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11 Must-Have Free SEO Chrome Extensions

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is essential to running a successful website. SEO Chrome extensions serve a very important role in today’s digital world. SEO can increase the visibility of your site by helping you rank better for your target keywords. To help you drive more organic traffic to your website, we created a list of free SEO Chrome extensions.

Free SEO Chrome Extensions:

There are hundreds of extensions available on Google and each one performs differently. Some extensions provide you better link data, keyword data, or just give you overall better optimization suggestions. Paying for extensions can be very expensive and isn’t ideal for small or medium-sized businesses. Don’t worry though, because today I’m going to show you 11 free Chrome extensions that’ll improve your SEO.

11. Serpstat Website SEO CheckerAnalyze Keyword Performance

First on our list of extensions is Serpstat’s site checker. This powerful checker allows you to quickly and easily find the key analytics of any webpage. This free SEO Chrome extension has three core components: On-page SEO analytics, Page Analysis, and Domain Analysis. The on-page SEO is free to use, while the page and domain analysis requires a premium account.

SerpStat On-page Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

Thanks to the On-page SEO Metrics function you get several data points with which you can analyze. This extension provides you with a web page’s headers, meta tags, internal and external links, structured data, text analysis, and more.

Serpstat Download Speed Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEOAnother key feature that this program provides you in Chrome is the download speed of the webpage you are analyzing. If you improve how fast your webpage downloads, you can rank better in Google results. This program will give you an estimated score based on how quickly your webpage loads for either desktop or mobile in Chrome. You can also view a detailed report on your download speed and get recommended courses of action to improve it.

If you want to upgrade to the premium version of the tool, you will gain access to the Page Analysis function. This tab will show you the top 10 keyword rankings for your pages on Google.

Serpstat Page Analysis Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

You can also easily get and keep track of rank position and change for any keyword you are trying to target. Thanks to this feature you will get insights on the Google search volume of keywords, keyword ppc, and URLs of your competitor. All of the metric points that the Analysis function provides is why this program is one of the best extensions available.

Serpstat Domain Analysis Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEOAnother benefit of upgrading this tool to premium is the Domain Analysis component. Thanks to this feature you get key analytics related to your domain, such as domain visibility, traffic, and Alexa rank. It will also show you the number of keywords that your site ranks for and whether they have improved or declined. The program records all of this information and displays it for you in an easy to understand domain visibility graph in Chrome or firefox.


Serpstat Pricing Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

10. Page Analytics (by Google) Understand Customer Engagement From Google

The Page Analytics SEO Chrome extension is another popular SEO tool that shows important analytics about how customers interact with your web pages. This Google toolbar will give you specific analytics on what your site visitors click and don’t click. Thanks to this program, you can then use this information to optimize your webpages for Chrome or firefox.

Page Analytics by Google Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

Thanks to this extension, you can get the exact percentage of users who clicked on links and buttons on your site. This will give you an understanding of your site’s outreach. The feedback this tool gives you helps with building a better experience for your visitors, making it more likely for them to use your business and increase conversions. To use Page Analytics, you must have Google Analytics access to the webpage you want to analyze.

When analyzing a webpage, this extension will tell you the number of page views, unique page views, and the average time spent on the page. These metrics are valuable information because Google factors in the average time that a user spends on your webpage when deciding where to rank you in Google search results. Additionally, Page Analytics will also display the number of active users on your webpage in real-time, giving you an understanding of your total outreach.


Currently, this SEO chrome extension only offers a free version with no option to pay for an upgraded version of the tool.

9. MozBarEnhance Keyword Research For Your Business

Mozbar is one of the best extensions available and serves many functions. This powerful all in one toolbar is a great way to understand how your webpages can rank better in Google search results. One way MozBar helps you do this is by giving you keyword research analytics that you can analyze while viewing any page. These keyword search analytics enable you to get the top-page rankings of specific keywords and understand why they are ranking so well.

MozBar Keywords Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

One of the most useful features of this checker is that it allows you to highlight specific keywords and links within a webpage. This feature gives you a better understanding of the link building on a page. This extension also gives you the option to explore the different keyword research metrics of any given webpage you submit.

By allowing you to expose the page elements and attributes of top-ranking web pages, you can see what it takes for your webpage to rank better.

In addition to analyzing webpages, Mozbar also functions as a SERP checker. It allows you to create custom Google searches by country, region, or city. You can also access and compare link metrics across pages for any SERP. When done with your SERP analysis, you can easily export your details from Chrome to a CSV file.

