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5 Proven and Tested Dermatology Marketing Ideas – The Best Guide To Getting New Patients

If you are looking for proven and tested dermatology marketing ideas to boost your online presence, then this is for you!

Dermatology is one of the most competitive practices in the medical industry and pursuing this career is not only about derma knowledge and skills, but it also requires patient acquisition skills which are probably not taught in medical school – unless you have taken a marketing-related course.

According to one statistical report, there are over 12,000 active dermatologists as of 2019 in the US alone. And the market size of this industry is expected to gain a 5.7% increase at the end of the year 2021.

This only indicates that the industry is only becoming more competitive and the need for better dermatology marketing strategies is necessary to keep up with the market trend. Increase your online presence and gain new and stable customers with these dermatology marketing ideas.

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1. Optimize your dermatology website

Your website is how you present yourself to your potential patients, that’s why it is super important to optimize your website and make sure that its content is regularly updated. These are some points that you must consider at your website for better optimization:

Landing page essentials

landing page essentials for dermatology website

Company name/logo. A company name and logo is obviously important to be included on your website as it is the key to brand recognition. Your logo is imprinted on your products and services, and this avoids confusion with other dermatology businesses.

Main headline and subheadline. This is the first thing that your customer will see once they click on your website. It is important to write a creative and eye-catching headline that will surely be imprinted on your customers’ minds.

Call to action (CTA). CTA buttons encourage website visitors to take action on the page that they are looking at. This means that the text should be inviting and provoking. The text or the button itself should stand out on the website to be easily seen by the visitor.

Contact details. These should be included on your website so that your potential patient could easily contact you once they have made their decision on getting your services. This could be an email address, contact number, and other forms of communication available for your business.

Images or video contexts. It is proven that people scan the entire page first before actually reading the content posted on a website. Nobody wants a text-heavy website and graphics are actually important to catch the attention of the viewers. You can use photos and icons to list your derma services as well as in other portions of your website.

Social proof. It is important to gain the trust of your potential customers in order for them to convert into paying patients. It is always better to put personal reviews on your website since people don’t easily trust medical clinics without social proof.  This way, potential customers will have an impression that your dermatology practice is trustworthy.

preview for social proof and image context

User experience

Fast loading speed. The loading speed of your website has an effect on the decision-making of your potential customers. According to a study, the first 5 seconds of loading speed is a crucial factor for conversion rates. It is true that people are not patient enough and if your website is very slow once they click on it, they’ll probably go back to the search result page and look for another website.

Easy navigation of the page. Website visitors should easily navigate through your page without confusion. Make sure that the contents are organized and divided into portions. Also, take note of how the content should be sequenced for a better user experience.

Mobile-friendly landing page. Most people are using mobile phones for quick searches and it is important that your website is mobile responsive. The website should be responsive to whatever device your potential customers are using.

Short submission forms. Avoid creating long submission forms and only ask for important and basic information about your patients. As much as possible, just try to ask for ‘yes or no’ questions or any questions that do not require sentences for an answer.

Website design. As much as possible, use colors and shapes that are soothing to the eyes. This is one factor that will make your potential customers stay longer on your website.

2. Build your social media presence

Social media platforms have been an important part of everyone’s daily life. This is obviously an important digital tool that you should be using to engage with your audience as well as to make your brand known to the public. This is where you could post creative dermatology content, grow your audience, and keep up with the social trends.

Create an account with popular social media platforms

Start making an impact by building your social media presence through these most recommended platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tiktok
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Create a content calendar for postings

sample calendar planning format in google sheet

It is important that your media contents are already planned and scheduled a month before posting. This helps in being consistent with regular postings as compared to just doing it on the spot.

Determine which days and times most of your viewers or followers are online. This way, you can schedule your postings on a time and day where lots of your audience are available to see your content. Here is a relevant article on social media calendar planning.

Be consistent with your branding

Make sure that you have consistent branding on all of your social media posts as it is important that your followers can recognize your brand even in just looking at your individual posts.

If you can, consult with branding experts to maximize the potential of your business pages.

Keep up with the trend

Be updated on what’s popular today and incorporate that in your content as relevant as possible. Creating viral posts helps a lot in increasing your social media presence and even in getting new potential customers.

Keep in mind that your primary goal is still to acquire new patients and posting viral content really helps, so as much as possible, create content that is relevant to your business.

Connect with influencers

Collaborating with influencers really helps in building your social media presence and reaching thousands of people who are not yet aware of your business.

Especially in the dermatology industry, most people get advice from beauty guru recommendations and this can serve as a paid “Word of Mouth” marketing which is a really good technique to increase traffic on your social media accounts and on your website.

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3. Interact with your audience

As much as possible, you want to create real human connections with your audience and build a meaningful relationship with them. Doing this will make you understand what they need and how you could improve your business along with your audience’s needs.

Here are some ways to engage with your existing audience and patients:

Provide awesome customer service

The first interaction with a potential customer is crucial as it creates a first impression of your business.

Does your business reply as quickly as possible? Is it easy to connect with your customer service? If a patient experienced some issues, can your business resolve them easily? All the answers to these questions can be passed through “word of mouth”.

It is important to create a good impression as people really do talk about their good and bad experiences especially in the dermatology industry. If a patient receives good service from you, he/she will definitely recommend your derma services to other people and might even post them on social media. That’s why it is important to provide quality services and let “word of mouth” marketing do its job.

