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How We Got This San Francisco Dental Clinic 20+ Leads In A Month With Google Ads!

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Case Overview:

Dr. Swati Agarwal’s cosmetic dental clinic experienced a slowdown after the pandemic. Her clinic’s dropped to 1-2 new patients a month. She needed more and she wanted to target veneer patients who reside in the Bay Area. 

Dr. Agarwal owns a cosmetic dental office in the heart of downtown San Francisco, her profitable services are veneers, smile makeovers, teeth whitening, and other general routine services. 

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How we did it

Her initial goal was to just get 1-2 more new patients a month through Google Ads, as you can see we far exceeded her goals.

She didn’t have Google Ads account before so we created new campaigns from scratch.

Here’s Dr. Agarwal’s Case Challenges:

Challenge 1:

She has multiple competitor dentists in the same building!

Challenge 2:

Her office’s only open for 4 days a week.

How did we help the Dr. Swati's Dental Clinic?

Here's What We Did

1. Landing Page Design

We created and optimized landing pages that are designed for higher conversion rates. We applied strategies that work for our other dental clients.

Here’s a veneer landing page that we did for Dr. Agarwal:

sfbay landing page design
sfbay landing page

2. Better, Bigger Ads than Competitors

Ads are crucial since they will be the first thing that potential patients will see. We used copywriting strategies that will make eye-catching and effective ads. Here’s an example of veneer ad copy:

ad copy for dentist

3. Efficient Ad Scheduling

Since Dr. Agarwal’s office is only open 4 times a week, we only ran her Google Ads campaign during her clinic hours to make sure that all leads coming are able to be answered by the receptionist. More efficient and no unnecessary ad cost.


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Yes, Our Efforts Have Paid Off!

Here's the result

After creating and optimizing its Google Ads account, the clinic got 23 new calls and form submissions in just one month!

Take a look at the sample screenshot of actual conversions or call logs for the month of January from our call-tracking software:

dental clinic in san francisco got 20+leads in 1 month

Why Us?

No Long-Term Contracts!

We don’t have long-term contracts, because most of our clients stay with us until they retire anyway.

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