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Google Ads for Urologists – The Ultimate Guide for Successful Marketing for Urology Clinics

Google Ads is the digital marketing platform you want to use for your urology clinic or urology practice if you want to see immediate results from an advertising campaign. This is because Google Ads are great at generating traffic to your website without having to wait until you rank organically. With Google Ads, these will most likely be high-quality leads or potential patients, who are looking for the services or treatments your clinic has to offer. Apart from driving traffic sales to your medical practice both online and in-store foot traffic, it will help bring more brand awareness to your clinic and create engagement.

Google Ads for Urologists

1. What are Google Ads?

Google Ads (previously known as Google Adwords) is an online advertising program that utilizes the Pay Per Click (PPC) format to attract potential customers to your business in the digital marketing landscape. You can often see these Google Ads as “Sponsored’ or “Ads” on top of the results page when you search for something on Google.

1.1 How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads works when you create a Google Ad that targets keywords relevant to your business. If someone on Google searches a specific term or keyword, such as “urologist”, any ads targeting keywords in relation to that search will trigger Google ads to show up on that person’s search. With the PPC format, you only pay when your ad gets clicked on.

In Google Ads, there are different types of ads you can run, but the most popular are the following:

  • Search ads: This involves inputting multiple headlines and ad copy to let Google automatically test and choose the winning combination for your ad. Search ads will also target searches based on unique search terms and the most relevant landing pages.
  • Display ads: These types of ads are usually shown on websites or other online platforms that use eye-catching images and ad copy.
  • Video ads: If you have high-quality video content for your business, you can run video ad campaigns on YouTube or on other websites and apps that use Google video partners.
  • Shopping ads: These types of ads are created with the product as the main focus of the campaign, and they are the perfect type of ad to run if you have an e-commerce business, where you want to sell products or inventory.

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2. Google Ads vs. SEO for Urology Clinic

As we mentioned earlier, Google Ads utilizes the PPC or pay-per-click strategy of digital marketing to get immediate results and drive high-quality traffic to your business the moment your Google ads are created and published.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO on the other hand, is a long-term strategy that requires a lot of effort to maintain and improve your rankings on search engines, and it can take from weeks to more than eighteen months before you see results and rank high, due to the large competition on the internet and the complexity of SEO’s accurate and measurable results. SEO is a good marketing strategy to utilize for your business when you target a smaller collection of keywords and long-tail key phrases at a time.

With Google ads, you are guaranteed your ad will appear on the top of the search page when keywords from your campaign are triggered, resulting in more sales, leads, conversions, and the chance to stand out from your competitors.

examples of ppc for urologists

Only when you master search engine optimization, will it deliver consistent organic results over the long term, lasting authority, and a loyal audience that will stay with your brand, setting you up for long-term success in the digital landscape.

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3. Creating Google Ads for Urologists

Before starting, you want to first create an account on Ads Google and then sign in to click on “Start now”

creating google ads for urologists

Once you are logged in you will see your Google Ads dashboard. Go on “Overview” then click on “New Campaign” to create your Google Ads for Urologists.

creating new campaign for urologists

3.1 Campaign Objective

Select “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance” if it’s your first time creating Google Ads for urologists. Later on, we will be able to clarify and set up the objectives of your campaign as we go through each section.

without a goal campaign guidance objective

3.2 Campaign Type

Next, you want to click on the “Search” type campaign, and this is the most beginner-friendly option for first-time Google ad creators.

choosing search campaign type for urologists

3.3 Campaign name

You can skip the next section, and move on to naming your campaign. For this example, we will name this campaign “Google Ads for Urologists“, and then click “Continue“.

campaign name for urologists

3.4 Bidding Settings

For our bidding strategy, we will focus on “clicks” as our main focus. You can always decide to set a maximum cost-per-click limit to have more control over your bidding strategy, but for this example, we will leave it unchecked.

bidding settings for ppc campaign urologists

What makes an effective bidding strategy?

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3.5 Campaign Settings

For our campaign network settings, we will leave “search network” and “display network” unchecked. Leaving the search network unchecked assures you that your Google Ads for urologists will not show up on searches from Google’s partner sites that may be irrelevant to your ad and services. We will also leave the display network setting unchecked, due to this feature being more beneficial for ads that rely on and utilize high-quality images to advertise their products and services.

campaign network settings for urologists

3.6 Location and Language Settings

Select “enter another location” and choose the specific area you want to target for your business. If your clinic or practice is within Los Angeles, California, type it in the search bar and click enter.

