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RankTank Keyword Position Tracker – Easy Step-by-Step Guide

With RankTank Keyword Position Tracker, you can easily monitor your rankings on the SERP. It is a free tool that will be emailed for you to download to your Google sheets.

RankTank is an SEO tools website that offers many other services like unlinked brand mention finder and a bulk keyword search volume tool. These are also downloadable Google sheets. RankTank does have premium services where one can sign up for monthly subscriptions to allow for more freedom and features with their tools.

How to Use RankTank Keyword Position Tracker

To begin with, downloading your new keyword tracker you must already have a Gmail account to download the Google Sheets. Then you can visit RankTank, click “Free download,” and enter your name and email address.

RankTank Keyword Position Tracker

After that, you will be sent an email and should click on “Make a Copy of the Google Legacy Sheet.” Now you will have access to start tracking your rankings in the SERP.

RankTank Keyword Position Tracker Google Sheet

Within this Sheet you need to fill out:

  • Your domain, region, language, and device
  • Keywords
  • Your SEMRUSH API key (if you have one) on the settings page of the sheet, so you can see the monthly search volume (MSV)

RankTank Add a Keyword

To add a keyword, double click on a cell in the keyword column. From there, type in your desire keyword and go down the column entering all the ones you would like to track.


As you add them in, RankTank will run on its own to tell you what your rank is.

Once all your information has been entered you can click run to see where you are ranking!

In addition to seeing your ranking for each keyword, you can see:

  • Ranked URL
  • Who is ranking above you
  • Who is ranking below you
  • Who is ranking number 1 for that keyword
  • Your indexed title and meta description

Your ranked URL is which URL is ranking for the keyword. For example with our keyword, yoyofumedia, our URL yoyofumedia.com is ranking for it.

Ranked URL

Next in the “Who’s right above you” section, we only have one for the keywords we inputted. The rest are blank since we rank at the top spot for those keywords. In this “Who’s right below you” column, you can look at all the URLs in the SERP that are directly below yours. With our yoyofumedia keyword, our LinkedIn page is ranked below our website.

Ranking Above and Below

The next column on RankTank is the “Who ranks number one” section. You can use this to compare your content and see where there are any gaps in information.

Ranking Number One

The last two columns of information for your inputted keywords are your indexed title and meta description. This will allow you to see what Google has indexed for your content.

Indexed title and meta description

If you purchase SEMrush or upgrade RankTank, you will go to the Settings sheet to add in your API keys. On this page, you also have the option to be taken to their websites to upgrade your subscriptions.

SEMrush and RankTank API

Overall, the RankTank keyword position tracker is a valuable free keyword tracking tool. It is simple to use and easy to implement for your content.

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