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Google Ads for Gastroenterologists – Ultimate Guide To Gain New Patients And Increase Conversions

Have you ever wondered which digital advertising tool would be the best for your Gastroenterologist Clinic? The answer you are looking for is Google Ads! Why? Google Ads for Gastroenterologists is the perfect PPC or pay-per-click marketing strategy to implement for your business if you want to drive more traffic to your website, reach out to more people, and increase the number of patients coming to your clinic both online and in-store to help your business further grow and succeed.

Google Ads for Gastroenterologists

Google Ads is a proven digital marketing strategy that helps medical practices like yours to reach specific target goals, such as getting more patients, and more appointments and calls for your clinic, by showing up at the top of Google search pages without having to wait before ranking organically. Still in doubt? Check out our successful case studies using Google Ads for our clients!

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1. How to create Google Ads for Gastroenterologists

If you are determined to also experience success in digital marketing with Google Ads for your medical practice, keep on reading on how to create your first Google ads campaign. Simply follow these instructions and you’ll have your google ads for gastroenterologists campaign running in no time!

To create your Google ads campaign, first create an account on Ads Google. Then click on “Start now” to sign in.

step one of creating google ads for gastroenterologists

You will then be redirected to your Google Ads account dashboard. Go to your “Overview” tab on the left side of the screen, then click on “+ New Campaign”.

creating new campaign on dashboard

Campaign Objective

We will select “create a campaign without a goal’s guidance” as our campaign objective. This will allow us to set up our campaign based on specific targets and goals for your medical practice.

choosing campaign objective for ppc

Campaign Type

We will be selecting the “Search” campaign type for our Google Ads for Gastroenterologists campaign, as this is the most beginner friendly when creating Google ads for the first time

choosing campaign search type for ppc

Campaign Name

You can skip the next section if you’d like, and go straight to typing in your Google Ads campaign name. For this campaign, we will be naming it Google Ads for Gastroenterologists.

campaign name for gastroenterologists

2. Bidding Strategy

The bidding strategy helps your campaign have a target focus. For this campaign, we will select “clicks” as our bidding strategy. This means that you will only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

bidding focus setting for gastroenterologists

3. Campaign Settings

For our campaign settings, there are two network settings we can choose from, either search network (which means your ad will be displayed in Google’s search partners) or display network (meaning your ad will be shown on Google’s display network).

For this campaign, we will not be selecting any of these two options. This is because we don’t want to unnecessarily waste our budget on clicks from Google’s search partners that may be irrelevant to your ad.

We will also not be selecting the Google display network, since this is more beneficial for ads that will heavily use high-quality images for their campaign.

campaign network settings for ppc

Location and Language Settings

For your location settings, choose the area where your business operates. Simply type in your location in the search bar, then select “target”. This target will also provide you with an estimated reach per location.

location settings for gi doctors

If you want to target a more specific location, you can use the “advanced search” feature and select either the “location” or “radius” setting.

With the radius setting you can control how far away from your location you want your Google ads to show, which can be set up using the miles or kilometers feature. With location settings, you want to implement a bidding strategy, where your bids will adjust to a lower CPC the further away the location is from your medical practice.

location and radius settings for gastro doctors

How do I implement an effective bidding strategy for my location settings?

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To finish your location settings for this campaign, double-check that “Presence or interest: People in, regularly in or who’ve shown interest in your targeted locations” is selected.

This is to assure you that your ad will only appear to people who are looking for your products or services and are within the location areas you’ve selected.

location presence settings for campaign

Then select your language choice for this campaign. If you want to target other communities within your location area that speak another language, for example: Spanish, you can go ahead and type in that language.

languages for ppc

4. Ad Groups

4.1 What are Ad Groups?

Ad groups keep all your keywords organized under one common theme and will usually contain one or more ads that share similar targets. These are usually organized into 3 layers: Account, Campaign, and Ad Groups to create your Google ads account structure.

Ad groups allow you to set a bid or price to be used when a keyword from your ad is triggered to appear on someone’s search.

Now that we know and understand the purpose of ad groups, it is clear that these are essential when creating an effective Google ads campaign to drive more traffic and leads to your website while increasing the number of conversions on your site.

4.2 Ad groups for Gastroenterologists

For our ad group, name your ad group and then enter a URL website within the same niche or industry that your business is in. You can use a website you may have used for research or even your competitor’s website.

