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Google Ads for Hematologists – Ultimate Guide for Blood Disorder Doctors To Obtain More Patients and Increase Their Revenue

One of the most powerful tools in digital marketing that Hematology Specialists can benefit from is Google Ads. This online advertising platform is one of the most effective ways to reach a wider range of people, allowing potential patients to find you. This is because, with Google Ads, your visibility is increased, therefore leading to more traffic, leads, and conversions.

With Google Ads providing you with powerful dynamic targeting, an increase in online presence,  and measurable data and insights, your medical practice for hematologists will likely gain more new patients and a higher (ROI) return on investment!

Google Ads for Hematologists

1. Why Google Ads?

Google Ads, also known as Google Adwords is the top digital marketing platform for PPC or Pay-Per-Click Marketing. Whether you want to target a specific location, demographic, or even other available options in Google Ads, this platform utilizes powerful targeting capabilities to help you find the right leads for your medical practice.

With Google Ads, you will also have access to available data insight that is measurable and trackable, which will help you optimize your online marketing strategy to continuously improve your Google Ads campaign for a better performance that will give you the results you want.

1.1 How Does Google Ads Work?

Google Ads works based on a bidding system, where you decide the maximum bid you are willing to pay for a click on your ad. In short, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

With the PPC system, Google Ads also works by placing your page at the top of the search results of a user’s search query, therefore increasing your website’s visibility, and leading to more traffic and high-quality leads and conversions.

examples of sponsored content for hematology medical practices

2. Google Ads for Hematologists

2.1 Creating Google Ads for Hematologists

Prior to creating your Google Ads campaign, you want to make sure you have some research ready so that creating your ad will be a smooth process. Some of the research you should have are the keywords you want to bid on, which is what triggers your ad to come up in the search bar, and which bidding strategies you want to implement.

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If this is your first time creating a Google ads campaign for your medical practice, follow this step-by-step guide.

First up, you want to go to Ads Google and click on “Start now”.

starting campaign of google ads for hematologists

Next, you will be asked to “Sign in”. If you don’t already have an account with Google Ads, simply enter your email address to Sign up.

singing in for ppc campaign

Once you’ve logged in to your Google Ads account, you will find yourself looking at your Google ads dashboard. Click on “Overview“, then select ” + New campaign“.

starting new campaign for hematologists

3. Campaign Settings

3.1 Campaign Objective

When creating our Google ads campaign, you want to select “create a campaign without a goal’s guidance” as the campaign objective. This is because as we set up our campaign settings later on we can customize exactly what we want to achieve with our Google ads campaign through the implementation of strategies.

campaign objective for medical practice for hematologists

3.2 Campaign Type

For the campaign type option, select the “Search” type. This is because the search type campaign is the most ideal for beginners, and specifically for those in the medical practice industry.

search campaign type for hematologists

3.3 Campaign Name

For this example, we will name our campaign as Google Ads for Hematologists.

ppc campaign name for hematologists

3.4 Bidding Settings

This next section is where we can select what we want our ad to focus on. Since we are going to utilize the PPC format, select “Clicks” as the bidding focus, then click “next”.

bidding settings for ppc campaign for hematology care

3.5 Campaign Network Settings

For our campaign network settings, although both options that we can see from the image below are good features for Google ads, we need to consider what we want to target, the type of campaign we have selected, and of course our spending costs.

For our Google Ads for Hematologists campaign, we will not be including either “Google search partners” or “Google display network”. This is because using the Google search partners feature will allow your ad to show up in Google’s other search partners, but it may not bring you leads and conversions which is our main target for this campaign.

We will not be using the Google display network either, because this type of ad relies on large, high-quality images to advertise your Google ads, and will typically show up as banners on other websites and digital platforms.

campaign network settings for hematology specialists

3.6 Location and Language Settings

The location settings is where you can start implementing one of your strategies, such as targeting a specific location.

To do so, simply select “Enter another location” and then type in the city, region, or postcode of the area you want to target. You want to make sure that you select the location area where your medical practice is located.

If your medical practice is based in Los Angeles, California like our example below, it will show you an estimated number it can reach.

location settings for hematologists ppc campaign

For more advanced features, you can click on “Advanced search” and select the “Radius” setting, then enter your location area and type how far from your business you want your ad to show, which can be done using the miles or kilometers setting. Since Los Angeles is such a big city, we will select the Radius setting and set up our location within 5 miles of our target area.

location settings for hematologists using radius setting of 5 miles

Depending on how far your ad shows, you want to implement a location bidding strategy where the further the location is, the lower the PPC cost to avoid spending more on areas that people may not likely want to travel all the way from.

