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Wild One’s Omnichannel Marketing – How the Pet Brand Has Tripled Its Revenue And Customer Base Since 2019

Wild One is a pet lifestyle brand that launched in 2018. Wild One’s Omnichannel marketing allowed the company to increase brand awareness and achieve wider availability for their customers. It has won retail partnerships with major retailers like Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom and two UK department stores, Harrod’s and Selfridges. The brand aims to connect pets and people through their pet products and their community. The pet products they sell are designed with a function-first perspective. They create functional products such as adjustable dog leashes and water-resistant dog beds. Their marketing strategy has tripled their revenue and customer base since 2019.

Wild one omnichannel marketing

Wild One Marketing Strategy

Wild One’s marketing strategy has allowed the company to triple its revenue and customer base since its launch. They attribute their growth to their omnichannel retail marketing strategy. They have launched their products in popular stores which has helped the brand to reach a wider audience. They are also a customer-centric company. They listen to the wants and needs of their customers and release products based on the feedback of what their customers want. Due to the pandemic, Wild One did not want their customers to feel that their products were unattainable so they adopted after-pay as a form of payment. This also helped increase revenue for the brand.

Wild One’s Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Wild One sells a majority of their products through their website but they also sell through popular retailers and independent retailers. Some of these retailers include  Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Anthropologie. They are also in stores like Petco and Target. As mentioned earlier they even host their own pop-up shops as a way to interact with their customers. The company has found that Nordstrom has been their most successful retail partner. ​​​​”Our entire collection of products is in every Nordstrom home section, which allows our customers to experience Wild One in a very cohesive way.”

Wild One attributes its omnichannel strategy as a key distinguisher between its brand and other pet brands.​​ Having an omnichannel retail strategy provides more channels for customer purchase which drives sales and increases traffic.

wild one omnichannel marketing. petco partnership announcement


Customer-centric brands take steps to understand their customers and act on their wants and needs in order to drive profit for their business. Wild One prioritizes and focuses on the needs and wants of the customers. This means they are creating products that the customers want. Instead of creating products that they think customers may like, they instead say  “We need to be customer-centric now more than ever. This product has been something our customers have been asking for, and we don’t need to yell from the rooftops about it, but as long as our supply chain and operations are intact, it’s showing we will deliver on our promises to them.”

Below you can see how Wild One works to create products that their customers want. In the image below Wild One is announcing their new color “Spruce,” that their social media followers have been asking for.

wild one creating products in the color that their social media followers has been asking for

Customer Engagement

The brand works to connect with its customers in person. Having face-to-face and in-person interactions with customers creates brand loyalty. This is because customers feel more connected to your brand.

They have hosted events like the Dog Day of Summer Party where 800 people and 250 dogs showed up. This was Wild One’s way of creating a space where individuals could come and socialize without having the worry of leaving their pet/s at home. They have also hosted pop-up shops and participated in many events as a way to create a meaningful connection with their customers. “We get really excited about creating spaces where people and pets alike are welcome. Owning a dog can be very social and community-oriented, and we want to create opportunities for these types of experiences.”

Minimalist Aesthetic

Did you know that “during a survey conducted in 2020/21, it was revealed that Millennials represented the biggest share of pet owners in the United States (32 percent)?” The brand is unique compared to other brands as they try to keep up with a minimalist aesthetic compared to other pet brands. Wild One focuses on creating minimalist products that are aesthetically pleasing not only for your pets but for the pet parents. “Wild One, the pet brand created to appeal to design-conscious, millennial dog owners, has expanded its retail presence to Target stores.” They avoid typical patterns often used for pets and instead opt for a more simple and sophisticated design.

In the image below you will see that their products are simple and all cohesive. There are multiple colors to choose from so the products you buy can all match. There are no harsh designs or patterns.

wild one product image

After pay

Wild one has decided to adopt the after-pay method for their consumers so that they would not miss out on any sales. The company has since noticed that sales using Afterpay have jumped 50% in the last two weeks. Since updating their advertising to focus on essentials, they’re using creative that promotes Afterpay to alleviate up-front costs to customers. The company typically does not offer this type of payment method or sale but they made an exception so that their products were more accessible for people amidst the pandemic.

Wild One Making An Impact

Aside from their functional, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable products Wild One donates a portion of their proceeds from every purchase to support pet rescues. In partnership with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, Houston Pets Alive!, and Black Dog Animal Rescue they support the rescue of pets. Wild One’s involvement with animal rescues also makes the brand more appealing to customers, as many customers choose to support and buy products from a brand that supports a greater cause over those that do not.

They help with problems and bring awareness to issues like spay and neuter education, overpopulation, animal abuse, abandonment, and the most recent issue post-pandemic abandonment. Did you know that “Shelters in New York and Los Angeles are nearing capacity as more and more people who got pets during the pandemic are dumping them as the world inches back to normal?”  This is becoming a big issue as we near the end of the pandemic and our lives return to a sense of normalcy. Wild Ones works to educate pet owners about the issues and bring awareness to these topics.

wild ones impact

Wild One’s New Mission: A Dog A Day

Aside from their current activism with several pet rescues and shedding light on important pet topics, in 2022 Wild One will launch a nationwide program in partnership with up to 6 animal rescues, with the goal to rescue 1 dog a day by 2024. To learn more about their initiative and mission learn more here.

wild ones new mission: a dog a day

Company Growth

Wild One attributes a huge part of its growth and success to its omnichannel retail marketing strategy. This allows them to meet customers in-stores or online and provides additional channels for customer purchases. They have launched their products in popular stores which have helped the brand to reach a wider audience and make their products more available and accessible for their customers. Wild One’s marketing strategy and techniques have allowed the company to triple its revenue and customer base since its launch in 2018.


Wild One is a pet lifestyle brand that launched in 2018. Wild One’s Omnichannel marketing allowed the company to increase brand awareness and achieve wider availability for their customers. It has gained partnerships with major retailers and also some independent retailers. Wild One’s marketing strategy has allowed the company to triple its revenue and customer base since its launch. Their brand aesthetic and functional pet products are designed with a function-first perspective for an affordable price. They create pet necessities like adjustable dog leashes, water-resistant dog beds, and healthier treat options for your pets.

The brand’s involvement and activism with animal rescues also make the brand more appealing as many customers choose to support a brand that supports a greater cause.

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