview Ads, In-Feed Ads, or Spark Ads.

Out of all ad types, the most premium format is Topview ads. This type of TikTok ad is similar to PPC or Pay Per Click but to use them, you will need to work with a TikTok sales representative. In-feed ads would be ideal for your practice if you want to encourage users to take a form of action like scheduling an appointment through a CTA button.

In-feed ads would be ideal for your interior design business if you want to encourage users to take action, like booking an appointment since these types of ads are usually created with a prominent CTA button. Lastly, consider Spark Ads if you already have content for your pediatric practice. You can also use Spark Ads if you want to partner up with content creators to help promote your practice since these are great at boosting organic content.

2. Why TikTok Ads for Pediatricians?

Many businesses have transitioned to advertising through TikTok Ads because the performance outcome of the ads can provide a strong positive impact on their business, such as brand awareness, traffic, and conversions. One of the benefits of creating TikTok ads for pediatricians is that it isn’t a complicated process. You can also customize your ads to focus on specific advertising objectives and even set up your campaign to have a focused targeting based on age, gender, ad placement, and demographics.

TikTok Ads is also one of the most affordable ways to advertise your pediatric clinic and your services to gain more new clients. You will be able to maximize your clinic’s online exposure potential by using key elements to make your TikTok ads for pediatricians more effective, which in return will also increase impressions, engagement, and conversions.

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3. Create A TikTok Business Account

To get started with your TikTok Ads for Pediatricians, you first need to create an account on TikTok.

Create an account by downloading the app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. You can also sign up online by accessing TikTok’s desktop website.

If you already have an account for your pediatric clinic, log in.

how to sign up for tiktok account and create tiktok ads for pediatricians

Once you are logged in to your account, go to “Account Settings” and “Switch to Business Account”. This is an essential step to be able to create your TikTok Ads.

switching to business account for tiktok campaign

Click “Get started” on TikTok Ads Manager.

Tiktok manager for businesses

Since we already created a TikTok account, you can select “Log in with TikTok”.

log in to tiktok for business

Next, “Authorize” your TikTok for Business access.

authorize business account for tiktok

Select “Confirm” to link your tiktok account with TikTok for Business, and make sure you agree to TikTok’s commercial terms of service.

tiktok for business account

Enter your medical practice industry details, then click “Continue”.

enter business and industry details for campaign

Lastly, choose “Manual Payment” as your billing information, then click “Go to Ads Manager”.

choosing automatic payment on tiktok

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4. Create Your TikTok Ads Campaign for Pediatricians

In your TikTok ads manager dashboard, click “Campaign” then select “Create”.

creating first campaign on tiktok manager dashboard

Select “Advanced Create”. This option will give you full control over your campaign settings.

choosing advanced campaign settings for tiktok

4.1 Campaign Settings

To bring more new clients to your medical practice, select “Lead generation” as your advertising objective. Using this conversion option will allow you to either collect leads using instant forms or collect leads by directing users to forms on your pediatric website.

lead generation as campaign objective

Next is your campaign name. For this example, we will name this campaign as “Lead Generation – Pediatrician Practice”. Keep the following settings as they are.

campaign name for pediatric practice

Next is your ad group name, for example, “Pediatrician for Infants and Toddlers”.

campaign name for pediatrician

For your optimization location, select “Instant form”. This option will allow your TikTok ads for pediatricians to collect leads directly from tiktok ads, and maximize the tiktok ad experience for your potential leads.

If you’d like to drive more traffic to your site and encourage leads to fill out a form on your website, we recommend creating a different campaign and setting the advertising objective to “Website Conversions”.

optimization location settings with instant form for tiktok campaign

Make sure all your ad placements are enabled. It will ensure that your TikTok Ads for pediatricians will encourage more impressions and conversions.

placement settings for tiktok campaign

Enter the location of your pediatric clinic. If you have more than one location, include it in the demographics settings. This will allow users who search for “pediatrician near me”, “pediatrician in [location]” or “best pediatric clinic near me” to find your TikTok ad, and increase the potential of these leads converting and becoming new clients of your pediatric clinic.

Ensure that the gender and spending power settings selected are “All”, and all age options are selected.