When you have entered your URL and product or service to advertise information, click on “get keyword suggestions”.

groups for campaign gi doctors

4.3 Keyword Bidding

Once you have your keywords, select “view” and review all keyword suggestions.

You want to thoroughly review each keyword and decide if they are high-intent or low-intent keywords. This is because some keywords are more valuable than others, whilst others might be more competitive, therefore having a keyword bidding strategy will be essential to ensure your Google ad keywords are effective in giving you the results you want.

keyword suggestions for ppc for gastroenterologists

In this example, we will be unchecking keywords that don’t have such high intents for conversion, such as “female ibs symptoms” because people might be searching for keywords like these as part of research and not specifically for your products or services.

Remember that before deciding on your keyword bidding, you also need to consider how your local competitors are bidding. If people are overpaying for high-intent keywords, you want to target lower-intent keywords and if people are overpaying for low-intent keywords, you will want to bid more for high-intent keywords.

You will want to adjust your bidding strategy depending on all these factors to avoid losses during the run of your Google ads campaign.

Don’t know how to adjust your bidding strategy or simply don’t have the time?

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adding new keyword suggestions for ppc campaign

In this example, we will be unchecking keywords such as “female ibs symptoms” because people might be triggering these keywords as part of research and not looking for your products or services.

When you are happy with your keywords, use a free tool such as Keyword Match Type Tool to categorize them into either Broad match type, Phrase match type, or Exact match types.

5. Keyword Match Types

Keyword match types are essential for your Google Ads campaign because they dictate how closely a keyword or phrase needs to match with the user’s search query before it can be considered for the auction.

  • Broad Match is the default match type of all your keywords. These can be related searches, misspellings, and other relevant variations.
  • Phrase Match allows you to reach more searches than with exact match but fewer searches than with broad match. These will usually include keywords or phrases in relation to a specific keyword and are formatted into quotation marks (” “).
  • Exact Match keywords will show up on searches that have the same meaning or the same intent as the specific keyword, and these keywords are always formatted in brackets ([ ]).

Once you have your Google Ads for Gastroenterologists keywords formatted and categorized into match types, copy and paste them into the text box on Google Ads.

keyword match typle examples for gastroenterologists

Final URL and Display Path

This is where you will start to see your Google ad coming together. First type in your website URL in the Final URL text box, and then type in specific keywords for your ad group in the Display path.

final url and display path for gastro doctors campaign

Next up are your headlines. They are one of the first things people will see and read in your ad. You want to use key terms that highlight specific products or services your medical practice offers that will encourage people to click on your ad. You can have as many headlines as you’d like but keep each one of these to a maximum of 30 characters.

headlines for gastro doctors campaign

You want to always include descriptions in your Google ads because this information is what people will be able to read from your ad, so you want to highlight why they should click on your ad, and make your product or services stand out from your competitors.

descriptions for gastroenterologist services

6. Ad Assets

Ad assets, formally known as ad extensions, are additional information that can be read from your ad campaign. These work to maximize the performance of your Google ads for the Gastroenterologists’ campaign, therefore the more assets you add, the greater its visibility will be on the search results page. Here are the assets you can choose from to add to your Google ads campaign that can encourage interaction with your ad from the user, and increase your total number of clicks:

  • Location assets
  • Call assets
  • Sitelink assets
  • Callout assets
  • Structured snippet assets
  • Price assets
  • App assets
  • Lead form assets

6.1 Sitelinks

To make your Google ads for Gastroenterologists stand out even more, adding sitelinks will make your ad look bigger on Google’s search page and increase click-through rate. Sitelinks also serve the purpose of taking people to specific pages on your site (for example, a specific treatment).

sitelinks for gi specialists

When you click on “+sitelinks”, fill in all the text boxes. The Final URL for your sitelink should be a landing page from your website that will encourage the visitor to convert for that specific product or service.

adding sitelinks for ppc campaign

Here is an example of a sitelink for our Google Ads for Gastroenterologists campaign.

examples for sitelinks for gastroenterologist physicians

When you’ve completed this section, you will finally get to see a preview of what your Google ads for Gastroenterologists will look like on Google searches.

Your Google Ads campaign will now have features such as “sponsored” at the top of the ad, your website URL,  keyword headlines, informative descriptions highlighting key benefits, and even the sitelinks we just added.

preview of campaign for gastro doctor

If you can’t wait to implement more assets to your Google ads but your hands are full, schedule a free consult with us. We make it easy for our clients!

