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Google Ads for BJJ Academy’s- Best Guide For Your Jiu Jitsu Classes 2023

Google Ads for BJJ Academy is the best way to help increase revenue and also build new clients. More times than not new clients are researching the best Brazilian Jiu-jitsu schools on google around them before going. By using Google Ads, will help get your business in front of more faces as it can push you to the top of search results when customers do look for an academy to go to.

What is Google Ads? 

Google Ads is a marketing tool that is used by big or small companies to help them generate new clients. The way Google Ads works is by a pay-per-click model, meaning that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

This is also why when you go to search for something, you see a little ad icon right next to the URL, these are the websites that are running Google Ads.

Why Google Ads For BJJ Academy? 

A benefit of Google Advertising is the buyer intent behind it. For example, if someone types in “Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu near me” they have the intent of joining a BJJ class. With the help of Google Ads, it will direct the customers to your website based on the keywords you bid for, which ultimately helps create more traffic.

Customers are always looking for the best BJJ academy which means they are going to pick the topic choices on the google search page. Being on the top with a great landing page will help turn those customers into yours.

According to a study done in 2018, research showed that at least 2/3 of searchers weren’t able to tell the difference between Google Ads and Google organic search results.  This is backed by the fact that also 83.3% (2019) of Google’s revenue comes from Ads.

If Google advertising didn’t work, Google wouldn’t be one of the biggest tech companies in the entire world.

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How Google Ads Work 

Campaign Structure 

Google Ads structure

Google makes it very easy to set up your advertising account and campaigns with a simple format that follows with the image above.

The campaign section will be the overview of what your ad is trying to achieve.

The Ad group levels are the structure within your campaign, these are the groups that control the different themes within your campaign. We recommend that you have a max of 7-10 ad groups per campaign.

Quality Score

The quality score is a scale based on 1-10 that determines how relevant your ad is to what the searcher is looking for.

Now you may ask how can I get a high-quality score?

Some factors that play into your quality score are

    1. The click-through rate (CTR), is the number of impressions vs people actually clicking onto your ad high enough? Note, there is no exact number as this can also vary from the industry.
    2. Your landing page, as we learned earlier, will tell people what exactly you have to offer. Google will be able to tell if searchers are finding what they are looking for on your page.
    3. The ad text and keywords, how relevant is the information on your landing page to the keywords being used in the search query. The more relevant it is, the higher the score you are given.

It’s important to note that a quality score isn’t a one-time number, this is something that can be improved on by adjusting keywords whether that’s changing or deleting them. You are able to check your quality score under your Google Ads account.

Setting Up Your Google Ads Account

Setting up your account may feel overwhelming but this guide will be able to walk you through exactly how to set it up.

First, create a Google Ads account, and once that is done it is time to set up your first campaign.

Once on the campaign page, you will want to switch over to expert mode towards the bottom of the page. This will allow you to have the most control over your ads to fully optimize them. From here you are directed to another campaign page where you want to select “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance.”

You will be prompted with 7 different campaign types. It’s important to select the one that is going to help grow your BJJ training center and the search campaign, this will help bring more traffic to your website.

Here is where you would want to also include your website


Having a local Brazillian Jiu jitsu, you would want to click enter another location and put in the location of your BJJ.

Under the location settings, you can also choose the radius of your ads. This is a great option if you would like to target a different city or people greater than your location, to help bring in more clients.

Obviously, you don’t want to set it too far where people aren’t willing to make the drive. These additional clicks can make your Google Ads not be profitable.


Budgeting And Bidding Strategy

For budgeting, you want to set the daily amount to an amount that will make your ads profitable and worth running. It is really important to not set the daily budget too low where your ads are barely running and not collecting enough data to show the effectiveness of the keywords being used.

Here at YoYoFuMedia, we recommend that you set your daily budget to $40-$60. This will allow your ads to run effectively than have enough information to make any adjustments.

The daily budget can always vary from industry to industry as some are more competitive than others. This will cause you to have to spend more on keywords.

When it comes to the different bidding strategies we highly recommend you change your setting to Manual CPC Bidding.