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Language Settings

The next section is pretty straightforward. Simply enter the language in which your medical practice operates.

If your clinic also offers services to those speaking a different language such as Spanish or French, and you want to target a specific community that speaks those languages, simply add the language in the text box and then click enter.

languages setting for ppc campaign for hematologists

Audience Segments

As a hematologist specialist or hematology practice, you can skip the audience segments section of your Google ads campaign if your practice deals with patients of all ages.

This setting would be beneficial for other physicians or specialists in the medical field who deal with specific age groups, such as pediatricians.

audience segments for hematologists

4. Keywords and Ad Groups

4.1 Ad Groups

The next section of our campaign settings is creating our ad groups. An ad group contains all your keywords which are usually grouped under one theme, and these keywords are the triggers that will make your Google ads appear on a user’s search result page. Your ad group will also contain all the information that a user will see from your ad, hence why setting this up correctly is essential.

4.2 Ad Groups Structure

Your Google Ads account will consist of key components that make it organized and work efficiently.

  • Your Account will contain all your important information, such as your business information, payment information, and personal details.
  • Campaigns are the next layer to your Google ads account structure, and this is where your ad groups are organized. In campaigns, you can only have one ad type (for example, Search Type), but you can have multiple ad groups within a campaign.
  • As we mentioned earlier, Ad groups will contain your ads and keywords which should be grouped by a theme.
  • The Keywords are the terms you want to trigger your ad to show up on the search engine results page (SERP)
  • Ads will be the actual copy of your Google ads campaign.
  • And finally, the Landing page. This is where your visitors will “land on” once they click on your ad.

Now that we understand the key components that make up a Google Ads Account Structure, let’s continue setting up our campaign for Google Ads for hematologists.

Name your Ad Group, and enter a URL (which can be your competitor’s URL website as an example). Instruction number 3 in the image below which involves entering products or services to advertise, is optional but it can also make your keywords for this ad group more targeted.

keywords and group for ppc hematology campaign

When you have your ad group name and website URL, click on “Get Keyword Suggestions”.

You will want to review these keywords and make sure each one is applicable to your ad group, and that each key term will be in relation to the Google ads campaign you’re creating.

When you are happy with the keyword suggestions from Google, you will need to categorize these into different keyword match types to ensure that your ad will be shown to your most relevant audience. Using keyword match types will also help you manage your ad spend.

4.3 Keyword Match Types

To understand keyword match types, first, we need to know that there are 3 different match types for Google ads as of 2023.

These are Broad Match, Phrase Match, and Exact Match, and each has a specific way of triggering your ads to show up on a user’s search page.

Broad match are terms that relate to your chosen keywords, and these can even include misspellings, but this specific match type will most likely have the highest reach but lowest relevance.

Phrase match are terms or queries that include your keyword in phrases, your keyword’s meaning, or close variations of that phrase.

Exact match are the terms or queries that must match your keyword or your keyword’s meaning. Although this match type has the highest relevance to your keywords, it is also the match type that will likely have the lowest reach in comparison to broad match and phrase match.

keyword match types for hematologists

Keyword Match Type Tool

To organize or categorize your keywords into specific match types, you can use free keyword match type tools.

When you have your keywords organized into their respective match types, copy and paste them into the text box on ad groups.

keywords in keyword match types for hematology clinic

When adding your keywords to your Google ads campaign, you want to consider if your keywords are high-intent keywords or low-intent keywords.

Depending on how your local competitors are bidding for keywords you will want to implement a keyword bidding strategy. If people are overpaying for lower-intent keywords, you want to target high-intent keywords and vice versa.

Having this type of keyword bidding strategy will help you adjust your bidding to avoid losses and wasting your ad spending.

How do I adjust my keyword bidding strategy for high-intent and low-intent keywords?

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Final URL and Display Path

In the next section of your Google ads for hematologists campaign, add your Final URL and display path. Your final URL will usually be your homepage and in the display path, you want to add specific keywords or terms that target the products or services you want to advertise.

final url and display path for hematology medical practice


When creating your headlines, you want to keep it short, punchy, and most importantly catch the attention of your potential patients. This is where you can choose to have headlines highlighting specific services your medical clinic offers.

hematology headlines for campaign


Your descriptions give you the chance to show what makes your business or medical practice special and how it’s different from your competitors. You can opt to only have 2 descriptions, but using 4 descriptions allows you to maximize the chance of your ad triggering more keywords at no additional costs.

