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How We Got Sage Dental Clinic From 0 to 20 to 54 New Patient Appts Per Month via Google Ads

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Patient Stream After Ad Optimization
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# of High Revenue Cases: Dental Implants, All-on-4s, Veneers, etc.

Case Overview:

For the first year we got Sage Dental 20 patients per month from Google Ads

We have been handling Sage Dental’s Google Accounts for around a year they have been already getting great results at around 20 new patients every month and 30% of that were dental implants, all-on-4s, etc. With new Google Ads algorithm changes this year, we were able to take advantage of it and scale it to 54 new patients a month.

And out of those new patients, over 50% were high revenue cases: 

Implant: 25 | Upper: 2 | Lower: 2 | Dentures: 4 | Extraction: 8 | Root canal: 2 | Crown: 7 | Bone graft: 6 | All-on-4: 1 | All-on-6: 1

So how did we do it?

How we did it

Here's how we optimized their Google Ads account:

Here's what we did

1. Re-organized campaign structure and adjusted bidding so the budget will be utilized

Originally, the campaign’s structure is a little outdated, and it is not utilizing the new features that Google Ads offer today. Often times Google will have new features that actually make you spend more money and get less results, so we have to carefully select which new feature to use. It’s also recommended to wait and see what other people’s results are with the new features first before jumping on it. Let others take that risk first.

2. Intensive keyword research

Keywords will keep the ads active and running. But using the wrong keywords and settings will definitely give you unnecessary cost and traffic – it might also show your ads to the wrong audience.

What we did is we used multiple keyword research tools that will give us insights on what keywords should be used to reach the right audience for the dental clinic. We used keywords who has the intention of getting dental appointments e.g. “dentist near me”, “dentist open now”, and so on.

Keyword research for Sage Dental

3. Better and bigger ads

We did this on the first year when we first took over the account and got them to 20 new patients a month (not the second year because it was already optimized then).

before-after-sage-dental google ads optimization campaigns

See how the bigger ad takes up more space? The bigger the size of the ad, the better. It is more eye-catching compared to smaller ones. We also used some sneaky Google Ad settings so that we can add more content to the ad itself!

Before Google Ads Revamp:

Before getting their Google Ads restructured, they were getting around 10-25  calls to book appointments per month. This is the Googe Ads data performance for the month of July:

before revamp data

Take note of this data if you want to nerd out and compare it against the results we achieved for the account.


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Yes, Google Ads Optimization Efforts Worked!

After Google Ads Revamp (Result):

Sage Dental Clinic had got 54 new calls to book appointment in just one month. 

This is the data for the month of August and the percentage below each data is in comparison to the past month. Notice how the Dental Implants campaign got lots of conversions since it is one of the main services that the client wants to advertise. The amount of traffic volume and clicks increased, as well as the conversion which is the goal of this campaign. The cost per click and cost per conversion also decreased, which means cheaper cost while getting more leads and patients!

Sage Dental Clinic Google Ads case studydata

Maybe this table and numbers don’t have any meaning to you so here’s a screenshot of the call logs from the leads we brought in for Sage Dental Clinic:

Google Ads for Dental Clinic Call Logs

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