MozBar SERP Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

Mozbar also offers additional features that you can unlock by upgrading to the premium version of the extension. One of these features is a keyword research difficulty score and ppc amount for any Google search term when using the SERP function. Another bonus of upgrading to the premium version of the extension is instant keyword research optimization feedback and suggestions for any keyword you wish to target. If you want to upgrade, the extensions price and features of each version are below.


The price of each version can be found below:

MozBar Pricing Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

8. vidIQ Vision for YouTube Youtube Video Optimization Extension

vidIQ Vision is one of the best extensions currently available on Chrome. This well made extension is useful at informing you on how to get more views on your Youtube videos. VidIQ provides you with an extensive overview with several metric points on any video you watch on youtube with Chrome.

This extension will show you the secrets to success that Youtube content creators use to get higher view counts.

vidIQ Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

When watching a Youtube video with Chrome, vidIQ will display four tabs of information you can select. Overview and Tweets are included with this program, while Historical Data and Trending Content are for premium users only.

vidIQ youtube Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEOThe overview tab provides you with an abundance of data on the video, such as views per hour, SEO score, video optimization checklist, view comparisons by date, and video tags. Additionally, vidIQ also provides you with valuable information about the users that posted the video. This data includes average daily views, average subscribers, social media followers, social media engagement, and so much more. The Tweets tab will show you the exact tweets users made about the video and when they post about it. This allows you a better understanding of it’s outreach.

Thanks to the metrics that this well made extension provides, you get to learn what videos that rank higher than yours are doing right. If you want to learn more about what your youtube channel can do to improve its SEO, you can select the channel checker button. This function will show you in Chrome the views, subscribers gained, and watch time increase or decrease your channel received over a set time frame. It will also analyze your videos and tell you which content you post to double down on, material that could use work, and items to improve.

If you want to learn even more about what this extension can do to improve your outreach, check out the video below:


Information for users thinking of purchasing the paid version is below:

vidIQ Pricing Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

7. Keyword SurferKeyword Search Extension

Keyword Surfer

Next on our list of extensions is a program called Keyword Surfer. This tool allows you to get search volumes directly in your Google search results. This functionality is one of the reasons that this program is great for research.

This tool is one of the best extensions you can use to do research. It will submit to you keyword suggestions based on the keyword you submit in Chrome. This can save you an enormous amount of time when looking for keywords to target for your content post. For example, by Googling the keyword SEO tips, I was able to get similar keywords and their estimated monthly search volume.

Keyword Surfer excels at finding keywords that have a good search volume, are similar to higher trafficked keywords, and are easier to target. Recently, new features have also been added that showcase word count and the number of exact keywords for top-ranking results. This tool is absolutely the fastest way to view search metrics and perform keyword research in Chrome.


This SEO tool is 100% free to use. There is also an option to upgrade to a premium version of the tool called Surfer.

6. WebRank SEO Understand Which Websites Link to Yours

WebRank SEO is a free Google Chrome SEO extension that is both powerful and easy to use. This particular extension is beneficial for analyzing your website, as well as any of your competitors. Thanks to WebRank, with just the click of a button, you can check your growth and compare statistics with your competitor on Google.

WebRank SEO Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

Once you have navigated to a webpage that you would like to analyze, open up the WebRank SEO extension. This extension will provide you with the Alexa rank, website security, server location, Whois lookup, pages indexed and links in Google & Bing for your webpage. You will also get a graph with the webpage’s daily traffic rank and Google search visits.

If you click Complete SEO Analysis, the extension will analyze the metrics of your webpage. The tool will then submit to you a score based on your SEO. This score is a quick and easy way to keep track of how your SEO is performing. You can reference this score to better understand your ranking on Google.


Currently, this SEO chrome extension only offers a free version with no option to pay for an upgraded version of the tool.

5. Meta SEO Inspector A Powerful Web Page Data Checker

Next on our list is a free SEO Chrome extension that allows you to check the metadata found inside webpages. The SEO inspector is tremendously useful as it can reveal specific site properties that usually are not visible by browsing. With just the click of a button, you instantly have all the metadata of a webpage link at your fingertips.

Meta SEO Inspector Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

With the data this program provides, you can analyze competitor webpages, and optimize your site to compete with them on Google. This extension is particularly useful for finding and correcting errors in your webpage’s metadata. Alerts appear when the data is not within specific ranges. Next to the warnings, the extension will also submit to you tips on how to fix the problem. An example of this is in the photo above, where the head title is too long.

