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TikTok Ads for Fertility Clinics – The Ultimate TikTok Guide for Fertility Specialists to Get More Clients

Advertising your fertility clinic through TikTok ads is one of the best ways to promote your practice. This is because creating TikTok Ads for fertility clinics will help you create engaging ads that will reach a wider target audience, giving you a competitive advantage over your local competitors. As a result, you will be able to drive more leads to your fertility website and bring more new potential clients to your clinic.

1. What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media app that allows users to create, watch, and share 15-second videos up to 10-minute long videos on any topic, usually shot on mobile devices or webcams. It is one of the most popular social media platforms to date, because of its highly addictive quality, high levels of engagement and it’s potential to reach a wider audience.

2. What are TikTok Ads?

TikTok ads are the online advertisements you can see from the social media app itself, and these are usually in video format. TikTok Ads can help businesses promote their products and services to target audiences by customizing ads to maximize impressions and gain plenty of leads for your fertility clinic as a result. TikTok Ads will consist of a structure with 3 organized layers: The TikTok Campaign, Ad Groups, and the TikTok Ad itself. 

2.1 TikTok Ad Types

  • In Feed Ads – These are created using TikTok Ads Manager.
  • Spark Ads – These boost organic content, and they don’t disappear once you stop paying to promote them.
  • TikTok Image Ads – These are still images that include the name of your fertility clinic.
  • Playable Ads – These are simple mini-games with the objective of creating engagement.
  • Shopping Ads – These use the main functions of video shopping ads, catalog listing ads, and live shopping ads.
  • Topview Ads – These are similar to PPC (Pay Per Click) and are only available when a brand or business closely works with a TikTok sales representative.

3. Why TikTok Ads for Fertility Clinics?

  1. Advertising on TikTok is one of the most affordable ways to promote your brand, product, or service.
  2. TikTok trends can help maximize the exposure potential of your fertility clinic.
  3. You can customize your ads to create more engagement, making it easier to reach your target audience.
  4. Advertising on TikTok isn’t a complicated process.
  5. Posting fertility clinic-related videos can help drive sales.
  6. You can collaborate with TikTok content creators to increase engagement with your target audience.

4. CRM Process for TikTok Ads 

Implementing TikTok Ads for fertility clinics has many advantages, but the most important factor is to have an effective customer relationship management or CRM process. This will involve your sales or front desk tracking and auditing on how fast they call back leads that come from browsing on TikTok. These calls will need to be managed by listening to them and holding the sales or front desk accountable every day, to avoid losing potential new clients.

If your fertility clinic does not have an effective customer relationship management or CRM process, we strongly recommend Google Ads for fertility clinics instead. This is because Google Ads works by targeting users actively searching for specific products or services, making these higher quality leads for your clinic. Yoyofumedia has helped more than a thousand clients achieve their target goals with Google Ads, so if this sounds like a better marketing strategy for your clinic, book an appointment or feel free to check out our success case studies on Yoyofumedia’s Page.

5. TikTok Video Examples for Fertility Clinics

Here is a TikTok video example of a fertility doctor or fertility specialist who uses some of the key elements needed to make effective and engaging videos, such as abiding by TikTok’s video specs, centering the captions and placing them on the video itself, using background music, and addressing the target audience’s problems and solutions in relation to fertility.


Hi TikTok! I’m Dr. Bayer – one of #CCRM New York’s Fertility Specialists. Follow me for more information on all things #fertility and infertility. #fertilitydoctor #fertilitytok

♬ Relaxing lofi music(1014185) – Akase

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6. What makes an effective TikTok Video Ad?

Creating a TikTok video that is visually entertaining, engaging, and informative is essential for your TikTok video ads to be effective. When you create your TikTok videos, you will want to create authentic content that highlights the benefits of going to your fertility clinic. The video does not necessarily need to be filmed with professional equipment, so you can use footage filmed with your smartphone, or even stock images and videos available online.

To help your videos feel more relatable and authentic for your target audience, add voice-overs or a voice narrative. These could be done by you, anyone who works in your fertility clinic, or even AI. You can also include exclusive online promos only available through the TikTok app to give you a competitive advantage over your local competitors and use trending sounds in your videos to grab and retain the attention of your target audience.