Make sure “presence or interest: people in, regularly in or who’ve shown interest in your targeted locations” is selected. This assures you that your Google ads will only be shown to people who are interested in your services and are within an area they are willing to travel from.

location options of presence or interest for ppc

When setting up your location, you can even target more specific areas for your ad to be shown, by entering a location within a specific mileage or radius.

Below is an example using the “Advanced search: Location” feature, targeting a wide range within the Los Angeles area. On the right side of your screen, you will get a preview of the areas your ad is currently targeting.

los angeles urologists location setting using miles or kilometers

For this example, we’ve selected our Google ads for urologists to be shown within the 20-mile radius of Los Angeles, CA using the “Advanced search: Radius” setting. Again, with this feature, you will get a preview on the right side of the screen showing you the areas you’ve targeted on the map.

When setting up your location settings, depending on your target goals, you want to set up a bidding strategy where the CPC or Cost-Per-Click will adjust to a lower value, the further away it is from your clinic location.

los angeles radius setting location for urologists

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Audience Segments

Considering that we are creating Google ads for urologists campaign, we can skip the audience segments part. If you have a different business niche, you can click on the options available on the left side of audience segments, and add it to your campaign. Always make sure the “observation” option is selected so you can adjust your bids based on selected segments.

audience segments set up for urologists

Additional Settings

Google’s new feature on Google ads allows you to set up your broad match keyword, but this is more efficient with smart bidding. since we selected a search type of campaign, we can skip this and move on to other settings.

settings campaign ppc urologists

4. Ad Groups

4.1 What are ad groups?

Simply put, Ad groups are like containers in your Google ads campaign, where you organize different keywords under a common theme. You can also have one or more ad groups per campaign, and these ad groups are categorized into different products or services offered by your business.

Ad groups are a part of the Google ads account structure, which are organized into 3 layers:

  1. Account
  2. Campaigns
  3. Add groups

The overall structure of your Google ads will impact how search queries trigger your ads, your quality score, and your ability to manage your account.

4.2 Ad group for Urologist Practice

In this section, you will need to set up your ad groups for your campaign. As we mentioned earlier, these are keywords that should be grouped under one theme of your campaign.

Name your ad group, then enter a URL website in relation to your industry and the products or services you want this specific ad group to focus on. The website can be your competitor’s website, and products or services can be specific keywords such as surgeries for your urology practice. Once you have all this information, click on “get keyword suggestions”.

keywords and ad group for urologists

Here is an example of our Ad group for Google Ads for Urologists, focusing on services, treatments, or surgeries offered by Urologists.

keywords and ad group for urologists example

5. Keywords

When you click on get keyword suggestions, you will see a list on your keywords text box with terms in relation to the information you inputted for ad groups.

keywords in text box for ad group ppc urologists

You want to make sure all keywords are relevant to what your business actually offers, so click on “View” and unselect any that are irrelevant.

adding more keyword suggestions to ppc for urologists

Once you are happy with your keywords, you want to categorize your keywords into different keyword match types.

5.1 Keyword Match Types

Keyword Match Types help drive more traffic toward your website using key terms relevant to keywords found in your ads, and they can be either Broad Match, Phrase Match, or Exact Match types.

Broad Match keywords can be misspellings, related searches, and other relevant variations

Phrase Match keywords include a phrase in relation to that keyword, or close variations of that phrase. These keywords will usually be formatted into quotation marks (” “).

Exact Match keywords are searches of those exact terms or close variations of those exact terms, and these keywords are always formatted in brackets ([ ]).

To format or categorize your keywords into specific keyword match types, there are plenty of free tools like Keyword Match Type that can help you, instead of manually categorizing each keyword into each specific keyword match type.

When you have all your keywords in the right format, copy and paste them into the text box on your Google ads for urologists ad group keywords section.

categorising keyword match types for urologists

In the next, add your Final URL and Display Path. This is usually your main URL website and the display path can be specific services you offer, or keywords you want to get noticed from your ad.

final url and display path for urologists

6. Ad Assets

6.1 Headlines and Descriptions

Your headlines and descriptions are important when creating your Google Ads for urologists. This is because they will be the key features or key terms people will see in your ad.

