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Google Ads Case Study For Ecommerce: How This Fashion Brand Went From 0 to 6.4X ROAS

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Case Overview:

Google Ads Case Study For Ecommerce: Ramona La Rue is a B2B fashion e-commerce.

Their e-commerce website consists of dresses, pants,  accessories, outerwear, and kaftans. Most of their designs are hand-painted by the owner itself and transferred to silk and other high-quality fabrics.

They asked for help from us and they want to reach their return on ad spend goal which is at least 6x.

How we did it

How Did We Help Ramona La Rue?

Here's what we did

1. Building the right Google Ads campaign

We built a brand search campaign and we used keywords such as “Ramona La Rue” and “Ramona La Rue reviews”.

Search ad preview for Ramona La Rue

And of course, a shopping campaign, which is a perfect campaign type for an e-commerce business. Shopping campaigns will show a catalog of your products on Google search results when someone searches for a “[product] for sale”, in this case, the keywords that will be targeted are the name and description of the product.

Ramona La Rue shopping ads preview

Also, one of the main reasons why Google’s shopping ad would really work is that people who are searching for products already have the intent to buy at the moment. Shopping ads will also show images, prices, descriptions, and other product details that you put on the Google merchant list. It is like Amazon, but better since it will be displayed on Google which has billions of users.

2. Optimize Google Ads campaigns

There are still lots of changes we’ve made on the Google Ads account but here are some major optimizations we did for most campaigns:

Search Terms

Since you can’t set keywords for shopping campaigns, we regularly monitored the account’s search terms. Most Ramona La Rue products have “vanilla”, “alligator”, “sunflower” and other descriptive words in their name or label that can mean other different things.

Look at this sample product list from Ramona La Rue:

Ramona La Rue product list

As a result, these shopping ads are being triggered by irrelevant search queries about “vanilla” or “alligator” and so on. See this search terms list that is triggering Ramona La Rue shopping ads.

Search terms list

Search queries like “alligator meat”, “dune sunflower”, “looking for zebras”, “vanilla bean plant”, and “butterfly silk fabric”, do not have something to do with Ramona La Rue products (dresses and fashion accessories). That’s why we always check our search term list and add it to our negative keywords list.

Here are some of the keywords included in the negative keywords list that we created for this campaign:

Negative keywords list for Ramona La Rue

We used some broad match, phrase match, and exact match keywords for this. This is to prevent unrelated search queries and unnecessary clicks. Also, this lowered the impression share that the campaign is getting. It just means that we narrowed down the audience and the campaign will be getting high-quality impressions or search queries that do have an intention to buy dresses online.

Budget and bidding adjustment

Then, we increased the campaign budget and CPC max bid on the Christmas season.

Account changes

You can see here on the data (December 2021 data against November 2021 data) that the increase in budget and bidding resulted in an increase in clicks, impressions, conversions, and of course conversion value or ROAS.

Data comparison: December 2021 against November 2021

3. Brand attributes

Now Google Ads is one factor to grow your business but at the end of the day, the decision-making of your potential customers hugely depends on how you present your products and the quality of it.

Ramona La Rue product photos

One good attribute that Ramona La Rue used is their photos. The owner itself is the model and all photos used for the ads are personable and not just some stock photos.



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Yes, the Ads worked!

Here's the result

Google Ads Case Study For Ecommerce: 6.4X ROAS Within 6 Months

This is the performance data from September 2021 to January 2022:

Performance data from September 2021 to January 2022

In less than a month, we achieved 6.4x ROAS with almost 100k conversion value or ad revenue. Not only that, but they are also ranking consistently at the top of the Google search results page.

With the right Google Ads strategies, consistent monitoring, and optimization of your campaign, you can get the same results too. As much as possible, you want to understand how your potential customers are behaving toward your ad campaigns.

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