Having more headlines and descriptions in your Google ads increases the opportunity for your ad to show up to more potential match search queries.

hematology descriptions for ppc campaign

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5. Ad assets

Ad assets are essential to have in your Google ads for hematologist campaign to maximize the performance of your responsive search ads, and increase visibility and prominence.

5.1 Sitelinks

One of the ad assets we will add to our Google ads for hematologists are sitelinks. Sitelinks act as the link to specific pages people can directly go to when they click on your ad, which ideally should be landing pages that encourage conversion from the visitor.

adding sitelinks for hematologist campaign

When adding sitelinks to your campaign, you will need to type in your sitelink text, and then add 2 short descriptions with a final URL for that specific link.

adding sitelinks for hematologist ppc

For our Google Ads for hematologists campaign, we decided to choose a specific condition that can be diagnosed by hematologists, followed by the treatments available for that condition in descriptions 1 and 2.

preview example of sitelinks for hematology ppc campaign

When you are done creating your 4 sitelinks, you will get the chance to review them before adding them to your campaign like in the following images below.

reviewing sitelinks for ppc

sitelinks for hematology campaign

5.2 Types of Ad Assets

As we mentioned, adding ad assets to your Google ads campaign will help with the performance of your ad, and increase its visibility on Google search results pages. Apart from sitelinks, here are other ad assets you can add for your medical practice campaign:

  1. Location assets will showcase your business location to people. This asset is ideal, especially for medical practices that want to increase patient volume and foot traffic.
  2. Call assets show a phone number wherein people can call or text messages to book appointments or for any queries.
  3. Callout assets like “Free Consultation” or “24/7 patient support” encourage people to convert on your website.
  4. Structured snippet assets can be listed items or products that people may find valuable.
  5. Price assets show the price of products or services from your ad, allowing people to directly browse from your ad.
  6. App assets are for encouraging app downloads. When using app assets, they should be compatible with the majority of devices in the market such as mobile phones, androids, and tablets.
  7. Lead form assets can be used to encourage people to submit information in relation to a service or product you offer.

6. Manual CPC

The next section in your Google ads campaign settings is your manual CPC (cost-per-click) or budgeting. Google Ads will suggest a recommended daily ad spending for your campaign, and you will also see a mini breakdown of what to expect from your chosen budget in terms of weekly clicks, weekly cost, and average CPC.

budget or manual ppc for hematology clinic

If the recommended manual CPC is higher or lower than your ad spending budget, you can always increase or decrease it depending on your target goals and bidding strategy.

ppc manual cost per click hematologist

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Before publishing your campaign, review all the details and settings you did. If you are happy with it, simply click “Publish Campaign” and you’re done!

ready to publish campaign

Managing your Google Ads for Hematologists campaign

If at any point during the run of your Google ads for hematologists campaign, you want to apply changes, or you want to implement bidding strategies, it’s important to pause your campaign when applying changes.

To do this, go to your Google ads dashboard. Select which campaign you want to make changes to, then click on the drop-down button where “Enabled” is, and then change it to “Paused“.

pause campaign for hematology

7. Keyword Planner

One of the best tools that Google Ads offers for your ads campaign is the keyword planner feature. The Google keyword planner allows you to access data and insights from historical trends for specific keywords, including their search volume over time.

Benefits of Keyword Planner:

  • Keyword Suggestions provides you with a wide range of keyword suggestions in relation to your niche or industry keywords.
  • Search Volume Data provides insightful data on the average monthly search volume for specific keywords to understand a keyword’s popularity and demand.
  • Competition Analysis is the metric that provides an estimate of the competition for each keyword.
  • Integration with Google Ads is seamlessly done, making it easier to incorporate your keyword research into your ad campaign.

To use this feature, go to “Discover new keywords” under the keyword planner tab in your Google Ads dashboard.

adding new keywords from keyword planner

Type in products or services in relation to your medical practice as keywords, then select “get results”.

keyword planner for hematologists

Your Google Ads dashboard will show you the suggested keywords from your search, and you will even see which of your previous keywords are already in your campaign, under Account status.

results from keyword planner for hematology campaign

To add keywords from the keyword planner, simply select the keyword you want, then click on “More” found at the top right corner, and then select “Add to account”.

how to add keywords from keyword planner suggestions

When adding these keywords, you can add them to either your campaign or specific ad groups, and you can also choose what match type you want them categorized in.

keyword to campaign or group for ppc

Once you’ve done these steps, your keyword from the keyword planner will be added.

adding keywords to campaign ppc

8. Optimizing your Google Ads Campaign

8.1 Negative Keywords

One of the best ways you can optimize your Google ads campaign is through negative keywords.

