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Google Ads for Dog Training – The Best Step-By-Step Marketing Guide for Dog Trainers 2021

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Are you a dog trainer looking for a way to create a consistent stream of clients for your dog training business? Google Ads for dog training is an extremely effective way to generate these results. Google Ads can help reach local pet parents looking for help in training their new puppy, looking for private lessons for their dogs, or individuals looking for help training their dog in a specific area of focus like basic obedience or performance activities. Google Ads can create a consistent flow of dog training clients for your business. This step-by-step guide Google Ads guide will teach you how to create effective and profitable ads for your dog training business.

What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google’s online advertising platform. Through Google Ads, businesses can pay to have their advertisement displayed at one of the top spots of Google’s search results pages. Google Ads are effective in reaching individuals in need of the services your business offers.

Google Ads has strong targeting capabilities. One way is through the keywords users search and the keywords a business target. Your ads will only pop up to users when they search for keywords related to your ads. For example, since your ads will be about dog training, your ads may pop up for search terms like “private dog training classes” if you choose to target those keywords. We will talk more about the keywords you should be targeting later in this article.

A key component of Google Ads is that you get to control how much you want to spend daily and monthly. You only pay for your ads when users click on them, call your business, or click on your website.

Learn more about how Google Ranks ads.

Below is an example of Google Ads that appear when searching for dog training classes:

google ad results when searching for dog training classes

Why Google Ads for Dog Training?

Google Ads for dog training is a fast and easy way to acquire more dog training clients for your business.

With Google Ads, you can target clients anywhere who are searching for the dog services you offer. Your ads will reach these clients the moment they search for dog training courses like yours.

Keywords are valuable when using Google Ads so that your product or service lands in front of individuals who are searching for what you are offering. If you are a dog trainer in Orange County you can reach local clients by targeting keywords like “dog training classes in Orange County,” “best Orange County dog training business,” or even “Orange County dog trainers.” When you target these keywords your ads will pop up when users search these terms.

A key component of Google Ads is that its results are trackable and measurable. You can set up conversion tracking on your website to determine the performance of your ads. It will track if your campaign is generating new leads, booking training sessions for new clients, or bringing in new email letter sign-ups from potential clients. You can be sure that your ads are performing positively and that the money you invest in your marketing is producing a positive return on investment.

It is also common for vets to partner with dog training businesses to recommend their clients and patients to one another. So, if you are a Veterinarian partnering with a Dog Training business, check out our Google ads for Veterinarians’ article for more guidance.

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Creating A Google Ads Account For Dog Trainers

To begin working on your campaign you will need to sign in or create a Google account. If needed, you can create one by visiting ads.google.com.

After you are done creating an account, click the blue button that says Start now.

selecgt start now to start your google ads for dog training campaign

You will then be asked to choose your main advertising goal. Instead, at the bottom of the screen click on the blue words, Switch to Expert Mode. We switch to expert mode because if not you will create your ad campaign in Google Ads Express. Google Ads Express does not give you full control over your ads and can negatively impact the effectiveness of your ads.

switch to expert mode for your campaign

Next, Google will ask you to select a goal that would make your campaign successful. instead of choosing from the options Google has provided, select the blue words create an account without a campaign. 

choose to create an account without a campaign

Lastly, you will need to fill out the information about your dog training business. This includes billing country, time zone, and currency. Once you are done click Submit.

Great now your Google Ads account is created and ready to use for your campaign.

confirm your dog business information

Landing Pages for Dog Training Ads

A landing page is a webpage your clicks will land on when they click on your ads. The landing page in your ads should be about a specific topic or service that you offer. It should also be about the specific topic the user searched for. For example, if the user searched for “dog training-private lessons” then the page they land on after clicking on your ad should be dedicated to information about private lessons. It can include information about pricing, locations if you travel, and the training packages you offer.

On your landing page, you should include a call to action. This is where you make an exchange with your visitors for their contact information. You can offer them money off their first session or even the opportunity to download a free e-book in exchange for their contact information. This will generate high intent leads for your dog training business.

You should have a different landing page for each ad group so that each landing page is created and tailored for a specific topic. The more relevant information you provide your clicks on your landing page, the more likely they will turn into leads and actual patients.

Starting Your Ad Campaign

To start your campaign select New Campaign, in Google Ads.

select new campaign

After, from the options provided select, “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance.” 

select create your google ads for dog training campaign without a goals guidance

Campaign Type

Next as your dog training campaign type, choose, “Search.” A search campaign type means that your dog training ads will show up in Google’s search listing results when people search specific keywords.

select search as your google ads for dog training campaign type


Next, you will be asked to choose the Results you want to get out of your ad campaign.

As a Dog Trainer looking to create a consistent stream of clients, phone calls website visits are the best results to measure the success of your campaign.

