SEO Optimized Stem Cell Therapy Website and Increased It's Rank on Google


Case Overview:

Joint Rehab is the medical website of a well-known specialist who has performed regenerative medicine operations on thousands of individuals.

He had his own website that he didn’t like the design of and their site traffic and views was not where he wanted it to be.

He came to us right away because he needed a new website design and SEO that just concentrated on his regenerative medicine services. He wanted to rank higher and get more views. And we were able to successfully do that for him.

How we did it

Dr. Darrow brought us on to create an optimized website

So, when he wanted a new, simple, yet optimized website, this is what we designed for him.

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YoYoFuMedia concentrated on the most critical website usability factors that can influence whether a user engages or not, such as Mobile Friendliness and Responsive Design

What did we do to help Dr. Darrow?

What we did and how it turned out.

We began by optimizing his websites, both the original and the new ones. We were able to optimize his new website in two ways: first, we used a tool to identify keyword phrases related to his services and the content he intended to upload on his website. Then, we strategically put those keywords at the right densities into the website’s content, such as pages, header tags, and page URLs. We took the time to research which keywords to include in the web pages. Google was then able to find the site faster, and rank better in search results. As you can see below:


When they first started working with us, we helped them rank on Google based on what their patients were searching for, and after some website optimization efforts, we made his original website more visible to new patients and leads.

Optimization is not magic, but a continuous effort. And after almost months of optimization efforts, we were able to rank on the first page in Google search results for most of his blog posts:

The website has continuously attracted new visitors, making the number of monthly views and average website position steadily increase.

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