Negative keywords (which is another form of keyword match types) prevent your ad from being triggered by certain terms that are relevant to your niche and industry but are irrelevant to your ad, and the products or services you provide.

Adding negative keywords to your Google ads campaign will help your ad focus on keywords that matter for your ad campaign to bring you high-quality leads and conversions, resulting in a higher return on investment.

With negative keywords, you will also avoid your ad spending being wasted on unnecessary clicks that will not translate to new potential patients.

To use this feature, click on “+ Negative keywords” under the Search keywords tab.

negative keywords for hematologists

Before adding negative keywords to your Google ads, use free tools such as Negative Keyword Tool Pro to find out what irrelevant keywords in relation to your main keywords are triggered. You can also manually type in keywords that you want people to avoid clicking for in your ad.

keywords to negative keywords for hematologists

Your negative keywords are now added to your Google ads for hematologists campaign. To add more negative keywords, simply repeat the process.

negative keywords for campaign hematology

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9. Google Ads Ad Rank

What is Ad Rank?

Ad rank determines your ad position in PPC and it’s essential if you want your ad to be seen at the top of Google’s search results page.

To rank high, ad rank is calculated by the expected clickthrough rate (CTR), your ad relevancy, and the landing page experience, multiplied by the maximum bid you are willing to pay for the keyword or ad group.

The higher your Google Ad ranks, the more people your ad can reach, and with a higher rank, you will be rewarded with a lower cost-per-click value by Google.

ad rank for hematologists

10. Landing Page

A landing page is essentially a standalone page that has a clear purpose of convincing the visitor to convert through the means of key elements of a good landing page, such as multiple points of interaction and Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons.

Key Elements of a Landing Page

The key elements of a good and effective landing page will consist of a variety of the following:

  • Headline: The headline or title of a landing page should contain keywords of the product or service that is being offered.
  • Hero Shot or Image: This should be the visual representation that clearly communicates the product or service that you are offering.
  • Social proof or Testimonials: Having feedback in any format regarding your services will further convince the visitor to convert.
  • Unique Selling Proposition: This should be information that makes you stand out from your competitors.
  • Key Benefits: These can be what you can offer to the user, such as the solution to their fears or problems.
  • Call-to-action buttons are the critical elements for conversions, hence the importance of these to be dominant throughout the landing page.
  • Short Forms: These can be interactive ways of acquiring information in response to a product or service that you offer.

Now that we know what the key elements are for a good and effective landing page, let’s look at a landing page example that focuses on offering treatment by hematologists for a specific condition:

At first glance, this landing page is already actively using plenty of key elements to encourage conversion from the user, such as the main keyword in the headline, CTA Buttons, and a Hero Shot.

example for hematology anemia treatment

As we scroll down the landing page, it offers a supporting copy that isn’t too long, addressing the user’s fears and hopes with key benefits of the solution the user can expect from this service, along with more CTA Buttons to encourage conversion.

treatment for hematology example using cta button and key benefits

key benefits and unique selling proposition for hematology clinic

Another important element present in this landing page is the use of Social Proof or Testimonials not just from one patient, but from a few. In addition, they also have trust indicators by adding the information that they are “trusted by over 50,000 patients every month”.

social proof or testimonials for hematology

At the end of this landing page, it ends with a straightforward headline, again using the main keyword, with another CTA Button and hero shot to convey the easy access they can offer to receive a consultation through their app or simply with a mobile phone.

cta button for campaign

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11. Conclusion

Overall, if you really want your medical practice for hematologists to succeed in online advertising, the best tool available for you is Google Ads. It is the top-performing digital marketing platform for a reason, due to its dynamic targeting, traceability, and ability to help drive website traffic and foot traffic to your medical business. This in result turns to high-quality leads and conversions, resulting in the likelihood of you experiencing a higher ROI!

Google Ads will help your medical practice for hematologists not just reach a wider audience, but also bring in more potential patients to your clinic, and help your medical business grow and succeed!

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.