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Google Ads for Funeral Services – The Ultimate Guide for Funeral Businesses to Increase Traffic and Lead Conversions

In this article, we will show you why creating Google Ads for funeral services is the marketing strategy you need, and how Google Ads will help you attract more new customers for your funeral business, increase sales by boosting your online presence, and give you a competitive advantage over your local competitors.

1. What are Google Ads?

Google Ads are online paid advertisements that use the pay-per-click system, and you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. The higher the bid the more likely your Google Ads will appear at the top of the search engine results page, increasing traffic towards your funeral business, just like the examples in the image below.

paid results on serp for funeral businesses

2. Why Google Ads for Funeral Businesses?

Creating Google ads for funeral services will bring your business faster results than other marketing strategies, like Search Engine Optimization.  It will allow you full control over your campaign and ad spending, and you can optimize your campaign settings to bring you more new customers to increase your return on investment (ROI).

Because Google Ads works by appearing at the top of SERP, it will increase your brand visibility and help establish your online presence, giving potential customers the chance to find your funeral services easier and faster.

Additionally, Google Ads will also provide you with a detailed analysis of the performance of your ads, so you can continuously optimize them to help you get better results each time.

3. Understanding Google Ads

Understanding the key features and structure of your Google ads will help you set up your campaign more effectively to bring you high-quality leads.

The Campaign contains all your ad groups, keywords, and preferred Google ad settings, and under your campaign are your Ad Groups. These usually follow a main theme and it is where your chosen keywords can be located. Your Keywords are the specific key terms or phrases under your ad groups, and these will usually be the terms potential customers will search on search engines for when looking for funeral services.

Want to get started on your Google Ads for funeral services?


4. Create Google Ads for Funeral Services

First, access Ads Google and sign up by clicking on “Start Now”. If you already have an existing Google ads account, simply log in. If you don’t have an existing account, “Sign up” using your email.

step one of creating google ads for funeral services

You will then see your Google Ads Dashboard. Click “Add New Campain”

starting new campaign settings

4.1 Campaign Settings

For your campaign objective, select “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance”. Selecting this option allows you to have more control over your Google Ads for Funeral Services. It will also allow you to implement different strategies to make your campaign more effective.

campaign objective settings

Next is the campaign type. Select “Search“.

The search campaign type is ideal for you if it’s your first time creating Google ads due to its functionality and because this is the campaign type that will help your Google ads appear at the top of search engine results pages.

choose search as campaign type for ppc

Choose the goals you want your campaign to focus on, such as booking appointments, requesting a quote from your funeral business, or contacting you.

selecting focus goals for ppc campaign

Then enter your campaign name. For example, you could enter your funeral business name, and then add Search Campaign, just like the example below.

campaign name for funeral services search campaign

4.2 Network Settings

For your network settings, make sure that your search network setting is checked, and your display network setting is unchecked.

You want to keep your search network enabled because it will ensure that your Google Ads will appear on all of Google’s search partners, allowing your ad to reach a wider audience and encourage more conversions.

You only want to consider the display network setting if your Google ads will heavily rely on high-quality images to promote your business, or your products and services.

network settings using search network for ppc campaign

4.3 Location Settings

In your location settings, you can start targeting demographics as part of your strategy, to help maximize the performance of your Google ads for funeral services.

Select “Enter another location” then enter the specific location you want to target. For this example, we will use Los Angeles, California. When you’ve entered your location, ensure that “People or interest” is the selected target option. This will make sure that people in, regularly in, or who have shown interest in your target locations will find your Google ads for funeral services.

location settings choosing los angeles

location target options

If your funeral business operates in more than one location, select “Advanced Search”, then enter all the locations where you offer funeral services.

You can also choose to only show your Google ads for funeral services within a specific target demographic by using the radius setting. We recommend not entering a number higher than 15 miles since potential customers may not travel further than that distance, and because it may be more cost-effective for your business to only travel up to that distance.

radius setting for 15 miles for location settings

You can also set up a bidding strategy in your location settings for your Google ads for funeral services. For instance, you can bid higher the closer the location is to your funeral business, and you can bid lower the further away it is.

Do you want to implement location bidding strategies in your campaign?


4.4 Language Settings

For your language settings, select the language you want your Google ads to appear in. If your funeral business offers services in another language, you will need to create a completely new campaign for that specific language.

languages for ppc

4.5 Audience Segments

The audience segment settings will sometimes depend on your industry. To add audience segments to your campaign, enter your niche or industry “Funeral Services” then select which segments you want to include, and make sure “Observation” is the selected targeting setting. This will make sure that your reach will not be narrowed by your audience segments alone.