Meta SEO Inspector Tips Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

Once the extension has collected all of the metadata from your webpage, it will organize it into different categories. These categories include common, social, structured, mobile, markup, link, and presentation data. By clicking on each group, you can further explore the data collected in each. Once you optimize your webpage, you can easily print or export the data by simply copy and pasting.


Currently, this SEO chrome extension only offers a free version with no option to pay for an upgraded version of the tool.

4. Ahrefs SEO ToolbarAhrefs All-in-One SEO Extension

Ahrefs SEO

Next on our list of extensions is an all-in-one toolbar. Ahrefs SEO toolbar provides you with key SEO metrics right in your Chrome browser. With Ahrefs extension you can get quick on-page SEO reports for any page that you browse.

Another function this program provides includes a broken link checker. The Ahrefs SEO toolbar will scan any web page for broken outgoing links. Ahrefs program also provides you the ability to export the information out of Chrome.

Unlike other extensions, this program has a wide variety of uses. I personally love ahrefs program and use it on a daily basis. Some more features Ahrefs All-in-One SEO tool provides include:

  • Redirect tracer that allows you to test link redirects and to track the entire path of a redirect chain
  • Link highlighter that highlights outgoing followed and no-followed links on a page.
  • Shows ranking position numbers on the SERP page.


If you want to get even more out of the toolbar, Ahrefs currently offers a paid version for users. By purchasing ahrefs paid version you will get instant access to an increased amount of metrics to analyze in Google Chrome or firefox. The price of each version is below.

Ahrefs SEO toolbar

3. Checkbot Get Ratings Based On Your SEO Data

Checkbot is a powerful SEO extension that can check hundreds of pages at once. This free Chrome SEO extension tests your site for the 50+ best practices for SEO, speed, and security. It excels at its job of identifying problems early and optimizing your site for Google Chrome or firefox.

Checkbot Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

Checkbot is a site checker that will uncover broken links, duplicate titles, invalid HTML/CSS/JavaScript, insecure password forms, redirect chains, mixed content errors, and more. With the free version of the extension, you can check 250 URLs per site. You can also check as many sites as you want, as often as you wish.

Checkbot search engine Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

When Checkbot has completed a Google search of your site URL, it will display two sidebars with different metric points. The sidebar on the right-hand side will submit to you an overall percentage score of your website based on the best practices. Below your total score, you can get percentage scores for your SEO, speed, and security.

These percentages will submit to you a better understanding of what aspects of your site you need to improve the most for Google Chrome and firefox. In the right-hand side of the sidebar, you can also find data on the number of crawled URLs, pages, redirects, and other information that the extension scanned.

Checkbot Analysis Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

The sidebar on the left-hand side of Google Chrome or firefox will submit to you a more in-depth analysis of how your overall score was determined. In this sidebar, you can get percentages for specific metrics within the three categories of SEO, speed, and security.

The SEO category of Checkbot shows you individual scores for page titles, headings, descriptions, content post type, links, and more. In the speed category, you can view your site’s scores for page size, javascript, CSS, redirects, and caching. Lastly, the security section displays your website’s performance with HTTPS, HSTS, content post sniffing, and other miscellaneous data. The amount of info that this tool provides is what makes it one of the best SEO extensions for Chrome.


Checkbot Pricing Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

2. SEO Analysis & Website Review by WooRankA Data Checker and Link Building Tool

This extension by WooRank is one of the best free SEO Chrome extensions that’ll improve your rankings and your business marketing performance. The SEO Analysis and Site Review Chrome extension provides you with an analysis of your domain’s on and off-site data to give you a complete understanding of your website’s optimization. You can also scan competitor sites for links or see what technology they are using on their site.

SEO Analysis Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

This Chrome extension will analyze the website you’re viewing in your browser and generate a report to highlight any issues impacting the site’s accessibility, readability, usability, and inability. At the top of the tool, it will submit to you an overall score of how your website tested. Here you can get a general idea of how much of your website passed the test, the number of components that need improvement, as well as any errors encountered. This score is a great and easy way to understand your domain’s overall SEO performance.

SEO Analysis On-Page Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEOFurther analysis of your website is grouped into On-Page and Off-Page data and can be seen by scrolling down. In the On-Page category, you can view how your website scored in metrics like title tag, meta description, headings, links, indexing, mobile, security, performance, and more.

