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How We Got This New Jersey Dental Clinic 25 New Dental Implant Appts Every Month

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Case Overview:

Englewood Dental is a dental clinic that specializes in dental implants. They wanted to increase their number of new patients per month through Google Ads.

They offer general dental services, dental cosmetic services, and also dental implants to patients around Englewood, NJ. Their focus is to get more dental implant patients as possible.

They didn’t have Google Ads running before they asked for our help, so we set up and built campaigns for them dedicated to their overall goal. 

How we did it

Here's What We Did

Most agencies would have quickly declined the potential client if the area is “competitive”, or the industry is very hard to advertise. 

Here in YoYoFuMedia, if you ask us your marketing help, we’ll immediately book you a strategy call. With Google Ads, we can even target people currently searching for high-value services such as “dental implants” and “veneers.”

1. Data-Driven Approach to Website/Landing Page Design

A/B Testing prevents the uncertainty from website optimization and design.

“A/B testing involves comparing two versions of a webpage to determine which one performs better. Essentially, it’s like a scientific experiment.”

One example is when we test two photos of our Dr. Chien (our dental client) and observe which will perform better: (a) serious and professional photo (b) photo of him and his family. We concluded here that his photo with his family gets him more calls.

Having conducted numerous A/B tests, we already know strategies to make people call or book an appointment.

Here’s the landing page that we created for Englewood Dental Clinic:

2. Website Visitor Mouse Tracking and Screen Recording

Imagine having the ability to observe exactly how potential patients navigate your website in real-time.

We use specialized software that records the behavior of each website visitor, including their mouse movements and clicks, providing insight into what prompts appointment bookings.

Impressive, isn’t it?

3. Call Tracking and Call Monitoring/Listening

Without call tracking, you won’t have an idea of which calls/leads came from specific websites or referral links. Call tracking will able you to make informative decisions and improve your landing pages.

By using dedicated call tracking numbers, we determine the most effective ads.

Call monitoring offers an additional benefit: Listening to calls will give you an idea of how a receptionist handles leads and answers calls. 

Without call monitoring, you will know which calls are not answered and how many of those were actually handled well. We previously assisted a client whose receptionist displayed rudeness on calls, resulting in potential revenue losses amounting to tens of thousands. This issue went unnoticed until we identified it through call recordings.

4. Intensive Keyword Research and Targeting

We meticulously target the exact keywords individuals are searching for.

Here are some common mistakes that cheap marketers do:

They will just target “dentist” and call it a day. This will just let Google to match as many “dentist” related keywords as possible since Google just wants to get more money as you advertise. Example is matching to search queries like “dentist school”, “dentist salary”, and so on.

This approach will just result to unnecessary ad cost. For dentists, the goal is for the ad to reach those genuinely seeking dental services, rather than those looking for dental schools. The same holds true for acupuncturists, gastroenterologists, ophthalmologists, and others.

Our intensive keyword research and targeting ensures your ad doesn’t appear in irrelevant search results like “school,” “CEU,” and “salary.”

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Yes, Google Ads efforts worked!

Here's the result

After creating new campaigns and optimizing their Google Ads account, their campaign is getting 25 dental implant leads per month. Here’s their data last October 2019:

We continued managing their account for almost a year and their incoming leads from Google Ads went stable, getting at least 25 dental implant calls to book an appointment per month.

engelwood nj dental clinic leads - case study resukt

Also, we managed to track all leads that they got using a 3rd party call tracking app. Here’s the screenshot of some of the calls to book appt:

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