For our Google ads for Urologists, we will be using 3 headlines, such as Urology Specialists, Patient-Centered Urologic Care, and the location. This is so people searching within the area are assured your practice is within reach or within travel distance from them.

headlines for urologists campaign

For the descriptions, you want to include short information that will grab the user’s attention. Here you can highlight the key benefits one can expect when receiving treatments or services from your clinic.

descriptions for ppc for urologist campaign

Once you have all your headlines and descriptions, you have the option to leave them as they are, or you can choose to pin specific headlines and descriptions to show up in a specific format on your campaign for Google ads for urologists. For example, you can choose to pin “Los Angeles, CA” from your headlines, to always show in position 3 on your ad.

pin option setting for headlines and descriptions on ppc campaign for urologists

To make your campaign for Google ads for urologists appear bigger and catch the attention of people online, you want to add assets such as sitelinks.

add sitelinks to urology ppc campaign

6.2 Sitelinks

Add up to 4 sitelinks to maximize the available space for your Google ads for urologists. When filling in the information for your sitelinks, you want to add a mini title or mini subheading, then add specific services or keywords for that subheading so people can instantly see from your ad that you offer the specific service they are looking for.

In this example, we used Female Urology as one of the sitelink texts, with keywords in descriptions lines 1 and 2. It’s essential that the final URL for each sitelink is a landing page relevant to the keyword it’s placed under.

adding sitelinks for cpc campaign for urologists

Once you’ve added all your sitelinks, you will see a preview of what your ad will look like on the right side of the screen, with both desktop and mobile view options available.

sitelinks for urology ppc campaign

6.3 Types of Ad Assets

Apart from using sitelinks as assets to link people to specific pages (or landing pages) from your website, and encourage conversion, there are other forms of assets (previously known as ad extensions) that you can add to your Google ads for urologists campaign.

  • Location assets are perfect to use for your ad when you want people to visit your business by showing your location, and other details such as your operating hours.
  • Call assets should be included in your Google ads if you want people to contact you. By adding a phone number they can call you or send a text message query.
  • Callout assets are another way to encourage customers to convert on your website, by adding additional text to your Google Ads, such as “24/7 customer support”.
  • Structured snippet assets can be added to your ad as additional information that potential customers may find very valuable, and this can be done by listing items or products and services.
  • Price assets should showcase the prices of your products or services, and this will allow people to directly browse from your ad.
  • App assets are recommended for those who want to encourage people to download their app, and these should ideally be available for tablets, androids, and iOS mobile devices.
  • Lead form assets are a good addition to include in your Google ads when you want to encourage people to submit their contact information in response to a product or service you offer.

7. Manual PPC

After setting up your ad groups for your campaign, your budgeting or manual PPC is the next section to set up. Based on the information Google has for your Google ads for urologists campaign, it will give you an estimate or recommended budget for your campaign, with a mini breakdown of what your average CPC or cost per click will be, your weekly cost, and expected weekly clicks.

On the right side of your screen, you will see what your current campaign optimization score is based on the keywords you added to your ad group, along with other statistics, like the average CPC for keywords in your ad group.

If you don’t like the recommended budget or don’t feel confident in the average daily budget suggested by Google, go ahead and click on “set custom budget”.

manual ppc for urologists campaign

This is one of the key features of Google ads that allow you complete control of your advertising campaign. Suppose you feel like the recommended budget is too high for a beginner. In that case, you can always customize your budget to a lower amount, and gradually increase your budget once you have data you can measure and analyze.

manual custom ppc budget for urologist

Publishing your campaign

When you are happy with your manual PPC section, click next. This will take you to an overview of the settings you’ve set up for your Google ads for urologists. If you are happy with your settings, go ahead and click “publish campaign” and you’re done!

ppc for urologists ready to publish

If at any point, you feel like you made a mistake when you were setting up your campaign, or you need to apply changes to your Google ads for urologists, you can easily do this by first going to your Google ads account.

Click on “campaigns“, then go to “Overview” and at the top of your screen, you will see “Enabled“. Click on the drop-down arrow next to Enabled, and select “Pause“.

Once you’ve applied your changes, you can change your Google ads for urologists back from “Paused” to “Enabled” for it to continue its run on Google ads.

how to pause a campaign for urologists

paused campaign for urologists

How to add additional assets on Google Ads dashboard?

