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Tik Tok for Chiropractors – The Best Step-By-Step Guide for Chiros 2021

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Tik Tok for Chiropractors is a highly effective and creative way to connect with local audiences and audiences around the world. Tik Tok is a video-sharing app where you are able to make short videos about any topic you want users to know about. You can create short videos about your chiropractic office, chiropractic adjustments, and patients’ reactions to their treatment. Video marketing is a great way to create a connection with users before they decide to schedule an appointment or visit your office. This guide will show you how to create a strong Tik Tok profile and provide you with content ideas to reach your target audience and grow your presence on the platform.

Why Tik Tok for Chiropractors?

Tik Tok’s key feature is its “For You” Page. Tik Tok’s “For You” Page is a stream of videos that the app’s algorithm thinks the user may enjoy. The videos on a user’s “For You” Page may be similar or related to a user’s past interactions. For instance, if a user liked or commented on a video about chiropractic adjustments, the user’s for you page is likely to be filled with videos of Chiropractors and different procedures they perform on their patients.

Tik Tok has the ability to reach local users through localized content. Your chiropractic business can participate in local contests and challenges to reach users near your practice. You can also use popular hashtags to start or participate in local trends.

It is likely that users on Tik Tok are not actively searching for a Chiropractor. However, video sharing is a great opportunity to gain trust and create a relationship with viewers so when the time comes that they are in need of your chiropractic services they will know who to go to. You can gain trust and credibility amongst users and potential patients by filming a chiropractic treatment and getting the patient’s thoughts or by filming a before and after of how the patient feels. These can act as video reviews and help your practice convert visitors into clients.

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tik tok video results when searching for chiropractors

Creating Your Account

To create your account you will need to download the app from the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for Apple devices.

Upon opening the Tik Tok app, you will need to decide how you want to create your account. You can do so by using a phone number or email, signing in with your Apple or Google account, or connecting to your Facebook.

choose how you want to create your tik tok account

The phone number or email you use should be the phone number or email to your clinic. If you choose to connect a Facebook account, it should be your clinic’s Facebook account. This will make it easy and consistent for patients to find your practice across social media.

For the purpose of this guide, we will select to use a phone or email to create an account. Once your account is created, you can connect and link all your social media account to your Tik Tok.

In the next step to creating your account, you will need to enter a birthday to verify that you are able to use the app.

Then Tik Tok will ask you to enter the phone number or email you will be using to create your account. Remember, the phone number or email you enter will later be used to log into your account.

enter the email you want to use to create your tik tok account

You will then need to create a secure password for your account.

create a password for your tik tok for chiropractors account

For the last step in creating your Tik Tok account, you will need to create a username for your account. This is the name that users will see and remember your brand and services by. As a chiropractor looking to grow their brand and acquire new clients, you should create a username that is professional and easy for users to remember. Your username could be your name or the name of your Chiropractic practice.

create a professional username for users to remember your brand by

Customize Your Account

Now that you are done creating your TikTok account you can start customizing your profile so users know more about the videos you post and what they are about.

First, you can set your profile picture. The profile picture you set for your account should also be professional. The picture can be of you or your business’ logo.

Now that your username and profile picture are set, you can start writing your bio. Your bio should highlight what you do. You should include the location of your practice or if you travel to your clients you can also include that in your bio. In your bio, you will also be able to enter a link to your website, you should include the landing page you want to send your visitors to.

Since we created the TikTok account using a phone number or email for this guide, we can connect our other social media accounts now. Connecting your social media will help users reach on all social media platforms. It will also ensure that users are on the right page and not a fake page.

You can see in the profile below that the username the chiro entered is simple and easy to remember. It also has his location in his username. He reiterates his location in his bio and includes a way for new patients to call his practice. This is beneficial as it makes scheduling an appointment easy for potential patients. Next, this profile has a link to a landing page for its visitors. He also has his social media account linked for patients to find him across all social media platforms.

example of a tik tok for chiropractors account

Chiropractor Content Ideas for TikTok

There are many video ideas that chiropractors can film in order to attract the attention of Tik Tok users. By creating informative TikToks, authentic videos with patients, and participating in fun trends will help you and your practice appear more relatable to clients and potential patients. Videos are also a great way to gain the trust of patients, by showing that your chiropractic treatments do work for clients.

Read this article about a Chiropractor that went viral showing users how to relieve pain by creating fun dancing TikTok videos.

Here are 5 video ideas that chiropractors on TikTok create:

  • Client’s Reaction
    • The type of treatment a chiropractor provides can oftentimes be seen as unsafe or questionable by many individuals. This is why capturing a video that shows a client’s reaction is more authentic than a written review or testimonial on your website. By filming these types of videos users get to see a client’s authentic reaction. This will make the client more inclined to visit your webpage for more information. It can also influence local clients to visit your practice to receive the treatment you offer.

reaction video for tik tok for chiropractors

  • At-Home Advice Videos
    • These types of videos allow you to provide your viewers with how they can help their problems at home. This will also help them trust you more. If they feel like the tips are working but want more professional help, they will consider reaching out to you if they are local patients.

at home stretch videos for chiros

Read this article about a Chiropractor on Tik Tok that gained 11,0oo followers overnight, by creating advice videos for back pain. 