If your funeral business offers funeral services to all ages, you can skip this step.

audience segments for ppc campaign

4.6 Ad Rotation and Ad Schedule

For your ad rotation settings, select “Do not optimize”. Choosing this option will ensure that all your ads will rotate indefinitely but also equally until you decide to stop. This will also allow your ads to give you enough data insight into which ads are performing well and which ones are not, so you can understand what your potential customers are actively searching for.

campaign rotation setting

If your funeral business offers 24/7 customer care support, make sure that your ad schedule is set up to “All days” and don’t set specific hours.

schedule options for campaign

5. Ad Groups & Keywords

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, ad groups are part of your campaign, and your ad groups will contain all your keywords. It is important to conduct keyword research before creating your Google ads for funeral services, to ensure that your ad will show up to the right keywords, ensuring high-quality leads in return.

Start by entering your ad group name, then enter the products or services that align with the ad group theme. For instance, you could have an ad group for specific products of your funeral business, such as merchandise.

Ad group name: “Funeral Merchandise Los Angeles”

Keywords: “funeral casket”, “funeral urn”, “burial vault”, “cremation merchandise”, “creation jewelry”, “adult casket”, “child casket”, “rental casket”.

creating group campaign for funeral business focusing on merchandise

Another ad group you could have for your campaign is for the most common services you offer your customers, which could be “funeral services”, “funeral financing”, “cremation services”, “embalming”, “funeral planning”, “visitation”, “committal service”, “memorial service” and more.

group campaign for ppc for funeral services

Once you have entered your ad group name and your keywords, click on “Get Keyword Suggestion”.

You will find all suggested keywords in the text box. You can also choose to remove specific keywords that may be irrelevant to your products or services, such as “cremation for pets”, and even add other keywords not on the text box, like “funeral financing”.

results from keyword suggestions for funeral services ppc campaign

Not sure which keywords will make your campaign more effective?


5.1 Keyword Match Types

Before creating the ad text of your campaign, you will first need to categorize or format your keywords into specific match types. Using specific keyword match types will effectively trigger your Google ads for funeral services to show u on Google’s SERP.

Broad match types: Key terms that generally relate to your chosen keywords. These can also be misspellings of the keywords and usually have the highest reach but the lowest relevance.

Phrase match: Key terms usually within a phrase or close variations of that phrase. These can also include the meaning of the keyword and keywords of this match type are formatted by putting the keyword inside quotation marks, for example: “keyword”

Exact match: Key terms or queries that exactly match your keyword or your keyword’s meaning. They usually have the highest relevance to the keywords in your Google Ads for funeral services campaign but also have the lowest reach in comparison to broad match and phrase match. Keywords in this match type will need to be categorized by putting them in brackets, for example: [keyword]

You can use free tools like Keyword Match Type Tool to help you format all your keywords into match types, instead of formatting each keyword which can be time-consuming.

categorising into keyword match types for funeral services ppc campaign

6. Google Text Ad for Funeral Services

6.1 Final URL and Display Path

In this section, you can start creating the ad text of your Google ads for funeral services by first entering your Final URL and Display path. Enter the website of your funeral business in the final URL, and then enter the key terms relevant to what your Google ads is advertising. The display path mainly informs the user about the page they will be directed to once they click on your ad.

funeral services for final url and display path

6.2 Headlines

Next is your headlines. You want to include key terms or keywords in your headlines that will grab the attention of your target audience, which you can do by including the name and location of your funeral business, and the most common funeral services you offer.

In this example, we included 8 headlines, but you can use up to 15 headlines per ad campaign with a maximum of 30 characters each. Some of the headlines in the example used are: “Funeral Homes, Los Angeles”, “Traditional Funeral Services”, “Funeral Pre-Planning Services” and “Funeral Home Services Near Me”.

creating headlines for ppc campaign for funeral business

If you want to make use of all 15 headlines but aren’t sure what other keywords to include, click on “More ideas” and Google will provide you with headline suggestions containing the top keywords based on your niche or industry, and the keywords you added in your ad group.

selecting more ideas for headline suggestions for ppc campaign

6.3 Descriptions

After adding your headlines, enter your descriptions. You can include up to 4 descriptions per ad, and each description has a maximum of 90 characters.

Highlight the best features of your funeral business in your descriptions, such as being able to offer your services for all faiths, religions, and nationalities, or you can also include the years your funeral business has been operating for, which will help your Google ads for funeral services increase it’s CTC or click-through-rate.

