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Google Ads Case Study For Physical Therapist: How We Got This PT Clinic Almost 40 New Appointments In One And A Half Months From Google Ads

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Case Overview:

The Traveling Physical Therapist caters to senior citizens in Long Island, New York. They were running their own ads in Smart Campaign and they had very few conversions with Google Ads.

The Traveling Physical Therapist is an in-home physical therapy company who caters to senior citizens in Long Island, New York. They wanted to focus on targeting senior citizens. 

Before we came in, they were running their own ads in Smart Campaign and they had very few conversions with Google Ads. They relied on referrals from doctors and mostly word of mouth from past patients. 

They wanted to set a new goal for their clinic and through Google ads, they want to target senior citizens with Medicare insurance in Long Island area.

How we did it

How did we help the Traveling Therapist Dr. Davids?

Here's what we did

As with any of YoYoFuMedia’s clients, we look into problem areas that each client may have in order for us to provide personalized action plans to meet the desired goals.

1. Created landing pages structure that converts

Before we optimized their Google ads account, we made sure that the landing page is also optimized for generating leads and new patient appointments. The landing page content is crucial, and it needs to be curated and structured to get visitors to call or contact our clients’ clinic. 

A lot of agencies do not make landing pages and just run Google Ads on your website. When Google Ads doesn’t work, they blame it on your site for not converting the traffic. Although that may be true, that isn’t very helpful. Blaming it on the site doesn’t solve your problem of needing new patients at the end of the day. 

What our agency does is different, we actually custom design and write landing pages for you that convert and get you, patients. We put that responsibility on us, so all you have to do is answer calls.

YoYoFuMedia created a landing page structure and optimized for them:

google ads for physical therapist traveling pt landing page ad campaign design-1

Here, the first section contained the main headline, subheadline, call to action buttons, and social proof. As you can see, the first thing that the visitor will see is what the clinic is offering and what people are saying about this business, or the social proof. It also has call-to-action buttons and visible contact information so they can easily contact or get in touch with the clinic. This structure is optimized to Google Ads’ algorithm to rank higher.

landing page for traveling physical therapist - Header
Long Island Traveling Physical Therapist Landing Page Header Section

We also made sure to retain the short video from their original website page. This is the “why choose us” section of the landing page, we made sure that it is not text-heavy so it can be easily read by the visitor:

Long Island Traveling Physical Therapist Landing Page Header Section
Of course, social proof is a powerful marketing strategy so we included this section on the landing page. Although most of the sections have CTA buttons, after they finished scrolling and scanning through the page, we made sure to put these contact information and form submission box so they can easily send a message and get more information about the clinic. It’s not just about getting people on the site, but converting them.
landing page for traveling physical therapist - footer
Long Island Traveling Physical Therapist Landing Page Header Section

2. Visitor mouse tracking and screen recording

To get data and observe how people are interacting with the landing page, we use our visitor mouse tracking and screen recording software. This software records exactly how each visitor is scrolling and viewing the page. This gives us an idea of what exactly makes people click and convert into paying customers. 

Awesome, right?

3. Building the right Google Ads campaign

After we built the landing page, we built a Google Ads campaign to reach more qualified traffic. Here are some of the strategies we used to create an efficient and effective campaign for The Traveling PT.

3.1 Google Ads Structure

We want to show people what they are exactly looking for. We do that by creating a campaign that is efficiently structured with segmented ad groups.

Each ad group focuses on a specific keyword. For example, someone uses “physiotherapy” instead of “physical therapy” in their search query. Those keywords have the same meaning but we want to have specific headlines for those specific keywords. That’s why each crucial keywords and terms have its own ad group. People will see their exact search queries on the ad copy itself.

3.2 Keyword research and precise targeting

We used keyword research tools to determine which variety of keywords and long-tail keywords we could use for the campaign. We also made sure to target keywords that are in the lower funnel to maximize the ad spend cost. For example: Targeting keywords like just “physical therapy” will make the ads show to people who are searching for “physical therapy course”, “physical therapy meaning”, or “physical therapy salary” etc. It may target keywords such as “physical therapy near me” but it will also target different varieties of search queries. Most of these search queries do not have an intent to get physical therapy services and the ad spend budget will just be wasted on thousands of searches similar to these.

What we want is to reach people who are actually looking for PT services and use search queries such as “physical therapy near me”, “physical therapy that accepts hmo”, etc. This way, the ads will show up to people who are ready to convert as physical therapy patients.

Google Ads for Physical Therapist keyword research


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Yes, Google Ads efforts worked!

Here's the result

The clinic only wants to target senior citizens in Long Island, New york. But in one and a half months, the clinic got 40 new patient calls and form submissions. 

Here’s a sample of the screenshot of the call logs from our call-tracking software:

traveling pt call logs (2)

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