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How We Got Dr. Chad Elkin's Addiction Clinic 200+ New Patient Appointments Every Month Through Google Ads

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Case Overview:

Dr. Chad Elkin wanted to increase his patient stream and needed a professional strategy for his Google Ad campaigns.

National Addiction Specialist is a telehealth suboxone clinic headed by Dr. Chad Elkin. Dr. Elkin tried Google Ads before but was not getting results for his clinic.  

Before we optimized their Google Ads campaign, they were running Smart Campaigns that had a high cost per conversion and no proper way of tracking leads.

They also used billboards and word of mouth for their marketing before but those weren’t consistent or effective, they wanted to increase their patient and target the whole state of Tennessee with Google Ads. 

So they hired us to take over their Google Ads account. Now each month we bring them so many new patients that they are expanding to a new location and building a call center to handle the massive amount of new patient calls.

How we did it

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Yes, Google Ads efforts worked!

Here's the result

After one month of optimizing their Google Ads account, their cost per conversion went down as much as 75% and their conversions increased up to 6x.

NAS before and after (1 month)

After continuous optimization and managing their Google Ads campaigns, they consistently generated at least 200+ patient appointments per month. Here’s our progress for the whole year of 2022 (May 2022 – December 2022):

Online Addiction Clinic Result Chart

Also, with our system we were able to track leads and conversions properly:

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We don’t have long-term contracts, because most of our clients stay with us until they retire anyway.

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