Email marketing strategy

Email marketing lets you connect with leads or potential customers and also allows you to stay connected with past patients. This way, you could improve your customer retention and attract new patients by sending them promos, deals, and other updates about your dermatology services.

Just make sure to plan your emails ahead and prepare your email list that was created from leads. Keep in mind that sending too many emails a month may look spammy and that may not be good for your business.

If you don’t have ideas on how to utilize your email marketing, check out this relevant article on how to grow your practice with email campaigns.

Join niche communities

Niche communities are online group forums that have specific niches or topics for discussion and exchanging opinions. This technique allows you to subtly promote your business by engaging with the community within the niche topic.

You can take advantage of these popular niche communities:

Subreddit Pages. In Reddit, there are ‘subreddits’ or sub-topics available for discussion within anyone who is visiting the group. You can create an account and engage with people in any derma-related subreddits.

Make sure that your comments are relevant to the original post and it does give value to the community. People on Reddit immediately know when someone is just trying to promote business and not genuinely giving opinions on specific matters.

These are some examples of subreddit topics that you might want to engage with:

results for dermatology sub reddits

Facebook niche groups. This is just similar to subreddit, just look up on groups on Facebook that are related to skincare or dermatology. This is where you will usually find your target audience and you can just start posting relevant content or comments while subtly promoting your dermatology services.

You could also create your own community by creating a Facebook group for dermatology and start growing your audience here. This way, you can have full control over the group and interact directly with a huge audience.

This is an example of Facebook groups that are related to dermatology or skincare:

search results when searching for dermatology related groups in Facebook

Quora. This platform is a bit different as it is a Q&A website forum. People ask questions and people upvote the best or the most relevant answer to the question.

You could utilize this by giving quality insights to dermatology questions and subtly promoting your services. You can easily comment on dermatology questions as you have the authority to do so. You are a licensed dermatologist and people will listen to you.

Here is an example of a dermatology question and an answer with over 800 upvotes:

sample dermatology question on quora

4. Create quality blogs on your website

Sample dermatology blogs

Writing quality and relevant blogs can drive more traffic to your website and possibly attract more potential customers to your dermatology business. This helps your website to rank in Google search result pages when they are searching for related keywords.

Focus on the quality

Focus on the quality of your article, not quantity. Great content always promotes itself through word of mouth, so make sure to produce good articles and focus more on ranking your blogs instead of trying to post 10 articles per month.

Here are some tips on creating quality blogs for your dermatology website:

Write relevant content. The goal of your blog is to get new leads and attract potential patients, if you are writing about a popular topic make sure that you can relate it to your business and that article will give you new patients. Having lots of traffic is nothing if your viewers are not converting into patients or customers.

Learn to write catchy headlines. The first thing that viewers look at before they decide if they should read an article is its headline.

Here’s what you can add to your headline in order to produce a successful blog:

  • Put your focus keyword on the headline
  • Use a positive or negative sentiment
  • Use power words
  • Put a number to the headline

Make your content visually appealing. It is a fact that most people will scan through an article before reading it and decide if the article is worth reading at all. Here are some tips to improve the visual appeal of your article:

  • Improve the overall design of your blog
  • Use quality images
  • Avoid writing long paragraphs
  • Use quotes
  • Use list or bullet points

Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a process of optimizing the content of your website to make it rank on the first page of Google search results. This is important as people who do a quick Google search only look at the first or second page of the result. If your content ranks number one, you will definitely get more traffic on your website.

Determine your focus keyword. Target keywords that have enough monthly search volume and are not highly competitive. This will make your article rank easier on the Google search result page.

Use focus keywords on the title. It is a good technique to put main keywords on the title itself as people want to see what they’re looking for on the title itself. This way, people will immediately know the main topic of your article.

Put focus keyword on URL. The text in the URL can also be triggered by keywords, so it is important to utilize your URL and put your focus keywords on it.

5. Invest in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads

Preview of Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads

In building a business, it is necessary to spend more at the start to get more patients coming in and the best way to do this is with online advertisements. But why spend on online advertisements?

Everything is online. Most people are on the internet now and it is good to take advantage of this by reaching people with your online advertisement with just one click.

Only spend on results. Traditional advertisements like on newspapers, print flyers, tv commercials, etc.,  require you to pay upfront before they show your ads. But here in Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads, you will only pay once someone clicks on your ad campaign.

Specific targeting. In these advertisement tools, you can set your ad campaign and make it appear only on targeted locations, ages, gender, and people who show interest in the topic that your ad is campaigning. You can prevent getting unnecessary traffic and only spend on people who are actually interested in your services.

Full control over the advertisement. With online advertisements, you can have full control over your campaign, and you can regularly optimize it to get better results. Your ad campaign is yours, and you can set it however you want.

Learn more about the behavior of your audiences. The best feature of these online advertisements is that you learn how your audience behaves with the data you are getting from the tool.

  • Which age range clicks on your ad campaign the most?
  • What devices are your audience usually using?
  • What time of the day are they usually active?
  • Which gender views your website the most?

These online advertisement tools are just really good and you should take advantage of them to get new patients for your dermatology practice and acquire more traffic to your website. It requires time and the right marketing strategy to achieve success in your business.

You can also hire people to make everything easy for you. Schedule with our experts for a free strategy call for your dermatology practice. Get help and start applying these dermatology marketing ideas today!

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.