Select “English” as the language.

demographic settings for tiktok campaign

For your device settings, keep them like in the example below.

device and connection settings for campaign

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4.2 Budget and Schedule

Consider starting with a “30 USD” budget for your TikTok ads for pediatricians. Avoid starting with a budget lower than the suggested amount, as it may affect the performance of your campaigns, and produce prolonged results or fewer leads during the duration of your campaign.

If your pediatric clinic does not operate all day, 7 days a week, you can set up your campaign to only run during the days and hours your clinic operates. This will allow your clinic to call leads from your TikTok ads for pediatricians within a minute. With this setting, your clinic will not risk losing leads that may come from your campaign during non-business hours, however, this will depend on your local competitors and how they are bidding.

selecting dayparting settings for tiktok campaignNote: If the top bidding for specific keywords in your specific area is at a fairly low amount, then it’s okay to keep your TikTok ads for pediatricians campaign to run all day, and call these leads the next day.

4.3 Bidding and Optimization

For your bidding and optimization settings, leave them as they are just like in the image below.

Note: Don’t enter a target CPA so that your campaign can maximize getting as many leads as possible based on your ad budget.

bidding and optimization settings for campaign

5. TikTok Ad Text for Pediatricians

This is the part where you can start the creative aspect of your TikTok ads for pediatricians.

Start with the ad name. For this example, we will use “Best Pediatrician Irvine”.

creative name for pediatrician campaign

Then create a custom identity for your account. You could enter the name of your pediatric clinic and include the location of your practice but for this example, we will use “@PediatricCareIrvine”.

creating custom identity for pediatric practice

The next step is uploading your TikTok video ad by selecting “+Upload” or “+From library”.

Note: Make sure that you create a video ready for uploading and publishing before creating your campaign. This way, you will have a video optimized with editing and scripting elements that will help your pediatric clinic gain more new clients.

If you don’t have a video ready, you can also select “+Create”, to create your video at that specific moment, although we strongly advise against it since it could be time-consuming, and may not be optimized for best results.

After uploading your video, enter your TikTok ad text. It should be attention-grabbing for your target audience, and you can do this by triggering a personal response, by addressing their problems and solutions. Most importantly, it should encourage a form of conversion action.

An ad text example you could use as an example is “Top Pediatric Specialist in Irvine”. Keep your ad text short and clear.

creative text for pediatric practice campaign

Another ad text example you could use is “Trusted Pediatrician for Infants and Toddlers in Irvine”. Keep in mind that your ad text has a limit of 100 characters.

text campaign for pediatrician practice

As you edit your TikTok ads for pediatricians, you will see a preview of what your ad will look like on the platform itself, along with the custom identity and ad text you’ve entered.

preview of pediatric campaign

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5.1 Call To Action Settings

Once you are happy with your ad text, choose your call-to-action text. If you choose the Dynamic CTA setting, you will have the option to choose multiple text options and this will show a different CTA text to different users to maximize your campaign’s performance. Consider options like “Learn more” and “Book now”.

text options for cta settings

When choosing a Standard CTA, you will only get to choose one text option, like “Contact Us”.

text options for standard cta settings

5.2 Interactive Add-Ons

One of the features we recommend incorporating into your Tiktok ads for pediatricians is interactive add-ons. These can help maximize impressions and conversions because you can use these to offer discounts or exclusive promos. These can also be used to highlight important messages for your target audience.

To add interactive add-ons, click “+Create”.

create interactive add ons for tiktok campaign

In your interactive add-ons, you have 3 options to create your display card. The first one is using their newly added feature, which is creating a display card using AI-Generate. To use this, you will need to describe 4 key selling points to generate your display card.

option to ai generate display card

The second option is ideal if you already have a display card at hand. Simply upload the image and it should contain all the necessary information.

uploading image for display card

The third option is using the template feature. We encourage using this feature if you want to offer any exclusive online promos or discounts, which will encourage more conversions from your TikTok ads for pediatricians.

display card settings for tiktok camapign

You could offer a “25% off” discount offer, supported with a discount description like “Limited Time Only” and a CTA such as “Book Now”. Don’t forget to enter at least 5 seconds as the display time for your display card and then save your settings by clicking “Confirm”.

