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TikTok Ads for Dog Training – The Best Guide for Dog Trainers To Get More Customers With TikTok Advertising

Do you want to boost your online presence on social media and gain more new customers as a result? Then TikTok Ads is the answer you are looking for. Creating TikTok ads for dog training businesses is one of the best and most affordable ways to promote on social media. It will give you a competitive advantage over your local competitors, because TikTok Ads will help create engagement, boosting your online presence and driving more leads to your dog training business.

1. What are TikTok Ads?

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms to date because of its addictive quality, while TikTok Ads are video online advertisements on the app that usually promote a product or service. It is one of the most popular ways to advertise your business because of its wide reach potential, leading to high levels of engagement which can maximize impressions, helping your dog training business get more new customers.

2. Why TikTok Ads for Dog Trainers?

Many businesses have now transitioned to advertising through TikTok Ads because it has allowed them to implement a full-funnel campaign on the app, resulting in a strong positive impact on their performance outcomes based on their ads, such as brand awareness, traffic, and conversions.

Advertising through TikTok ads is also more affordable than other social media apps. It can drive sales to your dog training business by posting related videos, boosting online visibility, and creating engagement. You can also customize your ads on TikTok to target specific audiences based on different factors like age, gender, and demographics. Additionally, advertising through TikTok is a pretty straightforward and uncomplicated process.

3. TikTok Ad Types

There are a variety of ad formats you can choose from for your TikTok ads, such as the following:

  • Topview Ads
  • In-Feed Ads
  • Spark Ads
  • TikTok Image Ads
  • Playable Ads
  • Shopping Ads

The most premium ad format is topview ads, similar to PPC or Pay Per Click. To use this ad format you will need to work with a TikTok sales representative. Other popular ad types used by businesses are in-feed ads, which are usually created with TikTok Ads Manager, and they usually have a prominent CTA button, perfect for businesses that want to gain new leads or drive traffic to their site. Spark ads are another popular ad format used by businesses when they form partnerships or collaborations with content creators. This ad format is great for boosting organic content that you want to use as ads.

Does TikTok Ads sound like the perfect advertising strategy for your dog training business?


4. TikTok Business Account

To create your TikTok ads campaign, you first need to create a TikTok account. You can create an account by downloading the app from the Apple Store for iOS devices, or the Google Play Store for Android devices. You can also create an account using  TikTok’s desktop website. Once you are on the app, “Sign up”. If you already have an account, simply click on “Log in”.

how to sign up for tiktok ads for dog training services

Then, go to your account settings and select “Switch to Business Account”.

switching to business account for tiktok campaign

When you are done creating your TikTok account and switching it to a business account, you want to access  TikTok Ads Manager and click on “Get started”.

Tiktok manager for businesses

Select “Log in with TikTok”.

log in to tiktok for business

Then, “Authorize” your TikTok account to use it for TikTok for business.

authorize business account for tiktok

Agree to TikTok’s commercial terms of service by ticking the box before selecting “Confirm” to link your account.

tiktok for business account

Next, enter your dog training industry details.

enter business and industry details for campaign

Then set up your billing information by selecting “Manual payment” before clicking on “Go to Ads Manager”.

setting up billing settings for tiktok business account

Don’t have the time to set up your TikTok Ads?


5. Create Your TikTok Ads Campaign for Dog Trainers

The first step was creating a TikTok account for business. Our second step is creating your TikTok campaign for your dog training business.

On your TikTok Ads Manager dashboard, select “Campaign“, then click “Create” to get started.

creating first campaign on tiktok manager dashboard

Choose “Custom Mode”. This setting will allow you more control over your campaign settings, in comparison to choosing “Simplified Mode”.

selecting custom mode on tiktok business for account campaign

5.1 Campaign Settings

For your TikTok ads for dog training, select “Lead Generation” as your advertising objective since we want to gain more new customers for your dog training business.

selecting lead generation option as objective for tiktok campaign

Next, enter your campaign name. For this example, we can use “Dog Training Services” as the campaign name. Then keep the following options like “Create split test”, “Campaign budget optimization” and “set campaign budget” disabled.

adding campaign name to campaign settings on tiktok

Enter your ad group name, for example, “Dog Training Programs”

entering group name for campaign on tiktok

Then, choose “Instant Form” as your optimization location settings. This is the option that will allow your TikTok ads for dog training to collect leads through instant form. If you want to select “Website” as your optimization location, we strongly suggest changing your advertising objective from lead generation to website conversions.

optimization location settings using instant for for tiktok

For your ad placement settings, make sure all options are enabled, just like in the image below. These settings will help your TikTok Ads for dog training services to encourage more impressions and conversions.

placement settings for tiktok campaign

The next setting is your audience targeting. Skip the Saved audience setting and move straight to Demographics, then enter the locations you want your ad to target.

