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Steps To Set Up Mail Merge With Gmail and Google Sheets

Sending personalized emails can be long and tedious, but there is a way to send multiple emails simply with Gmail and Google Sheets. Most importantly, you can do it for free.

Here are the steps to using Mail merge with Gmail and Google Sheets:

1. Copy this Google Sheet created by Google Developers

This sheet is will have the Mail Merge option next to the Help section.

Google sheet


2. Fill out the rows with the information you want to send (you can change the variables)

These variables will be the ones that will be imputed in your emails

For this example, we use these variables:

Sheet example


3. Go to your Gmail and draft your email.

Include the variables that you want to include using this structure {{Variable}}.

Email draft

Tip: It’s important to correctly match your variable, or it will not work. So, it’s recommended to copy & paste from your sheet or vice versa when it comes to handling your variables.


4. Click Mail Merge then it will ask for you to authorize your account.

When you first click on it, an error message will show. Don’t worry. This sheet is created by Google, so it’s safe to proceed.

Error message


5. Go then to Advance and allow it to connect with your Gmail account.

You’ll get a security email from Google in your mail.

security email


6. After, go back to mail merge again and click Send Emails

sending email with mail merge


7. You’ll be asked for a subject line. You will have to fill it out

To match the email you just drafted, put in the corresponding subject line in Google Sheets.

inputting subject line


8. Once you type/paste the subject in, click Accept and the information in your sheet will be used in your emails.

If you didn’t have a time and date you want your email to be sent, it will be sent immediately.

email sent column


9. Go to your Gmail and go to “sent”

You will see all the emails you sent using Mail Merge.

sent emails


Bonus: Scheduling your emails with Google Sheet’s Mail Merge option

In some cases, you want to schedule certain emails at a specific time to increase open rates.

To do this, you have two options:

Adding a Specific Code

This first option requires you to edit the script associated with the Mail Merge Sheet.

First, you have to go to Tools then go to Script editor.

finding script editor

Afterward, you copy this code from the section Scheduling/triggering bulk emails and paste it into your Sheets code.

code to add to script editor


This will allow you to schedule your emails once you add the code.

Download a Mail Merge Add On

The second option is easier especially if you are unfamiliar with coding. Add-ons make things simpler.

There are many options to choose from and Mail Merge add-ons have small differences, but they should have similar functions. In our case, we used an add-on call Mail Merge with Attachment.

Note: Unlike the first option, using this add-on has a quota of 25 emails sent per account. You can send 400 emails per day if you buy the premium version.

Once you download this onto your sheet, you’ll have to activate it by allowing it to edit your sheet.

Then you will click on it again and click on Create Sheets. This will create columns similar to the mail merge sheet that Google created but with a Schedule column.

mail merge with attachment example


You can create or remove columns depending on the variables you want to include in your emails.

After you do that, you’ll click on the add-on again then go to Configure Mail Merge.

configuring email


There you’ll have options to add a Sender’s Name and even track it with Google Analytics.


Next, you have an option to choose using a Gmail template you created as long as you choose the correct subject line.

Gmail option

The other option is to write a template in HTML.

HTML option

Both options work as long as the corresponding variables match the columns in your sheet.

Note: With scheduling, you need to make sure your Google Sheets is calibrated with your time zone. You can do this by going to File => Spreadsheet Settings => set it to your corresponding time zone.



With these steps, you’ll be able to use Mail merge with your Gmail and send multiple personalized emails. I hope these steps will help you start your email campaign or improve your current email campaigns.

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