Using manual CPC bidding will allow you to have more control over your ad campaigns with keyword bidding. For example, if you found some keywords bringing a higher conversion rate you can adjust your budget to focus more on it.

Ultimately this will give your BJJ academy a higher conversion rate from clicks to customers as you have more control over who is seeing your website.

Google does offer automated bidding strategies such as

Maximize Clicks: Google will try to maximize the number of clicks for your ad within your budget.

Target Impression Share: This has the goal of increasing the number of impressions within your Ads on the Google search results.

Target CPA: This strategy tries to get as many conversions as possible with the amount of target cost-per-action you set within your account.

Target ROAS Maximize Conversions: This strategy has the goal of increasing your conversions based on the set return of ad spent.

Maximize Conversion Value: This strategy is similar to maximizing clicks but more focused on trying to get the most conversion value based on the budget you set.

Again we highly recommend manual CPC over Google’s automated bidding as you will have control in fully optimizing your ads.

Another note is that letting Google take control of your bidding can cost more than manual due to Google trying to maximize most of your budget as this helps them bring in more revenue.

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Ad Extensions 

Utilizing AD extensions for your campaign is important as it takes up more space on the google search page. This addition comes at zero additional cost towards your cost-per-click it’s a no-brainer to use it.

This can also help bring your quality score up which we mentioned earlier on, but the relevancy of these extensions can rank your page higher on Google.

There are different types of extensions, each one serving its own purpose to help bring in more clicks. The 6 different types of extensions are

    Callout extensions: This is describing any special features of your company. For example, if there is a sale going on and you want them to know about it, this would be a perfect example of where to put it.
    Sitelink extensions: Directing the users to a specific page on your website. This would be good if you want them to be directed towards a BJJ membership page.
    Structured snippets: Additional information on top of the text ad. This extension is great to highlight anything about your BJJ or services.
    Message Extension: This allows any clients to message you from the ad whether it is an email or message.
    Call extensions: This allows you to put a phone number right onto the ad, this is helpful for one’s own mobile they can directly call you right away to connect and ask any questions.
    Promotion extensions: Similar to callout extensions, this will display a message on the ad but for discounts. This extension would be useful if you are doing a BJJ membership sale for x amount of time.

From this bottom Ad, you can see they do a good job utilizing as many extensions, allowing them to take up space on the search page. Other things they did well as including a phone number so if a searcher is on mobile and has questions they can call right away. Finally having their callout extension be the days they are open as this can attract new clients unavailable throughout the week.

Utilizing Keyword Planner To Find Keywords  

Choosing keywords is a huge step in the process of setting up your Google Ads Account. It’s important to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and know what they are looking for.

Another great tool to find keywords is Keyword planner which can show the traffic achieved by certain keywords and the competition within them.

Remember to change the location of your keyword planner at the top.

Spending this extra time and finding keywords for your ad will be well worth it, as it plays a huge role in your new clients finding your website and directing them correctly to their intent.

Choosing keywords is a huge step in the process of setting up your Google Ads Account. It’s important to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and know what they are looking for.

Another great tool to find keywords is Keyword planner which can show the traffic achieved by certain keywords and the competition within them.

Remember to change the location of your keyword planner at the top.

Spending this extra time and finding keywords for your ad will be well worth it, as it plays a huge role in your new clients finding your website and directing them correctly to their intent.

Keyword Types 

Google Ads keyword match types

When finding keywords to use there are several different match types you should be focusing on. These four will help you have a better understanding of the cost per click for certain keywords or click-through rates.

Broad Match:

    1. These keywords typically are least relevant to the search query. It’s important to be aware of these broad keywords as they can be costly to your Google Advertising budget due to more clicks but less of a conversion rate. Sometimes your website can be totally different from what the searcher’s intent is.  Broad match can be helpful by increasing impressions which is more exposure to your ad but again this will come at a higher cost.

 Broad Match Modifier:

    1. For the broad match modifier, you do a (+) before the keyword and the ad will be shown with the keywords included in the search query.

Phrase Match:

    1. (“”) are used around the keywords for phrase match. This type of keyword match is not as strict as an exact match but will add variations before or after the keywords. Therefore the cost per click will be slightly lower than exact matches.