For your Gender and Age settings, ensure that you select “All” for both settings.

audience targeting for tiktok campaign

To optimize the demographics of your TikTok ads, click on “Bulk Upload” then enter the specific target locations you want to include. Make sure that the locations you enter are locations where your dog training business operates or where the dog trainers of your business can travel. Optimizing your demographics or location settings will allow users who search “dog training near me” to find your TikTok ads, increasing the likelihood of these users becoming customers for your business.

bulk location settings for tiktok campaign

Choose the language for your TikTok ads for dog training. If you want your ads to also appear in a different language, we suggest creating a completely new campaign for that language, then skip the remaining settings in this section.

english language settings for tiktok campaign

You want your TikTok ads for dog training to be available for both Android and iOS users, therefore you want to select “All” for your operating system, as well as the connection type, carriers, and internet service provider.

device settings for tiktok campaign

Do you want your TikTok ads to help bring more website conversions instead?


5.2 Budget and Schedule

Advertising through TikTok Ads is one of the most affordable ways to promote your dog training business in comparison to other platforms, so you can start with 25 USD as your daily budget. We don’t recommend starting with a daily budget lower than that amount, since it could cause your TikTok ads for dog training to produce slow results, and could even risk your ads not getting enough leads.

For your Dayparting settings, you can select to run your ads “All Day“, although we would recommend choosing “Select specific time” instead. This way you can run your ads during your business hours and your sales or receptionist can call these leads within the minute.

budget and schedule with dayparting settings

5.3 Bidding and Optimization

For your Target CPA settings, you want to keep it as it is. This way, your campaign will be able to focus on maximizing getting as many leads as possible, based on your daily budget.

If you decide to enter a value for your Target CPA, it will limit the performance of getting leads for your TikTok ads for dog training.

bidding and optimization with target CPA setting on tiktok campaign setup

6. TikTok Ad Text for Dog Trainers

Now we can start creating the ad text for your TikTok ads for dog training. Start by entering your ad name, for example, “Leash Training Program”.

entering creative name for tiktok campaign on dog training program

Next, create a custom identity. You can come up with a unique name that users on the app will identify you with, or you can use your dog training business name. For this example, we will use “@ProDogTrainers” as the custom identity.

enter custom identity name for dog training business campaign on tiktok

Now you can add your video by selecting “+Upload” or “+From library”. Make sure you have your video ready for posting instead of creating one as you create your TikTok campaign. This is because it can be time-consuming and you don’t want to rush creating a TikTok video ad that won’t bring you leads. Having a video ready to upload that contains key elements to make it effective (which we will discuss in this article later on), will help your TikTok ads for dog training gain more new leads for your business.

uploading creatives or video to tiktok campaign

Then, enter your ad text. Since we named this ad “Leash Training Program”, you can use an ad text to support this, for instance, “Leash Training Done Right with Our Dog Training Program!”

You will also see a preview of what your custom identity and ad text will look like when users see the ad on the app.

text caption for dog training business campaign on tiktok

Note: Use ad text that grabs the attention of your target audience or use ad text that addresses the user’s problems and solutions, to encourage a conversion action.

Do you need help with the creative aspects of your TikTok Ads for Dog Training?


6.1 Call To Action Settings

When creating your TikTok ads, it is imperative to include CTAs to nurture and convert any leads that come from your TikTok ads for dog training. When adding your CTA, choose between Dynamic or Standard.