Also, you will need to create a name for your Google Ads campaign.

choose the results you want to get from your campaign and create a campaign name

Budget & Bidding

Next, you will need to set the average daily budget you want to spend on your campaign and choose your bid strategy.

set your budget and choose your bid strategy

If the budget for your Google Ads for dog training campaign is small, you will need to target more specific and granular keywords in your campaign’s ad groups. For example, you will need to target specific keywords like “dog trainers in la crate training” and “leash training classes in la.” These keywords are specific to the training courses the client is looking for, for their pet’s needs.

If the budget for your ad campaign is greater and extensive, then the keywords you will be able to target in your ad groups can be much more general. For example, “dog training classes” and “dog trainers.” These keywords are much less specific, in that they do not specify the type of training they are looking for or even a location.

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Ad Rotation & Conversion Tracking

Under the Budget and Bidding section choose the More Settings option.

Select “Do not optimize. Rotate ads indefinitely” in the Ad Rotation section. This will make Google will rotate your best and least performing ads equally. Google will not push your better-performing ads more than others to potential clients.

Next, you will have the opportunity to set up conversion tracking for your ad campaign. Conversion tracking works to collect data from the results of your ads which helps determine how your ads are performing.

change ad rotation setting to "do not optimize" and enable conversion tracking

Want to learn more on how to set up conversion tracking? Check out WordStream’s conversion tracking guide.

Ad Networks

Under the Networks section, deselect Display Network so that your ads ONLY appear for Search Networks.

only select search network

In the following section, you will need to set the locations you want to target and the language for your ads. As a dog trainer, your location should include places you are willing to travel to. If you do not want to travel, you should keep your locations close to your business.

set location and languages for your ads to target

Do not alter the Audience Section settings.

Now under the Audience section, click on the More Settings menu in blue font.

Ad Dates & Ad Schedule

After clicking on the show more settings menu, you will have the ability to set start and end dates for your Google Ads for dog training campaign. Remember, your ads will continue to run and show up for relevant individuals until you specify an end date for your campaign.

In the same menu, you will also be able to create an ad schedule for the times you want your ads to run.

As a Dog Training business, you may want your ads to run in the early morning or evenings. This is because from 9 am-5 pm, a majority of individuals are working and do not have time to look for the services that you offer. Instead, you may have a greater chance of reaching in the morning or evening when they have more free time.

create ad schedule and set start and end date for your google ads for dog training campaign

You can test different ad schedules for your campaign. After you have gathered enough data you can choose which ad schedule generated more results and implement that schedule across your campaign.

Leave the sections, Campaign URL Options, and Dynamics Search Ads as is.

Need help choosing the right ad schedule for your campaign?

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Ad Group Name & Dog Training Keywords

In the next step of creating your ad campaign, you will need to name your ad group and include the keywords you want that ad group to target, both should be about one specific detail or topic of your business. You can edit the name of your ad group by clicking on the pencil on the top left. The keywords in your ad groups are keywords that users may search that will prompt your ad to show for them. When clients Google the keywords or similar keywords in your ad groups, your ads will be displayed on their search result page.

The name of your ad group and keywords should be about one specific topic or service from your business. For instance, if your ad group name is “dog training-private sessions” then all the keywords in that ad group should be keywords that users may search when looking for a dog training business that offers private dog training classes. These keywords can include, “dog training private lessons,” 1-on-1 dog training,” or “private dog trainers near me.”

By comprising each ad group and keywords of one specific topic, it provides users with the most relevant information.

create and ad group name and enter keywords to target

Check out this list of popular keywords for dog trainer’s websites.

Google Ads Keyword Planner

If you need more assistance in choosing which keywords to include in your ad group, you can use Google Ads’ keyword planner tool. This tool will give you keyword suggestions that are related to your ad group or services. It will give you information on each keyword like the number of searches the keywords receive monthly and the average price it will cost for your ad to show up for that specific keyword.

To access and use this tool select, Tools and Settings in Google Ads.

click on tools and settings to access keyword planner in google ads

Choose “Keyword Planner” under Planning.

choose keyword planner under planning section

Next, choose the “Discover New Keywords” Box.

click on discover new keywords box

Now you need to enter the keywords that you want to target and press “Get Results.”

enter the keywords and website url

Google will generate popular keywords that users are searching that are similar to keywords you are targeting. It will also give you ideas of keywords you can target in your ad group.

keyword planner ideas

Talk to our experts to ensure you are including the best keywords in your ad group.

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Creating Your Dog Training Business Ads

Now that you are done managing and customizing the settings for your ad campaign you can start creating and writing your Google Ads headlines, description, and URLs. This is what will show up and what users will see when users search for keywords related to your dog training business.

Before you begin writing your Google Ads text ad, read our article How to Create Successful Google Ads Text Ad. The article will teach you many things like the structure of Google ads and some restrictions.

