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SEO For New Plastic Surgeon - No Backlinks Needed

SEO For Plastic Surgeon - No Backlinks Analytics Result

Case Overview:

Dr. Mittermiller started from no traffic to his website and as he said “this is when I realized I need YoYoFuMedia. Because I wasn’t even ranking for my name”.

When we first started with him, he had very little content and his website didn’t even rank under his name. And it definitely didn’t rank for any of the keywords of services he wanted to do. He had no real idea where he was going to get his next patient. His only patient source was from referrals, but as we all know, those are inconsistent and unreliable. People couldn’t even find him online. After working with him:
How we did it
SEO For Plastic Surgeon - No Backlinks Analytics Result

Now he shows up on page 1 for multiple high intent plastic surgery keywords like “facial feminization surgery los angeles”, “facial feminization surgery california”.

SEO For Plastic Surgeon - No Backlinks Top Articles with high intent keywords 1

Ranking for these keywords brings him in new patients consistently and reliably!

He was getting 0 new patients from his website, and now he gets 5-10 new patients per month just from his website. And every month it’s growing. 

Every month we put more work into the SEO for his site, he ranks for more keywords, more people find him on Google, thus each month he increases the number of new patients he gets.


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Think of your website like a money printing machine. The more you build up and level up the money printing machine, the more your business increases in revenue.

SEO is not a get rich quick strategy, as you can see from the chart it takes 6-12 months to even start seeing results. And there are a ton of ups and downs, but when you look back on it, it becomes obvious that SEO was the right move the whole time.

Unlike Google Ads, SEO takes more time. If you want fast results within 3 months and have money to spend on ads, Google Ads is what you want to go with. If you have the patience and can build up your site over 12 months, SEO is the way.

With SEO, you won’t see increases in new patients the initial 6+ months, in fact as you can see from the Google Search Console chart you really don’t even see increases in views until 8+ month in. This is because new content on a new website takes time to even show up on Google. Especially if you are a website that doesn’t have much content, you will be stuck in Google’s “sandbox” for a while. 

Your website needs to show google first that it’s consistently posting good quality SEO content.

Once you get out of Google’s “sandbox” it becomes easier to rank every new post, and every post gets indexed faster (14 days as opposed to 30+ days).

We see too many local business owners who are worried about backlinks when they don’t even have quality content on their site for other sites to backlink to yet. 

When you get a ton of backlinks early on and your site doesn’t even have search engine optimized content, it looks really inorganic to Google and may get you punished for it.

Too many people get sold on “backlinks” “backlinks” “backlinks” by agencies that just want to make easy money because low quality backlinks are easy to get for agencies and seem hard to do for your regular business owners.

If you don’t even have content for those backlinks to point to, don’t worry about backlinks, you are wasting time and money.

Backlinks are great, but they come way later. Establish your site’s SEO with content first like Dr. Paul Mittermiller here.

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