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Explaining Google Adwords Scripts in 1 minute.

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A Google Adwords Script is simply some javascript code that automatically runs to optimize your ad campaign.

What do I mean by optimize?

Well, I can write an AdWords script for my ice-cream shop client to pause AdWords whenever the weather drops below 50 degrees in the city of the shop. And whenever the weather increases to over 90 degrees, it increases the bidding for each keyword by 30%.

For large companies, I can write the AdWords script to change ad bidding based on how well the company’s public stocks or their competitor’s stocks are performing.

Ad scripts basically allow our clients to optimize their AdWord Ads automatically –in ways that a normal person in the ad words dashboard cannot.

As you can see ad script is incredibly powerful and can only be fully utilized by someone who knows and understands programming which 99% of ad words consultants don’t.

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