5.3 Instant Form Settings

Just like interactive add-ons, another feature we recommend incorporating as part of your tiktok ads for pediatricians campaign, are instant forms.

Having an instant form will allow you to directly collect personal information from your leads through your TikTok ads, allowing these leads to book or schedule an appointment through this feature without disturbing their TikTok experience.

To add an instant form, click “+Create”.

create an instant form for tiktok campaigns

Then select “Simple form”.

instant page settings for tiktok campaign

In your simple form settings, rename the form, for example, “Contact Form”. 

Keep your introduction settings disabled, then enter your Purpose statement and set up the personal information you will need from your leads, such as name, last name, and email. 

You can also add custom questions like “Appointment Scheduling”, where you can encourage a lead to provide information of when they’d like to book an appointment with your pediatric clinic.

adding custom questions for tiktok campaign

You will also need to provide your privacy information, such as the company name and the privacy policy link.

privacy policy for tiktok campaign

In your Final page settings, you can include a thank you screen by entering text in the headline, description, button text, and website URL.

You can use the following examples as a guide for your own thank you screen:

  • Headline: “Thank you for reaching out to us!”
  • Description: “Tap the button below to learn more about our pediatric services and book your Free Initial Consultation!”
  • Button Text: “Free Consultation”

Then enter your Website URL and move on to the “Settings” tab.

thank you screen for display card for tiktok campaign

Select “More volume” as your form type. This will prioritize your instant form getting as many leads as possible.  If you want your form type to focus on higher-intent leads, we recommend Google Ads for Pediatricians instead. This is because Google ads is the platform that is most effective at targeting high-intent leads for your pediatric clinic. It will cost more per click, but it will guarantee high-quality leads.

form type settings for tiktok campaign

You can leave the field name settings as it is, then click “Complete” to save your instant form.

field names for tiktok camapign

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The tracking setting for your tiktok ads for pediatricians campaign is optional so you can skip this setting.

tracking settings for tiktok campaign

5.4 Payment Settings

Add a balance amount to your TikTok ad campaign. Once you enter the amount, click “Next”.

adding balance to account with 30 usd

Choose your payment method then enter your payment information and click “Make Payment”. 

choosing your billing payment method on tiktok campaign

Last but not least, enter your pediatric clinic business details for the certificates section and account info, and you are done! Congratulations! You have now created your first-ever TikTok ads for pediatricians.

company registration for tiktok campaign

6. How to make an effective TikTok Video Ad?

To make your TikTok ads for pediatricians effective, you need to optimize your video ad with key elements that will encourage users to take a form of conversion action. Successful TikTok video ads will have a positive impact on your ROAS or Return On Ad Spend and help your pediatric clinic grow.

To make your TikTok video ads more effective, you need to be able to grab the attention of your target audience within 3 seconds to avoid being scrolled down, and losing potential clients for your clinic. To do so, use visuals and captions that are attention-grabbing, and use hooks at the beginning of your ad videos. To retain the attention of your target audience, these videos will need to be visually entertaining, and engaging yet still informative.

You can also include positive feedback or testimonials from previous clients sharing their experiences at your pediatric clinic.

6.1 Key elements to make an effective TikTok Video Ad

Apart from using hooks at the beginning of your videos, use a variety of the following key elements to help make your TikTok ads for pediatricians more effective in bringing you more leads for your clinic.

  • Include background music or trending sounds using TikTok Creative Center. The volume doesn’t have to be high.
  • Use auto-captions on the video. It will help hit more keywords.
  • Have a title in the video thumbnail.
  • Use a compelling CTA throughout the whole video (for example, in your script, as graphics, or using a display card)
  • Abide by TikTok’s image and video specs. This ensures your ads will get approved.
  • Center all important elements in your video (e.g. text).
  • Video resolution needs to be a minimum of 720p.
  • Switch your ads every 7 days. It will avoid ad fatigue.
  • Avoid creating a video ad longer than 34 seconds.
  • Grab the attention of the viewer in the first 3 seconds.
  • Use the right keywords for an effective copy.
  • Research trending keywords, and top hashtags relevant to your ad. Use TikTok Creative Center.