Below each parameter, the Chrome extension will inform you on how big of an impact it has and how hard it is to solve. This format makes it easy to understand which aspects of your webpage are most relevant and need optimizing for Google.

SEO Analysis Off-Page Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEOAfter reviewing your website’s On-Page data, you can scroll further down and view it’s Off-Page data as well. Here you can review your website’s metrics such as links score, traffic estimations and rank, and social media engagement.

This extension can track social media interaction on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. If you want to upgrade to the premium version of the program, you can also scan local business directories for your website. All of these metrics are extremely important to analyze and monitor each week to optimize your site best.


SEO Analysis Pricing Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

Honorable Mention: BuzzSumo Social Media Optimization Extension

Before we reveal our top choice, we wanted to include an excellent SEO Chrome extension called BuzzSumo as our Honorable Mention. This Chrome extension requires a premium subscription; however, we highly recommend trying the 7-day free trial they are currently offering. This easy to use extension provides you with a tremendous amount of social data about any website of your choice. Thanks to BuzzSumo, you get the exact amount of engagement that a webpage received on various social media platforms.

BuzzSumo Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

This SEO extension shows you the number of interactions on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit that a webpage received. Additionally, BuzzSumo allows you to view the specific sharers of your webpage. To view these statistics, click on the view sharers button, and the extension will display the top social media accounts that linked the webpage.

BuzzSumo Social Engagements Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEOUnder each social media account, it will showcase page authority, domain authority, number of followers, avg retweets, and the retweet and reply ratio. You can also click on “View links” to see which websites have links to the business that you’re analyzing. This feature is a great tool that will help you understand the volume and location of traffic that you are receiving from social media. Social media sharing and links can have a massive effect on your SEO and Google search ranking.

Big Sumo Analysis Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

By clicking on Website Analysis, you can view a larger-scale analysis of your website SEO. This function will analyze all of your articles and tell you the total and average engagement on your website. It will display graphs of your interactions by month, day, the social media network, content post type, content post length, and more. The data this SEO tool provides is beneficial for learning the aspects of your posts that drive the most engagement.

If you want to test out this SEO Chrome extension for yourself, BuzzSumo is currently offering a 7-day free trial. After your free trial has run out, you are required to upgrade to 1 of their four premium accounts. A detailed list of the pricing for each version and the various added features included is below.


BuzzSumo Pricing Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

1. SEOquakeA Versatile SEO extension

SEOquake is a free SEO Chrome extension that provides you with key metrics to help you optimize your webpages for Google. This free SEO chrome extension consists of several tools you can use to improve your Google search ranking. Some of these tools include an SEO bar, SERP overlay, SEO checker tool, keyword density report, keyword ppc, internal/external link analysis, and even social metrics.

SEOquake Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

Once you have navigated to a webpage you would like to analyze; you can click the SEOquake button in your Chrome extensions to view the web page’s parameters. This function of the tool presents you with the website’s Alexa rank, Google Index, Bing Index, SEMrush rank, Facebook likes, and more.

If you click the Display Advertising button under Page Info, you can also see the percentage of media to text ads that the webpage shows. To access the Backlinks and Traffic Analytics report, you are required to sign up for a free SEMrush account and submit it to SEOquake.

SEOquake Page Audit Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO

Another useful feature that this chrome extension offers is a complete SEO audit of any webpage. This SEO checker will analyze every key metric of your webpage to show you which aspects you need to improve. This Chrome extension will evaluate your webpage’s URL, headings, title, images, text/HTML, meta description, etc. SEOquake will then give you feedback on which metrics you need to improve upon and recommend changes to fix them.

One of SEOQuake’s most useful tools for SEO is its keyword density analysis. By clicking Density on a webpage of your choice, you can instantly view the keyword data that comprises the webpage. This feature will show you the number of times a keyword shows up, the density percentage, and the prominence of each keyword. This Chrome extension will also signify whether a keyword appears in a title or heading.

SEOquake Keyword Density Free Chrome extensions that'll improve your SEO


Currently, this SEO chrome extension only offers a free version with no option to pay for an upgraded version of the tool.

If you want to learn more about how you can improve your SEO and rank, check out this list of the top free SERP tools.

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    Very detailed and clearly explained. I have to say I haven’t heard of half of these extensions let alone used them. I use the GA Page Analytics Chrome extension and Meta SEO Inspector regularly. As with any tool, they provide insight and not hard absolutes… it’s down to us to cross-reference what they tell us to help inform how we translate this to our SEO strategies.

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