An Extra 10 Veneer Appointments Every Month from Google Ads!

Dr. Zak was about to open a new practice

…with a brand new business model that had never been done before.

He was going to open a practice that only did veneers and nothing else… not even those half-yearly dental cleanings.

Dental clinics do everything from regular check-ups to cosmetics to implants and even Invisalign.

Unlike implants or periodontal diseases, there aren’t specialists for veneers. It unheard of to start a clinic that only did veneers. His colleagues thought he was crazy.

Most dentists get their cosmetic and other high case value work from “up-selling/recommending” their existing patients do these extensive work. That’s just how the dentist private practice model works. 

His colleagues asked him “how would he even be able to get new patients with only doing veneers?”. It’s not like a dental specialist like periodontists where work would be referred to them by other dentists. Nobody specializes in veneers.

Dr. Zak knew that he couldn’t rely on referrals, especially for a brand new practice with a brand new business model.

He found us on social media and after talking to us, started working with us to setup his online marketing right away.

Dental Online Marketing Google Search Engine Marketing

And we succeeded wildly: we got him 10 new veneer appointment calls in his opening month using Google Ads.

We often get asked “But are you able to do the same for my practice?”.

Yes, we can.

If we can do it for Dr. Zak with his unique business model, we can do it for you.


We created Google Ads that attracted patients to his clinic every month.

Potential patients who lived around the clinic googling on where to get veneers saw his clinic on Google, and booked an appointment immediately.

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Our A/B Testing takes the guesswork out of website optimization and design.

“A/B testing is the method of comparing two versions of a webpage against each other to determine which one performs better. It’s basically a science experiment.”

Example: We A/B tested two photos of Dr. Chien, another client of ours, to see which photo was better. One photo was a “serious-professional-doctor-look” and the other a “photo of him-and-his-family”. The informal family photo got significantly more appointment calls to Dr. Chien’s surprise.

Because we’ve ran thousands of A/B tests, we know exactly what gets people to call in and book an appointment.

What if you could see exactly how your potential patients are viewing your site right now?

We have a special software that records exactly how every single one of your website visitor is viewing your site and how they move their mouse and click around.

This allow us to know exactly what makes people book an appointment.

Pretty cool, huh?

Do you know which calls are coming in from your website and which are from referrals? 

If you aren’t tracking your calls, you don’t know which of your ads are working. You don’t know what to improve on your website to get more calls. You’re blind.

We use special call tracking numbers to see exactly which ads are working best. 

Call monitoring: because calls are recorded, we can hear how well your front desk is answering those calls. Every appointment request is worth hundreds to thousands in potential revenue.

Without call monitoring you wouldn’t know if your front desk is missing those calls. We had a client whose receptionist was rude on the phone. It was costing the doctor a tens of thousands of dollars in potential revenue and he didn’t even know. We were able to hear it on the call recordings and pointed it out to him immediately.

We targeted the precise exact keywords that people are searching for.

Here’s where a lot of cheap marketers go wrong:

A lot of them just target the keyword “dentist” in the dashboard and think they are done. Google, by default, broad matches “dentist” with any phrase related to it because Google wants to make more money from you.

What that means is: their ad shows up on everything related to the word “dentist” from “dental school” to “dentist salary”. 

This is all wasted thousands of dollars in ad spend. If you are a dentist, you want your ad to show up to people who actually are looking to go to a dentist not someone looking to apply to dental school. Same applies for acupuncturist, gastroenterologist, ophthalmologists, etc.

We do target precisely so your ad doesn’t appear on those irrelevant search results such as “school, CEU, and salary”.

See the size difference between our client’s ad (boxed in yellow) and his competitors? 


Dental Online Marketing Google Search Engine Marketing

The bigger the amount of space your ad takes up on Google, the more attention it attracts and the better its performance.

In short, the bigger your ad, the more people will see it, thus more patients for you.

So how did we do this? There are some special settings hidden away in Google Ads called ad extensions that ad nerds like us know about.

YoYoFuMedia is one of the world’s best ad service agency that specializes in acquiring patients for medical practices through Google/Facebook ads.

How it all started:

My father, a private practice owner, saw patient flow from referrals and insurance network decrease. And it continue to decrease every year after the recession. My father was struggling to keep the practice up and was thinking of retiring.

So I drew up a business plan, built his website, and started running ads for him.

Within 2 months the clinic was buzzing with people. He was able to:

1. Raise fees

2. Doubled his income

3. Take Saturdays off and take multiple week-long vacations a year.

The biggest change was my father’s outlook on life; he now felt in control of his practice.

Other doctors in the medical building saw the result and wanted me to help them as well.

So I left my job working as an app developer and marketing consultant for Fortune 500s, added a few people to my team (including an ex-Googler, and an ex-Facebook Ads Platform developer) and started YoYoFuMedia.”

That’s the difference between other marketing companies and us. We relate and genuinely understand what clinic owners are going through. We treat our clients not like just another client, but like my family members that we genuinely want to see succeed.

We don’t have long-term contracts, because most of our clients stay with us until they retire anyway.

YoYoFuMedia is one of the world’s best ad service agency that specializes in acquiring patients for medical practices through Google/Facebook ads.

The Result!

As a result in the opening month he got 10 veneer patients appointment requests from the ads alone:

At $2000 per tooth for a veneer X 4-8 teeth per patient X 10 patient appointments, calculate it for yourself…

that’s easily an additional six figures in potential revenue every month just from Google Ads alone!

Screenshot of the call logs for the month:

veneers booking lead screenshot

He consistently gets ~10 new high value veneer patients from Google Ads every month now!

We have client exclusivity per zip code so claim your spot now before your competitor takes it.

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