When selecting the “Dynamic” setting, it will show the users on TikTok the different CTA text options you chose for your TikTok ads for dog training. To select your dynamic CTA text options, click on “View selected text”.

call to action dynamic settings for tiktok campagin

Only select the text options that apply to your dog training business, for example, “Learn more” or “Get quote“.

cta text options for tiktok campaign

When selecting the “Standard” setting, instead of having different CTA text options, it will only show one CTA text, so choose only one option.

standard cta settings for tiktok campaign

6.2 Interactive Add-Ons

Interactive add-ons is a great feature to add to your TikTok ads for dog training campaign because they can encourage users on the app to convert by using online promos or discounts. The interactive display card can also highlight important messages you want your target audience to know.

To add this feature, select “+ Create”.

create interactive add ons for tiktok campaign

Then, choose your display card variation. Each variation will require different information, but for now, select the first option, then add the necessary discount card details, such as the description and call to action. For this example, you can follow the example below, which offers a “10% off” discount, with a “Limited Time Only” description and a “Book Now” call to action. Don’t forget to add the display time. Use a minimum of 5 seconds.

adding a display card with 10% off for tiktok campaign

6.3 Instant Form Settings

Just like interactive add-ons, adding an instant page or instant form to your TikTok ads for dog training is another great feature to add, because it will help you collect personal information from new leads, to have a better understanding of their needs and how your services can help them. Additionally, instant pages is where leads can directly book an appointment or consultation for the dog services you offer.

For your TikTok ads campaign, select “Classic Form”.

instant page forms available for tiktok campaigns

Then, enter your instant page name, and select the form language.

Make sure that for your form type settings, you select “More Volume”, since it will prioritize getting as many leads as possible.

If you’re interested in targeting “Higher Intent” rather than “More Volume”, we recommend using Google Ads for Dog Training instead of TikTok Ads. This is because Google Ads is the platform that costs more per click but will get you higher-quality leads.

classic form volume settings for tiktok campaign

Disable your introduction settings and more on to the next section.

introduction settings for tiktok campaign

You will need to enter the reason why you are collecting personal information from users under “Purpose Statement”

purpose statement settings using name email and phone number

Then, choose the personal information you will need from your leads, such as Name, Phone Number, and Email. You can also add custom questions, where you can inquire about information regarding their dog for the leash training program, such as the “Dog’s name, age, breed” and if they are up to date with their vaccines.

adding custom questions for dog training tiktok campaign using classic form

You will also be required to enter your privacy policy information, such as the company name, and the privacy policy link.

privacy policy settings for tiktok campaign

Last but not least, set up your thank you screen. You will need to include a headline, a description, a button text, and the website URL.

For example, you can use a headline like “Thanks for your response!” and a description like “Tap the button below to learn more about our Dog Training Programs and get a “Free Quote”. Then include a button text that supports your description, in this case, “Free Quote” which will be the CTA button. Make sure that the website URL is the landing page for the free quote being offered in the thank you screen.

thank you screen for free quote for dog training campaign on tiktok

Not sure how to optimize your interactive add-ons and instant forms to increase lead conversions?


When you are done adding your instant form, the next step is to set your tracking settings. This is only optional, so you can choose to skip this step.

tracking options for ppc campaign on tiktok

6.4 Payment Setting

In our earlier settings, we selected “Manual Payment” during the billing setup. With this setting, it is required to add a balance amount to your account.

adding balance of 25 usd to account on tiktok

Then, choose your payment method and enter your payment details.

choosing your billing payment method on tiktok campaign

Lastly, you will need to fill out the business registration form. Enter all the details required and then you’re done! Congratulations! You have now finished creating your TikTok ads for dog training.

company registration for tiktok campaign

7. What makes an effective TikTok Video Ad?

TikTok can generate business impact across various critical dimensions such as Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), sales efficiency, incremental sales, and offline sales, and according to TikTok, one of the most critical elements to experience success when using TiTok ads is the creative.

A creative TikTok ad video will be able to effectively grab the attention of your target audience within 3 seconds. A TikTok Video ad should be visually entertaining, engaging, and informative to avoid being scrolled down and to help drive new leads for your dog training business.

You won’t need expensive or professional equipment when creating your TikTok ads for dog training since filming your videos with your smartphone is more than good enough. If the content is of a good enough resolution and has good-quality audio, then it can be used as TikTok ads, but more importantly, it should look and feel authentic. Focus on showcasing the benefits of your dog training services, for instance, highlighting before and after the progress of previous dogs you have trained with your programs.

