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21 Creative Dental Marketing Ideas – Inspirational Guide for 2023

So you have your dental practice already up and running. Finding ways to increase your new patient sign-ups can be a daunting task. You don’t have time to come up with a marketing mix from scratch. This list of 21 Creative Dental Marketing Ideas will give you practical inspiration for some of the available marketing tools. When marketing for your dental practice, consider your community and your practice’s brand. Determine how you can put a creative spin on these ideas.

As with all aspects of business, your marketing efforts will take time and effort. You can’t expect to have a steady stream of new patient sign-ups without putting in some thought first. The effort you put into your marketing will have a direct correlation to the health of your dental practice.

It is important to find effective and budget-friendly ways to reach potential new patients. These dental marketing ideas will guide and inspire you in your marketing plans.

1. Google SEO for Dental Marketing

SEO, search engine optimization, is the marketing process of driving searchers to your website. When you search for a topic on Google, the results that show are determined by the content of the websites listed. Your dental practice website will show up on search results if the content matches what people are searching for. For more information on SEO, check out Google’s guide.

Google Search SEO

2. Google Ads for Dental Marketing

Google Ads for dentists

Google Ads is a tool used by businesses to create marketing advertisements. These ads show on Google search results and can convert interested searchers into new patients. Your dental practice will “bid” on relevant keywords to target your ideal new patient. A large percent of your dental marketing budget should focus on Google Ads. When competing with other ads, here are some ways you can make sure your ad copy stands out.


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3. Social Media

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, allow your dental practice to utilize marketing and advertising tools. Use these tools to get direct responses from potential new patients and drive them to your website. Your dental practice advertisement posts will include special offers and promotions for lead generation. Use social media as a cost-effective dental advertising tool to reach new patients on the platforms that they are using every day. Build a following by creating a consistent schedule of social media posts.

Social Media for Dentists

4. Remarketing

Maintaining dental practices and remarketing go hand-in-hand. Your healthy patients will need to come back for regular check-ups and cleanings. Use this as an opportunity to create a lasting relationship. You do not want your hard-earned patients leaving for a competitor. To continually reach your patients, use their collected email addresses and send out check-up reminders, or encourage them to try your other services by visiting your website. For an in-depth look at remarketing and it’s benefits, check this out.

Remarketing for Dentists

5. Email

Email marketing offers many other uses besides just appointment reminders. Your dental practice can keep patients engaged by sending original content such as Q&A’s from the dentists or office updates. Your emails should include a link to your website. The entire goal of email is to keep your dental practice on the minds of your patients. Just make sure you are not over-sending emails to avoid annoying your patients.

Email Marketing for Dentists

6. Snail Mail

Mailers can be used as a way to reach new patients. Often, lists of new move-in community members can be purchased from places such as the post office or local realtors. Direct mail to people on these lists to showcase new patient services or simply introduce your dental practice. Share your website and contact information on local marketing mailers.

Addressed Envelope

7. Happy People = Happy Referrals

Most people trust dentists when they have been referred by a trustworthy source such as a close friend or another physician. Make patient referrals a priority in your dental practice by encouraging happy patients to distribute your business cards or simply tell their friends. Their referrals can be online through social media linking to your website or by word-of-mouth. If possible, try to track where new patients found your dental practice by asking when they sign-up.

Refer a Friend

8. Online Search Directories

Online directories are useful for helping your community locate your dental practice. List your most recent information such as your dental practice’s name, address, website, and phone number. Most often, this information will be included alongside patient reviews. Online directories can be either websites or phone-apps, so make sure you are posting your information on all the directories your potential new patients will be searching. A large percent of new appointment sign-ups are done after people search directories.

Dental Directory

9. Dental Practice Site

Most importantly, have an updated and professionally-made dental website. This is the hub of all of your creative dental marketing efforts. You can include information about your dental practice and can also showcase your professional work. If your website is professional and easy to navigate, this will make the best possible first impression for your dental practice. Whether you are booking appointments, providing business hours at your location, or listing offered services, be sure to use buttons where your patients can take an actions directly on your site to direct patients to what they are looking for. You can even use your website to showcase your other creative dental marketing ideas with links, images, or other forms of content.

Website for Dentist

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10. Dentist Biography & Staff Introductions on Website

Also on your website, include a section dedicated to introducing your dentists and staff. Make sure to include a professional photo and a name for your staff and dentists. Staff members do not necessarily need a bio, but dentists should. Patients want to know who they are entrusting with their health. Dentists do not need to divulge personal, private information, but include where they studied and their credentials. For the do’s and don’ts of a good bio page, check this out. 

Bio for Dentists

11. Branding

In addition to your website’s design, you should also have cohesive branding across your logo, stationary, and building signage. This way, your community and patients will always recognize your dental practice. This cohesive approach displays your dental practice’s professionalism and will impress patients. Make sure you spend time consulting a professional logo designer for your marketing needs.