Final URL & Display Path

The Final URL is where users will land when they click on your ad. This is your landing page. The final URL should lead users to a page on your website about the specific topic they searched for. For example, if your ad is about leash walking, then the final URL and landing page should be specifically about training sessions about leash walking.

The Display Path is the link that users will see on your ad. However, the Display Path is not the exact link where users will be directed if they click on your ad. Its purpose is to provide users with an idea of the information they will if they click on your ad.

set your final url and create a display path

Ad Headlines

The headlines are the first component of your ads that patients will see. To create effective Search Ads you must write compelling Ad Headlines. Your ad headlines should things like relevant keywords and a call to action.

The ad group will determine the keywords you should include in your ads. Using keywords will make your ads more relevant and relatable to what the visitor is in need of.

Also including a call to action can help the overall success of your ads. Highlight the action you want visitors to take. For example, “Call Today To Schedule A Training” or “Save Money On Your First Lesson, Call Now.”

create ad headlines for your google ads for dog training

Ad Description

Similar to your ad headlines, your ad description should also include keywords. Keywords in your description show your ad’s relevance to the client’s dog training needs. Your ad’s descriptions should highlight details about your training business to stand out amongst competitors.

It should also include a call to action. For example, “We offer private lessons. Call Now.” Your ads should highlight your starting prices for private lessons and promotions you offer 1-on-1 clients. You should also highlight services that your competitors might not offer, for example, since you offer private dog training, you can write “Private Dog Training Lessons. Schedule Now!”

write ad descriptions for your google ads for dog training

Mobile & Desktop Ad Previews

As you are writing your ads you will be able to see how your ads are coming together. Once you are done, you can confirm that you are satisfied with the details and components of your ads. You will be able to see a preview of your ads on a desktop and mobile device.

Mobile Device Preview

google ads for dog training mobile preview

Desktop Preview

google ads for dog training desktop preview

Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions, enlarge your ads by including additional information about your dog training business. We strongly recommended that you create and include some ad extensions in your advertisements. Ad extensions will cause your ads to appear larger on Google’s search result pages which will encourage potential clients to click on your ad versus your competitor’s ads. There is evidence that shows that the larger your ads appear on the search result pages, the more likely users will click on them.

Different extensions operate to do different things. Some extensions include additional links to your ads, one adds a call button, and one works to include reviews on your ads.

As a Dog Training business, you should include sitelink extensions in your ads. Sitelink extensions add more links to your ads. They work to direct users to a specific page on your business’ website that they may need. By providing users with more information on your ads, you have a higher chance of relating to a client’s needs.

Some sitelink extensions could include, “Training Services,” “Packages & Pricing,” or “Locations” if you are a dog trainer that is willing to travel to their clients. This is all information that potential clients may need when they are considering your business.

You should also include a call extension in your ads. A call extension lets you add a phone number to your ads which can help you increase your clickthrough rate. A call extension will make it easy for people to call your business, by just clicking a button to call your business directly.

This will save potential clients the hassle of having to search for your contact information on your website. If they struggle to find your phone number they may turn to a competitor for dog training services.

ad extensions for your google ads for dog training

Keeping Up With Your Published Ads

You should frequently check how your Google Ads for dog training are performing after you publish them. Analyzing the data your ads collect and changing the settings and keywords accordingly, will help your ads perform more effectively and efficiently.

One thing to consistently check on is your Search terms list. Your search terms list is a list of keywords that users have searched that have caused your ads to show up for. If you see any keywords that you want to prohibit your ads to show up for, you can add them to your negative keywords list.

Your Negative Keywords List contains keywords that you do not want your ads to show up for. Being proactive and consistently adding keywords to your list will help your ads reach relevant clients in need of the service you offer.

How to Access and Add To Your Negative Keywords List

First, in Google Ads, select the Keywords tab.

click on the keywords tab on the left side

After clicking on the keywords, tab click on Search Terms. This is where you will see the list of search terms that users have used, that has caused your ads to display on Google. After going over your Search Term list, you should add any undesirable keywords to your negative keywords list.

click on the search term tab

To add to your negative keyword list, on the left click on the Negative Keywords tab.

click on negative keywords tab above search terms

Next, click on a blue plus sign to add more keywords.

click on blue plus signs to add more negative keywords

Enter all the words in the box.

negative keywords list example for private dog training

Frequently checking up on your search term list and adding to your Negative Keywords list will help your ads reach more relevant customers and generate more high intent clicks. It will also help your campaign save money by avoiding individuals who are not truly interested in the services you offer.


If you are looking for a quick and effective way to create a consistent flow of clients for your dog training business, then Google Ads is the perfect platform to do so. Google Ads will place your ads in front of relevant customers the moment they search for the training services you offer. This will help your ads generate high intent clicks and more leads for your business.
Do Google Ads for dog training sound like a great way to grow your client base but you do not have the time?

Do Google Ads for doing training sound like a great way to grow your client base but you do not have the time?

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