6.1 Key Elements for Effective TikTok Videos for Fertility Clinics

You will want to keep in mind some of the following key elements to make an effective TikTok video ad. This will help increase engagement and conversion from your potential new clients:

  • Abide by TikTok’s image and video specs.
  • Avoid ad fatigue by switching your ads every 7 days.
  • Capture the attention of the viewer in the first 3 seconds.
  • Limit the video length to 9 and 15 seconds and add background music.
  • Center all important elements in your video.
  • Use auto-captions on the video.
  • Include a compelling Call to Action.
  • Use TikTok Creative Center to discover trending keywords, top hashtags, and more.
  • Prioritize vertical videos (You don’t want your ads getting cut off at the margins).

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7. Creating your TikTok Business Account

“Log in” to your TikTok account if you already have one. If not, create a TikTok account for your fertility clinic by downloading the app from the Apple Store, from the Google Play Store, or by using TikTok’s desktop website.how to sign up for tiktok account to create tiktok ads for fertility clinics

Next, go to your account settings and “Switch to Business Account”.

switching to business account for tiktok campaign

After switching to a business account, you will need to access TikTok Ads Manager and select “Get started“ to start creating your TikTok ads for fertility clinics.

Tiktok manager for businesses

Select “Log in with TikTok”, then click on “Authorize” to be able to use TikTok for Business.

login to tiktok for business account

authorize business account for tiktok

Click the first box to agree with the TikTok Commercial Terms of Service, then select “Confirm“.

welcome to tiktok business and confirm

Enter your fertility clinic business information and make sure you tick the box at the bottom before selecting “Continue“.

business and industry details for campaign

Lastly, set up your billing information by selecting “Manual payment” and then select “Go to Ads Manager”.

setting up billing settings for tiktok business account

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8. Creating TikTok Ads for Fertility Clinics

Now that you’ve created a TikTok account and set it up ready to use for TikTok business and TikTok ads manager, select “Campaign” on your ads manager dashboard, then click “Create

creating first campaign on tiktok manager dashboard

To have more control over your TikTok ads for fertility clinics, select “Custom Mode

selecting custom mode on tiktok business for account campaign

8.1 Campaign Settings

Your campaign settings will allow you to customize your advertising objective, such as lead generation if you want to get more new clients, app promotion if you have a new app that you want to promote, or website conversions if you want to drive more traffic towards your fertility clinic site. For your TikTok ads for fertility clinics, go ahead and select “Lead Generation” then click “Continue

selecting lead generation option as objective for tiktok campaign

Next, enter your campaign name. For this campaign, you can use “Fertility Clinic Campaign”.

adding campaign name to campaign settings on tiktok

Then create your ad group name, such as “Fertility Clinic Services”

entering group name for campaign on tiktok

When setting up your optimization location settings, select “Instant Form” to collect leads through instant forms, instead of sending your leads to your website, since TikTok users usually prefer to have everything accessible within the app.

optimization location settings using instant for for tiktok

For your ad placements, enable all options. This will encourage more impressions and conversions from your TikTok Ads for fertility clinics.

placement settings for tiktok campaign

Next, skip the audience targeting settings. You will want to focus on your demographic settings. Click on “Bulk upload” underneath the location settings.

audience targeting for tiktok campaign

Enter the specific geographic location (or locations if you have more than one fertility practice) where your fertility clinic operates. When users search keywords or key terms like “fertility clinic near me” on the TikTok app, your fertility clinic will show up to those users who are within your chosen target demographics, increasing your click-through rate.

bulk location settings for tiktok campaign

Select the language you want your TikTok Ads to appear in. For this campaign, select “English”. If you want to select a different language, you will need to create a different campaign for each language.

english language settings for tiktok campaign

For your device settings, ensure that your TikTok ads are available to both iOS and Android devices by selecting “All”. Don’t forget to also select “All” for the connection type settings.

device settings for tiktok campaign

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8.2 Budget and Schedule

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, advertising on TikTok is more affordable than advertising on other platforms, and for your TikTok ads for fertility clinics, you can start by entering a daily budget amount of $40. Avoid entering a daily budget amount that is too low, since it could take longer to produce results and it could potentially risk your ads not getting enough leads.