7.1 Key elements for an effective TikTok Video Ad

There are many key elements you will need to consider before filming your video and while you edit your content. You don’t necessarily need to use all elements but consider implementing a combination of these. It will help your TikTok ads for dog trainers have an effective copy that targets the right keywords, and it will help your video ads be engaging and entertaining for your target audience, bringing you new leads as a result.

  1. Add background music.
  2. Include a good copy in your description with the right keywords.
  3. Use auto-captions on the video.
  4. Include a title in the video cover.
  5. Include a compelling Call to Action.
  6. The minimum video resolution should be 720p.
  7. Abide by TikTok’s image and video specs.
  8. Center all important elements in your video.
  9. Avoid ad fatigue by switching your ads every 7 days.
  10. Grab the attention of the viewer in the first 3 seconds.
  11. Avoid creating a video ad longer than 34 seconds.
  12. Research trending keywords, top hashtags, and viral music on TikTok Creative Center.
  13. Prioritize vertical videos to avoid your ads getting cut off at the margins.

8. TikTok Video Examples for Dog Training

Our first TikTok video example uses a very effective hook at the beginning of the video. It starts with “If I could only teach you one dog training tip for the rest of my life, it would have to be this one” and then continues by explaining the actual dog training tip. It follows TikTok’s video specs, uses an effective hook, and also includes captions and text in the video, which has allowed this video to gain very high levels of engagement of likes, comments, saves, and shares, and has more than 2 million views.

Our second TikTok video example showcases the long-term benefits of discipline in dogs with dog training. Just like the first video example, it abides by TikTok’s video specs, but the difference to the first example is that it uses background music, uses different angles to film the video footage, and also uses captions in the video itself. It also includes keywords in the description, along with relevant hashtags, and these elements have helped this video gain very high levels of engagement, and more than 28 million views.

9. Best Practices for TikTok Ads for Dog Training

9.1 Ad Groups

When you create your TikTok ads for dog training business, your ads will be organized as part of a 3 layered structure. This will consist of your TikTok Campaign, your Ad Groups, and the TikTok Ads. You will want to create multiple ad groups so you can customize each one to target specific objectives. These could be demographics, ad spending, ad placement, or target bids.

By creating different ad groups for your TikTok ads campaign, you will be able to switch your ads every 7 days to avoid ad fatigue. This strategy will also help you find out which ads are performing well, and which ads are not performing well and why, by analyzing your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) so that you can optimize them to bring you more new leads for your business.

Additionally, having multiple ad groups in your TikTok campaign will help drive more traffic to your dog training business. For instance, you could have an ad group for “puppy training”, another for “behavioral modification” and another for “basic commands”.

9.2 Plan Your Content

An important step that is crucial before you film your TikTok video ads, is the planning stage. You need to plan what you want to include in your videos, like how you want them to be edited, how you envision the video ads to look like, what exactly will you be filming, and other aspects like the scripting of your videos and your keyword research. Knowing or having an initial idea of what you want in your videos will help you during the editing step to include key elements (like centralized text or captions) that will help make it an effective video ad.

It is also important to do your keyword research so you understand exactly what your target audience is actively searching for, like “obedience training” or “how to train a dog to walk on a leash”. It will also help you during your scripting process, so you can create effective hooks to use at the beginning of your videos, and grab the attention of viewers within 3 seconds. When creating your TikTok ad scripts, keep them short but consider creating a few variations that either address the user’s problems and solutions or trigger a personal response or both. It will significantly help your TikTok ads for dog training avoid being scrolled down.

When implementing your keywords from your keyword research, don’t stop with the ad script. Include these keywords in your captions, video text, hashtags, and the title of your TikTok video ad. Also, use the TikTok Creative Center page to help you find background music or trending sounds to help support your keyword efforts in attracting and retaining the attention of your target audience. Ultimately these elements should work seamlessly to encourage some form of engagement from your target audience, or better yet, to make a conversion action by clicking on your CTA.

Don’t have the time to plan and research for your TikTok Video Ads?


9.3 Video Footage and Editing

As mentioned earlier, you can film your TikTok ads for dog training using your smartphone. This also applies when editing your TikTiok video ads. You don’t necessarily need advanced software to edit your videos, and you can use apps like CapCut or InShot which have all the basic editing tools, or even the TikTok in-app editing tools, which many content creators use. Make sure that your video follows TikTok’s image and video specs, and the minimum quality resolution to avoid your videos being disapproved for TikTok Ads.

