Author: YoYo Fu

“Speak to YoYo Fu, he is a gun at implementation.” – Cat Howell
this button a/b test on shopify
Conversion Rate Optimization

How This Button Change Increased Our Client’s Revenue by 28%

Our hypothesis was that changing the button color to gold would make it stand out from the theme and eye-catching. It’ll subconsciously push the user to want to click that button and move forward with the checkout process. Our hypothesis was supported by the results of the test! As you can see A/B test showed that this change would increase revenue by 28%.

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Website Optimization

What’s an A/B Test?

“A/B testing is the method of comparing two versions of a webpage against each other to determine which one performs better.” How A/B testing works:

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Google Ads

How it all works!

Google Ads explained. Let’s use one of our clients. When someone around the irvine area searches, “Acupuncture irvine ca” or “irvine, ca acupuncture” or “get me

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