You have the option to run your ads “All Day” every day, or you can choose to “Select specific time” so that your ads only run during your business days and business hours. This way your fertility clinic will be able to call leads within the minute.

budget and schedule settings for tiktok campaign

8.3 Bidding and Optimization

Since we already set up your optimization goal as “leads“, you want to select “Maximum delivery” as your bid strategy. This option will help your TikTok ads for fertility clinics maximize the number of leads it can get, instead of focusing on keeping an average cost around or lower than your bid, which will not give you new clients.

bidding and optimization settings for tiktok campaign

9. Ad Text for TikTok Ads for Fertility Clinics

We can now start creating the creative ad text for your TikTok ads for fertility clinics. First, enter your ad name. For this campaign example, we will use “Fertility Health Services”.

fertility health services campaign name for tiktok

Next, create your custom identity. This is the username that users will identify your brand with. You can either choose to use your fertility clinic name or a creative name that includes the location of your practice, such as “@IrvineFertinityClinic”.

custom identity for fertility clinic using the text irvinefertilityclinic

Now you can upload your video ad by selecting “+Upload” or “+From library”. We recommend creating your TikTok ads video before creating your TikTok ad campaign so that you can implement all the key elements that make an effective TikTok ad video, which we mentioned at the beginning of this article.

uploading creatives or video to tiktok campaign

After uploading your video to TikTok ads manager, enter your ad text. Use keywords that will grab the attention of your target audience, address their fears and solutions, or both, but most importantly, it should encourage a conversion action.

Ad text you could use for your TikTok ads for fertility clinics is ” Overcome PCOS with our state-of-the-art fertility treatments!”, then skip “Smart Text” suggestions, and edit your call to action settings instead. You want to skip the smart text settings because it can provide inaccurate suggestions that may not help support your TikTok ad efforts.

campaign creative text for fertility clinic on tiktok

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9.1 Call To Action Settings

Your call-to-action settings are a critical step when setting up your TikTok ads for fertility clinics since this is the step that will help convert your leads into patients. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, your TikTok ads will need extra effort to nurture and convert leads, and by adding CTAs you will reinforce your ad text and encourage conversion.

For your CTA settings, you can choose between “Dynamic” and “Standard”. When selecting the “Dynamic” CTA option, it means that it will automatically show a different CTA text for each user on the app.

call to action dynamic settings for tiktok campagin

If you select this CTA option, ensure that you only tick the text options applicable for your TikTok ads campaign, such as “Learn more” and “Book now”.

cta text options for tiktok campaign

If you select the “Standard” CTA option, this means that only one CTA text will appear to all users. Select an option such as “Contact us” to encourage users to call your fertility clinic and inquire more about your services or treatments.

standard cta settings for tiktok campaign

9.2 Interactive Add-Ons

You will want to add interactive add-ons to your TikTok ads for fertility clinics because it will encourage conversion actions, This is due to the fact that interactive add-ons allow you to include display cards that highlight important messages, or drive traffic by sharing exclusive TikTok offers.
Select “+ Create” to add an interactive add-on or click “+From Library” if you want to use an image you already have. You could also use the logo of your fertility clinic as your display card image.

create interactive add ons for tiktok campaign

Next, choose the type of display card you want in your TikTok ads, then add the details of your TikTok exclusive offer. An example of an offer you could include is an offer of “10% off” for their first fertility clinic treatment. Encourage your viewers or target audience to take action by adding a description like “Limited time only”  and by including a CTA button, such as “Book Now”.

adding interactive display card for 10 percent discount

9.3 Instant Form Settings

Instant Forms is another feature you want to add to your TikTok ads for fertility clinics. This is because instant forms can help your target audience learn more about your fertility treatments and services. It will also allow your target audience to directly contact you by calling or booking an appointment.

When choosing your instant page settings, select “Classic Form”

classic form option for tiktok campaign

Enter the required details, such as the name of the form, the language and then select your form type. You want to select “More volume” as your form type because it’s quick to fill out, and it will prioritize getting a higher volume of leads.

If you want to select “Higher Intent” as your form type, we highly recommend Google Ads for Fertility Clinics instead.

classic form volume settings for tiktok campaign

For your introduction settings, keep them disabled.

introduction settings for tiktok campaign

Next, you will need to enter the purpose statement of why you are collecting personal information from your target audience. Then select the information you will need, such as nameemail, and phone number.

purpose statement settings using name email and phone number

To better understand the needs of your target audiences, you can include custom questions such as “Multiple choice” questions or even “Appointment Scheduling”.

custom questions settings for tiktok campaign on instant form

Aside from the purpose statement, you will also need to enter your privacy policy details, such as your company name, and the link to your privacy policy.

privacy policy settings for tiktok campaign

Lastly, include a thank you screen. Include a headline, like “Thank you for your response”, followed by a description that encourages a conversion action, for example, “Tap the button below to learn more about our fertility services and schedule a “Free Online Consultation”. Then add the remaining details for your thank you screen such as the button text and website URL. Remember to use a button text that aligns with what’s in the description, in this case, the button text should be “Free Online Consultation” and the website URL should take the viewer or user to the landing page for the free online consultation.

