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How To Use SpyFu: 9 Data & Insights for Google Ads and SEO Success

If you are looking to explore how to use SpyFu and how you can use data and insights for your Google Ads campaigns and SEO, then this is the article for you.

The current digital marketing scene is very competitive, and that’s why staying ahead of the industry is crucial. One way to keep up with the trend is by using powerful tools and platforms that can provide valuable insights about your competitors. SpyFu is a great tool to use when you want to get competitor analysis and other helpful data insights. Another thing that makes it even greater is you can use SpyFu to improve your Google Ads campaign and SEO strategies overall.

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What is SpyFu?

SpyFu is a tool that you can use for competitive analysis, keyword research, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign optimization, and SEO. It offers a huge set of valuable data and insights that can help businesses improve their online presence and outperform their competitors. Some of its key features include:

  1. Competitor Analysis: SpyFu allows you to spy on your competitors’ Google Ads campaigns and SEO strategies, uncovering their most profitable keywords, ad copies, budget allocation, and website optimization.
  2. Keyword Research: You can discover valuable keywords for your own campaigns, including long-tail keywords that may be less competitive but highly relevant to your niche.
  3. SEO Insights: SpyFu provides SEO metrics and backlink analysis to help you enhance your organic search rankings.
  4. PPC Competitor Research: Gain insights into your competitors’ PPC strategies, including their ad spend, ad history, and ad variations.
  5. Ad Monitoring: Keep track of your competitors’ ad performance over time and receive alerts when they launch new campaigns.

Why Use SpyFu For Google Ads And SEO

With SpyFu, you can gain a deeper understanding of your competitors’ marketing strategies. You can see which keywords they are bidding on, the ad copies they are using, how their campaigns are performing, and how their pages are ranking. This information is invaluable for crafting more competitive and effective ad campaigns. SpyFu also enables you to discover new keywords that you can target for your ad campaigns and websites. You can identify high-performing keywords and optimize your ads and website accordingly. This ensures that you are bidding on the most relevant and profitable keywords for your business.

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How To Use SpyFu

Now you understand what SpyFu is and how you can use it as a tool, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started:

Step 1: Log In or Sign Up for SpyFu

Go to SpyFu log-in page or sign-up page if you haven’t already signed up for a SpyFu account. They offer a variety of subscription plans to choose from, so pick the one that suits your needs.

SpyFu pricing tier comparison

Step 2: Enter Your Competitor’s Website URL

After logging in, you should be redirected to your dashboard. Enter the website URL of the competitor that you want to see and click “Search”.

Enter competitor URL on SpyFu overview search box

If you have been running your Google Ads for a while, you can check your competitors from your account. To check, go to your Google Ads account. On the left vertical menu, click “Campaign” then “Auction insights”. Here you’ll see a list of competitors that compete for the same keywords on Google Ads.

Go to Google Ads account and check auction insights

You can also look at your possible competitors by using SpyFu keyword research. Click on “Keyword Research” on your SpyFu dashboard and input your main service or keyword, then click “search”.

Enter main service or keyword for SpyFu keyword research

Scroll down and you should see businesses advertising the same services you offer.

Most successful advertisers and their best ads SpyFu dentist Data

Then scroll down more and you will see here all competitors ranking on Google Search results. You can use their website URLs and check their data and insights.

Organic search ranking analysis data from SpyFu

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How To Use SpyFu’s Data And Insights For Google Ads And SEO

Once you click “search”, you should be redirected to all the data available for your competitor. Using SpyFu’s data and insights is a great strategy to follow when making informed decisions on your Google Ads campaigns. Here are some data and insights that can benefit your ads:

  1. Monthly Domain Overviewspyfu monthly domain overview for dentistYou can see here how many organic and paid keywords their website is ranking or targeting. The graph gives you an insight if they are heavily investing in organic traffic or paid traffic. In the graph above, we can conclude that they focus more on organic traffic.
  2. CompetitionCompetition SpyFu data for dentistIf you scroll down, you will find other competitors that are also competing for the same keywords. You can analyze each competitor and gather data about most of their marketing strategy. Just click “view all competitors” to see more of this.
  3. Competitor Shared KeywordsCompetitor shared keywords for aspendental.com from SpyFu data and insightsHere you can find how many organic and paid keywords are unique to each competitor and how many same keywords they are competing with. Hover your cursor over the circles to see this:
    How to use SpyFu competitor shared keyword Venn diagram
    You can also click on these boxes to see full details of core keywords, questions, missing keywords, etc. This is also a good way to get keyword ideas as you will see which keywords are your competitors using. For example, if we click on “core keywords”, you should be redirected to “kombat” tabs. Just scroll down to see these keywords:
  4. Top KeywordsTop keywords data from SpyFuNow scroll down and you should see aspendental.com’s top keywords for organic and paid search. Just click “View all…” so you can see the full keyword report. You can also see here how many clicks they get from organic traffic and the CPC that they set for their ads. You can use this data to compare it to your Google Ads campaign CPCs and your SEO strategy.
  5. Top Pages
    Top pages dentist data from SpyFu
    Scroll down again and you will see the top pages or landing page that gets the most traffic and clicks. Just click “View all top pages” to see more of this.
    This is also a great way to check how the competitors layout their website pages and their contents. You could get ideas here and improvements that you can apply to your own website pages.
  6. Top Google Ads Buy RecommendationsTop Google Ads buy recommendation data from SpyFuBelow you can see some keywords that Google Ads recommends. If you don’t know which keywords to add to your Google Ads campaign, you can use this data and apply it to your campaigns. You can also check which competitors target these keywords, just hover your cursor over the colored circles under “competitors who bought”

    The blue bar that you can see is a rating that will help you weigh the strength of each recommendation. Again, you can get some ideas here that you can apply to your campaign or website. Click “see all recommendations” to get more of this information.

  7. Google Ads HistoryGoogle Ads history data from SpyFu
    Here, you can see your competitor’s Google Ads history. Check their ad copies, how many clicks they get for each keyword, etc. You can also get an estimate on how much they spend on their Google Ads, just multiply their “clicks/mo” by “cost/click”. Click “view full Google Ads history” to see the full report.
  8. Newly Ranked Keywords
    You can also see some newly ranked keywords that you can apply to your SEO strategies. 

    Adjust date range for newly ranked keywords on SpyFuYou can change the date range of the data by clicking on the dropdown icon.

    Newly ranked keywords data from SpyFu

  9. Inbound Links (Backlinks)Inbound links data from SpyFuHere are some inbound links information that you can apply on your own website.

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Using SpyFu’s data and insights is a powerful way to boost your digital marketing efforts, especially on Google Ads and SEO. By gaining access to valuable competitor insights and optimizing your campaigns accordingly, you can improve your ROI and outperform your competitors in the ever-evolving landscape of online advertising. Take advantage of this integration to stay ahead and drive your business toward digital marketing success.

If you want to learn how to improve your Google Ads, we have an article here about Google Ads optimization tips and tricks to improve your campaign strategy. You can also schedule a free consultation with our marketing digital experts today!

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.