6.2 TikTok Video Examples for Pediatricians

This first tiktok video example has a pediatrician directly speaking to the camera. It includes text on the video, which also highlights that the person speaking has been a board-certified pediatrician for 21 years, and promotes a product for its users that they can download for free. It also utilizes very simple but effective edits, such as using the green screen to showcase the product being advertised for mothers and babies. Although very simply edited, the video has been able to effectively convey its message, which has resulted in gaining a lot of views, and high engagement levels.


Hey new moms! Do you know what to feed your baby? Get your free baby feeding guide from my bio – my free gift to you ❤️! #babiesoftiktok #momtok #feedingbaby #babyfood #babytips

♬ original sound – Pediatrician 👩🏻‍⚕️

This second tiktok video example has been able to effectively use key elements such as voice-over narration, a hook at the beginning of the video, simple edits, and text centered in the video itself, to gain high levels of engagement and views. The video also highlights how the person speaking is a pediatrician with 20 years of experience and an advocate for babies and children with eczema. Videos like these will make its target audience more trusting of the pediatrician since it highlights its years of experience, and how the pediatrician will provide the best care for babies and children.

The caption of this video also promotes a product trusted by the pediatrician that parents can buy for their babies and children if they are experiencing eczema. It uses the right keywords and provides a solution for the user’s problems or concerns.


Did you know that certain fruits may trigger your child’s itchy eczema? Discover the histamine connection! 🍊🍋 Our Lovingly Soothing Balm & Lovingly Hydrating Body Serum are packed with plant-based ingredients that soothe, calm and moisturize eczema skin in babies and kids of all ages. Shop the products in store now 🔗 #eczema #eczemaflareuprelief #eczemaflareups #eczemahelp #atopiceczema #eczemacommunity #pediatriciantips #eczemamom #eczemajourney #eczematip #eczemadiet #histaminesensitivity #histamineintolerance

♬ original sound – Dr. Sylma | Pediatrician

The third TikTok video example showcases a holistic pediatrician providing information regarding a product or service by directly speaking to the camera, and adding centered text to convert important information in the video. Its target audience can then learn more about vaccines through her free masterclass, which she promotes in the video, and includes in the caption. The video has been successful at gaining high engagement levels, with even users commenting on how they need a pediatrician like her in their city. It encourages users to take a form of action, and it addresses the user’s problems and solutions.


Wednesday Aug 9 8pm EST vaccine masterclass #holisticpediatrics #holisticpediatrician #healthyfamilytips #pediatriciantips #backtoschool2023📒 #holisticmoms

♬ original sound – 🍎Holistic Pediatrician🍏

7. Best Practices for TikTok Ads for Pediatricians

7.1 Ad Groups

When creating a TikTok ads campaign, it’s important to understand that your ad campaign will be made up of 3 organized layers. These layers are the tiktok ad, the ad groups, and the campaign. In your campaign, you want to create multiple ad groups for your TikTok ads for pediatricians, wherein each will have a different target focus, for example, one offering pediatric services for babies, one for toddlers, and one for immunization. You can create more ad groups depending on your specialization.

Creating multiple ad groups with different advertising objectives and focuses will allow you to switch your ads every 7 days and avoid ad fatigue. This will also help you better understand your target audience’s search intent from your TikTok leads, and you will be able to optimize your ad groups once you see which ad groups are performing better than others.

7.2 Content Plan

Content planning is a critical part of your campaign plan to ensure that your TikTok ad campaign will be effective at delivering your desired results.

Part of your content planning should include certain objectives, like how you envision your ad videos to look like, and the elements you want to showcase or highlight for potential leads to convert to clients. This will also help the editing phase of your tiktok video ads.

You will need to conduct keyword research and write short scripts for your video ads, so you can understand the search intent of your target audience better, and some of these searches could be “pediatrician for toddlers”, “holistic pediatrician” or even “asthma and allergy pediatrician”. By using the right keywords, you will also be able to create plenty of effective hooks to use at the beginning of your tiktok ads, to be able to grab the attention of the user within 3 seconds.