thank you screen added for tiktok campaign for fertility clinic

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9.4 Payment Settings

We are almost finished setting up your TikTok ads for fertility clinics campaign. When selecting “Manual payment” as the billing information, it means that you will need to add a balance to your account, for example, $40.

adding a balance of 40 usd for tiktok campaign

Choose your payment method from the options available, and then enter your details.

choosing your billing payment method on tiktok campaign

Lastly, you will need to fill out this form regarding your business or fertility clinic registration information, and you are done! Congratulations!

company registration for tiktok campaign

10. Best Practices for TikTok Ads for Fertility Clinics

For your TikTok Ads for fertility clinics, consider applying these practices to make your ads more effective in helping you gain more new potential clients for your clinic.

10.1 Ad Groups

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, your ad groups are part of your TikTok Ads campaign. One of the best practices we recommend implementing for your TikTok ads for fertility clinics is creating multiple ad groups. Customize each ad group, like your target audience, demographics, ad spending, ad placement, and target bids, to help your TikTok ads drive more traffic toward your fertility clinic.

Creating multiple ad groups will also help you analyze your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to see which ad groups are performing better than others so that you can continue to optimize them to help you get more new clients for your clinic.

10.2 Plan Your Content

Before filming and creating your TikTok ads for fertility clinics, you will want to plan your videos ahead. This will should involve scripting and creative planning, so you can incorporate key elements in your video ads to make them more effective.

As you plan your content, you will also want to do some keyword research so that you have a better understanding of what your potential clients are mainly searching fertility clinics for. This will also help you create effective hooks to use at the beginning of your videos, which should grab the attention of your target audience within 3 seconds, and trigger a personal response. Practicing these tips for your TikTok ads will help avoid being scrolled down, and losing the interest of your potential new clients.

Additionally, you will also be able to use these keywords in your short scripts, which you can include in the captions, video text, hashtags, and even the title of your video. To help attract and retain the attention of your viewers, add trending sounds using the TikTok Creative Center, and include questions in your script that encourage some form of engagement from your viewers.

10.3 Video Footage and Editing

As we mentioned earlier, filming your video footage for your TikTok ads for fertility clinics with your smartphone is fine. As long as the video isn’t blurred, it abides by TikTok’s image and video specs, and has good quality audio, it can be used as ads on the app.

When you film your video ads, focus on showcasing your expertise as a fertility doctor or a reproductive endocrinologist, your credentials and you could also include testimonials from previous clients who have been extremely content with the service provided by your fertility clinic.

Make it an objective to create TikTok ads that will leave a lasting impression on your target audience, so that people will remember your fertility clinic, and are encouraged to engage on your TikTok ads by commenting, or making a conversion action. As a result, it will increase the chances of these users becoming high-quality leads, bringing your fertility clinic more new clients. You can support these efforts with editing techniques, music, transitions, movement, text, and more!

10.4 Email Sequences

Email sequencing is another way to support your TikTok ad efforts because it will help promote your clinic, and increase customer retention and engagement inquiries. You can send your automated series of emails to TikTok Ad leads through your instant form or instant page, or offer discounted promos through these email sequences, which will encourage your leads to go to your fertility clinic website, and finish the conversion journey.

There are different email sequences you could choose from, such as onboarding email sequences, feedback email sequences and upsell & cross-sell email sequences, but we recommend implementing welcome email sequences and lead nurturing email sequences instead.

Using welcome emails is great for introducing your fertility clinic and its services to your leads while lead-nurturing emails will help nurture and convert your leads into new clients.

11. Conclusion

Advertising through TikTok Ads is a great way to bring more new clients to your fertility clinic if you want a more affordable way to promote your practice. It’s important to implement key features and elements discussed in this blog post when creating effective TikTok Video Ads to grab the attention of your target audience and encourage engagement to gain more leads for your fertility clinic. It is also imperative to have a CRM or Customer Relationship Management system in place, to nurture leads coming from your TikTok Ads, and further support your TikTok Ad efforts.

Lastly, you want to apply some of the best practices mentioned in this article to your TikTok Ads for fertility clinics, to help optimize your TikTok ads campaign and bring you more new clients.

If you feel like you don’t have the time to continuously manage and optimize your TikTok ads, we can help. Book a free consultation with us and let our team of experts help you.

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.