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Case Overview

Grow Realtors Leads to 50 in 2 Weeks

We also ask the leads “how soon they are looking to purchase their next home” which provides valuable information on how warm the leads are and allows the realtor to prepare how she’ll talk to the leads.

We also created the Realtor’s website.We designed for it to be simple, elegant, welcoming and fast.

Speed is critical, if the site takes a little too long to load, people will bounce.

Elegance and welcoming language and design makes the people more willing trust the realtor and give her a call.

How we did it

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How Did We Help Ms. Evans?

Here's What We Did

We also developed the realtor’s website. It was designed to be simple, appealing, friendly, and speedy.

We then ran Facebook ads that targeted people nearby who are actively looking for a home/interested in a home in East Greenwich:

This raises awareness for the house and for the realtor.

When the Facebook user clicks “Learn More” on the ad, we sent them either to the Facebook lead form or our own landing page lead form that we created:

And then we hooked up the form to Zapier.

So each time the lead would fill out a form, it would be sent to the Realtor’s CRM.

At the same time, the lead would receive an email with the home’s listing and additional information.

We also provided an additional service where the Realtor would also get an SMS and an email with the lead’s name and phone number immediately sent to her inbox. This way, she can call the leads immediately whenever she is instead of waiting to check on her CRM. For Facebook leads, calling them back within 5-15 minutes is absolutely critical to success.

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About YoYoFuMedia

YoYoFuMedia is one of the world’s best ad service agency that specializes in acquiring patients for medical practices through Google/Facebook ads.

How it all started:

My father, a private practice owner, saw patient flow from referrals and insurance network decrease. And it continue to decrease every year after the recession. My father was struggling to keep the practice up and was thinking of retiring.

So I drew up a business plan, built his website, and started running ads for him.

Within 2 months the clinic was buzzing with people. He was able to:

1. Raise fees
2. Doubled his income
3. Take Saturdays off and take multiple week-long vacations a year.

The biggest change was my father’s outlook on life; he now felt in control of his practice.

Other doctors in the medical building saw the result and wanted me to help them as well.

So I left my job working as an app developer and marketing consultant for Fortune 500s, added a few people to my team (including an ex-Googler, and an ex-Facebook Ads Platform developer) and started YoYoFuMedia.”

That’s the difference between other marketing companies and us. We relate and genuinely understand what clinic owners are going through. We treat our clients not like just another client, but like my family members that we genuinely want to see succeed.

Why Us?

No Long-Term Contracts!

We don’t have long-term contracts, because most of our clients stay with us until they retire anyway.

Case Studies:

We have successes in a wide range of industries, from medical clinics to ecommerce stores to software startups:

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