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7. Manual CPC

For your manual CPC or cost-per-click, google will either provide you with a recommended daily budget for your campaign based on their data, or you can manually enter your daily budget amount. If you decide to set a custom average daily budget, you can gradually increase it based on your target goals once you have data you can analyze and measure.

manual ppc or budgeting for campaign

Review Campaign

Before finalizing everything, you will have the chance to review all the details of your campaign before publishing it. Click on “publish campaign” when you are content with all the details and you are done!

publishing campaign for gi doctors

How to pause Google ads campaign?

If at any point that your Google ads for Gastroenterologists is running, you want to make changes such as changing your manual CPC, you want to first pause your campaign.

To do this, go to your Google ads dashboard, select “campaigns” then “overview“. At the top of your screen, you can change your campaign setting from “enabled” to “paused” and then it’s done! Simple right?

how to pause or inactivate ongoing campaign

8. Keyword Planner

One of the best tools you can use to add additional keywords to your campaign is available on the Google ads platform. Go to “tools” and select “discover new keywords” under “keyword planner“.

discover new keywords for gastroenterologists

Then type in any product or service in relation to your business and click “get results“.

adding more keywords to existing campaign using keyword planner

You will now have plenty of additional keywords you can add to your campaign suggested by Google. Keyword planner will even show you on the right side of the screen which keywords are already in your Google ads campaign.

keywords added through keyword planner for ppc

9. Negative Keywords

A key step that should not be ignored, and should definitely be implemented in your Google ads campaign, is negative keywords.

Negative keywords are key terms that your ad will NOT show up for, therefore you will avoid wasting your budget on clicks that will not convert to potential customers for your clinic or medical practice.

To do this, go to “search keywords” and click on “+ Negative keywords”.

adding negative keywords on ppc campaign for gastroenterologist doctors

To generate negative keywords, use free tools like Negative Keyword Pro and select the keywords that show up in relation to your keyword, but are irrelevant to the products or services you offer.

For example, when the keyword gastroenterologist is used, some keywords like “meaning“, “pronunciation” or “abbreviation” come up so you want to make sure your ad isn’t triggered by keywords like these.

Once you have your negative keywords, go ahead and paste them in the negative keywords text box, then click “save”.

negative keywords on text box for ppc campaign

And that’s it for negative keywords! Google ads will show you the negative keywords added to your campaign or ad group, and these should already be in their respective keyword match types depending on your negative keyword tool.

preview of negative keywords for gi doctors campaign

10. What is a landing page?

Simply put, a landing page is the “land page” where the user or website visitor is encouraged to take action and convert to a customer or patient for your medical practice. These should address the user’s problem and the solution you can offer with dominant CTAs or Call-To-Action buttons throughout the landing page.

Additional elements that make a landing page effective will include the following:

  • A clear headline
  • A hero image or video
  • Testimonials
  • A Unique Selling Proposition
  • Key benefits
  • Short Forms
  • Call-To-Action buttons

Let’s look at a landing page example for a service done by gastroenterologists:

This specific landing page for Upper Endoscopy in Los Angeles uses the keyword in the headline, has their contact number visible at the top of the page, and has the short form present throughout the page, encouraging the user to convert by requesting an appointment with them.

endoscopy service in la for gi doctors

Although this uses trust indicators and a unique selling proposition, this page would improve if they added a large, high-quality hero shot that clearly communicates the service they provide and more dominant CTA buttons across the page.

example using short information, trust indicators and key benefits for service

Clear use of Social Proof or Testimonials from previous patients and key benefits for visitors on the page.

social proof for gastro doctor services

gi specialist treatment example

Do you want to create effective landing pages for your business, but you’re unsure how?

We Can Help!

11. Conclusion

If you have read up to this point, it means you understand how your medical clinic can truly benefit from Google Ads as your online advertising strategy. As long as you have the right people on your team implementing the right strategies, managing your Google ad campaigns, and continuously optimizing them, you will be able to show your ads to the right people, in the right place, and at the right time.

Google ads will also help your medical clinic greatly improve its online brand presence, and drive traffic to your website with high-quality leads and conversions. You can have full control of your spending for your online advertising, you can pause or stop it at any time, and you will have access to measurable data so you can continuously improve your Google ads to reach target goals and objectives for your Gastroenterologist clinic!

If you need experts in the field who can help manage your Google ads campaigns, our friendly team is here to help! 

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.