To add more assets to your Google Ads for urologists, go to “Campaigns” and then click on “Assets“. Under “Associations” you can choose which type of asset you want to add.

adding additional assets to campaign for urologists

8. Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a great tool available on Google Ads to add additional keywords to your ad groups. To access this feature, go to “Tools” on your Google Ads Dashboard, then select “Discover new keywords” under “Keyword Planner“.

discover new keywords for urologists

In the text box, enter products or services that are related to your medical business. For this example, we used “urology surgery“.

keyword planner for urologist ppc campaign

Once you click on “Get Results”, Google will show you all keywords that can be added to your campaign in a table format. To add keywords from these suggestions to your campaign, select the keywords you want, then click on “More“.

keyword suggestions to add for ppc

Then, select “Add to account“.

how to add suggested keywords into campaign

This will give you the option to add it to the ad group of your choice, and the match type you’d like these keywords to be categorized in.

add suggested keywords to ppc campaign with ad group and match type settings

For this example, we will select the ad group “Urologist Services“, and then “Broad Match“. Then click “Add” and you’re done with keyword planner!

keyword suggestions in campaign for ppc urologists

8.1 Negative Keywords

Using negative keywords is one of the key optimization strategies you can use to improve your Google ads for urologists. To use this feature, go to “Search keywords“, and select the “Negative search keywords” tab.

search keywords in campaign dashboard

Click on “+ Negative keywords

how to add negative keywords on dashboard

For negative keywords, use free negative keyword tools and select the keywords that show up that are irrelevant to your Google ads for urologists campaign.

When you have your negative keywords, go ahead and add them to the text box. Free negative keyword tools will usually categorize these into respective match types. If not, go ahead and categorize these keywords using brackets for exact match types or quotation marks for phrase match types, then click “Save“.

copy paste negative keywords to text box ppc campaign

Your negative keywords should now be in your campaign and categorized into their respective keyword match types.

negative keywords added to campaign for urologists

9. What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page designed specifically for that niche service, with the main objective of convincing the viewer to convert. This can be through booking an appointment, filling out a lead form, and more. 

9.1 What makes a good landing page?

A successful landing page will have one clear message and one dominant CTA or Call-To-Action button present throughout the page. It should also address the user’s fear and hope (aka the problem and solution), and earn the user’s trust with key elements like the following:

  • A headline that contains the keywords of the product or service offered. It has to be attention-grabbing.
  • A hero image is the visual representation of your offer. This should be large, high quality, and relevant. 
  • Social proof or Testimonials that will help convince visitors.
  • Unique Selling Proposition that sets you and your offer apart from competitors.
  • Key Benefits or the solution you can provide to solve their problems.
  • Call-to-action buttons are the critical element for conversions.
  • Short Forms that don’t require the visitor to provide too much information.

Here is an example of a good landing page for a service or treatment by urologists, that utilizes a majority of the key elements for a successful landing page:

good example for urologists using keywords in headline and cta buttons

urologist example using usp and key benefits for ppc

urologists example using hero shot, key benefits and cta buttons

urologist example using social proof and testimonials

key benefits and additional information for solution to problem ppc urologists

clear use of cta buttons and accesability for urologists

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12. Medical Content: Important Advertising Restrictions

It’s important to be aware that when advertising through Google Ads, there is healthcare-related content that you can’t advertise and healthcare-related content that you can only advertise when certified with Google. It is also important to note that Google-certified advertisers can only target Google-approved countries.

You can promote your urology practice services, but there are certain keywords you cannot include in your ads. To ensure that your Google ads for urologists don’t get disapproved or blocked from Google, follow Google’s healthcare and medical policy.

Restricted medical content for Google Ads:

  • Specific prescription drug terms and sales
  • Unapproved substances
  • Experimental medical treatment
  • Cell therapies
  • Clinical trial recruitment
  • Specific healthcare-related services like abortion & birth control

11. Conclusion

Using Google Ads for Urologists will help you achieve your target goals of getting more patients, driving more traffic sales to your medical practice both online and in-store, and bringing more brand awareness to your clinic, which will set your business for further growth and success.

It is essential that you are familiar with not just creating a Google ads campaign for your urology clinic but also managing your campaign, and analyzing its performance to bring you the best results. At YoYoFuMedia, we have been successful at helping over 1,000 clients reach their advertising goals with Google ads, so if you’re having doubts, check out how we helped one of our clients grow their business with Google Ads on YoYoFuMedia’s Page.

If you need assistance running your Google ads for your urology practice or simply don’t have the time to set it up, our friendly team is here to help!

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.