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How We Help Build Epilepsy Enlightened's Online Presence

Case Overview:

Epilepsy Enlightened is a team Of Neurosurgeons, Student Interns, And Volunteers on a mission.

They approached us because they wanted to establish an online presence in order to break the stigma of epilepsy, raise awareness, and offer hope for epilepsy treatment. 

They aim to establish a community of patients, families, physicians, and students who will collaborate to overcome the challenges of epilepsy.

How we did it

How did we help Epilepsy Enlightened?

So, how did we manage it? First, we had to figure out exactly what they needed to establish their online presence. As with any of YoYoFuMedia’s clients, we examine every possible areas in order to provide personalized action plans to achieve the desired results.

So when they wanted to build their online presence, they came straight to us.

Epilepsy Enlightened Website Design

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Here's what we did!

1. Create a fast and usable website

Web design is more than just how a website looks. In order for a website to be considered good design, usability and speed must be taken into account. 

  • Website usability refers to a website’s ability to allow visitors to quickly and easily find the information they need on any device. YoYoFuMedia focused on these most important website usability factors that can influence whether a user engages or abandons.


A well-structured website navigation will help allow visitors to move freely from one page to another using website navigation. A single navigation bar is usually sufficient, and menus should follow a simple structure of main menus and sub-menu points. This includes the right placement of the button, font readability, and navigation visibility. We strive to make it as simple as possible for site visitors to navigate throughout the site.


A simple and accurate structure is the most important guideline to follow when designing an optimal website layout. Excessive content on web pages, such as chunks of paragraphs and text, may cause users to become disoriented and lose interest. We concentrated on writing simple and engaging copy that will keep readers’ attention, structuring it in an appropriate section and paragraph to make it easy to read, and supplementing it with relevant images and videos.

Responsive Design 

The website automatically scales to fit the screen it is being viewed on, whether it is a desktop, iPad, or mobile device.

2. Boost Online Presence through Social Media Posts

We set up an Instagram account for Epilepsy Enlightened to educate Instagram users about epilepsy treatment.  One of the best strategies that YoYoFuMedia implement to their instagram account is “direct linking” their instagram account to their website homepage plus optimizing each post’s captions and proper implementation of hashtags.

The manner in which we structured their Instagram account was also critical in increasing audience interest. As you can see, it is concise, informative, and colorful in order to pique people’s interests.

YoYoFuMedia understands that every business is unique and has different marketing needs. We don’t just make pretty websites; we also make sure they load quickly and generate revenue for your business. Our company takes pride in one thing, it is the process of increasing business conversions through digital marketing.  

Do you want us to work on improving your online presence? YoYoFuMedia is only a phone call away.

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