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Dental Marketing


Dr. Zak dreamed of opening a new clinic that focuses solely on veneers. 

He knew that he couldn’t rely on referrals, especially for this ambitious, new concept.

Out of all the dental marketing companies he found, Dr. Zak decided to work with us because we explained in detail how our marketing campaign would bring results during the strategy session.

We worked immediately to have a marketing campaign running.

Dental Marketing Case Study Veneers

Dental Marketing Services

What We Did

Dr. Zak’s veneers-only cosmetic dentistry needed to stand out. 

Like we do with all our clients, we designed mobile-friendly landing pages specifically to showcase the up-scale atmosphere of Dr. Zak’s clinic:


Call Tracking: 

Do you know which calls are from your website and which are from referrals?

If you aren’t tracking your calls, you don’t know which of your dental marketing ads are working. You don’t know how to improve your website to get more calls. You’re blind.

Call Monitoring: 

With HIPAA-compliant call recording, we hear how well front desks answer calls from potential patients. Every appointment request is worth hundreds to thousands in potential revenue. Unpleasant receptionists had cost tens of thousands of dollars in potential revenue for our dentists before we discovered these revenue leaks. 

What if you could see exactly how your potential patients are browsing your site?

We record exactly how every one of your potential patients is viewing your site and how they move their mouse and click around.



This allow us to know exactly what makes people book an appointment.

Pretty cool, huh?

YoYoFuMedia is the premier dental marketing agency specializing in acquiring patients through cost-effective digital channels (SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc).

It is 2018. Online marketing is here to stay.  As we spend more and more time on the internet, it will only dominate in marketing even more. 

At YoYoFuMedia, we believe in staying ahead of the competition with the latest technology and utilizing only the most effective ones for our clients.  We do not bother our dentist partners with silly social media stunts that waste valuable time while providing no results in return. 

We believe in tangible, data-driven analytics that power our superior dental marketing.

Are you ready to take your dentistry to a whole new level?

We target exact keywords that people search for.

Here’s where a lot of cheap dental marketers go wrong:

Many simply target the keyword “dentist” and think they are done. Google, by default, broad matches “dentist” with any phrase related to it, because Google wants to make more money from you.

What this means: their ads show up on searches for every “dentist”-related phrase, from “dental school” to “dentist salary”. 

This is thousands of dollars wasted in ad spend. If you are a dentist, you want your ad to show up to people who are looking to go to a dentist, not someone looking to apply to dental school. 

Quick tip for Google Ads. The bigger your ad, the more attention it attracts and the better its performance.

Here’s an example from another one of our clients, a dental clinic that only does Veneers:

Dental Google Ad Search Marketing

See the size difference between our ad and our competitors? 

So how did we do this? Through special settings hidden away in Google Ads that only pros know about.

Cost-effective, Immediate

Dental Marketing Results

Call & Form Submission Log for Dr. Zak’s Cosmetic Dentistry

Because Dr. Zak was proactive, his veneers-only dentistry got immediate results.

In the opening month he got 10 veneer patients leads from ads alone.

At $2000 per tooth * 4-8 teeth per patient * 10 patient appointments…

that’s easily six figures in potential revenue every month!

During this hyper-specialized dentistry’s opening month, we brought 10+ high-value VENEER leads.

Want us to replicate the same dental marketing result for your dental practice?

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