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Value of an Expert Web Designer

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What makes a great web designer? It’s all about Fit.

I. Fit Your Goals

A great web designer takes the time to understand your business’s goals. For a restaurant, the goal could be to showcase the award-winning culinary team, the creative menu, or the locally sourced ingredients.  For an acupuncture clinic, it could be to convey a sense of trustworthiness to potential patients.  Every business has its own goals and a good website support those goals by illustrating what the business has to offer.

Irvine Comfort Dentist needed an updated website for 2018. The dental clinic’s old website was not converting traffic into leads.

Our solution:

1. Highlight the strengths of the dentistry: USC-educated award-winning dentist, all PPO insurances accepted, outstanding reviews.

2. A/B test for the best lay-out and wording.

3. Create brief Doctor’s Note sections to convey a sense of friendliness and expertise.




GivingSpringUSA.com was an e-commerce selling Taiwanese delicacies. It needed an online shop that can exhibit its delicious treats and beautiful packaging. It targeted customers across different cultures.

Our solution: An elegant bilingual website built on Woocommerce and WordPress. We featured the pastries and candies front and center. The product easily sells itself.

II. Fit Your Budget

While every business wishes for an unlimited budget, the reality is that we all have to allocate.  A great web designer understands your most urgent needs and your optional wish-list.  He optimizes your budget by choosing services that provide the optimum cost to benefit ratio and limiting unnecessary features.  He knows the ins-and-outs of the industry and the tricks for saving your money, so that you may invest in marketing.

Ground Control is a gastropub in Phoenix that needed a mobile-compatible website. They requested a website with a modern design that did not break the bank.

We delivered:


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