When filming your video footage, you can showcase your dog training services and highlight the benefits of your dog training business, through transformational videos of before and after results from previous customers or pet owners. You can also include feedback or testimonials from current and previous customers who are happy with the training their dogs received.

When editing your video, you want your final video to leave a lasting impression on your target audience. You can do this by using different editing techniques and transitions, including text in your video, adding captions, and even descriptions. This way your target audience on the app will remember your dog training video, and your dog training business, and will be encouraged to engage with your TikTok ads either by commenting, liking, sharing, saving, or even making a conversion action by requesting a quote estimate. Users who engage with your TikTok ads will also have the potential to become high-quality leads, giving your dog training business more new customers.

9.4 Collaborate with Creators

A great way to boost your dog training business exposure and brand credibility is by collaborating with content creators. It will allow you to reach a different audience specific to the content creator’s following, and in turn will increase your social media following, allowing more opportunities for conversions and sales. When you want to boost these organic videos, you can use them as Spark Ads for your dog training business, which will benefit both your business and the creator. You will need to consider the following factors before collaborating with content creators:

  • Reach out to UGC (User Generated Content) creators to promote specific products from your dog training business.
  • Reach out to influencers to promote your dog training programs.
  • Develop a detailed campaign plan.
  • Identify and reach out to the right creators for your business.
  • Give the creator artistic freedom when creating content but give guidelines on what you want to see in their videos, and what they shouldn’t do.
  • Set KPIs or Key Performance Indicators so you can analyze how they performed in promoting your dog training business.

9.5 Email Sequences

Including email sequences as part of your marketing strategy will greatly help with your TikTok ads for dog training efforts. Having automated emails for your target audience will help promote your dog training business to increase customer retention and engagement inquiries. You can also offer discounted promos or packages through these emails to help drive more traffic to your website, encouraging them to finish the conversion journey. You can send these emails when you collect a lead’s personal information through the instant page from your TikTok ads.

There are a few email sequences you could choose from, for example, onboarding emails, feedback emails, and re-engagement emails, but we strongly recommend using the following instead:

  • Welcome email sequences – These allow you to directly welcome new subscribers. You can also introduce your dog training services through these emails.
  • Lead nurturing email sequences – These help nurture and convert your leads into paying customers, and implementing these types of emails will greatly support your TikTok ads for dog training.
  • Cross-sell email sequences – If you want to promote or market other products or services that are more expensive for your customers, such as “specialized dog training”, then you will want to include this type of email sequence.

9.6 Customer Relationship Management Process

For your TikTok Ads for dog training to be effective in bringing you new leads for your business, you will need a CRM or customer relationship management process. Having a CRM process to support your TikTok Campaign is critical. This involves the process of holding your sales or receptionist accountable for all calls coming from your TikTok Ads. These will need to be listened to and managed by tracking and auditing if these leads are being called within the minute, to avoid risking the loss of potential new customers.

If your dog training business doesn’t have a customer relationship management process, you can consider Google Ads for Dog Training instead, since this digital marketing tool targets high-intent users actively searching for specific dog training services or dog training programs. This also means that they are higher-quality leads. We have helped more than 1,000 clients with Google ads and TikTok Ads, so if you don’t have a CRM process to support your TikTok Ads for dog training efforts, you can read how we’ve helped our clients succeed with Google Ads on YoYoFuMedia’s page.

10. Conclusion

Using TikTok Ads to promote your dog training business is one of the most effective yet affordable ways to advertise your dog training services. For your TikTok ads for dog training to be effective, you will need to implement a variety of key elements and best practices discussed in this blog post, to help grab the attention of your target audience within 3 seconds and to encourage conversion from your TikTok Video Ads. You can also collaborate with content creators to increase your audience reach and increase sales, but most importantly you will need a customer relationship management process to support your TikTok efforts, by nurturing and converting leads into customers.

If you feel like you may not have the time to manage and optimize your TikTok ads for dog training services, we can help! Schedule a free consultation with our team of experts so you can focus on providing the best dog training services for your customers, while we focus on bringing you more new customers.

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.