Some of the descriptions in this example, which you can use as inspiration or guide are the following:

  • “LA Funeral Homes is dedicated to serving families of all faiths, nationalities, and beliefs”
  • “Experienced funeral directors for funeral services with compassion, dignity and respect”
  • “Offering immediate, dignified, memorable and personalized funeral services”
  • “Professionals dedicated to excellence in Cremation and Burial Services since 1990”

creating descriptions for ppc campaign for funeral business

6.4 Ad Assets

Another way to increase your click-through rate is by adding ad assets to your Google ads for funeral services. There are different ad assets you can add, such as structured snippets, lead forms, promotions, apps, and prices. For your campaign, we recommend adding sitelink ad assets, callout assets and call assets.

Sitelink ad assets work by including direct links to specific landing pages on your ad, to encourage the user to click on these sitelinks and complete their conversion journey.

When creating sitelinks, you can include up to 4 sitelinks for your Google ads for funeral services. Consider including specific services most people usually inquire about when they contact your funeral business, for example, “Funeral Services”, “Funeral Financing”, “Cremation Services” and “Funeral Pre-Planning”. For each sitelink, include 2 descriptions, and include the landing page for each service under the Final URL section.

adding sitelinks for ppc campaign for funeral services

Once you have created all 4 of your sitelinks, select them then click “Add“.

creating sitelinks for funeral businesses

When adding callout assets, include short key information that will also help convert users to click on your ad, for instance, adding your funeral business name, “24/7 Customer Care”, and “Immediate Need Services”. You will also see a preview of where your callouts will be seen on your ad.

adding callouts to funeral services ppc campaign

Lastly, if your funeral business offers immediate or at-need services, you will want to include call assets so potential customers can directly call you from your ad without having to click on it.

adding call assets to ppc campaign for funeral service business

Do you want to include more ad assets in your Google ads for funeral services?


7. Manual CPC and Bidding

Your next setting is setting up your manual Cost per click or budget. Before deciding on your daily budget amount, you will first need to consider your industry, the competition level based on your location, the average top-of-page bids, and the average search volume of your chosen keywords.

Google will recommend an average daily budget amount, but if this amount is too high, simply select “Set custom budget” instead.

ignoring budget recommendation for funeral business

Enter a starting budget amount for your Google ads for funeral services campaign, such as $50. We don’t recommend entering an amount that might be too low considering your industry, because it may not provide you with enough measurable data to analyze and optimize your campaign. Similarly, entering a very low amount may cause your Google ads campaign to take longer to produce results.

Google will provide you with an estimate of the expected performance metrics for your campaign based on your custom budget, which includes the estimated weekly clicks, average CPC, and weekly cost. These are only estimates so keep in mind that these could be surpassed if your Google ads perform better than the expected metrics.

setting custom budget for ppc campaign for funeral business

Ensure that when you set up your bidding settings for your Google ads for funeral services, “Clicks” is the focus of your bidding. Skip the Customer Acquisition settings but make sure this option is not selected, so your ad is not limited to new customers only.

bidding for clicks on ppc campaign

Review your settings one last time and ensure all information is correct before publishing your campaign. Once you are happy with your settings, select “Publish campaign” and you’re done!

reviewing final settings for funeral business ppc campaign before publishing

You will be redirected to your Google dashboard after publishing your campaign. If you feel like you want to further optimize your Google ads for funeral services, at the top of your dashboard, change your settings from “Enabled” to “Paused“.

pausing campaign for funeral business

On your dashboard, you will also get a preview of what your Google ads for funeral services will look like on SERP, along with your headlines, descriptions, final URL and display path, and the ad assets you’ve added.

preview of campaign for ppc for funeral services

8. Optimize Your Google Ads Campaign

8.1 Keyword Planner

After creating your Google ads for funeral services, you want to ensure that you optimize your campaign as much as you can before running it, and one of the tools that can help you do that is Google’s Keyword Planner.

It is a free tool on Ads Google that can provide you with data insight on specific keywords, such as its historical trends. This tool will also help you better understand the search intent of your target audience, by looking at a keyword’s search volume over time, the demand of a keyword, its competition level, and its top-of-page bids.

To use Keyword Planner from your Google Ads Dashboard:

  • Click on “Tools” on the left side of your screen.
  • Then select Planning, and click on Keyword Planner.
  • Choose Discover new keywords.

discover new keywords using keyword planner

Enter the products or services relevant to your funeral business, then click “Get results”.

keyword planner for funeral business

You will now see all the relevant keywords that show up in relation to your keyword search. Any keywords already in your campaign, you will see labeled as “In Account” under the Account Status column. You will also see the keywords with the lowers bids and the highest bids.

keyword results for funeral business from keyword planner

To add any keywords from keyword planner, check the box of each keyword you want to add.

