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CRO: How We Increased SOLCBD’s Revenue By $9K+ Per Month With 1 A/B Test

SolCBD brought us on to increase their conversion rate. This was one of the first experiments we ran and we were confident in the result it could bring. And it did just that.

CRO for SolCBD Website

Variant vs Original:

revenue increase through cro

The Original (control): $22,454.66 vs Our Variant: $27,155.76

A $4,701.10 per month difference between Variant and Original!

As you can also see under “Revenue Per Session”,

revenue per session increase through cro on shopify

the box and whisker plots show that in the variant where the checkout page change was made, revenue per session increased significantly.

So as you can see in the first screenshot, the $4,701.10 increase is only on the Variant 1 side (50% of the site visitors).

The other 50% of the site visitors were shown the Original version, the checkout version that converted at a lower rate.

When we applied the changes to the Original as well, that other 50% of site visitors also got that increase,  ~$4,701.10 per month!

That’s ~$4,701.10 x 2 = $9402.2 increase per month.

That’s $9402.2 x 12 months = $112,826.4 increase in revenue over a year.

This was just from a 22% increase in conversion rate (median).

And that’s assuming the site’s traffic doesn’t increase over the rest of the year. If the site’s traffic increases due to SEO/FB Ads/Google Ads on the site, the ROI from this one optimization also increases proportionally to those as well.

Because a higher percentage of the traffic coming from marketing and ads are converting, the site now has a larger margin. Which means they can spend even more on ads. It’s a positive loop.

Just this win alone more than pays for the monthly cost of CRO itself.


The best thing about CRO, you get to keep that conversion rate increase forever.

  1. Unlike just pure digital advertising, CRO has no ad cost that cut into profits.
    • It increases margins and decreases ad costs because a higher percentage of people coming to the site from facebook/google ads will convert.
  2. Increase in conversion rate is a multiplier to your company’s revenue.
    • Unlike an increase in one channel of advertising (ie: Google Ads) which would only increase that specific channel’s revenue, an increase in conversion rate increases performance for every channel (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, Influencer Advertising, etc).


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