Having the right keywords for your TikTok ads for pediatricians will also help you create different ad script variations that will be able to convert leads into clients, like addressing the user’s problems and solutions, or triggering a personal response. Ensure that the keywords you want to hit are also included in your captions, video text, hashtags, and the thumbnail title of your TikTok video ad.

Most importantly, always include CTAs throughout your tiktok ads for pediatricians. To support your tiktok ad efforts, add background music or trending sounds using the Tiktok Create Center page.

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7.3 Video Footage and Editing

One of the great things about TikTok Ads for pediatricians is that you can film using your smartphone. You can also edit your TikTok video ads using the TikTok app itself, or basic editing tools or apps like CapCut or InShot.

When you start filming your videos for your pediatric clinic, you can showcase the facilities your clinic has to offer, along with the services you can offer for your clients. Consider including feedback or testimonials (both written or video format) from previous or current clients who have had a very positive experience at your pediatric clinic. Make sure that when you’re filming and editing your video, it follows the guidelines or image and video specs required for TikTok ads, along with a good quality resolution to ensure that your tiktok ads for pediatricians are approved.

You want your video to leave a lasting impression on the viewer, and this can be achieved by using different editing techniques, transitions, and adding text to the video itself. Don’t forget to also add captions and descriptions. By having this objective, you can focus on creating a tiktok video that will be memorable for your target audience, and this will also encourage users to engage by commenting, liking, sharing, saving, and even making a conversion action by requesting any availabilities or appointments from your clinic.

Remember that users who engage with your tiktok ads for pediatricians have a high potential to become high-quality leads, bringing your pediatric clinic more new clients.

7.4 Email Sequences

To support your TikTok ad efforts, you want to consider adding email sequences as part of your marketing strategy. This is because these can help promote your pediatric clinic, increase engagement inquiries, and drive traffic to your website.

There are a few email sequences you could choose from, for instance, onboarding emails, feedback emails, and re-engagement emails, but we strongly recommend using the following for your pediatric clinic:

  • Welcome email sequences: These are ideal for welcoming new subscribers. It can also be used to introduce your pediatric clinic and its services.
  • Lead nurturing email sequences: This type of email sequence is essential if you want to ensure that your TikTok ads for pediatricians will be effective in nurturing and converting leads into new clients.
  • Cross-sell email sequences: This type of email sequence is ideal if you want to promote more expensive services your clinic has to offer, especially if your pediatric clinic offers specialization services.

7.5 Customer Relationship Management Process

A crucial element to implement as part of your TikTok ads campaign is a CRM or customer relationship management process. This is because having a CRM process will support your TikTok efforts since it involves the process of holding your front desk or receptionist accountable for all calls from your TikTok Ads. These calls will need to be listened to and managed, along with tracking and auditing these leads to ensure that they are being called within the minute, to avoid risking the loss of potential new clients.

Consider Google Ads for Pediatricians instead if your pediatric clinic does not have a CRM process in place. Google ads for pediatricians will target high-intent users actively searching for specific pediatric services, which means that these are also higher-quality leads.

At YoYoFuMedia, we have been able to help more than a thousand clients with Google Ads and TikTok Ads achieve their advertising goals, so if your pediatric clinic doesn’t have a CRM process to support your TikTok ads for pediatricians, read how we helped our clients succeed with Google Ads on YoYoFuMedia’s page.

8. Conclusion

Promoting your pediatric clinic using TikTok ads for pediatricians is one of the most affordable ways to advertise your clinic and gain more new clients.

To make your TikTok ads for your pediatricians more effective, you will need to use a variety of key elements discussed in this article for your TikTok video ads to effectively grab the attention of your target audience within 3 seconds, and to encourage a conversion action.

To further support your TikTok ad efforts, you will also need a CRM process to nurture and convert leads into clients.

Do you want to promote your pediatric clinic through TikTok ads but don’t have the time to manage and optimize your TikTok campaign? We can help! Book a free consultation with our friendly team of experts so you can prioritize offering the best services for your clients, whilst we focus on bringing more new leads for your pediatric clinic.

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.