  • Before And After Videos
    • Before and After videos are a great way to showcase your expertise and skills. You get to show what is wrong with the patient and how you are going to fix it. You can also show more detailed videos of before and afters by showing x-rays of the person’s problem area before the adjustment and after the adjustment to show that the adjustment treatment is safe and effective. These videos can positively affect how viewers perceive chiropractic treatments.

before and after tik tok videos for chiropractors

  •  Different Chiropractic Adjustments
    • Creating videos about different adjustments you offer is a great way to create fun and informative content for your viewers. This is your chance to make a fun learning opportunity for your viewers. For example, in the video below the chiropractor shows an ear adjustment, a type of adjustment I’m sure many people are not familiar with.

ear adjustment video for tik tok for chiropractors

  •  Frequently Asked Questions
    • Frequently asked question videos provide value to users and are a great way for you and your practice to gain credibility among viewers. If there is a question that clients frequently ask, you should answer that question in a video. Or as your account starts to grow you may notice a reoccurring question in your comments this is a great opportunity to create popular and relevant content that a lot of viewers may be interested in. You should answer these questions in a relatable, fun, and entertaining way for your viewers.

faq question video exampel for tik tok for chiropractors

Tips To Land On The For You Page

There are a couple of ways that you can maximize your chance of landing on Tik Tok’s For You Page. By landing on the For You Page, your chiropractic videos can land in front of thousands of people. This can help grow your account and grow your presence across the platform.

To start, you want to make sure your account is set to a Creator Account. By simply setting your account to a creator account you will have a better chance of landing on the For You Page.


The next thing to focus on is the hashtags you include in the caption of your videos. Based on the hashtags you include in your videos, TikTok’s algorithm will determine if there is an audience for your content. By including hashtags in your videos, it can help users who are searching for certain keywords to find your content.

There are 3 different hashtags you can use:

  • Niche-Specific
    • The first kind is Niche-Specific hashtags. Niche-Specific hashtags contain keywords related to your content and profession. In order to ensure that you are using the best hashtags in your niche, you should research other creators and see the hashtags they are using. This will help ensure that the hashtags you include in your videos will help your content reach the right audience and get you the most views.

Did you know that Google Ads also uses specific keywords to directly reach clients that are actively looking for the chiropractic services you offer? Read our Google Ads for Chiropractors guide to learn more.

  • Broad
    • The next type of hashtags is broad hashtags. These hashtags use keywords that are popular across Tik Tok. These keywords are used to grow your account before you determine your niche. This means it will help push your content out at a more broad level and to different viewers. But keep in mind, Tik Tok’s algorithm will notice when you start overusing these hashtags and it can hurt your account and get your content hidden from users. Use them but do not abuse them.
  • Trending Hashtags
    • Trending hashtags are beneficial to use when certain keywords are trending across the app. You need to use these hashtags the moment you notice they are starting to trend. You can find which hashtags are trending by visiting the discover page on tik tok, you will see which sounds, hashtags, and filters are trending. Incorporating the trending hashtags and participating in the trending videos is the quickest way to go viral on Tik Tok. There are creative ways you can do these trends while incorporating Chiropractic information in them.

Not sure which hashtags to use to maximize your content’s engagement?

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Trending Sounds & Filters In Your Content

The content you post can be trending across Tik Tok or be trending in your niche-specific topic. For example, you can research other chiropractors and find trending topics that they are making videos about and you can make videos about similar topics. But an easy way to get your content out to a broad audience while creating content that is niche-specific is by using trending sounds and trending video effects.

Make sure that your content uses sounds that are trending and going viral. Incorporating trending sounds in your videos will get your video to show up when viewers click on the song. If a user clicks on the sound that is trending and they come across your video they may interact with your video. This is also another way for you to grow your account. You can quickly and easily find out what sounds are trending on the Discover tab.

You should need to be apply trending Effects to your videos. Applying trending effects to your videos will help the app’s algorithm decide that your videos are relatable and similar to what is trending and what users want to see.

A key feature of Tik Tok is that content creators are able to create videos that involve stitching, dueting, and recreating a viral video. Stitching and dueting videos allow creators to post a video side by side where they react or recreate videos that are trending. Creating these kinds of videos will make your videos look like content that is already trending and that users are interested in, which means Tik Tok is more likely to push your video to the for you page.

Want more tips on how to find TikTok trends read the article “How to Identify TikTok Trends.”

Below is an example of TikTok’s Discover Page. On the banner, you can see that the trending effect is the Slow Zoom effect. You can also see the currently trending hashtags.

trending page on tik tok that highlights tredning topics

Perfect Upload Time

Tik Tok provides each user with an analytic page on their account. This page will show you the times you posted videos that had the most interaction. You can check on your account and review your trending videos over the last 7 days to determine which is the best time to post your videos. This will help ensure that you maximize the engagement your posts receive. You may need to consistently post in order to determine the most accurate time.

You may notice that there are a couple of times that work best for your content where your content received the most engagement. You should try to post 30 minutes before, at that exact time, or 30 minutes after to maximize the engagement your videos receive. Remember, these times may change weekly. You should analyze and update these time slots every week.

Need help determining the best time to upload your content?

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Tik Tok for Chiropractors is a great way for you to reach audiences far and local. It is also an effective way to increase your credibility and trust among potential patients. If you participate in local trends and utilize local hashtags Tik Tok can work to bring new patients into your office.

The creative, engaging, and informative content you create for your audience allows you to create a relationship with viewers and potential clients. So, while users may not be looking for a chiropractor on Tik Tok they may remember you when the time comes that they do need one.

Tik Tok also gives you the opportunity to showcase your personality and the culture within your business. This can help build the reputation of your practice while also creating credibility and trust from clients. It is also a great chance to relate to patients. By creating relatable content clients may feel more comfortable and connected to you.

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