Practice Branding

12. Dental Practice Videos

Besides hosting a podcast, the best way to provide content for followers is through video. Whether it’s on YouTube, TikTok, or your website, you should create engaging video content. It doesn’t have to have a high production quality, but allow your dentists and staff to showcase the environment of your dental practice. Viewers will be more comfortable coming in for appointments after seeing your staff and office location. This is how you can build an intrigued following.

Dental Practice Videos

13. Community

Stay active in your community to build a network. Dentists can donate their time, resources, or money, or your office can work as a whole on one volunteer activity. Find a cause you truly care about, and be sincere. Patients in your local area will be more likely to stick around and refer friends and family to your dental practice. When you attract patients that share your values, you begin to find your ideal patients. Nothing better than marketing that does not cost a penny.

Office Community Cleaning

14. Reviews

You can’t control what people will write as reviews online, but encourage your happy patients to leave positive reviews. If asked when checking out, these patients will be more likely to take the time to write a positive review based on their recent experience. Potential new patients decide to visit dental practices if there are positive ratings and reviews online. Maintain high reviews to invite a steady stream of new patients to your dental practice. You can also display customer reviews on your website. This is another excellent, free form of marketing.

Refer a Friend

15. Reminders

Send reminders via texts or emails for patient services. This is extremely convenient for patients. Send links for them to open on their phone’s calendar app. These reminders will also keep your dental practice’s name at the forefront of patients’ minds. Make sure the reminders seem personal and friendly. Additionally, include easily accessible office contact information such as a phone number and website link.

Dental Appointment Reminders

16. Promotions

Hold promotions seasonally or for specific services to remind patients that you offer it. For example, the promotional materials states a certain percent off of a service you offer. Promotions will catch the eye of potential new patients and give them a reason to check out your dental practice. Plan out a marketing calendar and choose when it will be most effective to run certain promotions. When it is time, post these promotions on Google Ads, your dental practice’s website, and social media posts and advertisements.

Offers and Promotions for Dentists

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The next 5 ideas are more on the artistic side. You can take inspiration from these creative dental marketing ideas, and personalize them to suit your dental practice.

17. Billboards

With how prevalent digital marketing has become, you may have forgotten about billboard advertisements. Billboards and old-school media are still an effective tool for dental marketing for your practice. Grab people’s attention with an eye-catching display. Choose something memorable, but still relevant to your dental practice. Make sure your name and logo are largely displayed. Doing this, the community will have you at the top of their mind.

Billboards, when compared to digital ads, are not as effective for increasing patient sign-ups. Instead, they increase the overall awareness and gain exposure for your dental practice. This creative billboard below details a promotion they are running with an eye catching picture. You should be sure to include at least one of the following: call-to-action, service provided, or promotion offered.  This, coupled with your dental practice’s contact information and website, will surely be memorable.

Dentist Billboard

18. New Business Cards

Creating the most memorable first impression is critical. Often overlooked, business cards can be a valuable tool for spreading your dental practice’s name. Hand out your business cards at community events. You can also ask your happy patients to share your business cards when referring friends, family, and co-workers.

To stand apart from other dentists, the card needs to be memorable. The phone number, address, website, logo, and name of your dental practice need to be included. You can also use these cards for individual dentists in your dental practice. The traditional business card is a small, white card that blends in with the crowd. You can still be professional while showing off your creative dental marketing side.

Creative Dental Business Cards

19. Partner With a Local Company

Build relationships in your local community to keep your practice thriving. Not only do you need to keep patients happy, but you also need to nurture relationships with professionals in your community. You can establish referral relationships with these business to direct their customers your way, and vice-versa.

These relationships can be shown on social media posts, on your website, during in-person events, or local print advertisements. For example, partner with a local coffee shop for a promotion on teeth whitening services. These partnerships can also be with other medical professionals who provide trusted referrals to their patients.

Handshake Agreement

20. Appreciation for Patients

A way to keep a tight-knit community with your patients is to show appreciation. You can easily accomplish this with social media posts. Snap a picture with their permission, like the one below, to celebrate your healthy patient’s visit. Showing a positive experience on social media or on your website will make prospective new patients more comfortable with your dental practice. Here are some more ideas of ways to show your appreciation.

21 Creative Dental Marketing Ideas

21. Referral Giveaway

At this point, you know how valuable referrals are to growing your dental practice. Incentivize your referral program. Have patients enter giveaways. Give your patients a reason to help you by.

See the image below. This dental practice is rewarding their patients who refer and review them online. The cash prize is a drop in the bucket compared to the ROI you will receive from new patient sign-ups. This program will show gratitude to your patients while you receive the benefit of their referral.

Referral Giveaway for Dentists

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These 21 Creative Dental Marketing Ideas will give you a head start in accomplishing your marketing plans. Use these ideas to grow your new patient list and keep your current patients happy!

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Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.

Is your Ad working as hard as you are?

Get FREE - no obligation performance audit to maximize Ad campaigns

No Ad Account? No Problem - we regularly grow clients from $60K/m into $1M/m+ in revenue, we are confident we can help you too.