Exact Match:

    1. The way the exact match keyword is done is by inserting [] around the keywords. This will let Google know that your ad will only pop up on someone’s page if they were to only search for those exact words within the bracket. Exact matches typically have a higher cost per click as they generate more click-through rates.

It’s important to have keywords that match what your customers are looking for as they are more likely to click through the page, improving your quality score.

The better your keywords match with what your searchers are looking for, the lower your cost-per-click will be.

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords can be just as important as keywords are. Under the negative match list, you are able to use (-) then the keyword to remove any keywords that are irrelevant to your AD.

This is a powerful feature for keywords as it can help you save money on clicks that are not being targeted to the correct audience.

For example, if someone is looking for an MMA school near them but your BJJ school ad shows up, that will be a wasted click. All these wasted clicks will add up and charge you more than they should.

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Optimizing Your Ads

Using Google ads doesn’t mean overnight success right away. Allowing your ads to run and collect data will bring success. To measure the data there is Google analytics that can be linked to your Google Ads account.

Under your Analytics account, there is a search term report tool that shows what keywords users are using to find your website. Having this data will let you make better decisions in terms of adjusting keywords or moving them to negative keywords.

Take advantage of this free service as this will be able to help you convert irrelevant clicks to clicks that have intent behind them, essentially helping you narrow it down to the clients you want.

Landing Page 

The landing page is where the searchers will go after clicking on your ad, this page essentially is the first impression of your BJJ academy for them.

Some tips we have for your landing page to turn searchers into customers and increasing your conversion rates are

Including Reviews from sites like Yelp, this will help bring trust to the searchers

Having a contact page with a phone number and email address listed will allow them to directly reach out for any questions

    Business location listed to know if the commute will be best for them
    Including the number of years, you’ve been teaching BJJ. This is a way to build credibility with the searchers.
    (Optional) Including a portrait or family photo can be a great bonus to add to your landing page as it shows how welcoming your academy is.


As you can see from this local BJJ academy in Long Beach, California they have their contact information, what they offer, and a section “Our family” on their landing page with pictures of people within their academy. This gives a good impression that the current clients that they are working with are enjoying their academy.


Customer Life Time Values

Google Ads may not seem like a great investment at first due to slow results but when you focus on ways to bring in new customers and retain them then it will be worth it.

This is why Netflix is willing to spend way more than $100+ on marketing to get a customer even though customers only pay $12/m or even a free trial because they know they will make the money back. Their average customer lifetime value aka how much the average customer spends with them is $290. So spending $100 to get a customer is a 2X Return on Investment, even though at first glance it might seem like $100 is too much to spend.

Source: How much is a customer worth to Netflix? – Lifetime Value

In fact, Netflix is actually willing to spend up to $290, because they know satisfied customers will refer their friends.

Pepsi does this as well. Pepsi spends billions in marketing but a bottle of Pepsi is only $2.29. They make their money back in the long run. They know on average a new customer is going to come back over and over again.

Take a look at 24 fitness, their average membership cost is $40 a month but is constantly spending money on tv ads. They know that this will bring in more customers. The guest passes that come along with the membership also help increases customer lifetime value due to the referral from friends and family.

Source: How to Calculate the Lifetime Value of a Customer

That is how you need to think about your business as well. Especially for newly established BJJ academies without a big student base, you need to attract your initial cohort of students even if it comes at a loss/breakeven. Do not worry, you will make your money back down the road from retaining those students and those students referring their friends. This is how all businesses that win in competitive industries operate.

Source: Lifetime Customer Value Calculation And Why It Matters


Bonus: Remarketing  

Congratulations for making it this far in this Google Ads guide, you just took a big step closer to increasing your revenue and client base.

A little bonus tip I wanted to share with you guys under Google Ads is remarketing. This is another tool that allows your ads to follow the searcher’s browser. Perhaps a client who was thinking of joining your BJJ was hesitant about it, this will help remind them about your BJJ school.

Here we have the full complete guide to adding remarketing to your BJJ academy here.

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