Then, click “More” at the top right corner, and select “Add to account”.

adding keywords from keyword planner to funeral ppc campaign

Make sure you add it to the right ad group campaign, then select your match type and click “Add“. In this case, we will add it to “Funeral Services Los Angeles”.

adding keywords and selecting campaign group for funeral services

Your selected keywords should now be added to your Google ads for funeral services campaign. Check under Account status that they are now labeled as “In Account”.

keywords added from keyword planner for ppc funeral business

8.2 Negative keywords

A critical step you need to do when creating your Google ads for funeral services is adding negative keywords.

Negative Keywords are the fourth keyword match type you can use in your campaign. These types of keywords ensure that your ad will not be triggered by certain keywords to show up on a user’s search engine results page. Negative keywords also ensure that your ad spending isn’t used on clicks that will not translate to leads and conversions, helping your Google ads for funeral services to focus on bringing your business more high-quality leads.

  • Add negative keywords by first clicking on “Campaigns
  • Next, click on “Audiences, Keywords, and Content”
  • Then, select “+Negative Keywords”

adding negative keywords to ppc campaign

Enter all your negative keywords in the text box.

These keywords can be products or services your funeral business does not offer. If your funeral business does not offer services for pets, you can include it as negative keywords, for example, “cremation services for pets”. Similarly, you don’t want to show up to searches where a user is looking for funeral services in a different language, or for searches involving job openings or courses.

When you are with your negative keywords, click “Save“.

entering negative keywords for funeral business campaign

You should now see all your negative keywords added to your campaign.

negative keywords added to funeral ppc campaign

Adding keywords to your campaign using the keyword planner is very easy. This is also applicable when using keyword planner to add negative keywords.

Follow the exact same steps, and select the keywords you want as negative keywords. Then select “More“, and click “Add as negative keywords”.

adding negative keywords to ppc campaign for funeral business

Make sure you add these negative keywords to the right campaign, then click “Add“.


choosing campaign group for funeral business ppc

You should now have successfully added your negative keywords using the keyword planner.

To check if these were successful, the Account status for these negative keywords should be labeled in red as “In Plan: Negative”.

negative keywords added to ppc campaign for funeral business

Need assistance with which negative keywords to use for your campaign?


8.3 Landing Pages

The Landing page of your funeral business should be a standalone page with the main purpose of converting leads into customers This is also the page that users will usually be redirected to when they click on your ad.

An effective landing page will contain key elements that will encourage the user or website visitor to take a conversion action, and this means that your landing page should dominantly have CTAs or plenty of points of interaction that encourage conversion.

First and foremost, a landing page it should have a clear Headline of what is about, supported by a high-quality image or Hero Shot to visually communicate the offer. An effective landing page will also provide the user or website visitor with its unique selling proposition or USP that makes it stand out from local competitors, along with Key Benefits that should offer the solution to the problems or fears of your potential customers.

It is also important to include social proof or testimonials from previous customers who received your services, and these can be in written form, video format, or image feedback. The most critical elements to include in your landing page are CTAs or Call-To-Action buttons. These should stand out from the page, and be dominantly placed throughout the landing page to offer the user or website visitor plenty of opportunities to convert. Another point of interaction or conversion that you can consider including in your landing page is a lead form, which should be in response to the product or service of your funeral business.

You can also add a Frequently Asked Questions”  section to provide additional information for the website visitor, and further support your landing page efforts.

Do you need help optimizing your landing pages?


Let’s look at a landing page example that uses a variety of these key elements:

full funeral service for la location using a lead form as a point of interaction or conversion

funeral service page highlighting unique selling proposition and key benefits

key benefits for funeral service and usp

testimonials for funeral service

using usp and hero shots of available options for funeral service

more cta buttons for funeral service

services available for burial options from funeral business

end of the funeral service with location address and additional CTA

We recommend having a different landing page per product or service so that the user or website visitor isn’t distracted by other navigational links. Having different landing pages with different offers will also make customer segmentation easier, and it will allow you to further understand which offers work and which don’t.

If your funeral business offers more premium funeral services or package deals, consider creating a landing page for this, just like the following example:

premium offer for funeral service

premium options for premium funeral service offer

additional pricing options for premium funeral service offer

9. Key Takeaways

If you’re looking for the fastest yet most reliable online advertising tool to bring you more new customers for your funeral business, then Google Ads is the marketing tool you need. This is because Google Ads can guarantee you high-quality leads in comparison to other online advertising tools, which in return can help maximize your ROI or return on investment. Additionally, Google Ads is the most popular PPC marketing platform because of its powerful targeting capabilities, and because you can also track your results, which will help you further optimize your campaign and grow your business.

At YoYoFuMedia, we have been able to successfully help thousands of our clients achieve their target goals and grow their business with Google Ads, which you can read on YoYoFuMedia’s Page. If you want to get started with Google Ads but just don’t have the time to manage and optimize your campaign, we can help! Book Your Free Strategy Session and let us help you and your business.

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.